5 Hidden Strategies To Maximize Your Google Ads Impact

5 Hidden Strategies To Maximize Your Google Ads Impact

Google AdWords is one of the most complicated PPC platforms that you can find there. About 93% of the online experience starts with a search as searching helps you in finding what you are really looking for. YouTube which is owned by Google has the highest search and to reach the potential customers who want to reach out to you, you have to develop an online presence so that your brand becomes noticeable and becomes visible on the search engines. One such important strategy is paid to advertise. Starting with PPC, there are AdWords Tips that you need to follow for starting your campaigns in the right direction. 

What Makes Google AdWords So Much important?

Google AdWords is one of the main ways of PPC and it holds such a large position in the markets. Google holds a considerable amount of place in the US search market and every other person searching normally prefers doing it on Google only. This PPC helps in searching for powerful projects. According to Google’s Internal search, it gives promises to values and brands because of all the returns that people see. It makes an average of $2 for every $1 that they spend on the ads. About many people are living online now and people can find just anything that they want online. 

This makes it impossible, especially for small businesses, to rank for ranking higher keywords. PPC with the help of Google AdWords for getting the right attention that they need. 

Strategies to make Google Ads Impactful

1. Monitoring of the quality scores of all the keywords

Google has given a clarification that they do not give any track of Quality Score given on the account level but this has nothing to do with the brand’s advertising quality and when they are determining the CPC for a new keyword. For keeping the reputation and minimizing the costs, track the Quality Scores for all the keywords available to you. You will know if the keywords have low scores by increasing the relevance of the landing copies. 

2. Removing all the duplicate keywords

Not removing the duplicate keywords is a very common mistake as brands will be assuming that they will be competing against themselves and if you are failing to make the impact, then it will harm the performance of the business. By removing the duplicate words, it will not be open to any further errors. 

Updating all the lists for removing the duplicates will also make the tracking so much easier. You want your date to be clear and precise and it will guide for the rest of the campaigns that you will be performing. Strong data are important and this cannot be interpreted at any cost. 

3. Watching the size of the groups

When the ads get bigger by making use of two to three dozen words more, this might be a hindrance to the performance. You must make sure that you add the texts and the landing pages that only are relevant to the users. If you are having a group that is too large to comply with, you can split the same into two groups performing the jobs that you want them to. Doing so will create more personalized groups and content, that will in turn help in increasing the quality score and create engaging experiences for the users. 

AdWords Tips that can be used for tracking

1. Tracking of more than one goal for the campaign purpose

It might be so tempting to reduce your ad campaign down to a single metric like the clicks and to get a full picture, you will have to look at so many different matrices. This will help you check the sales funnels and the working of the ads for giving a better idea about all the improvements that need to be made. 

Like, check out how many clicks were made after you received the ads, how many leads were generated at a go, and how many of the leads were qualified for the sales revenue, etc. If you are having a weak funnel stage, then you are at the starting point for improvement of the revenues. 

2. Track the number of spends on the keywords

While doing your campaigning, be sure of how much the keywords will cost you and how many leads you will be generating from the amount of revenue that you are generating from the keywords. If the keywords are in groups and it costs high, then there is no such benefit of spending on those keywords. And if the keywords are strong enough that they can give such a good impact, then spending much will not be a problem at all. Delete all the keywords that are not needed for any kind of returns. 

AdWords Strategy that you can use for the campaigning part

1. Be sure that the landing pages align very well with the ads

When people are clicking on the ads to your website, the landing page should be able to answer all of their questions. So, think and design the landing page carefully regarding what they will be wanting to see. If your landing page doesn’t match with the customer needs, then you will be having a high number of people who clicked on the ads and then directly clicked on the site. 

This hurts your website and also PPC campaigning. Repeat the message about your website to make people know that they are on the right page. 

2. Choose the right keywords for your campaigns

There are so many different keywords that match types that you can use for AdWords. One is the broad match which means that the keywords that you are targeting can appear in any order you want and it can also show some of the same symptoms you want. A phrase match is one in which the ad only appears when there is a phrase that exactly matches the same. 

Then you have the last category called the exact match. When the phrase you are choosing matches exactly with the phrasing, then the extra match steps up forward and makes sure that the keyword matches with the whole query. Select the match that best fits your needs. The more keywords you are having, the more control you will be having over the audience. 

3. Using all the available space for text

Google offers so many different fields for posting relevant content that you are planning for your business. Use all the optimal space for sharing the products and services that you want. This includes a URL, that includes the headlines, or the place where you want the location to be, etc. It also includes the context for your ads along with the description of the products or the services that you are planning to promote. 

Ways to use Google AdWords to reach your goals

1. Create a new account

Just visit the Google AdWords website and then sign up to the same using your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you don’t have to worry as you can create one within minutes. After entering the required details, you can set up your first campaign where you will be choosing the budget, setting of bids, and choosing your target audience. 

2. The setting of the budget

The budget is considered to be the first task when you are planning for creating a campaign. Understand the number of visitors that will come to your landing pages and you can estimate the budget in that way. If you are OK to start with averages, you can even do that. The conversion rate for the budget is 2.35% which means only this number of customers take actions after clicking on the ads. 

Taking the average into consideration, you will know how much the investors are willing to spend on your website. 

3. Choosing the target audience

Set the geographical location for deciding the target audience with whom you are going to work. This means the ads will show only to the users regarding the keywords they are searching on. By using the advanced search option, you will be gaining control over radius targeting. It allows a certain radius to be targeted from your pin code. 

You can make the bid adjustments per radius targets just how you want it. 

4. Writing the ads

Writing the ads is probably the most crucial part of the entire process. Make it engaging and compelling and your message should be communicated clearly so that the audience understands what you are trying to convey. Some of the tips that you can use:

  • Keep the context short and crisp. The message should be short and it must be to the point also. 
  • The headline is the first thing that attracts the users and it should also be engaging enough. Make sure the headlines call for CTA and you can convince the users to click on the ads in the end. 
  • You must also have a clear CTA in the end because then people can know why they should be visiting the website for buying kinds of stuff. 

5. Running of several ads together

You should run several ads focusing on different objectives. This can be done by running several campaigns at once and choosing the one which is best for your business. Each ad group has keywords and the landing pages should be having similar themes also. All ad groups can be added to the single campaigns that you are planning. 

The budgets that they will be sharing will be the same and also the device targeting settings. If you are looking for multiple keywords, then you will need to be making different ad campaigns for the same. 

Advantages of using Google AdWords

Google AdWords turns out to be an effective campaign for driving traffic from the search engines. It is like a short-term marketing campaign where digital marketing and SEO also plays a crucial role. 

1. The building of a larger audience for the brand

Google AdWords help in the tapping of huge customer potential. One of the challenges of start-ups is brand awareness and with this PPC, you can reach out to the customers through various social media platforms. Small businesses will be having the luxury of employing a full-time advertising specialist who also works as a Google partner brand. They will search for keywords and set up the campaign on your behalf.

2. Google Ads go faster than SEO

Google AdWords can reach directly to your customer potential. SEO takes time while Google Ads can give a combination of SEO and it makes you look into the future of the business properly. 

3. Find competitors in the largest search engine

If your target audience can’t find you on the search engines, then they will not buy anything from your website. So, many businesses are turning to Google Ads. This helps in brand value awareness and for approaching e-commerce stores, you can bid on the products easily and buy them. E-commerce sites also make Google Ads shopping so easy for those who are already looking for something to purchase. 

4. Securable and scalable

Google Ads are fully scorable and you can combine it with Google Analytics for measuring purposes. This is true when you are driving business traffic and can’t take any action unless the people react to it. You can also achieve a high click through rate along with a low bounce rate. And if you have business rates running low, you can scale them back to their place again. 


Now since you know Google Ads is so good for your business, the new step involves learning about the basics of the same. It is approachable to businesses of all shapes and sizes and you can launch an ad campaign within minutes. So, if you have a business that is interested in running an advertising campaign, then they can do it through display ads, Facebook ads, and also reaching the audience. 

5 Golden Tips To Rank New Content Faster

Tips To Rank New Content Faster

Blogging and SEO are essential parts of digital marketing and as much as organic search is essential for the business, in a similar way if your business is not ranking higher on the Google Search engines for the relevant search parts, then the audience will never even come to know of your business and the products or services that you are selling. Google enjoys 33% of the traffic that is boosted to the website and it makes all the relevant pages essential. PPCs do help in increasing the search ranking of the web pages but you can’t depend on it always. You need to do blogging and give new content frequently to be stable in the markets. 

Ways of ranking your blog higher and faster

1. Having a new SEO friendly design of the blog

Do you know that having an SEO friendly blog design is as much important for higher search rankings? You must pay attention to the design so that people feel attracted to moving towards your website and purchasing things from there. 

  • Keeping link numbers below 100

Google recommends you to keep the linking pages below 100 for every web search, whereas it can reach 200 at times. This is because Google indexed only 100 kilobytes of a page but now Google is able to index larger than that. Having user experience pages are more important than any other SEO measures, so keeping it in 100 is still favorable. 

  • Keep all the images small

For drawing the attention of the readers, adding images and graphics is a crucial step but these should be applied in such ways that they fit easily and remain small. A bloated image can cause slow page downloads decreasing the site speed. The simplest way is by saving images as .jpeg or even as. gifs. About 80-90% of the user experience is brought by downloading the images, sheets, etc. 

  • Limiting of space of ads

When you are planning to design an SEO blog design, the rule is quite simple. Use as a limited number of ads as you can. If you don’t do that, then it will slow down the process of hurting your traffic. Use your analytics to know how many ads you can use inside the webpage and determine the three highest odds by cutting all others. 

  • Keeping content above the fold

Keep all the contents above 768 pixels. Reports show that people scroll but they only read 80% of the things that are above the fold and the rest 20% they tend to ignore. Use the concept of sliders which is becoming popular now. When you are planning to use a slider, make sure you position the slider properly. The viewers must give the slider an important feel when they arrive at your blog. 

2. Optimizing all the blog posts

People are searching for information online and blog posts are a great way of providing that to people. Optimizing gives the type of content that people are in search of and also helps in communicating with the audience to give them what they want. 

Whenever you plan on posting something online, think about the audience first and focus on the SEO part with much care and effort. 

  • Keyword focus

While writing online, you will be covering all the latest trends, topics, and article posts suiting the audience. For that, you will have to do keyword research for finding out what the audience requires. While writing content, one keyword should be on your mind and then you can have additional keywords surrounding it. 

  • Having a good title

The title is quite important for your blog for capturing the audience and intriguing them in reading the blog posts. The title should also be SEO optimized. The title has to be relevant to the target audience communicating to them what the search engines are all about. 

  • Using of META description

A meta description is yet another important thing for encouraging the clicks from the search engine results. And the description is another essential thing in the SERPs. While writing the descriptions, share a little bit of information about what will be in the content. And use focus based keywords. Keep the description under 160 characters. Don’t stuff all the keywords together. 

  • Using internal linking

Internal links help in marking all the related blog posts together. Readers appreciate when these linkages are used. When you are linking 4 to 5 blog posts, you are giving the readers something to read next. It helps in increasing traffic and on-site relevance. 

3. Using of WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress is such a popular content management system that is developing with its community developers. It comes with a market full of premium and free plugins. 

  • Using of Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is quite a simple SEO plugin. You don’t have to do much setup here and google gives you all the information on the site. 

  • WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin

It is the best Yoast Plugin that you will ever find. Yoast is considered to be a free plugin that has been downloaded by almost 7 million times till today. Having over 3,000 reviews, it is a 5 on 5 ratings on WordPress. It helps in easy optimizing of the blog posts. 

4. Hunting for the links

Here, you will be hunting for all the popular links connected to the blog posts that you are posting:

  • Searching for blog posts that have backlinks

Trackback is one important thing used by most blogs. It is a showing of appreciation for a single link and when another blog lists the same, then there is a trackback in the comments section. 

  • Creating fresh content than all regular posts 

There are so many blog types that are useful and popular among the target audience. You have to create posts that go way beyond the posts that you are reading. Add some valuable contents that you have found somewhere else. This will be taking time but it is totally worth it. 

5. Blogging consistently and frequently

Blogging consistently is hard but the benefits you reap from it… you cannot imagine! After tons of your blog posts, you start getting traffic regarding the blogs and people to come to know about you. Publishing works regularly takes time but it’s just better than Netflix or even binge-watching. Blogging continuously is beneficial from a business perspective also. 

It helps in giving opportunities for achieving better rankings. Writing blog posts in addition to the content and people get to read fresh content every day. 

Why should you blog?

If you suddenly stop blogging, then the overall traffic will decrease and people will simply lose interest in your site. If you stop blogging for say 1 month, then it won’t affect you much but what’s the harm in doing something that you love anyway?

Blogging leads to giving more leads which is a really good thing, especially if you are a start-up. Blogging helps in keeping with the rapport and connection with the audience by giving them something new each day. 

How long does SEO take for working?

As a business owner, you will surely have 1 question: how much time does it take for making your website Number 1 ranking on Google? In the earlier times, only 5 to 10 keywords were chosen that are the golden keywords for bringing in the majority of the traffic. But this keyword strategy is not used at present. Here, it’s more about focusing on the generic keywords from the long tail search. Nowadays, keywords are becoming easier to rank and are relevant because of the addition of details for inviting traffic. 

Keyword Ranking does not affect much as you think

Rankings do matter but depending on the metrics that you are using. When you are getting the rankings, it easily sells your business as it is so emotionally satisfying. The outcome should be grand so, hiring SEO firms or professionals do the wonder for you. 

How long does it take for SEO to start working?

The SEO also depends on how long the blog post has been on the search engines. It is the links or the SEO factors that are important to search out for and look at. 

  • Month 1

It’s all about discovery, keyword strategy, planning, etc. If you are doing the discovery and research soon enough, then you may start with the technical changes in the website. If this takes another month, then you have to wait till the same. 

  • Month 2

You will be focusing on the SEO technical work like the profile and link building. If you are doing the SEO but not seeing any changes, then you have to create an impact before it’s finished. 

  • Month 3

This month you will be creating content like FAQs, blogging, whitepapers, articles, product reviews, etc. if you are right on this strategy then you will see some improvements in the posts that you are making. These rankings can even lead to better sales in your business. 

  • Month 4

This is the earlier step but you are incorporating social media management to the group of blog posts that you are making. This can lead to a natural website link by generating leads. You can continue with the website creation search or even engage some PR in the works. You will be seeing more traffic coming from the start point. 

  • Month 5

After your traffic reaches 5,000 visitors per month, you will be adding in the conversion rate or even optimizing for improving the traffic that you are getting. The activities that you are doing also depends on the type of company that you are working for. 

Many companies see the results within 4 to 6 months and the SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you are getting in 6 months; it might change in 12 months. The results may seem to taper off at times and you will be maintaining the results as you are progressing in the business. 

Benefits of quality content marketing

It’s no wonder that content marketing is one of the effective ways of reaching out to many new customers. This helps in driving the traffic to the site, making you the leading voice in the industry. 

1. It turns out to be great for the engagement part

There is nothing better than reading content that is well written and thoroughly researched providing interesting information from start to the finish. Fresh contents are not easy to get and when people come in contact with such contents, then they will share with friends as well. 

2. Giving a chance to the audience for understanding them

When you are creating original content, it goes with an understanding of the client’s main points. It will make the work easier and you can also distribute the contents answering the client’s questions. Show you have the knowledge and ability for resourcing the contents that the audience wants. 

3. More traffic leads to more customers

When you are uploading content consisting of your website, it helps in making more customers come to your website generating more leads on the way. This way you will be reaping so many customers. This process starts slow but it picks up the speed instantly and eventually stops when it has gathered the mass it was planning of. 


New content doesn’t get published faster on the search engines but using the appropriate keywords places it at the right spot from where there is the only success of using all the keywords and original contents. Content marketing helps in the driving of the customer’s minds and it also gives you what you are actively searching for. Also, the contents can change the minds of the customers and they will intend on buying from you only. 

There is no better long-term marketing technique than content marketing itself and this is the one providing ROI without pissing any customers. So, create fresh and unique content and keep engaging customers on your website. 

Let’s Make Money: 4 Paid Marketing Tactics for Agencies Looking to Succeed

Paid Marketing Tactics

Every organization is planning to earn more revenue through its SEO tactics but this is not the only thing. For succeeding, the marketing agencies have to do more to deserve success. You want more money for your business and so does everyone else. Convincing all the clients to help you start taking less money is quite a difficult job. There are no direct amounts that are spent on SEO but mostly the cost of acquiring the customers is up to 30 times than the existing ones. The main goal of marketing is connecting the people with the products that companies are selling to their customers. It is such a simple concept only with a different base. 

For using SEO tactics, you have to know your business well and so do your customer base. Digital marketing has been growing recently and it has become so crucial only in dealing with business. 

Paid marketing tactics for succeeding

1. Do the scheduling

When someone is doing marketing, the best thing is doing it in a disciplined manner and this is one factor because of which so many workers have to leave jobs. When you are thinking annually, then you will be handling all the keywords and the competitors will be doing a complete analysis of the same. If you are planning to do scheduling semiannually, then you will have to do content analysis. 

You have to check which are the additional keywords that have been stopped and what has been changed in your industry. Some do schedule monthly giving customers an idea of what should be done properly. There are 3 types of things that you should do for analysis:

  • The hours used for consulting
  • Making phone call
  • Reporting

If anyone of the points is missing, then also the scheduling process is not going to work properly. Customers are looking for change frequently and when they are getting that, then there is nothing stopping them from purchasing what you want. 

2. Simply saying NO

Learn to say no when you are doing SEO tactics. There are no month to month contracts when you are dealing with the marketing part. When a customer can cancel SEO in about 30 days, then they become more interested in SEO. Explain the long-term strategy of the same and if it was not worth investing time in, then don’t do so! Customers come to you only with the best service guarantee and if they are getting creep services, they will stop coming to you. 

Clients and sellers need to have a candid relationship with each other and if you are using a specialty business, you can send the business away. So, say no to the creep service that you might be getting. If you are not good at writing content or even shaving off things that you don’t offer, then you can choose people who are good at doing all of such things. 

3. Raising prices

Raising prices comes crucial when it comes to making money. With your old customers, you can give discounts and it won’t go bad. When you are giving discounts, you are increasing the perceived values. This way you are giving loyalty to your old customers as well. Even in the case of new customers, they are getting the perceived values. 

Many companies are interested in making high-quality services that you have always wanted. And what can happen at the worst? If you say no, then you will not be provided with the discount that you have wanted. But what matters the most is your workers and the employees. If you can’t raise the prices, then you can’t offer the training or even raise their prices. 

4. Using the proper tools

After raising the prices, tools are the superpowers and you have to work taking them in mind only. Tools allow humans to do what they want to do. With tools, you can find so many good opportunities. They help in ranking and getting SERPs when you are working. If you know what the website is, you can simply start with the pre-audit part also. 

With faster workflows, you will be getting the money quickly. If you are using keywords properly, and you have the right tool, you will be able to serve so many customers and make money. Bulk pricing is also a tool that is out there in the market!

So, you can talk to your clients over the phone asking what they want for listing off all the competitors. If you want to get all data to the tools, it would be charging more than what you can imagine. And as the tools can sell themselves then you are saving a lot of money. 

Marketing strategies for small businesses

1. Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords works as a connection between all the online channels. It delivers all the relevant search contents that will be inexpensive for you when you are using On SEO. Google gives you a quality score defining the ad that is dependent on the CTR. This rate helps you to know where your ad will be placed after being seen. 

People make more than 4,000 Google searches every second and so Google AdWords will turn out to be so fruitful. 

2. Coupons on all the deal sites

When you are buying any product or service, you can use some coupons for selling your business. Coupon deals attract the customers so much that they purchase products only to get these coupon deals. You can give these to national and local businesses also offering real-time discounts to the members. With Groupon, you get up to 50% of the discount, and half of the revenue goes to Groupon only. 

The basic purpose of these coupons is the marketing director and is not dependent on sales. The main goal is consumer retention instantly and if you are giving more deals then you will have to handle so many customers, so make a routine and do the math correctly. 

3. Email marketing

Email marketing acts as the core of digital marketing. Emails turn out to be the highest converting channels for all the leads. And the funnel starts with the “lead magnet” only. People give free exchanges in place of that and so, you get some options like site membership, coupon, free trial service, etc. 

HubSpot is one such email marketing website that allows the making of emails for businesses for free. It also helps you in creating professional marketing emails for engaging all your audience. 

4. Content Marketing

Reports say that about 18% of people feel that content marketing has been changing the shapes of business. It is mostly the distribution of reliable and consistent content to a defined audience leading to profit-driving action. Content marketing is mostly focusing on the long-term results of the business. 

With the initial payoffs to be less, with the long term comes the growth of the business, and also customers will be seen handling a business single-handedly. Choose relevant topics along with SEO optimization and you are done. Content is not just blogs. It can be anything like online courses, videos, podcasts, etc. 

Ways of earning more revenue for your business

1. Collecting as much data as you can

Your data defines your company and it cannot be bad. Are your Google Ads campaigns helping you earn more than the industry standards because of the sleek post clicking design page? This you will not be able to know if you are not present during client success. When you are trying to sell your business, having higher data only tends to lead to higher ROI at higher costs which is so much helpful. 

2. Knowing the industry

For offering charges and prices, you have to know what the industry is serving. As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” fits well with the industry. Convincing clients is such a hard task and you have to be better at the work. Learn how the industry is working, learn what they do, and then get into the market by pinpoint all their loopholes. 

3. If you are planning on getting more, you have to give more

Lots of agencies are giving consultants who can help you with the work and if you are a client, then your client might have more to offer you. But what is the value that you are providing to them? The first value is the first impression and just because of a few dollars, you cannot woo your clients away. Do an audit for checking all the current strategies and how you can improve the same. 

Personalize all the offers using the initial values and don’t send ebooks in the beginning only. 

4. Be clear on what you can do for all your clients

When clients are seeking solutions, they want to know what you can do for them. This is the end benefit effect and the way you will be marketing to your clients. If there is a prospect between you and your agency and you have a retainer of $2,500 and you are looking to sign a 6-month contract, and your competitor has a retainer of $1,000 and the same clause, then the choice can be no brainer. 

When you have more traffic to your website, you will be getting bigger clients and you can also check the potential of all the customers. 

5. Market your products to the person who needs it

Give your products and market them to only people who are in higher need of your products. Knowing what kind of business your customer is expecting will help them to move ahead. And this way you will also know who can’t stay away from the agency. And those who can’t stay without agency will pay you more for the same. 

Benefits of marketing techniques for business

Marketing is an essential tool for any business and it helps in reaching you to a larger audience and helping your business grow in the long run. Every business knows the importance of marketing strategy and guides you in taking any business decision. 

1. Engaging all the customers effectively

Marketing is a new method of bringing all the customers together and also a greater way of engaging the customer base. When you think of all the engaging customers, the mainline is pushing offers to them. These customers will reply to you instantly and this increases the chance of belongingness that you have been looking forward to. 

2. Bring new customers

Getting new customers is the main goal of marketing strategy and customers are needed for sustaining a business. Most businesses are striving for customers only and with so many advertising methods, your business will be reaching a larger audience. Some are SEO marketing, YouTube, paid ads, etc. 

If you are confident about the quality of services that you provide, then new customers will surely come to you. They will spread the word and their friends and relatives will come to your website to buy. 

3. Maintaining the relevance

A happy customer is a permanent customer and competitors are always trying to take customers from you. If they are getting attractive proposals, then customers will shift their base. In this battle, you have to be relevant and maintain it wholeheartedly. You have to remind your customers that your business still exists and try that it doesn’t get invisible in the minds of the customers. 

Before carrying out a marketing strategy, a lot of research needs to be carried out. If you don’t do this, then you will end up taking the wrong path. Researchers can give you a negative light at times. By being simple, you can carry out the marketing strategy and gain insight about what will be the right thing to do. 


Once your entire thought is in place, then you will be able to reap all the benefits later. So, take the start and give marketing a try!

Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Backlinks Worth In 2020?

Private Blog Networks

PBN i.e. private blog networks are the tactic of go-to link building and are widely used in grey hat SEO. If you are thinking of building the PBN in 2020, then you need to think about whether PBN is worth it? Do you know how to build the PBN? Is PBN safe? What are PBN backlinks? All of these answers you will get in this blog, just keep on reading.

Few facts about PBNs that I have found based on my experience

1. It is expensive to build PBNs:

This is the biggest negative factor in creating and maintaining a network. If you make use of auctions then it will cost you between $40 to $400, if you are looking for a good domain. Making use of domain vendors will also be a similar cost. This can even be more.

After getting the domain you will have to pay for hosting, making the domain private, and then add content to it. So even if you get a domain for say $100, you will have to spend around $150 for hosting and other services. Isn’t this a high cost?

2. The complete process of building PBNs will waste your time: 

If you put efforts into getting REAL backlinks from good websites then you need not worry about getting blocked or penalized by Google or other search engines. 

For this process, you will first have to find domains that are worth purchasing. After doing that you will start building a network. To do so, you will have to spend at least 10 to 12 hours to find 10 domains that are qualified. A qualified domain is the one that has a domain authority of 15 and a trust flow level of at least 15. The domain of a lower metric can be used only if it is having relevant topical trust flow topics. 

After you choose 10 domains then you will have to set these domains and it will need 2 to 4 hours to choose to host and make the websites set for development. Then the websites need to be created by making the necessary pages, setting the theme, writing content, installing the plugins, and making the website look normal. To be extra safe for search engine crawling, you might need to make accounts on social media for these websites.

This would need around 25-30 hours more for 10 websites together. This does not include any sort of hacking or hosting issues that you would face during this process. It is possible that if you choose any cheap hosting then the host might go out of business suddenly without giving any warning and might have horrible support and uptime.

Handling such issues can be a big time-waster for you. For this, you might choose to outsource these processes. But this will further increase your development and link building expenses. This will then affect your ROI. 

3. The ROIs and ROT of using PBN are quite uncertain: 

The main point of investing in any marketing strategy is to get returns from it. First of all, let us take any keyword and then look for the root domains with average linking for your competitors on Google’s first page. The data that you get is the number of expired domains that you will require to rank for the keyword. This number is usually greater than 100. 

But this is not the exact number, it might be more or less and it is impacted by the quality of your domains too. If your competitor is getting links from websites that are of high authority then using low metric domains that are expired will not be effective. You can predict the ROI of the keyword that you are targeting by knowing about the average linking of root domains. 

You should also be aware of a few other things: 

Average CTR or SERP – usually 3-30% 

Average PTL i.e. prospect to lead conversion rate – usually 5%

Average ILC i.e. inbound lead converted to a new customer – approximately 21%

Approximate cost for creating one network website – around $120

Approximate time to create one network website – around 2 hours

According to these calculations, it is found that it will take a lot of time to achieve a positive ROI.  

4. It is not evergreen to manipulate the search engine: 

Your PBN link building can be made obsolete by Google overnight. This is not any worth even if you have spent several years while learning about the perfect PBN strategy. All Google does is make changes to the algorithm and reduces the dominance of the ranking factor of your backlinks. 

After this, your website ranking will be washed away overnight just because you were focusing on a skill that was not evergreen. So what should you do instead?

You should focus on white hat SEO techniques such as learning about:

  • How to make content that people would want to link to
  • How to give a better user experience that can drive more sales
  • How can you build customer relationships that will promote your business growth?
  • How can you get quality backlinks from real websites

5. Making use of PBNs makes your business foundation shaky: 

If you are making use of PBNs to build your network, then you would be at a risk to get your websites deindexed and you can also get a manual penalty for having unnatural inbound links. 

If this happens then your time and cash investment can be worthless. Then you will realize that you should have put your money and time into white hat SEO which is evergreen. 

Some reasons for making use of PBN: 

Let us now look at the pros of using a PBN i.e. private blog network for link building

1. More control: 

With a PBN you get more control over your SEO which is a powerful thing. With your network, you can dominate the anchor text, and your links and test the links in any combination to check what works for page rank. You will not get this freedom and control in any other strategy of link building. In the worst case, you might get a manual penalty. But if this happens you can remove those links and then the penalty would be revoked. 

In the case of GSA links i.e. buying links on your website, you will not be able to remove any manual action because you do not own these websites. 

2. Instant authority: 

PBNs are quite powerful as you get the power of using your authority on a trusted and aged website. If you have any experience in SEO then you would be 100% aware that getting these types of links naturally through outreach is quite challenging.

3. No relationship/outreach building: 

If you are trusting the power of private blog networks for your website then you will not have to spend your time building relationships or reaching out. While it is not a good thing for you, it can surely save your time. 

Now we have seen the pros and cons of making use of a PBN, now let us look at a PBN strategy. 

Ultimate PBN Strategy

There are too many SEO which is relying heavily on private blog networks and they are making a big mistake. I am also sure that you have also heard this before, as you don’t need to put all your eggs in a single basket.

This is true for all types of link building.

Google has destroyed SEO who is never diversified and relying on a single link building method. So let us know the little secret about it. The link building is the same as the retirement account. First, evaluate the strategy of link building. Then decide on the time and capital requirement needed to allocate the strategy.

For example, if you are investing in the riskier stocks due to the higher returns, but the riskier stocks will compose only a small percentage of the overall portfolio. This is exactly how you should start link building on the private blog networks. If all 100% of the inbound links are coming only from PBN then you are playing on the fire.

PBN should also supplement the other link building efforts. They should not supersede the other important link building authorities like cultivating the relationships for content promotion, within the industry and creating assets. The safe limit for the PBN is considered to be 5-15 % in the overall link profile.

When PBN is in a small percentage of your profile then the risk will be reduced a lot. The other links are coming from the internal pages like business listings, editorial links, niche blogs, forums, or branded properties.

White Hat Alternative for PBN

It is always possible to leverage the power of private blog networks without building one. The strategy for this is a White hat and it is safe too.

White Hat strategy

You will use the links which are making powerful expired domains. The tier one link is going to the expired domains and this is the reason for considering it.

Working of Expired Domain

You have to first buy the expired domain, hosting, content, and have to take all the kinds of measures for eliminating the footprints. This model will not give you a 100% link equity as it is acting as the buffer. Tier one link is the most powerful as mentioned above and you have to use that. 

This strategy is not so glamorous or cool. You have to work hard and invest more time in it. If you want, you can outsource some of the tasks for saving time. You can also take a look at some of the tools needed for this task.

Ranking PBN

You can simply open the new tab and launch Google keyword planner and then search and see how much volume PBN is getting. This is ok and this is the point where you can start.

Search Volume Flawed

PBN keywords will get only a few searches in a month. And these only search, not the actual visitors.

When you are ranking the target keyword then you are not just ranking for the single phrase. You are also ranking for many other related terms. So my article will get only a few hundred searches alone in a month. So let’s see when the disconnect is. 

The first reason is that most of the keyword phrases are unknown. So when you are ranking for the target keyword then you are ending up with long-tail variations ranking. And many of these variations will show the zero volume search in the google keyword planner.

The second reason is the title modifier. When you are adding the current year to the content then it is very effective for driving the search traffic on your target keyword. As this is time-sensitive. 

The last reason is to click-through rate. The average CTR for PBN is 5.81% in the month. The highest is 60% for a month. If you will improve your CTR then you will get more search traffic.

So it is very important to learn about improving your CTR and it will indirectly help you with a better ranking in Google.

Below are a few points for creating good SEO content for driving more traffic on PBN:

  • Try to be Unique

Unique content creation is coming in #1 position for increasing rank on google. Analyze your SEO competitors. This would apply the same when you are creating the PBN. Always try to create something unique and different. Create something which people would love to share and link.

  • Unique Data

Unique data will differentiate your content from others. If you are looking for dominating for the long-term then create unique data. The crazy part about this is that the data don’t need to be real, hypothetical data should also have an impact on your content.

In PBN also in the ROI section, you can make use of the rough estimates as per your experience. There is no requirement for a data analyst for doing that for you.

YouTube Dominates Google Video in 2020


According to the study done for 2.1 million people who searched on google and 766 video watches, YouTube accounted for almost 94% of the video carousel results that showed up on Google and there was very little room for other website competition.

Even if the user is not much acquainted with video ads and video online, he would be aware of YouTube which was acquired by Google in the year 2006. If you are a user who has done a search of Google then you would have experienced that you had encountered more videos from YouTube alone as compared to videos from other websites or sources, but does the survey data back up this fact?

According to the research of the Wall Street Journal in the year June 2020, there is a strong advantage associated with the presence of YouTube videos in the search results on Google. This article was more focused on 98 videos that were hand-selected to compare the advantage of YouTube over other platforms. 

We captured more than 2 million searches via desktop on Google.com (US) in early October 2020. After doing so we were in a position to extract greater than 2,50,000 results that had video carousels on one of their pages. Most of the video results obtained by organic SEO in the year 2020 appear in the form of a carousel. 

If you see the carousel, then it will show up three videos at a time and on the right end, you will notice that there is an arrow. This arrow which comes in the video listing of Google search results can scroll to show up to ten videos at a time. We have done our research for multiple keywords to track all these ten positions. But mostly the first three visible positions gain the most clicks. 

How much is the domination of YouTube?

To understand the domination of YouTube, we looked at the top three results of a video search. We found that YouTube pops up in most of the Google results. The presence of domination of Youtube videos on the first three slots of video search results is quite consistent at 94.1% for the 1st position, and 94.2% for 2nd as well as third position. Facebook and Khan Academy took the 3rd and 2nd ranking for each of the slots of the carousel and Facebook had a major share in the later slots.

This is a huge drop from the first to the second competitor in the video ranking. YouTube’s presence in the results varied from just 94.1% to 95.1% across the ten video slots. Based on our data set, here are the top ten contenders across all videos that showed up in the carousel:

1.    YouTube (94.2%)

2.    Khan Academy (1.5%)

3.    Facebook (1.4%)

4.    Microsoft (0.4%)

5.    Vimeo (0.1%)

6.    Twitter (0.1%)

7.    Dailymotion (<0.1%)

8.    CNBC (<0.1%)

9.    CNN (<0.1%)

10.  ESPN (<0.1%)

It is important to note here that because of some technical limitations regarding the working of search spiders, many Twitter and Facebook videos need a login and so they are unavailable to Google. Because of that the #2 to #10 rankings of the top players in the video carousel – including some of the top brands with deep pockets for their video content – make only a share of 3.7% of the search result’s visible videos. 

What about how-to?

How-to…? Questions are a hot spot for getting video results on Google search and this naturally leads to niche websites such as HGTV. If you are searching for any how-to term like “how to organize a pantry”, then you will get many results from HGTV.

It seems promising on the upper surface but does this niche have a lot of diversity in the reality of websites at scale? Our data included more than 45,000 searches with the term “how to …” and we checked the results with video carousels. We have listed out the top three websites that are shown for each slot. 

According to our research, the dominance of Youtube in the how-to niche is even more reaching up to 97-98% of the total visible slots. The second position is held by Khan Academy and the Microsoft support website came in the third position, but its visibility was less than 1% in all the three slots. 

Was this just a fluke? 

Most of the analysis that we did was based upon a snapshot of the data we found in early October. But Google makes changes to its algorithms frequently and thousands of tests are run by it every year. So the chance could be that we chose a day which was showing unusual results. To solve this dilemma, we checked the prevalence of YouTube video results across the video carousels on every month’s first day for the year 2020.

For the year 2020, the dominance of YouTube was quite steady, ranging from 92.0-95.3% in the data set and the trend was increasing since January. So we have concluded that the dominance of YouTube is not a temporary condition especially recently. 

Another major challenge that we faced while studying the search results of Google, even when using a large set of data was the possibility of sampling bias. In reality, there is no way to do random sampling of the search results, but we had even tried with the second data set that had a long history. While this set of data was just 10,000 keywords, it was designed specifically to represent the categories of industries in the Google Ads evenly. On the 9th of October, we captured 2,390 video carousels using this data set. And the results were as follows. 

The websites that ranked the top three in each of the slots of video carousels were similar to the 2M data set of keywords and the dominance of YouTube was even greater i.e. it went up to 96% from 94%. So now we have concluded that the YouTube results that we have checked in the study are not a fluke at all, because it is not true just for a single data set or a single day.

How level in the field?

Is there an unfair advantage for YouTube? Fairness is a concept that is difficult to quantify. So let us check the perspective of Google. 

The first reason that Google would give for showing the YouTube results in the video carousels is that it has the hosting of the majority of the online videos. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get numbers of video hosting across the world that would be reliable, especially in the case of social media platforms. There is no doubt that YouTube is a massive player when it comes to video hosting and it hosts the majority of the public, non-social videos in the US, but 94% looks like a huge share even if it is the lion of video hosting. 

Another major problem that is faced, is that this type of dominance is self-perpetuating in itself. In the past few years, there is an increasing number of major companies that are hosting their videos on YouTube. They have made their YouTube channels because it becomes easier to show up in the search results of Google than hosting their videos on their website or smaller platforms. 

The main problem is that this dominance is becoming self-perpetuating now. In the last few years, major companies are hosting videos on YouTube and also creating their YouTube channels. It is very easy to get the results in Google Search than hosting the videos on smaller platforms. 

Another argument that Google gives which is a lot more technical is that the search algorithm of video results has no inherent preference for videos from YouTube. As an SEO expert, I have checked the truth of this argument in detail. If you see the coding of the Google search algorithm then you will not find any line of code which mentions that if the website is YouTube then the ranking should be equal to 1. 

So after checking in detail, I firmly believe that Google is using no tactic to give dominance to YouTube videos. But there is no denying the fact that YouTube and Google are having a common backbone and many of its internal organs are also the same. This eventually provides advantages that are not insurmountable. 

Just, for instance, the video algorithm of Google might reward high loading speed. This makes sense for user experience because a slow-loading video will make the user experience bad and make the search results of Google look bad. As Google has direct ownership of YouTube, its access to the data and videos of YouTube is lightning fast. It is not realistic for a competitor even if they have billions of dollars of investment to give an experience that is faster than a website which is a direct pipeline to Google. Also, the data structure of YouTube is by default going to be optimized according to Google algorithm so that it can be easily processed and digested, based on the knowledge that only an insider might have and it might not be available equally to all other players. 

Now let us consider a marketing perspective, we have very little choice but we need to cover our bases and must take the YouTube advantage that it offers. There is no available reason for us to expect that the number of YouTube videos in the carousel would decrease, but in the future, the dominance of YouTube would further grow. This trend is here to remain at least if there is no paradigm-shift that would disrupt the industry. 

How to post on YouTube:

After understanding the importance of YouTube in video searches, it is important to post wisely on YouTube. This will help to get the advantage of YouTube to build your brand image. Here are some marketing tips that will help to gain the advantage of YouTube.

  1. Keep it short: shorter videos get more views, so you should remain brief to reach a wider range of audiences. 
  2. Pay attention to lighting: make sure that your videos are having good lighting and images. 
  3. Edit your videos: even the best videos need editing and so before you post on YouTube make sure to trim and edit your videos to make them the best. 
  4. Do branding of your videos: while you are promoting on YouTube make sure that your brand name is visible along with YouTube. You can start and end with your logo or channel name along with a tagline that will promote your brand too. 
  5. Choose the right title: if you are targeting any specific keywords then make sure to use them in the title. But make sure that the title induces curiosity too and makes the viewer click on it. 
  6. Choose the correct thumbnail: the thumbnail would be the initial point that will attract someone to your video. It will make viewers to Stop by and click. Thumbnails nowadays include a combination of a good Text along with a catchy image in the background that can grab user attention. Make sure to include the title in the thumbnail and put text on the left area of the image. Pay attention to the fonts that you are using. 
  7. Make use of background music: adding some background music can make your videos more enjoyable. 
  8. Do the research of keywords: choose your keywords well because this will decide the number of clicks and conversions that you would be getting.
  9. Add a link to the video description: if you have your website then make sure that your users reach there. You can use your website name in the video and use your website link at the starting of the description too.
  10. Use keywords in the video Description: make sure to use appropriate keywords in your video description. 

These are some of the ways to take advantage of the dominance of YouTube for your website and brand promotion

How to Repair Underperforming Content

content marketing

Marketers are leveraging a variety of channels for promoting their business and including content marketing in it. 60% of the marketers have given content creation as their top priorities which include interactive content, long-form content, and visually appealing content. But not every piece of your content would be the winner. There are millions of posts being published and many of them are never seeing any traffic. 

It is very discouraging to see the content is underperforming, but the main issue arises when you leave as it is the underperforming content. For preventing this, in this article, you will find ways to identify, optimize, and reposition your content. This will help you in generating more leads and views on your content.

How the Content is Failing?

First, try to understand between the underperforming content and the content which has still not gained any traction. Extensive research has been done by the marketer for finding out the underperforming content. In this research, they will get to know which posts are influencing and generating more leads. And which posts are not pulling any weight. In this, they have found out that most of the views and the leads are generated from the old posts and it is very interesting.

Sometimes content will take several months to gain traction. Before you declare your content as underperforming you need to set the time scales, KPIs, and the measurement strategy for success. You can also create the performance benchmarks for the contents.

Identifying underperforming content

You need to understand the components of the content which are contributing to the performance of the contents.

  • Entertaining
  • High Quality
  • Fresh
  • Solutions based
  • Educational
  • Non-promotional
  • Highly relevant
  • Innovative/Thought leading

It is very easy to hit a lot of these points and you also feel like your content is including all these components. But, it is not that easy as it appears. Marketers are still struggling with creating engaging content after including all the above components. So then how can you identify that the content is underperforming?

Loss of traffic

A simple post also will sometimes gain traction in a substantial amount and then suddenly it will lose all the traffic. This will happen in the social promotion, loss of the referral links at the high traffic sites, or in a shift for searching rank. 

No direct engagement

You will notice the poor traffic even at the will creative post. This will point back to the issue of the call to action and the concerns that the content is not matching with the user search intent.

No organic traffic

It is frustrating to see the post which you publish is not getting enough traffic, this can happen when the content is optimized poorly.

No social engagement

When there is no share on social media that it is also a sign of an issue with the content, especially when you are not getting steady traffic on your post and article.

Poor Post Metrics

This is another indicator for the underperforming content, when you are seeing the low session time, page time, and high exit drop off rate. Ideally, people are just lingering and showing that they are reading the long-form post. You also want the reader to visit your page as opposed to just the landing page. You don’t want your reader to be a bounce from your site without taking any other actions.

No follow-ups

When you are seeing a very fair number of the shares, but not seeing any follow from the extended audience then you can consider that conversion shares are very low.

Ways to improve the performance of contents

1. Reoptimized content

Pages that are optimized for the long-tail keywords are performing better on the search engines. This is because the long-tail keywords are very specific and less competitive. It is also easy to rank them. Every piece of the content should have

Answer question

Address to the keyword

But here we are not mentioning stuffing of the keywords in the article. When you are producing the content online then the main purpose of it is for the people who are searching for the specific information and ending up in your content in their searches.

Google is not the only company that is making use of the keywords in ranking the algorithms. There are other sites like Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, and many others who are relying on the keywords in the search functionality.

Before a user finds any of these resources which are helpful to them they must enter the keyword and the phrases in the search box. You can also see the search bar on the websites for some reason.

So here you will notice that the keywords are not important on many levels. But you already know that some keywords are just too competitive, and you will not be able to compete with multiple sites in the industry. There are ultra-competitive head keywords.

It is also possible that the old posts are underperforming because these head keywords are being targeted. Head keywords usually contain 1 or 2 words and will generate merely 18 percent of the search traffic. As compared to these the long-tail keywords would generate up to 75% of the search traffic.

It is very difficult to rank the head keywords. They are usually having huge search volumes and it is the major reason for the site to target them. You have created one of the best pieces of content anywhere particularly on some topic but when the target topic is very competitive then the content will suffer. Don’t forget that over 4 million posts are published every day.

This is a very crazy amount to compete with. So let’s assume if you want to improve the performance of your older posts then you need to focus on the keyword and study it well. And after your study, you would agree that it is the head keyword.

Before some years ago if your content is underperforming and you are nowhere close to the organic results of the keyword then you have to research your keyword. Find the longer variation of your keyword and try to include that in your article. You can first enter that keyword in your Google Keyword Planner and see which longer variation could be added to your content.

The Keyword planner is not that much helpful. Some of the keywords which are suggested by the planner are very competitive. So what can be done next? You can use Uber to suggest and find the main head keyword. Ubersuggest will give you a lot of the long tail keywords based on the search.

After you find out long-tail keywords then you can add them to your content. If the first keyword is long-tail then skip that because the topic is not relevant. What will happen to this experiment? You will see the improvement in the search results. So don’t just manipulate the search rankings with long-tail keywords; also try to focus on the value in the content. 

 2. add powerful headlines:

headlines are the power words that give power to your content. Using the right headlines will attract users to the content and it will increase your CTR. 

200 ranking factors are used by Google in its search algorithm which is used to rank websites. Most SEO experts and digital marketers have tried to decode the specific factors that contribute to the success of SEO. 

Recently, they have noticed that click-through rate is a major contributor to boost your search rankings organically. 

If your website has got the 5th rank on the search engine page then you will get 15% of all the clicks that are done for the keyword. But if your click-through rate is around 25% then Google will push your page up to a higher ranking. 

The reason for this is because Google cares a lot about customer satisfaction and serving its users with the most useful, relevant, timely, and interesting information. 

Since more users are clicking on your results, even if your position is 5th in the search result, Google will improve your ranking so that more search users can land on your page. 

Simply speaking, click-through-rate is the rate at which there are clicks on a particular website appearing in the search result. 

By adding power words in your content headlines you can prompt your website visitors to stop their work and read the content. The headline consists of words, so make sure that they are action words. Using the right words in the headline is very important. This can inspire social, search, and blog users to make a click on the link or the headline. 

It is a fact that most people share content which they have not even read themselves. So the only determining factor here is the persuasive headline. This can determine your content’s success. Using powerful headlines can increase a user’s trust and captivate them. 

If you are making use of weak words in your headlines then you will not be able to make a success as a content creator, blogger, or writer. Some power words can also be incorporated into the content to make it catchy. 

If you are looking to attract potential clients and build the trust of your audience then you should have content that can be shared and promoted by your users. 

Some power words that you can use in your content are:

  • Backed
  • Certified
  • Authentic
  • Endorsed
  • Results
  • Proven
  • Best-selling
  • Cancel anytime
  • Guaranteed
  • Ironclad

Make sure that your headlines do contain any of the following words. You can even verify the power of these words in the top organic results of search engine pages. 

Prevent using words that are boring to your readers and search users and make sure that you change your headlines that are underperforming. By using wrong headlines you are putting a brake on your organic traffic. 

3. Make the meta description keyword-rich and persuasive: 

There are 3 main aspects to optimize your website. They are on-page SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. People do understand on-page and off-page SEO, but what about technical SEO?

This is concerned with things such as your website speed. If you want high organic traffic then you must make your web pages insanely fast. But along with making a website fast you should make sure that your meta description is strong and relevant so that your content gets traction in organic search results. 

Search results do not see speed before clicking on any website. A meta description is a factor that makes a user click on your search result. Search users read this meta description before they click on a website or not. 

That’s the reason why you should make it persuasive and keyword rich.

This does not mean that you should optimize your keywords excessively. But make sure that your focus is on user-intent. Integrate your main keyword in the meta description so that it mixes smoothly with the rest of the copy.

4. match your user intent: 

The main factor of content marketing is the intent of the user. If the content does not meet the specific needs and answers the user’s question, then you will require to think again. It is possible that your content is not matching the search of the user’s intent. If visitors are landing on the page in which they are not finding any reason to keep on reading the article, then they will leave.

The solution to it is very simple, you must deliver the right content in the right format. If your audience is looking for the step by step instructions, then never give him the tips or hacks. Always focus on the intent of the user. Keywords would always point out what users are looking for. When you are finding the keyword long-tail or head keywords then you will get to know what exactly the person is looking for. When a user is searching like flat abs then it is an indication that users don’t look for any gyms. The article should be such that it should make sense to the users.