Top 10 High Performing Content Marketing Types

Content Marketing Types

Till 2021, we all have got acquainted with the term content marketing. If you are not, then let us give you a small brief. It can be referred to as a technique or method through which you can showcase your message or advertise your brand to the millions of available online users. Content marketing has become one of the most important strategies for all types of businesses and industries in the current times. The constant competition to rank higher makes it very important for you to pick the most appropriate content type. Hence, are you trying to squeeze out new ideas from your brain? Do you want to experiment with something new this time? If yes, then we would certainly love to help you out. Let us see how!

One of the main goals when you are doing your business online, has to be proper interaction and user engagement. When talking of engagement, we mean the clicks, views, shares, and feedback. All of this will reflect how much attention you are getting from the audience and web traffic. However, you would always want all of this to happen cost-effectively. Thus, to meet the needs of the users and also keep work at comfort, content marketing is certainly the best option. Content marketing has been one of the most budget-friendly methods to promote your brand, as per the experts. Not just this, it promises to deliver much more than what you spend on it.

Why Choose Content Marketing to Grow Your Business?

Being a marketer, it’s more important for you to know the audience that you need to target. Your audience will indeed keep growing or changing, and hence to retain them, you must keep them engaged on your website. For this, you will need to be aware of how your target audience can vary and what you will need to do to keep them interested in you. That being said, this will be a two-way relationship, which is indeed a commitment. Let us now have a look at why is content marketing strategy necessary for you.

For instance, we all know that the audience will only buy from a brand if they feel connected to them or can enjoy their products. All the process which is done to make them feel so is known as branding. The content marketing strategy is a core to the concept of branding. This implies that content marketing is actually about making the visitors feel welcome at your online business site. Be it online or offline, marketing your message or brand to the users to show your message and concern is always important.

List of Content Marketing Types You Need to Learn in 2021

By helping you deliver useful and interesting information to the customers, content marketing certainly helps you a lot. But, please note that for every customer, no specific content type can be appealing. Hence, this is why it is better to keep swapping the ways you approach people with your content. For your convenience and to give you a better perception, we have come up with the top 10 content marketing types that you can choose for your online site.

1. Blog Posts

Yet another very popular type of content marketing has to be blog posts. Running a blog post helps you provide regular updates of products on your website that suit your brand and draws potential consumers looking for a solution to your company. Blog posts increase SEO and can be a cost-effective way to raise organic traffic. Whenever you are writing blogs, make sure that you always keep certain things in your mind. The first would be to make sure that the content you publish is optimized with the relevant keywords and is SEO-friendly. To make it SEO-oriented, you need to add small paragraphs, short and proper sentences, no grammatical errors, and make sure that there is no copied content. Only then can we promise better returns over it. 

Next, you need to focus on choosing the topics for a blog that enhance your brand, services, or products. For example, you can never write about recipes on a digital marketing site and vice versa. Always keep it short, simple, and precise enough that users find it attractive enough to go through it once. These were three things that you need to swear by when creating a blog post content.

2. Memes

Meme is a popular option to amuse your fans with amusing photos and posts. In fact, memes are also one of the contents that generate the most engagement because they show the brand image. They showcase the individuality of the brand, providing a remarkable chance to personify and validate the brand’s voice. Memes increase customer involvement and also result in higher amounts of page traffic and brand relatability.

Well, memes can be considered as a part of visual advertisements. These are considered the images that provide the users with content that is relatable to the audience. Besides, they are a medium of content with tremendous potential of virality to be obtained. One of the best things about memes is that they are completely based on what is going on. A lot of companies use memes almost every day to entertain their customers. 

3. Quizzes/Poll

The inevitable popularity of youngster-oriented interesting quiz sessions is remembered by all the millennials who come of maturity in the mid-2000s. Because of the rapid rise of social networking and aggregation sites such as Buzzfeed, as they bring this trend is back in a pretty good way. We can surely say that contesting quizzes and polls is the best way to gain customer insight. It will help you get enough knowledge or information about the customers. Apart from this, you can also inform a lot about your brand using these quizzes.

Quizzes and polls are the best way to spread the word about your company. They will have a fair idea of your priorities and products, even without clicking on your website. Quizzes can boost your engagement with customers and help you develop an intended audience. Such shareable and enjoyable content is a nice addition to your content marketing plan. And because they’re typically possible to achieve, that’s a plus for your viewer.

4. Infographics

Did you guys know how infographics are still one of the most commonly viewed and shared online content? Apart from this, more than 80% of those using infographics to advertise their company find that this content type is surely effective? These are so interesting and can give rise to a promotional campaign with its eye-catching content. They are vivid, visually thrilling ways to show statistics or procedures. Infographics are fast and low-budget entertainment to the eyes of a marketer. This infographic offers a lot of ways in which it will make a significant difference in finding leads. For instance, if you don’t get far too much popularity on Instagram and Twitter, try to post it to Facebook.

It is very easy to show your data in the form of an infographic like these. Furthermore, infographics will make your product more respectable if concrete facts are mentioned. Before you consider using an infographic for your site, here are some important things you need to remember.

  • Add a nice and catchy tagline with short subheadings.
  • Plan it like any other storytelling content. You can begin with a blog outline.
  • Use tools like Canva or any other for creating the best infographic.

5. Influencers

When scrolling through Instagram or YouTube, you will see innumerable facets that are known to be social influencers. Industry-specific influencers can be of tremendous value to your marketing strategy. Getting influencers to support your content will draw a whole audience that you haven’t been able to hit before. Make sure that you choose to get connected to an influencer that belongs to your industry. You can email them about your vision and whether they are ready for it. Choosing these social media faces for promoting your business can be of great benefit. 

6. How-To Tutorials

Whenever you plan to sell a product online, be it related to any industry, make sure that you make your users well aware of the how-to guide. From Google Advertising to Skillshare and even Udemy, training guides have played an immersive role in helping them make new and future customers test their product before they commit. This type of content normally results from long posts and can be problematic on a wide array of topics.

You should also ensure that different media, including text and graphic components, such as images and videos, are used. A YouTube how-to tutorial video is one of the most common options to make this kind of content.

7. Podcasts

The next one on this list has to be the podcasts. Podcasts encourage individuals to view your information at their leisure. They are yet another good substitute for reusing original content. One of the best things about podcasts is that they can be extracted from a video and then presented as a podcast. There are ample numbers of websites present online, which can help you know about how, to begin with, a podcast.

8. White Papers

White papers are a certain kind of long-form content marketing, but they are not confused for an eBook. White papers are comprehensive publications that include facts and reports on a specific topic. Since White Papers are facts-driven, around 70-80 percent of the total of B2B buyers said they would exchange White Papers with peers about some other method of content marketing. The best white papers are not a promotional message. Rather, they’re attempting to help the target demographic. They’re successful with or without the hard sell. The features of the best white papers are:

  • Utilization of in-depth analysis
  • Provide the citation or reference of all statements with factual statistics
  • Get a call-to-action so that viewers understand what to do about it.
  • Feature maps, diagrams, and quotations

9. Email Newsletters

You don’t think about your weekly email as a content marketing method, but this one certainly helps a lot. Email newsletters are a perfect way to showcase your message or the products that you’ve produced. But they can be anything entirely different, too. It is a known thing that email marketing has a fantastic ROI. It’s why you can’t skip this marketing content format.

10. Video Content

It would not be wrong if it is said that this is the generation that is fascinated by the visual contents. In the world of the internet, people are nowadays spending more time watching video content, be it on YouTube or any other social media platform. As per a statistics report of YouTube, it is seen that more than 2 billion users log in to this platform every month. It implies that the number of people attracted by video content is increasing day by day. Thus, now we can say that choosing video content as marketing strategy is certainly a great idea. 

The key to creating videos is to produce captivating advertising content that offers the audience an innovative engagement element. Video content will do more than just educating and teaching. It’s meant to tell a story that the listener can relate to. By presenting a better image of your business, using videos can be a game-changer for you to improve your customer experience. A mesmerizing video is the best way to demonstrate to your consumers what you stand for! 


Apart from the list of content marketing types that we have discussed above, there is so much more that will still be left with. Be it Q&As, Poll contests, images, GIFs, reels, and so on, the names are going to be endless. However, it is you who will be trying these content marketing types and then choosing the best one for you. 

Boost healthy and regular interactions with audiences by high-quality content to create loyalty and trust, build a network, establish a relationship, and accomplish your business objectives. Hence, hurry up and choose the best type of content marketing approach for yourself and begin today!

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools You Must Try in 2021

Content Marketing Tools

It is known to all of us that content marketing tools can never replace us; however, they certainly can help us ease our tasks by making them much quicker and efficient. As per a survey, the annual rate of content marketing growth has reached $217.3 billion by the end of 2020. Many of you must be thinking about why companies are spending so much on content marketing, right? The answer to your question is very simple. It is because content marketing provides an immense amount of value that marketers cannot receive from other types of conventional forms of marketing. For instance, content marketing will require 62 percent fewer expenses when compared to conventional marketing and produces three to four times as many leads.

You will come across more than hundreds of content marketing tools online. Out of all these, some of them are free, while a few others are that of affordable prices. Not only content creation, but they also help in content advertising, promotion, and advertising on an endless number of platforms. The technology landscape of content marketing is increasing with the passing year. That being said, we now have a solution for all the problems that ever can occur to you in relation to the content. But these problems can be torturous at times, so we all start looking for the best tools that can help you promote your content across different platforms. Considering your problems, we have come up with this article, in which we will talk about the top ten content marketing tools you need to use in 2021.

List of 10 Content Marketing Tools

Your experience of content marketing techniques helps you to assess how effective you could be as a marketer. But scrolling through dozens of content marketing software can provide you with an explosion of details. Let’s get going now with the best tools!

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a program that enables advertisers to identify trends in their business. Besides, it also allows marketers to recognize the best bloggers in their area to sell their content. Some of the features which make BuzzSumo, the best ones are:

  • Research and organization of content help you classify the content shared the most within various timeframes. BuzzSumo also helps you to discover the average share of the required network, conduct comprehensive content research, figure out which types of content are performing best, and so much more;
  • The content curation feature of BuzzSumo helps the users to find content on a certain topic. You can also get notifications whenever an author updates new content. 
  • It also helps you to explore the content which is being shared or viewed by the public repetitively. This can be done easily based upon the network, domain, time, and author.
  • The question analyzer of BuzzSumo helps you to create content that can help you answer most of the questions asked by the users.

2. WordPress

When talking of the CMS, WordPress is the most commonly used by people all over the world. As per a report presented by VentureBeat, it has been stated that around 30 percent of online businesses on the internet prefer using WordPress for promoting their content. We all very well are aware of the fact that social proof can at times lead us nowhere on the right path. However, in WordPress, this is certainly not true, as it has turned out to be a very powerful tool. Be it at the beginning phase or the existing phase, WordPress has always proven itself in content marketing.

WordPress provides advertisers with the resources they really will need to build a website or an online forum. It is a very convenient-to-use content curation and creative writing platform that helps update content, user analytics, and a range of extensions to optimize your marketing method. The free plan is provided with the domain ( and three gigabytes of data.

3. HubSpot

For years now, HubSpot has been considered the all-rounder about inbound marketing, CRM suite, sales, and distribution. It helps content marketers by providing them with all the necessary tools. They might need these to develop actionable information that creates sales and drives. This content advertising solution also offers content marketers tools that focus on producing information, refining content, and ensure that it gets to the right audiences. When you have built your profile and published your content, HubSpot analyses your marketing plan regarding revenue and overall results. 

Other than the free-of-cost content marketing resources, if you want to create a successful device, then HubSpot has a top-class CMS and perhaps the most effective promotional automation platform in the business. It enables you to standardize anything to a free CRM. This ensures that HubSpot has a solution that would help you develop your content marketing plan at any stage of company development.

4. Trello

Trello is graphical cooperation and project management technique that makes planning and cooperation interesting. This platform has a panel of boards that show tasks and cards to make you aware of the completed activities. There will be many listings within the cards that classify and record the performance of each mission. With Trello, you can arrange and manage all the group files and tasks in one place. It also facilitates integration with many of the applications that the team is currently using.

In simple, we can say that Trello is basic project management software, which indicates that it could be used for several purposes. Besides, we’ve used it for lots of other stuff, such as development experiments, marketing processes, and product roadmaps.

5. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a multi-purpose social media marketing application working in the most efficient way to assess the content, manage different social media platforms, schedule new articles, evaluate performance, and cooperate with marketing teammates. The provider provides a range of features like content discovery, publishing, managing, market research, and computerization features to assist marketing companies in their work and cooperation. These would be the functions that you can use with ContentStudio:

  • Market analysis on social media
  • Exploration of content
  • Provides Efficient insights
  • centralized content planners
  • Multiple channel creator and publisher
  • Automation of content sharing.

6. Canva

What will you do when a stock image does not cut in properly? At such time, the best tool that you can use is Canva. It is one of the best designing platforms chosen by most expert designers and bloggers to create exemplarily perfect images. It is perfect for people and companies who seem to have no experience in graphic design. You can certainly pick a design from various types, including presentation, social media, Facebook message, advertisements, Instagram posts, the message header, posters, book cover, and much more. You may use social networking sites to print, download, or post your template. Some of the best features provided by Canva are:

  • Helps in creating grids and frames, cropping the images, enhancing the image quality, and straightening.
  • Provides you a drag and drop tool which helps you to edit the template.
  • Drag and drop the tool that helps you to edit templates without learning HTML;
  • You can add relevant and personalized text to the images.
  • Developing static, interactive, and dynamic placards.
  • Heatmap to figure out how people communicate with your advertising.

This platform is excellent for different types of online marketing pictures, such as social media images, blog photo covers, Twitter photo covers, etc. This is pretty best for all purposes.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly has certainly been of great help when choosing the best tool for content marketing in 2021. This platform is designed specifically for digital marketers, writers, and business people to establish reliable text data. Not only will the platform assist you in simplifying your content, but it also allows you to review vocabulary, punctuation, pronunciation, plagiarism, and much more. You can also use this as an app or as a browser plugin. Grammarly helps you proofread and edit the contents on LinkedIn, Google Docs, Messenger, MS Word, Gmail, and many other platforms. Let us tell you more about its features:

  • Checks grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation to help you correct them.
  • Restructures the incorrect sentences and makes them as short as possible.
  • Improvement of vocabulary
  • Checking the style of writing
  • Checks Plagiarism
  • Writing ideas based on the audience and priorities.

8. SEMrush

SEMrush is a content management platform that enables marketers to identify the content as per their strategic objectives. Market researchers can use this method to inspect, study, distribute and compare content efficiency. Besides, they will use the data generated to take swift steps to maximize their growth and profits. Managing different content activities helps company owners concentrate on core topics such as marketing campaigns and inventions. Here are some of the advantages required by SEMrush:

  • Research on keywords
  • Tracking of status
  • Analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Ranking of competitors
  • Crawl audit tool
  • View the promotional tool
  • Product listing of advertisement

9. Uberflip

Creating content to promote businesses itself is one thing. Doing the same in an organized fashion to meet consumer’s demands at any point of the shopping process is quite different – and that is what Uberflip strives to do. A primary component of Uberflip is the opportunity to build content platforms that are important to particular subjects and markets, which can also enable you to share content more efficiently and increase conversion rates.

With the help of Uberflip, you can track and improve the online content marketing strategy. It is because an analytics system is integrated into this platform. However, if you’re unable to gain the insights, then Uberflip provides a wide variety of helpful tips and techniques to help your advertising campaign. What’s more, the tool’s customer care staff is highly appreciated if you have any issues along the way.

10. Populr

With performance and speed at its foundation, Populr urges you to create a page for everything in five minutes.’ The system seeks to strengthen marketing and advertising teams with a framework that organizes websites with many conveniences as Powerpoint presentations, eliminating the duty to use developers. Populr provides its users with various web template alternatives to render a very professional touch without any need to take help from a designer. The automated layout engine helps users to quickly click and drag objects onto their personalized websites.

This content marketing tool also allows you to share your content with others using the share options, including social media, email, and perhaps more. The engagement trackers and analytical tools help you monitor and automate your content. Some other useful functions which Populr provides include sharing tools to enable multiple users to modify a site, personalized labeling to allow quick uploading of logos and graphics, plus password and data encryption for added security. 


Seeing the constant rise in digital marketing, you must have known to date that there are lots of things that make your online business do wonders on the web. One of the most important factors has been the content that you upload on your online site. It is a well-known fact that content is a very important part of online marketing or advertising strategy. Interesting and informative content will get you users and eventually help you make them your loyal customer base. Hence, investing in one of the best content marketing tools is what you need to certainly consider doing as soon as possible.

Purchasing the best tool out of all those mentioned in the list above will help you communicate with your target audience and achieve the goals. With these content marketing tools, you can certainly promote your online business and gain profits. However, remember that you choose the content marketing tools as per your preferences, budget and usage. Make sure that you begin working on finding the best one as soon as possible.

Top 14 Social Media Marketing Skills You Need in 2021

Social Media Marketing Skills

Given what the surveys say, we can completely make up our minds with the fact that by the end of 2021, more than 3 billion people will begin using social media networking sites. Hence, if you are already running a business or planning to do so, we would recommend you launch your company on social media networking platforms. It is surely a fact that at present, almost every business is trying to mark their digital presence, regardless of their size. It is because you will be able to get connected with the audience and increase brand recognition. Seeing the statistics, we would undoubtedly say that if your business has not yet marked its social media presence, you miss out a lot.

Certainly, social networking sites are one of the perfect channels for growing your business. That being said, attributed to fierce competition and the growth of online media analytics, the whole social media world has evolved. Hence, if you’d like to stay a step ahead of the competitors, you ought to search for the latest marketing ideas and skills that might help you ramp up your social media strategies. Throughout this article, we’re going to make you acquainted with certain innovative ideas about social media marketing skills. But before that, let’s take a brief peek at some of the social media facts that you need to hear about.

  • Approximately 63 percent of buyers expect the companies to provide customer service through social networking sites.
  • 90 percent of millennials are more likely to adopt the company by picking it from social networking.
  • 42 percent of the worldwide people are there on one or more social media sites.

After knowing this much, let us now come to the main point. Below we have talked about the important social media marketing skills which you need to learn in 2021.

1. Learn Your Audience

To build a good media campaign, you need to have a proper understanding of the consumer. You’re expected to be able to satisfy their requirements, expectations, and desires. Here are a few strategies that can make you realize what their needs are, and thus you can understand them better. 

  • Have a look at the demographic
  • Get the feedback from them
  • Survey the viewers and discover more about their perspectives
  • Take part in the forum conversations used only by your intended audience
  • Answer questions on your social media sites.

2. Plan the Goals and Ambitions

Almost every company needs to have a clear marketing target. But if you do not even understand what you’re doing, how will you do it? Before kickstarting with your social media advertising, set specific targets and priorities that match your marketing strategies. It’s best to note down your target. Research indicates that if you outline your ambitions, you’re more likely to be more successful. You should set out your objectives:

  • Add the number of followers that you need to achieve in a certain month or year (for example, 100K followers on Instagram)
  • Imposed a time limit on your goals
  • Make your targets Clear, Observable, Realistic, Meaningful and Time-Based

3. Analytical Skills

One of the most important things, while you are planning to work on social media marketing, is to keep track of how marketing is working. And this is why analytical skills are certainly one of the most relevant and most beneficial social media skills. You need to know how to validate statistics and documentation and know how to use an analytic mindset. This can help you make sense of the information you have so that you can make better choices instead of depending on guesswork.

4. Strategic Thinking and Planning

The next one on the list of important social media marketing skills in 2021 is strategic planning and thinking. Social networking may appear to be enjoyable, but good social media advertising or marketing needs a plan. You can study social media marketing strategy as part of your preparation. Furthermore, it needs to also have a mind that operates that way and a natural aptitude for strategic planning. Hence, make sure that you use your mind creatively and strategically to gain success on social media. 

5. Never Ignore Video Content

Video advertising is one of the ever-growing developments in social media advertising. In 2018, 80 percent of all web users viewed web video content on various devices regularly. It demonstrates that a video is an appropriate tool for promoting your brand. There is no question that billions of hours of video content are viewed on various social media platforms annually. That being said, the videos deserve to be viewed by the right audience. After all, there is no point in the viral video if the potential buyers are not part of it. Ensure that you target the right audience to get the move you would like them to take after seeing your clips. Keep a tab of your audience based on gender, age, occupation, location, and so on. Develop a high-quality content video with software that specifically describes your goods or services and addresses much of your audience’s queries.

6. More Storytelling and Less Promotion

Whenever you’re choosing to take an educational approach, you will reach users rather than selling. Narration or, say, storytelling is also of an educational type. However, the strength of the narrative is not to educate the audience’s facts they are not informed of but to present relevant personalities and scenarios that elicit emotional reactions. These reactions encourage engagement more efficiently than that of the substance of social networking self-promotion.

7. Try Your Hands on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the perfect way to advertise brands across social media channels. When you partner with an important individual, not only would it raise brand recognition, but it also creates confidence. Maybe this is why more than half of the retailers prefer taking the help of influencer marketing. Prefer choosing a social media influencer that has a vision that matches yours as well. Here are some important tips for finding the right influencer for your brand.

  • Keep track of the user engagement percentage and other perspectives.
  • Consider taking the time to engage in social media monitoring so that you can locate an endorser who is important to your market.
  • Have a glance at their talent. Since influencer marketing is so much more than likes, conversation, and interaction, the influencer must have professional skills.

8. Zeal to Learn More

We are all very well aware that technology is constantly evolving, and new social media platforms with advanced features are being launched now and then. Not just that, even the older social media sites are getting updated every day with new features which can be beneficial for your brand but at the same time difficult to use, such as LinkedIn and Instagram reels. In addition to this constant movement, customer preferences can also change at a moment. A successful social media marketing company is always ready to learn things at their fingertips if required.

9. Project Management

As incredible multi-taskers, people involved in social media marketing require strong project management abilities. They need to set up publication plans, monitor interactions, and manage social media accounts. They would need to prepare reports, host artists and authors, plan ad budgets, and much more. With good project management skills, the strongest social media administrators will remain on the higher edge of all projects and know what information has to be written, what to prepare for, and how to keep a record of all the various social media discussions going on.

10. Content Creation

Talking of one of the major parts of social media marketing skills, we can never forget content creation. It is especially for those businesses that do not pay much attention and often skip producing content all the time. Well, content curation is certainly one of the most important skills in social media marketing since you will need to know when to post, when to share and how to connect to people using your content. Also, it helps you get familiar with the audience’s preferences and so on. 

11. Ability to Write

We all know that brands often use videos, GIFs, and images on their social media to engage with the customers. Even though these types of content do dominate social media, but apart from this, writing can also reap benefits. Be it an article, post, tweet, or anything else, it can help you communicate with your audiences. If your company’s social media account has no interesting bio or captions, then let us tell you that you are missing out on a lot. People are not going to click your account unless you call out them with catchy headlines. 

12. Use the Virtual Private Network

For most of you, VPN is just a tool to hide your IP address and save you from malicious attacks. However, we can say that there is much more to a VPN than what you think. Many new companies do not realize that a VPN will help them appreciate their market. From the introduction of marketing strategies to tracking PPC ads to the assessment of search engine results, there are many areas where VPN is useful. 

With the help of a VPN, you can know what works better for you in a specific location, be it in different countries or states. Depending on that detail, you can then make up your minds with what your users want and build marketing campaigns accordingly.

13. Enhance Humanization

Compared to bots, we all react properly when there are humans on the other end. By humanizing your company on social media sites, you will improve your marketing campaign. To do this, you can begin by connecting to your followers by communicating with them in the comment section. In contrast to robots, we all react strongly to humans. To do this, you can begin by connecting to your followers by communicating with them in the comment section.

14. Make Benefits of Loyal Customer-Base

The loyal customers that you have are going to be your potential clients forever. They will make your company more recognizable by offering social evidence that makes the new viewers believe that your company is legit. Social media is certainly one of the best tools to get customers onboard to your business. You can take advantage of your customer-base by:

  • Putting up stories of your customers on Facebook or Instagram
  • Ask them to review your products on different social media platforms.
  • Conduct the contests and offer discounts. This will encourage people to share the word about your company through various social media channels.
  • Put up polls, Yes/No, and many other games on your stories.

Final Words

Today, social media has certainly transformed into a world full of the best opportunities for businesses. But why is it so? Social media platforms are the most chosen ways to reach a lot of people, show them your creativity, engage them with your content, and make sure to get the best response in no time. Working on social media marketing skills is the only thing that you can consider for your online business. It is high time that in 2021, you should take it seriously, or else you are going to miss out a lot. 

Do not ever overlook the fact that social media sites are being created up for you to speak to a huge plethora of audiences. You’re not going to get the expected performance until you choose your audience as your priority. To make sure that you can get the best and efficient results from social media, you will need to know the insights into how you can deal with it. We hope that the skills listed above will certainly help you take your social media marketing game to another level. Make sure that you keep them in your mind for better engagement and profits from social media. 

2021 Growth Channels for E-commerce Marketing

Growth Channels for E-commerce Marketing

Needless to demonstrate the importance of eCommerce marketing in the current digital world. Especially when the entire commercial sector comes online in the present uncertainties of the covid19 outbreak.

Well, with the arrival of the New Year, it’s time to look into the future and predict the trends that will shape the new face of the e-commerce industry in 2021.

Some Amazing Stats

  • Overall, e-commerce is growing at an unpredictable rate, growing by 23 percent year-over-year, with sales expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021. 
  • By 2023, it is expected that the digital sales will reach 22 percent of global purchases. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process.
  • In the initial six months of 2020, we saw a 4.8% increase in the eCommerce industry, which is more than 4.5% over the past 5 years. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, while looking at all the above-listed statistics, it cannot be denied that the future of the e-Commerce industry is very bright. All you need to know some of the best-proven ways to handle sales funnel.

To succeed in e-Commerce, an entrepreneur has to master in three things:

1. In-demand products to sell, 

2. The skills to market them, and 

3. The drive to succeed.

Here are some of the latest eCommerce trends that will be reshaping the landscape of the entire industry in the coming years. 

  • Increasing Consumer Expectations: Fulfilling customer expectations is definitely something that seems impossible, especially when the emerging eCommerce website such as Amazon or Myntra sets an unbeatable on-time delivery standard. There will likely be more 2-day shipping requests, also deserted carts, and ever-growing digital retailing expenses.

  • Game for Google: Almost, every entrepreneur is familiar with Google’s paid and organic search techniques. Both of them are powerful traffic drivers on eCommerce websites.

Apart from the paid and organic search techniques, there are some alternative growth channels such as:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. LinkedIn

4. Twitter

5. Pinterest, and 

6. Snapchat

  • Diversification: E-commerce marketing is not all about policies but also about brand innovation ways. Although all the above-listed channels are important, with these channels, eCommerce advertisers and marketers should also pay consideration to specific indexes like social index, model, and YouTube searches. It is one of the best ways to attract a large audience without drilling your pocket.

  • Existing Customer Base Is Equally Important: A good entrepreneur is one who gives equal importance to their new as well as enduring clients. Currently, the sales team of many e-commerce websites tries to create a net of new clients and forget to serve their old clientele. Well, previous clients are the backbone of any business, and targeting existing customers is equally important.  

  • Omni-channel marketing: Integrating offline and online attributes into a single multi-channel shopping is a great way to give a quick boost to your sales funnel.

2021 Key Ecommerce Marketing Ways for better Business Growth

Ecommerce marketing is all about the way and methods an entrepreneur use to present their venture on the web via several marketing channels and techniques such as:

  • Organic Seo, 
  • Paid Campaigns,
  • Content Marketing,
  • SMM
  • Email Marketing,
  • ORM and much more

Essentially, all the methods you can use to boost your sales and brand visibility.

Some of the Best Ecommerce Channels to Drive Brand Awareness 

Encouraging brand discovery is the first and the foremost thing on which an entrepreneur has to work so that more and more people are aware of his or her business. 

Top Brand Discovery Spots

With the advent of the internet, there is no shortage of discovery spots as the web is all about discovering new things at the national and international levels. Establishing an online business is a sure shot way to reach a global audience. Here is a complete list of brand discovery spots that helps you to make your business visible in 2021. Have a look!

  • Search Engines

There are several search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google Ask, etc. All of these search engines enable users to discover your business when they search for your products/services. However, paying attention to the common index may not be valuable, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar presence. In such cases, local indexes play a vital role as local search signifies more purchasing intent as compared to the general indexes. Apart from this, Google image search also brings huge traffic at a very nominal price.

  • Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media can drive more audiences to your business and turn them into buyers. However, at present, we all are familiar with the over-crowdedness on Facebook. So, try adding other social media channels into your e-commerce marketing mix. The channel you can incorporate in Pinterest. Also for rich visual experience with direct CTA’s you can also use Instagram. 

Top Ecommerce Channels in 2021 for Marketing and Lead Generation Growth

E-commerce is all about purchasing and selling things on the web and it is only possible by finding the clients having the most important buying intent.

Here is a complete list of top eCommerce marketing channels in 2021 for lead generation growth. Just go through it!

Pinterest and Instagram

In SMM for eCommerce, then we cannot neglect the importance of Instagram and Pinterest – Two leading social media platforms having buyers with high purchasing intent.

Both of these channels are tremendously popular because of their great visual discovery featuresThe amazing visual appearance of these two social media platforms allows the client to touch on a Call-To-Action button as compared to someone falling upon that very identical ad in their Facebook feed.

Keyword Strategy

Keyword strategy plays an important role in the overall search appearance of an item on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is a great lead-generation driver. The “nearby” or “near me” research words are great for spotting commercial intent, so you should focus your keyword objectives similarly. 

Email Marketing

It is one of the largest eCommerce extension strategies that you can use not only to increase your customer share but also a wallet share. In this respect, the various important source is your site visitors and email subscribers. Current customers tend to be costly and more difficult to attract, so when you think of sales funnel, go after your existing audience. Here, optimizing your email shopping is one of the best cash flow-drivers.

According to the research, it has been found that people ignore marketing emails, so try to get your user’s awareness within the emails they open. So, place your shopping offers within transactional emails such as order/shipping validation emails, as people see those emails and are more likely to promote repeat customers.

Sales Increasing Strategies to reshape your eCommerce Business in 2021

Finally, we land at the negotiations stage – the heart of any entrepreneur. Before making any kind of changes in the currently running offers or any modifications in prices, it is good to check what your competitors are offering as it helps you to serve better to your target audience. 

However, there are some limits on price and offers, but e-commerce marketers can do a few points to keep their profit margins intact.

So here we go!

  • Customer Segmentation 

The thumb rule for boosting eCommerce businesses is that the more appealing the offer is, the more comfortable the conversion. With 59% of customers viewing bespoke offerings as a critical factor in getting bargains, the key to e-commerce growth lies in proper segmentation and customization. 

Working segmented data allows brands to produce highly personalized information with more growth power. There are several tools available to assist marketers to break down their audience into different cohorts such as:

  • Dynamic Yield, 
  • Monetate
  • Richrelevance and much more.

All of these are the best at segmenting email lists as well as visitors to generate relevant dynamic offers. 

Pro tip: There are many email assistance providers such as Gmail or MailChimp that allow customization and dynamic offers as email is open. Customizing open emails answers the problem of expired promo codes (if the mail is initiated too late) and off-topic offers.

  • Behavioural data analysis

Apart from the segmentation, there is another thing that eCommerce marketers can do to keep their profit margins intact and that is behavioral data analysis. 

It is good where the straightforward things offered by the segmented technique are not required. Because the actual puzzle is associated with behavioral signal data and learning the context of the purchaser’s buying intent.

Such issues can be spotted by giving thought to whereby users have landed on your eCommerce website. This type of data can bring some contextuality into the overall scenario and helps in creating more personalized and relevant offers. 

By performing In-depth behavioral data analysis, an entrepreneur can easily understand what exactly prevents your website guests from turning into paying clients, as well as run bug difficulties and pass on troubleshooting knowledge to the client assistance area. 

Here we have enlisted some handy tools for onsite behavior tracking. Just go through them for a healthy competition.

  1. Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics – For quantitative data analysis.
  2. Hotjar, Lucky Orange, and Microsoft’s Clarity – To continue more granularity and data to the representation.

  • Reduce client friction with impeccable UX/UI

There exist several special factors that lead to friction with customers, such as slow page loading or poor composition. 

Though, in 2021, the eCommerce sector is all about 

  • Delivery Times, 
  • Free Shipping and,
  • Easy Returns etc. 

Hence, you need to think about the best eCommerce practices with regards to UX & UI including replicating them in your digital journey to give the users the best experience. 

Trust and reliability

There is no doubt that when it gets to online transactions, credibility and trust are the two big factors. 97% of people make buying choices based on customer feedback which is a new form of word-of-mouth and proven quality to your brand.

Besides trust and credibility, great brand recognition is also a major factor that leaves a significant impact on any client. However, if you can’t afford to throw money into the advertising drain, here are the simplest things to do:

  • Your design is a crucial aspect as it is a factor that amplifies a brand’s perceived reliability and shows competency. Winning and high-quality product images can go a great run in this regard, as no one believes a brand with poor-quality stock images.

  • In the present digitized world, social data is a big conversion rate enhancer. So, it is good to encourage client testimonials, ratings, and reviews that include review snippets on your homepage, result pages, and even ads.

Final Verdict

It can be concluded that there is no shortage of growth channels for eCommerce marketing in the year 2021. Only the brands need to know how to advertise their business on their respective platforms and tackle all the issues in a timely manner.

21 Marketing Trends – Prepare Your Brand for 2021

marketing trends

The New Year 2021 has arrived, which means it’s time not only to take stock of the years, but also to look into the future and, with the help of my trends, render it right now. 

Is it worth trying to look into the future and predict trends after the coronavirus pandemic suddenly turned everything upside down last year and showed how naïve and unreliable assumptions and plans are? The world has reminded us of its unpredictability, but, fortunately, at least the digital marketing sphere is still relatively stable, because it is online, where there is no coronavirus. Of course, it is capable of presenting surprises, but now we can talk about some trends that are highly likely to play a significant role in 2021.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Gradually and almost imperceptibly, artificial intelligence (AI) crept into the life of modern people and took a significant place in it. That said, no one actually knows in which direction AI will take us! All people know is that AI can conquer the world ( as portrayed in technology films about the future ). The truth is, already, the role of artificial intelligence in marketing and business can hardly be overestimated. Artificial intelligence helps analyze consumer data and interests, offer them targeted ads, track sales, improve communication with customers and predict their behavior patterns. The use of machine learning is also growing, useful in the analysis of the text, images, and audio, as well as so valuable for the development of another trend – personalization.

  • Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also helping chatbots function, which will remain relevant in 2021. Yes, they are trending again! The audience likes the opportunity to instantly resolve issues and receive feedback from a company or a seller 24/7. AI-powered chatbots capable of deep learning can develop dialogue, address past customer requests, collect data and analyze consumer needs and concerns, and naturally interact with a person, forging their connection with a company or brand. In 2020, even the World Health Organization launched a chatbot: a free service in English that provides information about the coronavirus and how to stop its spread.

  • Voice search

Voice search is a technology that allows you to search the Internet by making a request orally. For consumers, this method of searching has ceased to be just entertainment – people get used to it and are increasingly using it in everyday life. And although regular forecasts promising that voice search will outstrip and supersede text queries are not yet justified, there are still more people who like to chat with Alexa, Siri.  Not only voice search is easy, insightful and gives a direction to technology but it is also important for content optimization. 

  • Personalization

Personalization is a controversial topic, but relevant, and, most likely, it will remain so in the new year. Already, most companies strive to show ads to the most interested users, and people want to see recommendations that correspond to their interests, and are less worried that their smartphone is “following them.” While some experts argue that personalization is a complete necessity, others warn that it gets in the way of finding and engaging a new, not yet interested audience. Nevertheless, in 2021 we will most likely continue to live in a world where not only advertising but also news feed or social media is selected for us taking into account our tastes and preferences.

  • Native advertising on social networks

Native advertising has not surprise anyone in 2020, but in the new year, it will remain one of the key digital marketing tools. It’s no longer just about affiliate materials or sponsored posts – native advertising is evolving at the speed of light and offers new ways to attract users to the interaction. Interesting formats include funny Instagram masks and filters, branded stickers, native advertising on TikTok, which is becoming an increasingly effective platform. Simple, interesting, and most importantly useful content on social networks popular and close to the audience helps to increase brand awareness, trust, and consumer loyalty. For example, Netflix is ​​actively developing an entire channel The Swoon on Instagram and YouTube to attract audiences to its new direction – Asian TV series.

  • Content with the ability to buy or shoppable-content

It all started with posts on Instagram, offering to immediately find out the price of the product and go to the store, and now such shoppable-content is taking over the Internet. This tool instantly creates a link between engaging content and sales. Such content is often used by clothing brands such as the French brand Sezane. The H&M Instagram account went further: almost all of their posts make it possible to immediately find out the cost of the items depicted and continue shopping. In 2020, which forced people to move to online shopping, this approach is especially relevant, and it is unlikely to change anytime soon.

  • Marketing through video and visual storytelling

It’s simple: people love to watch videos. It is a serious mistake not to exploit their interest in this format. However, the competition in this area is growing rapidly, and we have to invent more and more original formats to compete with those who make truly professional content to attract an audience. Among the pros is the Chanel brand, which recently released a video with the famous actress Marion Cotillard and accompanied it with a series of videos about how this video was filmed, how they recorded a song for it, and how the actress did makeup. Popular and useful YouTube channels are already hosted by culinary brands Maggi and Heinz, which invites Ed Sheeran, the Russian perfume chain Golden Apple, which shoots videos with bloggers, as well as brands AX, Samsung, Lego, and many others.

  • Audio ads and podcasts

Audios are also an important part of the audience. It is easy to promote products and services by leveraging podcast and audio ads.  Music industry has dedicated an entire section for audio advertising. People are increasingly listening to podcasts in the car, subway, or during their daily activities, so this format is worth paying attention to now.

  • Marketing in messengers

One of the important tasks of digital marketing is to make communication between consumers and the brand as simple, accessible, and convenient as possible. An important tool for this remains instant messengers, which allow companies to find customers, keep in touch with them, inform about new products and promotions, and receive feedback. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger are gradually transforming from applications for communicating with friends into communication channels between brands and audience, and this should be taken advantage of in 2021.

  • AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies open up entirely new possibilities for interacting with audiences and engaging consumers. For digital marketing purposes, you can use QR tags, AR games, special applications, digital animations, virtual reality glasses. The use of such technologies demonstrates that a brand can be considered innovative and capable of offering a customer an interesting, memorable experience. For example, IKEA already has an AR furniture selection app that allows you to use your smartphone to see how the selected sofa, table, or chair will look in a specific room.

  • Protection of personal data

One of the key topics of our time is reflected in digital marketing. People are increasingly worried about their safety on the Internet, worried about personal data, and do not easily share information. Therefore, it is important to do everything possible to protect privacy, raise awareness of the audience about the company’s methods of collecting and using personal data, and look for ways to increase customer confidence.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting physical objects using embedded Internet technologies. A striking example is the concept of “smart home” and “smart” devices. Why is IoT useful for marketers? It will allow you to improve interaction with your audience, track customer needs and instantly offer them the best solutions. Among the pluses – a modern and advanced approach, maximum interactivity and audience involvement, getting more data.

  • The importance of customer experience

Modern people have a choice. A large number of brands, products, and companies in almost any field allow consumers to look for options that best meet their needs. This is why it is so important to look at the company “through the eyes of the customers” and create a positive customer experience that will make the audience stay with you and make it easier for people to choose. It is necessary to build relationships with consumers, take into account their needs and convey the values ​​of the company, as well as make interaction with the brand as simple and convenient as possible and meet the expectations of the audience.

  • Programmatic advertising

Automation is not just a buzzword, but an effective tool, including for digital marketing. Programmatic advertising, designed to automate the purchase and sale of advertising in real-time, eliminates the long and cumbersome process of the usual search for advertising resources and sites. Automated systems are quite fast and display information only to the most interested users. Programmatic advertising uses the aforementioned artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly analyze huge amounts of data and find the best options for brand promotion.

  • Discussion Marketing

One way to get people interested in and thinking about a product is to engage them in a discussion by asking questions or suggesting a discussion. It is important for many people today to be heard. Encourage consumers to voice their opinion to get feedback and collect useful data. Comments on the site, discussions on social networks, reviews on the Internet are all valuable sources of information and an opportunity to interest a new audience.

  • Conversational Marketing

It is equally important to communicate with the client one-on-one to emphasize their importance and increase loyalty. Use the chatbots, instant messengers, social media, and other channels mentioned above to answer consumer questions, send personalized suggestions, and keep in touch. The consumer becomes somewhat spoiled, but if he wants to immediately find out the information he is interested in about a brand or product at three in the morning, he must have such an opportunity.

  • Interactive content

Placing interactive elements on your website or social media is a great way to increase visitor engagement, encourage them to engage with your brand, and learn more about your customers. Polls, quizzes, games, quizzes, contests – they all involve the audience. Even a simple mortgage calculator on the website of a bank or construction company allows you to keep a person on the website longer and learn useful data about him.

  • Collaboration with influencers

Influencers are not losing ground, but the way they work with them is changing a bit. Now it is important not only to attract a popular blogger but to build long-term and effective cooperation with the creator of high-quality content. Increasingly, brands are working with micro-influencers who are trusted by a narrow and focused audience. Focusing on the quality of the content rather than the number of subscribers helps increase consumer confidence and engagement in a brand or product.

  • Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel implies interaction with the audience through several channels at once, interconnected and offering the client a unified experience. Switching between different devices and platforms should be easy and comfortable for the consumer. The integration of multiple channels ensures continuous communication with the customer, fosters customer engagement, helps retain attention, and creates a positive customer experience.

  • Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is a type of visual content that is available for a limited time (usually 24 hours). Such photos, videos, or live broadcasts are very popular on social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, which is less relevant in Russia. Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users, while Instagram has about 1 billion, so it’s worth paying attention to this trend. Moreover, this type of content is associated with the need for instant reaction and encourages consumers to make a purchase decision faster.

  • And as always: content is a king!

Content marketing is the most important trends, it envelops us everywhere every day in the media, on portals, social networks, smartphones, instant messengers, on various video platforms. Moreover, it is becoming more and more significant. It is worth considering all the previous tools and technologies to create truly useful, interesting, and engaging content that can win over an audience that is increasingly difficult to surprise. It is difficult but possible. May 2021 give us examples of truly interesting and inspiring content!

Final Words

And so, to your attention the new marketing trends of 2021, which will be in demand by all cool brands around the world in the new year.

3 Catalysts for Facebook in 2021

catalysts for facebook

In the year 2020, people hated Facebook the most in the category of tech companies. Numerous groups pilloried it for its failure to prevent the spread of violent content, hate speech, and fake news. Due to these missteps, there was a sparking advertising boycott amongst people against Facebook in 2020. 

Congress criticized and questioned the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg. Attorney general of 46 states, FTC, i.e., Federal Trade Commission, sued the company recently for its anticompetitive practices. They were probably ready to force Facebook to divest the subsidiaries that it owned. With the latest iOS update of Apple, it can be more challenging for Facebook and other similar advertisers to collect user data. 

But even after all this chaos surrounding the company and the slowdown caused by the Covid pandemic in the sales by ads, Facebook continues to march on. There was an increase of 17% in its revenue in the first nine months of last year, and the net income increased by 61%. Its stock price has also risen by 33% in the previous year. 

According to analysts, it is expected that the revenue of Facebook would grow by 19%, and its earnings would increase by 45% in the year 2021. In the coming year, it is expected that the revenue would grow by 24% while the payments would increase by 12%. This seems like a robust growth rate for the stock of Facebook, which trades at a minimum grade of forwarding earnings that are 25 times.  

What is the worth of Facebook’s stock?

According to the market data obtained from S&P, the market capitalization of a Facebook stock is around $764 billion, making it the 5th most valuable company globally on the S&P 500 index. The leading companies are Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon. On Aug. 26, 2020, the company reached a stock value of $303.91, which is considered its all-time highest closing price for the Facebook stock. This was even though the user engagement daily declined after the earlier spike that came after the pandemic. 

The opening value for FB stock was recent $268.74, and the average value for it in the last 52 weeks was around $233.79. These values prove that FB company stocks’ value is still relatively high even after the global recession due to the pandemic.

Threats to the stock value of Facebook: 

In the past year, on Dec. 9, there were antitrust lawsuits filed by 48 territories and states and the federal government against the company. After these lawsuits, there were chances that Facebook might have to unwind the deals regarding WhatsApp and Instagram’s purchase. Due to these suits, the stock value of FB dropped by around 2%. To make it further worse, Facebook has now planned to break its business deals with Apple because of conflict over privacy issues that can hurt the golden goose that helps it in advertising.

There are numerous near-term challenges present for the company still. Still, three primary and significant catalysts should not be overlooked by investors, which can lift the stock of Facebook even higher in coming years. 

1. Accelerating sales of ads: in the digital market of advertising, Facebook holds the second position after Google in numerous countries, including the USA. This position makes it difficult for marketing executives and businesses to ignore the power of Facebook that connects businesses with more than 3.2 billion people that are active every month on apps owned by Facebook, i.e., Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

This makes the ad boycotts that became common in the year 2020 to be highly symbolic and temporary. These boycotts easily weathered out the slowdown that came in ad spending as a result of the pandemic. The ad revenue of Facebook grew around 16% in the first nine months year over year in 2020, and this was relatively faster as compared to the ad revenue of Google, which increased by just 4% in the same period year over year. 

This indicates that the ad growth on Facebook would accelerate further in the year 2021 as the scenario of pandemic changes and advertisers’ purse strings become loose. The revenue estimates are shown by Wall Street already show this recovery, which will continue when the family of apps launched by Facebook continues to attract more users globally

2. Pulling back curtains of Instagram: Instagram is the business of Facebook, growing at the fastest pace. But the actual metrics of its business growth are generally not disclosed. Over a month, the active users on this platform doubled up from 500 million to one billion between 2016 and 2018. But this figure was not updated after this. 

In the year 2019, it is reported by Bloomberg that Instagram generated advertising revenue of $20 billion. This is around 28% of the total sales of Facebook. This is more than the ad revenue generated by YouTube, i.e., 15.1 billion dollars in 2019. In the year 2017, the ad revenue generated by Instagram was around $3.6 billion only. 

If Facebook pulls back the curtains and reveals the actual growth rates of Instagram like Google did for YouTube this year, it will surely attract other bulls. This will give the investors a clear idea about the growth potential of Instagram as a social online commerce platform with posts that can generate sales and use them against Snap and TikTok that are challengers of Gen-Z orientation. 

These reports can also make way for Instagram’s spin-off in an IPO that can appease regulators to provide investors of Facebook with Instagram’s new shares and further increase the growth potential of Instagram as a company that operates independently. 

3. The market of virtual reality: ideally speaking, 99% of the revenue obtained by Facebook is via ads, but another business of the company which is growing gradually because of its brisk sales is the Oculus VR Headsets. These headsets do not need a phone or PC and are well accepted by the market, and it is a stand-alone product in the headset market. 

According to Super Data’s report, there were 705,000 headsets of Oculus Quest shipped by Facebook in the past year. There was a report by Nikkei in July 2020 that claimed that the production of Quest 2 headsets by Facebook had been ramped up by 50% in 2021 to achieve almost 2 million shipments. 

This high sales target indicates the growing ecosystem of Facebook’s VR games and VR content, attracting users. In May 2020, Facebook announced that over $100 million in sales were achieved in VR content in the past year for the Quest. This means that Quest owner purchased higher than $140 worth of scope for this device. This is like a drop of water in the pond for the company, but it indicates the VR platform’s foundations. The plan is to link the social networking users virtually in the upcoming future. 

The VR and AR market globally can still expand at the compound annual increment rate of around 43% in 2020-30, according to the report of Research and Markets, and this secular trend will be quite beneficial for the business of Facebook.

There is just advertising on Facebook.

One of the main reasons for the fall of a business/brand is their negative image on the market. Similarly, Facebook also faced criticism by government and regulatory bodies. If Facebook falls, then the main reason would be the negative image and dependency on advertising revenue because as of now Facebook most of the profit is coming from advertising itself. The antitrust lawsuits could also become one of the causes of Facebook fall. But an expert is assuming that other catalysts will lift the stock of Facebook much higher in 2021.

If Facebook has not sold Instagram, then the investor would get more insights into the growth of Instagram as the social media platform. Additionally, Instagram is also gaining popularity as an e-commerce store. Currently, Instagram with Reels is doing their best to capture the already established market by Snapchat and TikTok.

Now let’s jump to virtual reality. Marketers and researchers predict that around the world the VR and AR market is expected to see an annual growth of 45% in the next decade. Facebook is all-set in the position of profiting from this trend. The all-new Oculus Quest VR headsets are established as independent devices and do not require a laptop or smartphone. Recently, the company also disclosed the sale of 100-million-dollar VR content, considering it a grassroots for the VR platform, which might link virtually to future users.

Facebook monopoly in the advertising market will remain the same. The company is a single silo for investors and advertisers. When we are coming out from the recession of pandemic now, advertisers have started spending more.

Very soon Facebook will bring some future revenue from the cryptocurrency sector as well. It is expected that Facebook will launch its Cryptocurrency sooner than as predicted. Recently, The Libra Association also renamed itself as Diem Association as well. 

Experts’ investor’s views on Facebook.

Due to the negative image and antitrust lawsuits, experts are unsure about the investment and signaling the possibility of a breakup. They are confident in the future acquisitions of Facebook and predict that Facebook will get better!

Additionally, antitrust lawsuits are not new. It has taken three years for Microsoft to come out from the suit and do the settlement in the antitrust case against Google. The case was filed in October and is not expected to hit trails anytime sooner than 2023. As of now, the analyst did not have to worry about the breakup. Some Investopedia contributors say that Wall Street is sleeping just focusing on the ad revenue of Facebook and not on the growth of headwinds. Farley is predicting the very tough year 2021. 

There are experts arguing on the potential breakup can be useful for the shareholders who will get the shares in separate entities. Investors will have access to the under-monetized, faster-growing Watsapp and Instagram. These are the two companies that could see a rise in 2021. There is no need to deal with Facebook, which is always in trouble with politics.

Analysts of Wall Street think that FANG stock can see growth and will provide value to the advertisers as well. Facebook also proved its worth in the unprecedented times of economic downturns. The store of Facebook has an excellent IBD composition rate, which is 94. This is making it very dangerous to potentially bet against the supply of Facebook as it is facing the long battle of antitrust. Investors who went on with Facebook are waiting for Facebook to reach a good buying point and demonstrate its resilience.

At the end is whether you are bearish or bullish, it is not a good time to buy the stock of Facebook. In case you have already made an exchange, then all you need to do is sit tight for a long time. 


It is not advisable to sell your shares on Facebook. But it is your personal decision, anyway. This company might be the critics’ favorite punching bag, but the core business is quite sturdy and will remain so for the upcoming few years. This company remained resilient even during the pandemic that was a significant downturn for this year globally. New catalysts can lift the shares of the company to other heights in the coming years.