SEO After COVID-19: 8 Opportunities to Start Working on Now

COVID-19 has affected businesses, lifestyles, and the entire world to a great extent. It has changed the way people work and live. But this time will surely pass away soon and then we all have to get back to our normal lives. So why not utilize the time we have got due to this pandemic to strategize and plan for our future post-COVID-19.

Why Invest your time in SEO?

According to popular consumer psychologists, it is proven that a consumer acquires a new habit and continues to do it unless coerced if the thing is done for 66 days. It has been several months since the world has somewhat come to a halt because of the COVID 19 pandemic. This long shelter-in-place situation has seen a huge change in consumer behavior. As per the research of these psychologists, this behavior will last for longer than expected.

Earlier the consumers that were skeptical about using online stores or making payments online are left with no choice. They are now adapting to the e-commerce trend and doing online payments. The industry has been transformed digitally because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Our routine lifestyle has openly accepted e-commerce, pickup, and curbside delivery, buy online, and pick up from store kind of businesses. It has become the easiest way to stay safe and maintain social distancing.

Since March most consumers are avoiding markets and public places and buying daily essentials also online. This has exploded the use of digital platforms to a great extent. Apart from online stores, the use of media has also increased a lot. Video consumption has increased by around 60% and daytime streamed content viewing has risen by 39%. People are nowadays a lot more active on social media platforms and there are less than 4% brands who want to stop social media marketing in this situation. Now is the time to create your online presence and image and reach out to millions of customers who are browsing on their laptops and smartphones.

At the heart of this consumer behavior shift is searching and content optimization that can give the best search results. With acceleration in the shift from offline to online business, it is the time when businesses should focus more on using online platforms. Search and SEO is becoming very important at this time when consumers are looking for information about how COVID-19 restrictions are being followed by businesses, looking for options to buy their essentials, adapting to remote education and work, and want to stay entertained and informed.

SEO is the only way to understand consumer patterns and get proper real-time insights in this time of demand fluctuation and volatility. With SEO businesses can come victorious out of this economic storm of Coronavirus and protect their brand image and customers too. It is also the way to prepare for the future after the pandemic.

8 Opportunities in SEO to Start Working on Now:

To start and grow your business post-COVID-19 you must do strategic planning. This planning should also include streamlining your SEO process so that you are ready when the businesses open again in full fledge. Are you ready with your website SEO when the world comes out of this state of panic, confusion, uncertainty, and bewilderment? Are you utilizing this time you’re your betterment or are you just wondering and feeling lost about what is happening and what will happen next? 

Once the world return backs to normal, the situation will not be the same again. So, it is time to come out of this downturn with strong will power and planning so that you can recover quickly. Here are some opportunities available currently that you can use and start working on it for improved SEO. 

1. Stay at the forefront of the trends of Google: Due to COVID-19 most people are at home and having more leisure time. Because of this, they are getting more time to search online. Search trends have also changed a lot. It is time that you monitor google trends for topics or terms that people are searching with in relation to your industry at this time. 

This data can help you stay on top of search results now and even after COVID-19. So, use this analysis to recognize business-relevant trends and then create your business content and promotions related to these topics. 

This will ensure that you will be ready when the sales go up high again. You can simply post your marketing content or blogs or email promotion content that people are looking for. This will improve your organic SEO and bring a lot more traffic to your website which means higher page rank. You can even redesign the content of your webpages based on the Google Trends analysis and start with a fresh look after COVID-19. 

2. Monitor Keyword Rankings and Google Search Console: During this phase of COVID19 it is quite crucial to use your SEO tools wisely. Now is the time to monitor google search console and other third-party tools that show keyword changes. You need to do this in a better manner as compared to earlier times. This is because there is a revolutionary change in customer interest, queries, and buying patterns in times when the demand has completely stopped or when the market witnesses high demand.

Monitoring the keyword rankings can help you modify your business approach that can benefit your products and business to a great deal. If you fail to monitor this closely then you might miss a great opportunity. 

3. Create your content bank: with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a shift in customer behavior and their search and buying patterns. It is time to utilize the leisure time you are getting in creating your content bank. This content you can use for marketing post-pandemic. You can utilize this content for future festival offers, launching new products, or email marketing. 

While creating content keep the priority on top/mid-funnel content. This type of content does not get lead conversions in the short term, but it will definitely bring in customers in your sales funnel. Then you can present your products or services to them for their future needs. With the right kind of content ready at your end, you can just launch it post-pandemic and stay ahead of your competition.

4. Give a thought about Q4 initiatives and holiday now itself: It is not quite certain when will the situation of pandemic change. It might take a few weeks to might be months for the situation to return back to normal. Even after the pandemic ends, it will be months together before the economic condition of the world would improve. 

It is quite clear that numbers of Q1 and Q2 would be quite low from what they were forecasted. So, it is time to plan now so that you can make use of the rest half of the year in a much better way. If you have an online store, it is time to think about the offers or promotions that you would be doing for Christmas and New Year Time. 

5. Get Top SEO Talent to work: due to the pandemic COVID-19, many businesses are getting closed globally. Because of this many top SEO talents might have lost their jobs and would be available to take up some work. If you are planning to hire some in-house SEO professional, then this is the right time to do so.

If you want to attract the top talent of SEO for your organization then you should show up that your business is in a strong position. This is because even professionals are in a situation of uncertainty and fear of losing jobs currently. So, they will not be eager to join a weak business. 

You should remain active on LinkedIn, social media, and job websites to attract good SEO professionals that are looking for good job opportunities. So, remain focused and hire the right professional. Even if you are not hiring currently, you can make new connections on social media and start conversations with them. This can benefit you in the future. 

6. Make use of new strategies for your marketing content: although it might seem quite unpredictable, in this situation of pandemic there are numerous opportunities that are coming up that can help us change for the betterment. Most people are increasingly making use of streaming services and watching YouTube content nowadays. So, it is the correct time to develop video content for your website and use it for your business’s advantage. You can also check out your content that was previously developed and had resonated via traffic. You can now repurpose that same content in the format of a video.

7. Embrace the data: just as it is mentioned in the first point, you will have a lot of data to work on which you will get from Google Trends. This is because people are now searching a lot more and with proper SEO you will get an increase in your website traffic (it depends upon the type of business and your industry).

It is possible that this traffic would not get converted into sales or potential customers, but still, you can get amazing insights from the increase in search and visits on your website. You can come to know which pages get the most traction on your website. Also, you can compare that due to pandemic is there any change in the behavior of people visiting your website. You can try making use of a heat map or similar data collection mechanisms that can do a deep check and analyze your website. 

8. Learn to think beyond just content and make use of this extra time wisely: the biggest way for marketing is to use your resources especially your time wisely. Content is the main thing that people focus on when it comes to SEO and organic marketing. But many people forget to consider other aspects of SEO. Now it is the time to focus on whole aspects of SEO like: 

  • Ensure that your website page speed is up to the mark as per the Google requirements.
  • Add some fresh photos and products to your website.
  • Check the URL structure of each and every page. 
  • Get a few friends to review your website for good user experience. 
  • Make sure that your content is properly arranged and easy to browse through. 

There is a lot more to it. 

Many tasks of SEO might also need help from a website developer too. If you cannot do it on your own, you can take help from some professionals. By outsourcing your work, you can do a small help to marketers as well. 

You can even learn for new SEO techniques online by e-learning modules. You can find several websites that are giving out paid training courses for SEO now for free, for newbies as well as professionals who want to gain some additional knowledge. 

Focusing on SEO as a whole now can help you pick up your business quickly once things return back to normal situation. You can even try out to start your own blog on a topic associated with your business. 

Conclusion: It is quite clear that you should not stop your SEO effects just because of COVID 19 pandemic and associated economic decline. This time is difficult but it has opened up doors for new opportunities. You just need to look ahead in a positive direction and hope for the best in the future. 

Things are going to be different now and you need to accept it. Now it is in your hands to make the future better or worse. With strategic planning and a plan of action, you can make this swing a promising situation. Make sure that you work smart and make use of this extra time to take your business ahead on the path of success in the long term.  For now, we wish that all remain safe from the effects of this dreaded disease and that situation comes back to normal soon. 

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