How Web Design Can Improve Your Sales?

How Web Design Can Improve Your Sales?

From the smallest start-up to the biggest enterprise, your online website is the soul of business and digital marketing is so much important for you to improve your sales and take the lead in the markets. Everything takes a revolving nature towards your website and your web design depends so much on what you are looking for. But a question that always is whether a good web design helps in improving sales of your business? With an increasing number of businesses, many are moving online for their chances of increasing sales and moving ahead in the business. The online competition is becoming stronger than ever and is trying extra for designing the websites for outrunning the competition. 

How the website looks depends on the future of the business as well. If you want your business to be flourishing and in successful mode, then make sure you are designing your website properly and giving the audience what they want in return. This way you will be getting your sales and customers will be getting customer satisfaction. 

1. Knowing the importance of research

Proper researching is so much important when you are planning to give a good web design to your website. This way you will be able to understand what appeals to the audience and most of the time, websites choose designs on their own, according to their personal preferences. But these functions are wrong because customers are expecting good functionality and usability, so the customers should know what they are looking for and only then they can develop the business. 

And you should know that you are not designing a website for admiration, but you are designing for your business so that customers can look at it and find what they are looking for. This is the reason research is so much important, you have to understand your target audience for creating a website suiting them the most. The audience makes your business and where they live also matters a lot. You have to try capturing them at a personal level so you get to know their preferences well and all the likings. After getting all the information, create a website accommodating to the needs of the customers. 

2. Giving visual hierarchy

Aesthetics is an equal part of making your website and important for your customers as well. The human brain captures videos 6,000 times more than facts and so you have to give priority to the visuals as well. It just takes nanoseconds for creating first impressions for customers and you have to do that with your website. Your website must be eye-pleasing able to capture the attention of audiences. Match colors, decors, and themes as per likings of customers giving information about products and services. Also, create an interactive shopping cart for making the browsing part enjoyable for all the customers. 

Adding too many visuals can also create a strain on the eyes, so you should know when to stop. Keep your shopping cart simple and elegant without using many colors in it. A visually appealing website but a sluggish one is not going to help you in any way. If you want to add amazing visuals, there are so many offers online that you can check out for your website. 

3. Mobile friendly

Many people are using the Internet in their mobiles only nowadays and so, businesses should be focused on creating websites that are mobile-friendly also. If it is not mobile-friendly, you are losing a lot of clients and sales. Customers like it when they can prefer to see the websites even on their phones and so, give your customers opportunities for viewing the websites from many devices as they like. Mobile users might be having certain expectations which they would love to be fulfilled. Try improving the conversion rates and try to meet the experiences for the best mobile experience. 

Many websites are not well optimized for making it mobile-friendly. That discourages a lot of customers to come to your website and purchase things. Almost 51% of the websites either freeze or crash whenever you are seeing something. People tend to dislike it a lot. Optimize the website properly so that it works amazingly on mobiles as well. 

4. Keeping the website simple

Looks are important but simplicity is also what people are expecting from websites at the present times. The usability of your website determines whether you will be getting customers or not. And you should always focus on usability to a great extent. If your website is hard to operate and is clustered with a whole lot of information, people tend to not be using such websites. 

The usability has to be simple but effective also. Reduce the clutter in your website by making it transparent so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. Categorize all the products and services making it easy for customers to find it. Customers should be easily able to converse with your website without getting lost in it. Simplicity is the key to impressing customers for better customer experience. This way you will be grabbing more on the deals. 

5. Become more visible

Your website alone can run your business if you have the desired number of customers. If you are planning to break through the competition and attract customers, then you will be needing a website to become visible to your customers. Online attention can help in seeking attention and SEO is a great way of staying ahead in the search pages. SEO is a cost-effective strategy and once people find it easy to find your website, all your products will be sold effectively faster and you can upload a new set of stocks. 

Once people can easily find your website, they will be attracting a lot of traffic enough for making you become visible online and you will be gaining more customers. SEO helps in determining the search engine results on sites like google. After developing your website, you just have to work on better SEO

You can also leverage the power of social media for promoting the business and improving the website’s traffic. If you want to be known widely, you have to work on the SEO factor. The key to greater social media is understanding what you want and then proceeding with the same. 

6. Making it fast

For greater customer satisfaction, the website speed also plays such a crucial role. Customers only like operating those websites which are speedy and working at great conversions. 52% of the customers are loyal only when they find high-speed websites. 47% of the shoppers expect the website to open in less than 2 seconds and about 64% of the shoppers want it to start in less than 4 seconds. If there is too much delay or it is not opening instantly, people tend to lose interest in seeing the website and move ahead. This leads to almost 16% of customer dissatisfaction which is not a good sign for the business. If you give your customers the best speed, then they will also be satisfied and would recommend your website to friends and families. 

7. Removing all the distractions

If you want to boast about your business decisions, then you should first take the right decision. Trying to give too many ads and too many offers will only bore your customers and they will be distracted from buying what they want. Try to be counterproductive but also have the best for customers to realize how good your sales have been. 

The more offers you are presenting, the more unsatisfied customers you will be having. If your customers can’t decide which offer to go with, then it is going to be a waste of both your efforts and money as well. Once they reach the check-out page, there shouldn’t be any distraction apart from buying what they are planning to buy. 

Benefits of having a professional web design for business

Web designing is something you cannot take lightly at all if you want to take your business to greater heights. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is, but you have to prepare a great web design for your website. Some of the benefits:

1. Saving a lot of hassle

You only get what you pay for and if you are paying a cheap price, then be sure that you will be getting a lot of problems with the website. You will end up paying a lot of money but in vain as you will be needed to call a professional web designer for fixing all the problems. Even the entire might have to be done again. If you start with the right provider itself, then you can have a hassle-free experience. 

2. Custom design

The best start to creating a web design is that you can choose your designs and use them in your websites. Professional designers will make what you will be saying so, it is customized and you will be happy with the designs. The template they provide you will not be shared with any other company. 

3. Better looking design

Web professionals know their work well and you can expect a great looking design and nothing else. The quality of the design will depend on the web developers also. If you are looking for the cheap ones, then problems might come later but if you choose a good one, you will not fall in trouble. Choosing pre-made templates is basic and you cannot do any improvements in it. 

4. Generating more revenue

A professionally designed website can earn you more revenue and traffic that is great for your business. Humans are drawn to attractive things and there is nothing than the world of design that you have been looking for. You have to employ a professional web design party to work for the maximum potential of your website. 

How to learn web designing?

1. Visual Design

Visual designs focus on the digital products and design principles are what you will be looking for and feeling of the site. This can range from such different proportions like topography, to colors, skills, etc. Visual design is a way or chance for digging into creating mood boards and typing in the hierarchy with web fonts and pallets.

2. Design software

For designing, you need to work with the right tools. Your standard tools will help you design the website that you have been planning. Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator are some software you can use for the same. It helps in designing of assets, apart from enhancing photos and modifying it. 


You might not be a web designer but you have to know how to code. There are so many coding classes where you can take and learn to code. It helps in keeping text and images good in the background. HTML helps in coding language to put on the web page and the structure. You can put a bunch of languages into headlines, footers, and paragraphs. 

Skills to become a web designer

1. Time management

When you are interested in web designing, you can work as a freelancer web designer and stay on top of the schedule. You can get a lot of projects as a web designer when you work as a freelancer. Tracking your work and prioritizing it does the job. 

2. SEO

The skill of SEO is important for a web developer. But since the Internet is flooding with web developers, you will need other designer talents as well. Know the basics of what clients usually demand and you are ready to go ahead with it. 


Web design is so important for boosting sales. The website is the core of the business and you should try that all your customers appreciate your website and they are ahead in buying from you. The better the web design, the more customers you will be able to attract. Customers seem to have expectations, so keep that in mind! 

How to Prepare for the Google Core Web Vitals Update?

Google Core Web Vitals

The business owners and the webmasters are sharing the same goals for maximizing business and profits. You need to have the best site for delivering positive results and higher search rankings are so crucial. Get prepared for the Google Core Web Vitals 2021 ensuring the usability throughout the movements and site changes. Two factors determining the success of your website in the search engines and the number of visitors to your website. Google only allows potential customers to get entry to your business and buy products and services from it. As soon as your target audience finds your site, they would be interested in knowing the website and the brand value position to use it purposefully. With the Core Web Vitals, it is turning out to be win-win situations for both the players in the markets. Google secures its position with the Core Updates and puts all the higher searched websites in higher rankings. 

What are core web vitals?

The Google Core Web Vitals are three metrics indicating the user experience you usually provide on your site. They are the Largest Contentful Plate, First Input Delay, and also the Cumulative Layout Shift. These three are involved in loading the speed and making your website interactive relating to good user experience. Meaning of all the signals:

1. LCP

This metric is used for loading the performance and reporting for the largest rendering time for the picture on the website. It can often be an image or sometimes even a video. This means that the time for loading your home page should be fast and then the rest will work out on its own. The user should be indicated whenever the URL is loading. A good LCP can be 2.5 seconds or even less than that. 

2. First Input Delay

This measures the interaction of the site and how much time it takes in making it available to the users. It lets you know how long the browser tries responding to the user when interacting with the page. If a user is clicking on the homepage for learning more about it, then the site should be responsive to the action being taken in nanoseconds so that the customers don’t get bored. 

3. Cumulative Layout Shift

The CLS metric is a new concept in the Google Core Web Vitals and it measures the page layouts shifts when it is loading. In this scenario, as provided by Google, you will not want the users to accidentally confirm all the purchases that they were only intending to buy. And the layout shifts if the cancel button is not getting pressed. This metric happens in less than 0.1 or even closest to Zero. 

Importance of Web Core Vitals

Google is of the focus that it is going to use page experience signals as part of the tie-breaker system where there are several pages available for giving relevant and quality content to the users and customers. There is nothing wrong with optimizing the core vitals but they should not be prioritized in any way. This ranking will be used in the ranking of websites for measuring it according to its quality and how much people are liking it. 

When is this going to happen?

Google has said that it might happen in early 2021 as due to COVID, the work has been put to a halt. And they want to give their webmasters extra time for preparing for the huge deal. They have promised that they will give 6 months’ notice in advance before starting with the Updates. 

How big will the change be?

How much do you worry about Google SERPs and how much are you trying to use it in your websites for putting your company ahead? Google has so many ranking factors that finding one has become so difficult. If your site has poor metrics, then it will fail miserably and will not be able to stand again. If you are in a highly competitive environment, then this is going to make such a huge difference in that. Also, for the updates, some Google signals have worked outside their capacity like the page speed seems like a pretty obvious thing, but getting too high speed is also part of Google to show the change that is about to start.

Core Web Vitals is so essential because it helps in providing better experience. About 24% of the traffic has been gained without doing anything at all. 

Why are Core Web Vitals considered to be critical?

From using keywords to work experience, the website has come a long way and the main thing is that these are just main additions to the search engine network for making it better user experience and giving users what they have been waiting for. People always want their business to be at the top and if you are using Core Web Vitals, then you are doing something different in your business. This is going to set a benchmark not only in the form of quality but also in the quantitative aspect as well. 

This is what the users have been using at every stage of the user experience which now they are going to get through these updates. Now page experience will influence it to be number 1 on the Google ranking search results. 

Ways of Measuring Google’s Core Web Vitals

1. Chrome UX Report

It also refers to the CrUX report that is the public dataset for measuring the real-time metrics by the users. It works by gathering all the data from the users opting for the sync in browser history and has enabled the Statistics Option in the same. This process has been revamped and now they also show the UX reports as well. 

2. Page Speed Insights

The Page Speed insights have got an update recently showing the new Lighthouse 6.0 metrics. It is a wholly different concept where the blue ribbon used is for the Core Web Vital Metrics. They can be in Field Data as well as in Lab Data options as you like it. 

3. Chrome DevTools

The DevTools have also been updated for the purpose of Core Web Vitals as these tools offer a comprehensive way of viewing the Cumulative Layout Shift and if you are wanting to read the same in a detailed manner, then you can click on the particular layout and then view it in the Summary Tab. 

4. Search Console

The Google Search Console has also been updated for the purpose and it is working much better than what is expected of it. This metrics is under the enhancement Section and it helps in re-evaluating the pages on your websites and segregating the same into Poor, Need Improvement, and Good. The Core Web Vitals depend on real-time users and it is working amazingly. 

5. LightHouse Report

This tool is used for analyzing the SEO performance and also the Page Speed of your website. If your page is not working in speedy motion, then most people are discouraged from going to your website to taking your products and services. With the new V6 update, you can check the speed of your webpage and also measure the same using Google’s Analytics. 

The two of the metrics help in LCP and CLS which is awesome. Total Blocking Time is another of the metrics present in the Light House Report helping in improving the First Input Delay. 

6. Web Vitals Extension

This is yet another Google plugin which is new and working for the betterment of the users and customers. Open the metrics page that you want to see and you are done. Click on the Web Core Vitals Extension and it will lead into three main metrics in the Vitals Updates. This way, you can also study the metrics of all your competitors. 

Related to user experience and SEO

The Web Vitals will be used for another famous search engine’s experience for ranking the factors used in representing the total range of search engines that are designed for user experience. There is no clear mention regarding how important it will be, but with the introduction of the Web Core Vitals, you will come to know of it. In the case of poor search engine experience, you can rank your website well if you are using the Core Vitals. 

Just focus on the traditional ways of SEO and optimizing and you are ready for taking over the business. Websites need to maintain their search presence and focus on the improvement of the UX and SEO together as these are concepts that will remain forever whenever you are doing business online. 

Many businesses don’t understand that UX And SEO can correlate with each other and they keep on making the same mistakes again and again. This is the main reason for bringing the vitals because it will show the key ranking signals that are used on websites and how you can arrange it for effecting the user experience on the website. 

Current page experience signals

The old Google experience is now going to combine with the new Web Vitals and here are some of the things that you can expect:

  1. HTTP
  2. Browsing Safely
  3. Mobile-Friendly, etc. 

User experience is the only crucial element that should be seen first because if the users are not able to see your website properly, then there is no use of making one either. And user experience comes when you make things easy for all the users and customers. Google is still trying to rank the search results in an appropriate order so that the business that demands inspiration can get it. And if you want to stand out in the competition, then you have to give good user experience as will be helped by Google. 

Core Web Vitals is becoming Google’s New thing

Google always has tried bringing out new stuff for the betterment of people and now they are coming up with the idea of Core Web Vitals. People are looking forward to it anxiously as this is going to be a ranking signal. With this, you can put your website on the higher ranks for making it visible to all your promising customers. According to Google, The Vitals are set in the real-time world and so you have to be practical to use these Vitals. One wrong and your business will be doomed forever.

It helps in measuring the website usability like the productivity, load time, stability of the contents when it is loading, etc. It will also be combined with some other essential factors as well for increasing the evaluation of user-based experiences. 

Where will the Core Web Vitals affect the rankings?

This is the new ranking and has not been used yet. People don’t generally have an idea about where it is going to affect the ranking but certainly, it is going to do on all grounds like desktops, mobiles, results, etc. And it is soon to appear as Google Stories as well just like Instagram stories. Before Accelerated Mobile Pages were used but that concept has been changed now. It is now no top priority for Google Anymore. 

This search ranking will work in a completely different way than you have not seen before. And users are going to be mesmerized by the moment of seeing it. 


People are waiting for it eagerly. If all things are sorted, then Google is going to launch it in the next 6 months. This search ranking has been started so that customers and users don’t face the problem of not having usability of the websites. All the websites will be available whenever customers want it and they can use it for buying goods and services. Once, it goes live, you are seriously going to enjoy it. So, hold your hearts as Core Web Vitals are all set to be used from 2021! 

Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2020 and Beyond

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Before going to the statistics part you should understand what is mobile marketing. It’s basically a technique that is used to reach a specific audience. It can be done through using mobile phones, tablets, or any other type of device through email, sites, SMS, and many other things as well. You can also read more about mobile marketing. Now, many people think that how does this work and what is the need. 

How does it work?

Basically, if you notice the Ads which appear on your smartphones, tablets or any other devices are the part of mobile marketing only. They consist of further things as well like ad formats, their customization, and type of styles which can be different. As many different and unique types of styles are offered by many social media places, websites, and apps. 

Why do you think that there is a need for a Mobile marketing strategy?

If you will notice or roam around in your city, then you can see that most of the people use mobile phones. And someone who is running a business needs a mobile marketing strategy is really needed. As the use of mobile phones is so much as per some reports around 40% of people’s internet time is spent on their phones. Below mentioned are some statistics regarding mobile marketing:

• People around the world almost 80% spent their time using mobile phones in which they use apps, and games. Games are at the top level as the majority of people spent their time playing games. 

• Apart from gaming and apps people also spend their time more on browsing. Around almost 70% of people like to search for new things on their smartphones and tablets.

• Coming to the retail conversion rate which is 2.2% on their tablets which is higher than smartphones, but still PC rates are highest. 

As you will notice mobile phones will be here with us for a long time. As per the correct forecast, it can stop the usage of PC as all things can be done easily on smartphones. If you haven’t any strategy yet, then don’t worry and make one today. 

What are the different types of strategies which can be used?

First is the app-based marketing

While around 80% of the time is spent by people on their smartphones, advertising is done involving mobile apps. You can easily create mobile ads with the help of Google AdMob, and your ads will appear within third party apps. You can also take help from Facebook, as it also helps advertisers to create ads on their Facebook mobile app. 

Second is in-game mobile marketing

As above is for apps this one is related to mobile games app, as in your game a pop-up banner appears or any video that usually appears between loading screens. Using the QR code which is attached to the related website. The user scans that QR code is aligned with the mobile gamification and has an element of mystery. 

Third strategy is location-based marketing

The ads will appear on the user’s location which relates to a specific area or any type of business. This can happen when an advertiser wants to show ads to the user who is 3-miles of the radius of their company.

Mobile search ads and images

These are the basic search ads like click to call, image-based ads appear on the mobile devices. 


As this is a very common one, in this no image will be shown. The advertiser captures the phone number and sends the text. You can follow these mobile marketing strategies for further use. 

Some best and quick tips for you

• You should be clear as well as concise as mobile phones have small screens and words will be small as well, which means it should be sparingly. So it’s best to make the ads simple which can be easy for the users to see. 

• Try to optimize for local as to remember that few searches have local intent. As many people have related questions to their local areas. So by optimizing for the local users will make sure that you are aligning with the people’s questions.

• Always first place your audience or user, as the type of people will reach you should influence that kind of ads for them. The ads should be related to the queries asked before or what interests them.

• Don’t always go with one strategy, try to experiment with a different one as well. This will help you to grab more audience’s attention and don’t be afraid. Try some extensions like Google Ads enhanced campaigns, Google Offers, or any other related too. 

• Make a benchmark of your output by experimenting, as there are nothing new methods. By making a track of your results will help you to work in a better way. You can use Adwords for this purpose and many others which are related to. 

These are some of the tips for you which you can apply and act further. Now if you get the idea of what is mobile marketing, how it works, and what are the strategies, then now you have to understand the statistics. This all gives you an idea about how you can work efficiently.

As we have discussed the mobile marketing thing as well as the strategies. There are many factors which you see below for the statistics of this impressive marketing:

• According to some reports the global advertising will hit around $270 billion by the year 2022. As in the year 2019, the budget was around $180 billion. So if you notice this will increase and we will get that figure in 2022. 

• The GIPHY usage has increased so much in 2020, as around 33%. As in this pandemic cooking going on but that’s not the last thing. As people are also using GIFs to convey many types of messages for ex, funny or encouraging. Many brands now if you have noticed have adopted this thing on their Instagram stories. This helps to make it unique and attract the audience by different types of GIFs. This is one of the interesting things you will see and the usage is increasing. 

• Around 52% of voice assistant people use the technology at their convenient time, that can be daily or any other day. 

• Many people who use voice speakers to listen to music are basically aged between 18 to 34. 

• The number of people using WhatsApp will be increasing around 17.5 million till 2023. As the app is totally free and millions of people are already using this app. 

• As per some reports Snapchat users are also increasing day by day. 

About the mobile traffic stats

Nowadays the most traffic is from the website according to CIO Dive which is really important. The web traffic on mobile phones is projected to rise around 700% and by this, you can also expect more rise in mobile traffic. 

About the marketing and E-commerce

If you are an email marketer then this thing will really interest you.

• As around 75% of people use emails and in 2017 around 60% of mobile phones were used to open emails. This surely was impressive for the email marketers as only 15% were using a desktop. 

• Many companies know this and around 40% of them are creating mobile-responsive email templates consequently. 

• The leading marketers as per the reports increasing their investment in mobile phone expert experiences as in the comparison to average entrepreneurs.

• Most of the marketers consider mobile marketing as their prior business. as it is increasing daily and mobile phone ads getting 50% of customers to search for any type of product. 

• Around 70% of people search for online actions and some around 60% of the people click on their mobile ads at least once in 4 days. 

Consumer statistics 

As you will notice in this pandemic people are not allowed to go out, but many people want to buy some essential things. So the only thing they can do is online shopping by using their mobile phones. 

The customer never thinks about which company is providing data after searching. As per the report few users don’t even know about the brand they are buying and mobile phones were used for many online shopping transactions. As a buyer you will always see the reviews of the product to see that it is good or not, so over 50% of people see this. Many people now buy a product after seeing an ad. The rise in mobile marketing makes the consumer’s expectations high also and people prefer a mobile-friendly site that answers their queries. People who are not satisfied with the product are around 62% will make fewer purchases in the future as compared to the customers who like it. around 84% have to struggle while making online transactions as they don’t have full knowledge about it. 

Social media and mobile phones

So if we come up with the statistics of social media then we all know that around 95% of people are using it. This report is of 2017 and 80% of the users have accessed Pinterest on their mobile phones. Social media sites like Facebook have gathered so much attention and Instagram. People are now looking for job opportunities so they go for LinkedIn. After gaming apps, social media is used mostly and Instagram has over 1 million users monthly. Snapchat has also come into this race and have around 186 million daily users. WhatsApp is free and used by many people as this is the common one. These apps have more access to mobile phones rather than desktop or tablets. As per the statistics of 2019, the most searched sites are Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Gmail on mobile phones. By this, you can see the power of mobile marketing which is rising daily. 

The impact of site optimization for smartphones

As you get to know that this field is a fast-growing market with fierce competition every day. So now it is really important that it should provide a user-friendly experience to its customers. 

As we get to know many things for the positive experience but around 52% of users have put their negative mobile experiences. If you are buying something and suddenly the page gets slow then over 97% of the shopping cart gets abandoned. As for all of us in this digital world, speed matters a lot, and when a web page loading speed gets less which guarantees over 70% longer viewing sessions. If you search, then you will get to know that the average speed of the webpage is 15.3 seconds to load. This all shows that you have to make the website so good that your customer gets a great experience and gets satisfied. Optimizing your site for mobile devices

Your main goal should be to give your visitors a great experience and try to encourage them to stay on your website. Below are some of the tips which you can follow:

• Try to make your site for optimization so that it has faster speed and your users won’t get frustrated.

• Always use a simple and scrollable layout, as a complex one will be difficult to understand for some users. 

• After doing the layout thing make sure to avoid the menu navigation as it is very confusing for users.

• Now target the relevant ads which are simple to understand to all the mobile users. 

• Start utilizing social media to post the ads

• This will help you to make valuable content a priority and you can work on it easily. 

• The people form an opinion quickly if you notice so work and invest your time in the responsive as well as effective web designs.

• After this all you can also check Google Analytics as this will tell you how much your visitors use their phones to access your website and identify the area as well. 

So all this will help you to know about this impressive mobile marketing field where you can invest your time as it is increasing every second.

Online Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 and Beyond

Video Marketing Statistics

It feels like yesterday when many marketers were thinking of whether to use videos for their marketing purposes and now, marketers are making use of videos every other day. Videos have become so much useful for staying ahead in the competition and facing the fast-digital world pace. Commonly, videos help in increasing the visibility and viability of sales and engaging more customers by driving traffic. This is the very thing that video marketing is considered to be so much necessary. But the main question is whether video marketing is here to stay or it’s going to change after some years?

Walkthrough the concept of video marketing

The recent statistics on video marketing claims that it is not going anywhere for sure. With the development of new and flourishing industries apart from social media trends, customer’s tastes have made better changes into the future with the use of video marketing. While in the year 2020, video marketing is hitting higher notes with more consumption of online use and not showing any signs of slowing down. 

The rise of online video use and consumption

Internet followers watch about 2 billion videos every hour with an increase in the number of videos per day. People are now trying to trend with the society and so, they are always looking for ways to make new videos with the social media trends taking some drastic changes in the growth of online video usage and consumption. At least 78% of the Internet users watch online videos every week and over 55% watch every single day. This is the main reason that B2B companies are also making use of videos for increasing profits of their business.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 

1. Video marketing for attracting customers

Video marketing has been divided into so many segments with the videos made for customers being the best and crucial ones. Dynamic videos are made grabbing the attention of the public and with the grabbing of new customers, content is the key. When people watch videos, they want the videos to be sensible and funny at the same time. Doing creative thinking in the process helps a lot.

Can videos memorably capture attention?

  • As per 85% of the customers, videos can memorably attract customers.
  • About 95% of the viewers claim that they read a message only when they are shown videos of the same. 
  • 37% of the viewers watch the video till the end increasing the TRP of the videos. 
  • The retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized rates and that is quite a great thing. 

Can video marketing help in brand awareness?

  • Video Ads are Number 1 when It comes to increasing awareness. Most people are interested in watching videos for getting awareness about a particular product or service. 
  • Reports say that 94% of the marketers replied that they could understand the needs of the product only when they saw the video of it. 
  • About 30% of mobile shoppers say that videos are a great way of looking into products and also discovering many new products.
  • About 96% of the people said that they have watched an explainer video to understand how a certain product or service works. 

Do videos help in making purchases?

  • About 93% of the brands got a new customer only because they had videos in the making process. 
  • 79% of the people were convinced to buy a software or laptop when they saw the functioning of the video. Many people buy apps in this way only. 
  • 95% of the people share user reports with other people and they love telling how videos have helped them in choosing the right direction while making purchases.

2. Channels used in distributing the video contents

After knowing that the video contents help in giving brand awareness, now the next thing is distributing the video contents. This focuses on social media platforms but also knowing all the great channels to choose from.

Are videos important in social media?

  • 58% of the people believe that many people browse social media pages only with the hope of seeing videos in it. 
  • 24% of the people are making purchases that they did last year only by seeing the ads and videos provided on the social pages.
  • 60% of the consumers found the brands that they were looking for in social media
  • The top 3 driving platforms of social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Are videos good on Instagram?

  • As you can see, 77% of the users have posted videos on IGTV
  • 41% of the marketers feel that Instagram videos have become so important to them in the last 12 months. 
  • 1 in every 4 customers is seeing stories every day increasing the demand for videos. 

Are video contents great for Twitter?

  • 93% of Twitter works on mobile and so videos are also uploaded in the same. 
  • Videos that are there on Twitter have become the longest advertising tool that you can find.
  • There are around 2 billion views on Twitter every day making its growth to 67% in the last year
  • The tweets having videos attract 10x more customers than all the tweets not having videos in them. 
  • You can find some promoted tweets as well and it saves around 50% on the cost per engagement.

Are posting videos on Facebook good?

  • Facebook is the number 1 market that marketers are planning to make in the coming year because many videos get uploaded here. 
  • 33% of the people using Facebook make use of Facebook Live as the channel for showcasing their talents and telling what they feel. 
  • 1 in every 5 people has a live broadcast on Facebook.

Using videos on YouTube

  • YouTube is known to have 1 billion users covering 1/3rd of the users on the Internet
  • About 70% of the users make use of YouTube only in their mobiles.
  • People spend a billion hours searching for videos on YouTube.
  • 83% of customers would be interested in watching videos on YouTube only all over the world.

Consumer preferences for videos

By now, you have known that videos are so much important but are consumers enjoying the engaging content in it? There are some preferences for customers as well that they have to maintain. 

Are people enjoying watching videos?

  • 78% of the users watch videos every week while 55% of the same are watching videos daily. 
  • 68% of the people are watching videos only to check out about a product or they want to learn how to use a product or service
  • 54% of the people are preferring marketers for putting out more video content than is possible.

Do you think the video format is essential?

  • 86% of the people are watching videos as desktop-based only and they don’t give preference to using mobiles
  • 82% of the people are finding it difficult in watching videos having a black bar in it 
  • About 85% of the people find it interesting in watching the videos horizontally
  • 61% of the users make use of film content horizontally
  • Millennials like making use of 1.35x larger smartphone screens than the older generations making it easier for them. 
  • 56% of the videos that were published last year were just for 2 minutes or even less than that. 

Video marketing trends

With more product videos coming out recently in the coming years, there will soon be more competition in the area of videos than ever before. The marketers are likely to become more engaged in the videos from where the industry has become saturated. With so many options coming out, video marketing trends will become so important. 

1. Videos are going to be shoppable

This is the feature of linking ads to the world of making videos. Instagram and Snapchat have a lot of these but the technique is getting sophisticated with time. You can predict how soon you can purchase products and services and there can be mobile views also including YouTube views.

2. The 360-degree video technology expansion

360 Degree videos are so much in trend today and through it, it has become easier for experiencing Broadway musicals and sports games. The style will be made in an immersive and futuristic style with the use of AR and VR in videos. And if you are ambitious enough, then you can try it easily yourself. Set all the product videos apart from the competition for captivating the customer base.

3. Continuation of 1:1 video experience

With software like Hangouts and Zoom trying to improve their video conferencing abilities, the video conferencing experience is changing for people and it is also positioned in the growing position. The ability of the persons sharing screens provides such nice technical support but that is way beyond teaching. There can be nothing greater than seeing someone on your mobile screens and talking to them like you are meeting them in life.

Content marketing and how is it useful?

Content marketing is such a vast approach by having connections with all the potential clients, building trust, and generation of leads. It helps in increasing customer loyalty and aims in engaging more audiences towards the thing. If you are tired of straight forward marketing, then video marketing has come for your rescue. Client-oriented marketing is the best because of direct communication and all surveys and analytics.

Many content formats can be used for delivering messages effectively and you will also enjoy the marketing part. The rise of digital marketing is going to get fiercer in 2020 and also beyond. Many trends face away sooner but video marketing is here to stay for long.

Benefits of video marketing

1. Helps in influencing of buying decision

About 90% of users say that video marketing helps them in making good decisions when they are planning to buy products and services. Many people are buying products only after watching videos and for this, the videos are so essential. 97% of the videos have helped the users in understanding the way of using a product.

2. Giving people what they want

When people are considering buying something, then they are eager to see it first and then moving ahead with the buying part. For this, customers can use a variety of methods like sending emails, newsletters, etc. They can also visit the company’s websites for watching the videos and looking at the reviews. Videos can be easily incorporated by giving better chances to the customers for making better use of products.

3. Ranking higher in search

Videos help in improving the SERPs and ranking them higher in Google results. When people see that some webpages are ranked higher, these always are looked forward to by customers. Videos contribute to them tremendously as said by 80% of the marketers. Websites having effective videos have the power of staying on top of the rankings making it easier for them.

4. Reaching to decision-makers

1/3rd of the workers are working towards making videos every week and 54% of the seniors are also doing the same thing. If the text and videos are available in the same manner, then people might not be interested in watching the videos again. So, the videos have to be so engaging and informative.  

5. Leaving email sends

Using video in the mail subject increases the mail reading by 19% as people are eager to open mails that are having videos in it. And the click rate boosting can go up by 300%. This is a powerful addition to the mailing part and people are seeming to love it quite. 


Video marketing is the thing in the present times and it should be accepted in whatever way possible. People should use videos as part of their marketing campaigns and the more people are making use of videos, the more customers they are getting. Take the right decision and go ahead in your business. Take up to video marketing and in this way you are taking your business to the newer heights. 

How Contractors Earn More Jobs to Earn Revenue and Increase ROI?

Increase ROI

The very basic question to the contractor is what is the purpose of your business? And the reply is to make a profit whenever you can. But the main thing contractors don’t know is how to earn the revenue and from what sources. There are mainly two ways of earning revenues, one is by increasing revenue and the other is by reducing costs. For contractors, it is the working harder part that leads to making more money. And if you are already putting in lots of long hours, earning revenue is something you deserve. But that leaves you with cutting the costs. But don’t worry at all… as you will not be cutting costs by not paying the employees but by running a better business leaving more money in your pockets for increasing business revenues

Ways of saving money for making the next contractor job profitable

Now, when you are talking about saving money you can do that with the contractor job also. You need to be knowing the right places where you will be spending money. And when you have that thing in mind, then there is no stopping you! 

  • Be better when you are bidding for jobs

Bidding for jobs is such an important task because if you are bidding low, then you will be losing more money and if you are bidding high, then you might not get the work. There is a problem with both sides. Start your practice by cutting down costs and time on the jobs that you are doing. The best way is bidding on profits where there are more profitability and chances of winning. 

You will be provided with so many skilled projects that you will get a chance of becoming experienced helping you in later life. And if you are bidding uselessly, then you will be losing projects if you don’t complete first. Remodeling always suggests you to first meet with the clients before you proceed on bidding. Ask for all the lists and specifications and you are done. Select only the right projects and know the ones which will be profitable. Compare your close estimates and the actual project. You have to make adjustments appropriately for increasing your profits in the future. 

  • Considering the tools and equipment and not the purchase price

Spending on tools and equipment takes out much of the profits that you have earned. Why not use the same tools for the completion of jobs and it is not the tool prices that matter but the actual work that has a lot of significance? Moving from premium tools might make your work go up by 20% but also it increases the costs which are not at all acceptable. 

Try evaluating the long-term experiences of your tools like in how much cost it operates or how much will be the end value for knowing the prospects in the future. Before buying tools, check out the estimates and know much it can help you in the future. 

  • Caring for all of your tools

When doing your construction works, you have to be quite specific with your tools and good maintenance tools last very long and it also helps in reducing repair and the replacement costs. It is so essential to maintain tools as it becomes so safe to use it. Keep a checklist ready for all the tools requirements. Whenever you are using a brush or vacuum, the same charges go for batteries. 

Before using the tools, check the power cords so that they are accurate and there is no wire failure in between. You can tighten all the loose knots or bolts to drop a Loctite for keeping everything in place. Create a checklist for all the tools that you are to inspect for keeping them good. Keep a record of all the tools that need to be serviced and you can track the same in a calendar or even in a notebook for ensuring that proper maintenance of the same is kept purposefully. 

  • Getting most of the crew

Running an efficient team is not such an easy task as you have to keep in mind the feelings of so many employees and the freelancers that are working in your companies. Companies don’t care about those freelancers and companies that don’t show up properly or the work gets affected because of them. Your main motive is to keep the employers happy and, in that way, your business will also benefit well. Some of the examples of increasing morale are:

  • Buying lunch very occasionally for your crew
  • Give time to your employees for having some me-time where they can watch TV with kids or even go to the doctor for appointments. 
  • Host parties for rewarding your employees especially during holidays

One way is by saving overtime as well that saves money and also leads to productivity. Overtime means that you are spending more time in your workplace in place of which you are earning money. Try keeping your workers happy and listen to their problems well. When they are doing something good, always appreciate them. Schedule all the projects very efficiently so that there is always extra time for the completion of your work. 

  • Less wasting of materials

Many reports say that in the construction works, many materials are wasted and many see only the landfills. When construction of a house takes place, about 2.5 to 4 tons of wastes are generated and these wastes cost you twice the cost of materials and also the cost to dispose of the waste. You can try keeping an accurate idea of how much you can cut on the wastes. 

You can calculate all your requirements fruitfully. You can cover all the materials that help in the prevention of soiling or even theft. Whenever there is less wastage in construction works, more revenue can be generated like that. 

How can contractors earn more money by working less?

By doing so much in a day, contractors can only work towards maximizing their works for covering business heads and also contributing to the desired profits. Selling and producing work is one of the main things to consider. You can earn more money by doing less work which is quite great in itself. Some options that you can consider:

  1. Producing more work in the job site means that you will be needing more work and labor and the project will go on for a much longer time. The finding of more employees will be so much more challenging that you cannot face it so easily. 
  2. Increasing the selling price doesn’t at all mean that you don’t have to limit the number of items you are selling. Everything will be included in the selling price only and so when you are selling you have to be so cautious. 
  3. If you can find the right prospects and sell at higher prices, then you can earn all the points on the products that you earned in the past. This way your average sell price will go up and also your gross profit will also be increased adding more layers to the jobs that you are doing. 
  4. Also, selling product options is another way of increasing the sale price and earning gross profit for the same matter. This way, you don’t have to be adding more time to your work and you can only add the required labor, and you are done. Your work will be completed in no time. 

Strategies for increasing construction business revenues

When you are talking about the construction business, there are just so many ways in which you can earn profits. You will be able to run a highly profitable business if you keep in mind some tips. 

  • The setting of the profit targets

When you are first starting with the shop, your first aim will be that your business runs for a year or so or as much as possible by you. But these are not called targets. They are just vague directions that you have to follow for not just hurting the profitability but also the viability of the business. 

The written profits should be in numbers so that you know that they are there and you have to fulfill it at any cost. 

  • Using of good years for buffer lean years

A very handy rule is to expect 3 lean years in every 7 buffer years that you are getting. This is not such an accurate formula but it helps in guiding you towards taking financial projects and burdens as well. You also have a reminder for buffering your cash flow so that you have liquid cash anytime you need it in business. This way you will be able to give the business credit score which is very crucial when you are taking loans. 

The rule with business is that never be late with payments and pay off all things as quickly as you can. If you have everything going well then you have things on credit like machines that you can start paying off. 

  • Joining of area trades

Business means setting connections so that you can take help at the right time. Connections help you lead the way to success at any different time, different trades are involved not depending on the size of the business. As far as your construction business is concerned, you can join the local or the regional trade along with the chamber of commerce for attending all their events. If you are working as a subcontractor, then your end customer will be a general customer with whom you are going to market and network so that you know all the contractors that you are dealing with. 

Having membership helps you know all the changes in regulations, rules, and laws by making changes in the practices. By knowing all about the latest news, you will be kept updated with everything going on in the world and you will likely be more informed. This helps in reducing the liability risks and also decreasing the injury going on. But for this, your crew has to make use of the right skills and tools for doing the right works. 

  • Have a 24/7 customer service

Construction works do not see any holidays and work for 365 days a year and 7 days a week. It has individual sales, marketing, and HR departments each doing their work properly. And the funny thing is that even your competitors can work in such ways and the best way of doing that is by having a website. The website can be anything like the company’s brochure card, or any point of contact with the returning customers. 

And if your competitors are not online then you must look into the matter and increase your visibility for landing on more jobs. 

Benefits of making a profit

  • Borrowing money

Many small businesses have to borrow money as they have to repay on time. Debt financing includes financing or borrowing money from any bank. The profitability of the company plays an important role in this case. 

  • The hiring of more employees

A part of growing your business also means the hiring of additional employees for handling all the responsibilities happening within the company. This is an important element and salaries are decided, after which you will be given job definitions and positions and then employees can start work. 

  • Business expansion

Profit-making is also essential for expanding operations. Earning profits allow more openness to business locations and acquiring other business targets. Earning a profit helps in influencing business for expanding your business. 


Earning revenue helps in giving an idea about all the expenses of companies and consisting of sales or product services for making payments to customers in cash. So, think forward with your construction business and you can have a successful venture just the way you like it! 

Google May 2020 Core Update Analysis

Google May 2020 Core Update

4th of May 2020, amidst the corona pandemic crisis, Google has made a major update to its search algorithm. This change which was started on 4th may is termed as a “core” update. This is because substantial changes were made to its algorithm and this impacted the majority of websites. 

If you track the SERP volatility daily, then you will find that on 4th May there was huge volatility in search engine rankings, which is not usual. 

So now let us understand what happened to the SERP traffic? Website owners need to check their rankings on Google for now whether they are stable or have gone up or down. Check your account of Google analytics too and monitor your website traffic. If you see negative changes in your traffic, here we have some useful information for you. 

A summary of Google May 2020 Core Update:

The core update includes changes in the following areas of website rankings.

Relevancy: Google has improved its understanding of the needs of a searcher and now sites that provide the best answers to user queries are given higher priorities.

Expertise: websites that improved their rankings during this update had content with elements of top-level expertise.

Authority: although importance is still given to authority, how many small websites that were not having many authorities in their industries saw ranking improvements and in some cases overtook the authoritative websites. 

Trustworthiness: as usual, Google reassessed the signals which are used to determine E-A-T.

Link quality: those websites that had reduced rankings had unnatural links or links which fall under the category of a grey hat. These are self-made links, just for SEO. With this update, less importance is given to links to put more focus on content. Priority is given to votes from other people that recommend your content.

Let us first look at the most impacted industries.

Which industries were affected?

This update primarily impacted industries such as travel, health, real estate, people and society, and pets, and animals. These industries saw huge fluctuations in their rankings. Several other industries got affected, but the least affected ones were the news. 

It is a common misconception amongst people that do not have much knowledge about SEO that if you have a better domain authority i.e. a high domain score then you will get more traffic continuously and this traffic will not be affected at all by any updates. But this is completely wrong. 

To give you a clear idea, we have listed some top websites that had reduced their rankings after the update according to our analysis. This includes:


We have also done an analysis of the trends by checking the websites that were affected by the update versus others that were not.

Here are our recommendations to keep your website rankings stable and improving:

Keep your content updated regularly: by regularly it does not mean once every year. Usually, it should be one new blog post every week or might be more frequent. Apart from publishing new content on your blog or website, it is important to keep your old content updated too.

You should regularly go to your old website and blog posts and keep them updated. When you are doing the update on old blogs, it does not mean that you will just add a few sentences or modify images or adjust a few words here and there. It means you should add some new paragraphs and delete old and irrelevant information and sometimes you might be required to do a completely new writeup.

You should make sure that the content of your article is catchy and up to date and also useful for the readers. Those websites that were not highly affected by these core updates were regularly updating their old content daily. Most of these websites instead saw an increase in their traffic on Google since the update. 

We have analyzed these websites only for organic search results for traffic. The analysis is done for the average traffic volume monthly for a particular keyword as also the click-through rates according to ranking. These results have not changed even on the global holidays. 

These websites are not adding up any new content on their website on a weekly or daily basis but they are constantly updating their website old content. There is no fixed rule for updating your old content as it will be different for each article. All you need to do is to keep the content relevant for the readers and make sure that it is of good quality as compared to your competitors. 

Here are a few tips that will help you update your old content:

  1. If you do not find the content relevant now, then delete the page or redirect it to some relevant URL on your website or update the content to something relevant.
  2. Check if you can make the content more useful and actionable. Add some instructions, infographics, or videos to enhance the article.
  3. Check if the article contains any dead links and make it proper. 
  4. Check if your article is having proper images and videos if you are posting a translated article. 
  5. Check out the 5 main keywords included in the article and then see on Google for those terms. Check the things that the top 10 websites for those keywords are doing that are missing on your page.
  6. Make changes to make your article simpler to make it more understandable.
  7. If the article is targeted for a specific time or year, then try to make it evergreen or modify it.
  8. If you have written an article about some specific issues that people are facing, then update it according to the latest replies posted on Quora about that issue.
  9. If you have another article on your website that is having a similar concept, then make sure to merge them and use a 301 redirect for the one that you are deleting.

Fix the thin content on your website: 

A major SEO error that is found on most websites is that of thin content. This means pages that have a low word count. Almost half of the websites on the internet have at least some page which is thin in content. These websites which had thin content on other pages except on contact, home, or about page have seen a huge shift in their rankings. 

These websites are at a high risk of a decrease in their search engine traffic because of the updated algorithm of Google. It is time that you should check online whether your website has thin pages or not. Based on the recommendations, you should fix the issue. Usually, you will see the report having low word count errors. While it is true that you cannot put thousands of words of content on pages such as contact or category pages, there are still several pages where you can improve your content. 

In many other cases, visitors will get the points across the website in a hundred words or from the images. For example, if you are having an article on how to tie the tie in this article there would not be many words because it is very easy to show people how to do this in a video or a series of images. 

The more in-depth pages should be fixed. Below there is 3 question are given which need to consider for fixing the content in the pages:

More words are required:

When you are getting the message in a few hundred words or through the video and images then it is enough. Never add the words when they are not needed. Always think about the user experience. People would always have the answer to their question in a few seconds than to wait through the minutes.

Comparison of your page to the competition:

Look at the similar pages which are having 1st rank. Then analyze if they are having content then yours? This will give you the exact idea about how you can expand your page. Especially the page which is coming in rank 1 is always having a few thousands of content on their page.

Keep a page will make sense

If the page is not providing any value to the reader than it is better not to update it. You can delete this page or you can redirect the URL of that page to another similar page that is present on your site.

Fixing SEO errors

Another interesting finding which has been noticed from the data of Ubersuggest is that the site who is having more SEO errors will always be heavily impacted.

Now this will not mean that if you are having a ton of SEO errors then your page can’t make it to 1st rank. It also doesn’t mean that you are being hit by the update in the algorithm.

It is usually one type of error which has been hurting the sites more than usual. It is the site that contains duplicate meta descriptions and the title tags.

Here you can take note of one thing that there are many sites which are containing duplicate meta tags, and the large portion of the duplicate meta tags will always create problems.

So, we are digging up the sites which contain the duplicate title tags and meta tags about 20% or more on its pages.

Most of this site is not getting much traffic but for 363 when we have dug into it then we get to know that it is generating around 1,000 visits a month from Google and 151 has seen a decrease in the traffic by at least 10%.

There are 89 who have shown an increase in traffic by 10%. But 41.59% of the sites which are containing the meta tags have shown a huge dip. When you are having the duplicate meta tags then you should fix them. 

There are many sites where you can put just the URL of your site and the site will load the report.

Then you would be able to click on the critical errors again. You will be able to see all this in the report.

From the report you can look for the errors which would say as duplicate title tag or meta description. When you see this then click on the number and this will take you to the page which would break down the duplicates. 

Again, not every site would be perfect, and you must find the cases when the duplicates are not needing to be fixed. This is the category which needs to be fixed. All the pagination is required to be done here. 

But in most cases, you must fix and avoid the duplicate title tags and the meta description. 


If you follow all the instructions which are mentioned above, then also there is no guarantee that you will be impacted when there is an update in the algorithm. Each of them is different and the goal of Google is to create the best for the searchers.

When you look for the above issues then you will also notice about fixing them. This would also create a better user experience, and this should be always your end goal.

It is not like winning from Google, but SEO should provide better experience from the competition. If this would be your core focus then in the long run you will find this, and you will do better from your competition when the algorithm is updated.

So, take a proper look at the traffic on your page and compare the result with the last update of the algorithm. From the traffic, you would be easily able to judge either it gets up or down or it is still flat. This will help you a lot in always making your page at 1st rank in the search.