Good Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks

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“The objective is not to make your links appear natural; the objective is to build natural links.”

They say that backlinks are the backbone of SEO, I say quality backlinks are the backbone of SEO.

While backlinks are a great option to make your website or business popular, only good quality backlinks can prove fruitful for you, or say, your business.

There’s always been a buzz about good and bad backlinks. And yes, bad backlinks do exist.
Want to know more? Well, you all know about building quality links. So, in this article, I will focus more on the bad backlinks, how to find such links and tips to weed this out.

Let us start with the defining good links and bad links:

What are Good Backlinks?

Link building is similar to building your business network for achieving popularity – you associate with top brands in your industry and get widespread recognition. Similarly, quality backlinks are those that come from relevant authoritative domains in your niche.

In other words, if the site linking to your website has a high Domain Authority with similar content, your backlink is said to be good as per the norms of SEO. Good backlinks play a crucial role in earning your website top ranks in the search queries.

However, a backlink should possess certain qualities to be considered as “Good”.

Traits of a Quality Backlink

  1. A good backlink should be relevant enough – in terms of the general them of the linking domain, relevancy of the links that hit the domain, and the content itself.
  2. Backlinks acquired from authoritative websites are said to be good.
  3. Quality Backlinks come from websites that are “Real” and have real traffic.
  4. Good Backlinks are created from sites of high standards that don’t belong to “scammy” industries.
  5. Good Links are built using the right (white-hat) SEO strategies.

What are Bad Backlinks?

While having maximum backlinks on your website is rewarding, not all of them are perfect and can have a negative effect on your business site.

Bad backlinks are the ones that come from either unauthorized domains or illicit techniques. Bad backlinks, often referred to as unnatural links are an indication that your site might lack quality or interesting content to get proper backlinks on its own.

While it is true that bad links can get you short-term wins, you’ll soon end up in trouble. After the release of the Google Penguin penalty, Google hates spammy links and content. Hence, having bad backlinks can backfire in the end.

Traits of a Bad Backlink

  • Backlinks that are obtained from sites developed solely for SEO links.
  • Backlinks built with over-optimized anchor text.
  • Backlinks that are produced from the comments of websites that are irrelevant to your niche.
  • Spammy links that come from duplicate content.

How to Find the Bad Backlinks?

To protect your website from Google Penguin Penalty, you must take measures to identify if there are any unnatural backlinks on your website.

And the options are simple:

When you get a backlink for your website, ask yourself, “Would I click on this link If I were a visitor to this page?”

Honest marketers will be able to spot bad links easily with this tip.

In fact, Google also uses the same technique to spot spammy backlinks. It approves the links that are the most clicked and visited and consider this as “quality” links. Google decides by evaluating the percentage of people that visit a page and actually click on the backlink.

Other Resources:

Although there are several resources out there to determine the spammy links, the most common tool that is both easy to use and free is the Google Webmaster Tool.

The tool allows you to view a list of websites that link to your own. Usually, quality links are mostly from websites like social media, Yelp, or Better Business Bureau, and help your SEO.

Links coming from sources other than those mentioned are likely to be untrusted and might be harming your SEO.

What more:

When it comes to finding the spammy backlinks, you should be asking several questions to yourself:

  1. Is the website trusted or of low quality with hundreds of links?
  2. Does the website have an “about us” page? Generally, untrusted or scammy websites do not post any information about their website with the intention to hide certain things.
  3. Will this link benefit your business? If your answer is yes, then keep it!
  4. On the contrary,  get rid of the link if you don’t want to be associated with the source your link is coming from.

How to Weed Out Bad Backlinks?

Once you have the list of spammy backlinks, it’s time for you to work on their rival!

Below I’ve listed a number of ways to disable these links so they won’t affect your Google rankings:

  • Find the contact details of the owner of the website and ask them to eliminate the link directly. This is the easiest way to get rid of bad backlinks.
  • Find out the low-quality pages on your site that are linked to spammy links instead of the links (404/410). Don’t forget to disavow the bad links.
  • If you have too many unnatural links associated with your site, simply disavow the links. This is a way to inform Google that these links are not to be considered when assessing the website. Visit Disavow Tool to disavow any spammy links.

Benefits of Quality Backlinks

At last, let us discuss the benefits of having quality backlinks:

  1. Better Organic Ranking – Backlinks are the simplest way to get high ranking in search engines. Getting organic links in good numbers from reputed sites will automatically improve your search engine rankings.
  2. Faster Indexing – When you have got quality backlinks, it helps Google and other search engines to discover your website and crawl it effectively. This is particularly beneficial for newly built websites that are struggling to get indexed.
  3. Quality Traffic – Backlinks bring quality traffic, which is targeted and has a low bounce rate. Naturally, people like reading valuable and popular content.

Pro Tips for Building Links Organically

  • Write informative and unique articles.
  • Create linkable assets like infographics or educational content.
  • Submit to only hyperlocal and niche web directories.
  • Do not opt for paid backlinks often else be prepared to get penalized by the Penguin.

If you still find it difficult to distinguish between good and bad links, write to SEO Discovery today! We are here to help you.

Experience of attending Tedx Chandigarh Live


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So the journey started when Tedx Chandigarh was organizing a worth attending event for all the interested participants. SEO Discovery provided ticket for 4 members to attend the talk and to witnessed them live. Believe me, it was an experience in itself. It not only lets us know about the speakers but gave us a spark to do something great in our lives.

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Google My Business Now Lets Users Upload Videos

Google business page

Do you even know what Google My Business is? Well, it’s a free and user-friendly tool used by businesses and organizations for managing their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

With the help of adding your business information on Google My Business page, you can help your potential customers find you in the easiest way. Moreover, Google My Business page is something that tells the story of your business to the outside world.

Well, for updating details on your Google My Business page, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed.

  • Till the last update of Google My Business page, we could only update –

  • Business info for locations
  • Add multiple owners
  • Update business Hours
  • Add logo, profile, cover photos
  • The Introduction/Description field
  • Photos
  • Create and update posts, etc.

But now Google My Business is bringing videos to the photos dashboard, allowing business owners to upload videos, and view videos uploaded by customers. The facility for businesses to upload videos to their own listing is a brand new feature, and could prove to be a helpful marketing tool as well.

  • How do I Upload Videos to Google My Business?

To add video to your Google My business, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Google My Business dashboard and click on the “photos”.
  • Then select the “video” link at the top.
  • After it loads, select the option to “Post Videos.”
  • Drag and drop the video to the box.
  • The video will begin uploading.
  • After the video is uploaded, it can take some time for the video to process and show up in your view.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

Well, there are a lot of benefits of using Google My Business and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Manage your Information

With the help of Google My Business, business owners can manage the information they want to show and the things they want to convey. On Google My Business page, the information provided can be seen by your potential customers when they search for your business on Google.

  • Helps to Interact with Customers

Business owners can interact with their customers by replying to their reviews posted by their clients on their business page. Moreover, with the help of photos, videos or posts, business owners can get more clicks which in-turn boosts their business.

  • Understand and Expand your Online Presence

Google My Business page is something that helps business owners to expand the online presence of their business along with promoting it in the best possible way.

  • Everything in One Platform

Each small detail regarding your business will be on one place; it includes everything that a potential customer may need to evaluate your products or services: business’s name, address, phone number, description and reviews.

  • Verification Process in Google My Business:

Well, in case you’re wondering to get detailed information about the verification process in Google My Business page, then just keep on reading.

Once you have added your business information to your Google My Business page, then your next step will be requesting for the verification. Now, Google wants to find out if your business is honest and not fraud in order to provide comprehensive local listings to users. So, Google with proceed with this concept until it finds your business authorized.

Back some time ago, you could easily get your business verified in seconds and that too with a call itself; still for some businesses verification is possible through just a phone call or email. But in most of the cases, business owners are able to verify their businesses through a postcard with a unique code from Google. When you receive that unique code, you can enter it into your business page & your business gets verified.

Moving forward to the most important part, here we’ll be discussing some of the guidelines that have been set by Google for updating videos on your Google My Business page.

Google My Business Video Content Guidelines:

Well, you just can’t deny the fact that the content of your video is something of high priority and you can’t just post anything on your Google My Business page.

Google has given us a list of guidelines for posting videos for your Google My Business page.

Moreover, if your business isn’t verified yet, your videos won’t get live. You definitely need to verify your Google My Business account for getting your videos posted.

Also, you need to be quite specific when updating videos and make sure you don’t post anything that doesn’t come under the specific guidelines of Google.

As Google is quite strict about its guidelines and it’ll will take down all the irrelevant videos or something that includes prohibited content (nudity, hateful, violent, or dangerous content, copyrighted material, misleading information, or information that endangers minors).

In addition to all this, there are a number of rules that have been set up by Google regarding the presentation of videos on Google My Business page:

  • Appropriate:

You need to make sure that the pictures or footage that’s going to be updated on the Google My Business Page must be appropriate. Stock footage is something that will be seen as irrelevant by Google and may get your video taken down. So, make sure that your videos that are going to be posted on Google My Business page should be relevant and in context of your business.

  • Use Clear Images:

Make sure that your videos for Google My Business page use minimal effect filters and they should not obscure the images or footage, and avoid borders, blurs, collage images, and anything else that obscures the imagery or makes it unclear. People should be able to see exactly what your business looks like. So, ensure to use clear, relevant and high quality images for avoiding any issues in the near future.

  • Only use Images or Footage:

Make sure you don’t use drawings, designs, and other non–photos/footage in your Google My Business videos. It’s something that looks unprofessional and that can make your GMB page inappropriate.

  • Use Minimal Text (or none at all):

This is definitely an important point to consider while posting videos on your Google My Business page. Make sure that superimposed graphics such as text should not be more than 10% of the frame, and must be relevant. So, make sure that the text that’s being used is minimum. Also, you need to portray maximum points in minimum words and that’s how it works.

  • What kind of Google My Business Videos should be Created?

Many people get quite hung up on deciding about the type of videos that should be created for Google My Business page.

But you don’t need to worry anymore, we’re here to discuss about the different types of videos you can post on your Google My Business page:

  • How your products are packaged and shipped.
  • Highlight and show-off an employee working.
  • Give a short tour of your office.
  • Going for a company trip? Share the memories out there.
  • Feature how a product is made.
  • Interview employees about what they like the best about working with you.

Well, according to Google these videos should be of 30 seconds in length and should cover an important perspective of your business. The best strategy for creating Google My Business videos is to sit, brainstorm, find a unique idea for your video and just go for it.

Well, the bottom line is that Google has been making a lot of new updates about Google My Business page and there may be even more cool things coming ahead!

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