19 Sep

The above lines pretty much sum up the feelings of gratitude that my team shares; As our efforts and toil was both recognized and appreciated. And in what a finer manner: A SPONSORED TRIP TO SHIMLA and that too by our benevolent and esteemed MD, Mandeep Singh. Also a very heartfelt thank you to SEO Discovery.

Hills were enthralling and so was the trip. Our journey started with a bang from our respected Chief Marketing Officer, Deepak Kumar’s place on the Friday morning. We were 13 souls, fresh and full of gusto, who sailed the hills in the traveller, taking short in-between breaks for filling our stomachs and not to miss- clicking pictures and wait there was more, yes it was dancing on the roadside.

Thankful to all the fun and frolic, it took us to double the usual time to arrive at our pre-booked hotel in Shimla in the evenings. Re-energizing ourselves, we went for a walk on the must-go-to-famous Mall Road. The shivering feelings, the redness of the noses, away from the scorching heat here were so amusing and so was the rest of the ‘remaining-awake-whole’ night.

Next morning, we went to Kufri, a few kilometers from Shimla, to the Adventure Park, garnering attention there from the passers-by, all credits to the clamoured dance moves(:P). We came back and went to the Mall Road and the last night’s routine followed. What an amazement! Spellbound!

And there came the last morning, ‘Oh’ sighed all of us. The most enthralling two days were coming to an end. Before leaving, we went to the historic, hundreds of years old ‘Jakhu Mandir’. The temple has such a calming vibe and it seems Lord Hanuman is bestowing one with fullness in life. Well, that was it, we started our return and hailed back to Mohali by night.

There was something- was it about the hills or the weather or the ecstasies of travelling together or perhaps the amalgamation of all that made the trip- a memory etched in our hearts forever.

“TRAVELLING REJUVENATES THE SOUL” the golden words said by anonymous and here today it has proven itself right with this trip.

Let’s keep our spirits high and bloom as we drift to achieve our next target!!!



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