5 SEO Mistakes You Might Be Committing

SEO Mistakes

SEO Mistakes

There is no denying that generating traffic from search engines is like burning the candle at both hands. It is way too easier to buy traffic.

But, let’s face it – organic traffic converts better and thus secures its position as the primary goal for online marketers.

Add to that, even if we get an option to choose just one form of digital marketing, it’d always be search engine marketing. Look around and most of the successful businesses have chosen social media and content as their biggest contributors to success.

Jeff Bullas, one of the most popular entrepreneurs, a marketing blogger, speaker, digital marketing strategist and consultant from Australia, gets asked by big brands all over the world and search engine marketing remains his favourite among all the forms of digital marketing too. No wonder!

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9 Steps to a Successful Website Relaunch

website Relaunch

website Relaunch

Rebuilding and relaunching the website need a proper plan. One wrong step could ruin your years of SEO work. Three requirements to execute a successful relaunch are Responsive design, no losses of search engine traffic and a keeping current version of CMS. In this post, I’ll summarize the most important steps and most common mistakes to prevent the successful website relaunch.

1. Mark the Current Metrics

First of all, it is necessary to keep current metrics such as traffic, conversion rate, visit time and bounce rates so that we can compare it with the metrics after relaunch and measure

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8 Proven Ways to Boost Ranking in Local Results



If you want to see your website on as a local company in the local search on Google, you should optimize your website for local search results.

The local search engine optimization is based on classical organic SEO. It is the foundation for good local rankings. In the following, only specific local measures are dealt with.

Optimize Listing Google My Business

Google My Business is a kind of free local Listing, an industry Listing that also includes Google Maps and Google+.

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10 Killer Tips to Choose the Best SEO Agency for Your Business

Choose best Seo Agency

Choose best Seo Agency

Choosing a good SEO agency is a decision that requires analyzing a number of aspects that are often disguised and do not reflect the true reality. Many companies that engage in this business, work on outdated SEO techniques that no longer work, in fact, do more harm than good and can lead to penalties.

If you want to make sure you take the right decision, then we share 10  tips to choose the Best SEO agency to rank a website.

1.Understanding Your Business, it’s products and Services.

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