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In this digital and smart era, people think more practical and smart in business. In digital marketing word, SEO describes a series of techniques which improve the visibility of a website in search engine result pages. The goal of such optimization is to rank as highly as possible for a certain search query.

Whether you are a business owner or SEO service provider, this article will help you to choose the Top SEO Agency or how to be the best seller your services. You will definitely get the importance of the key factors to find the best SEO company.

How SEO make you the No. 1 on Google?

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SEO Case Study 3: #1 Google Organic Rankings

SEO Case Study

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SEO Case Study 2 : Traffic to a New Website

SEO Case Study 2


UK based entrepreneur Mansi Patel contacted us regarding her new website. They built this website with a vision of providing lavish and expensive Indian ethnic wear at low costs. Almost all of their clothes were made up of “Resham”, also known as Golden Silk.


This was a new website and it was not optimized at all. We took this project as a challenge because everything was supposed to be done from scratch.

Client’s prime focus was to increase organic traffic and sales. Their products were Indian sub-continental ethnic wear i.e. they wanted to grow in India.

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