Influencer Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for 2021

influencer marketing

If used properly, influencer marketing can be the best marketing strategy in today’s day and age. No matter how many digital marketing experts you speak to, everyone will say the same thing – it’s the only marketing strategy you’ll need right now. Within the last couple of years, influencer marketing has become an indescribably essential part of digital marketing. You won’t find a lot of brands surviving and thriving in today’s competitive business landscape without using influencer marketing strategies. So, what’s the deal? What is influencer marketing anyway? How can you use it to get ahead in the race against your competitors? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions.

An explanation

Influencer marketing is a process of digital marketing where you employ the services of a social media influencer. This person is exceptionally popular in the world of the web. When you ask him/her to help you, he/she will promote your brand and its products. This individual will mention and endorse your company while contributing to brand recognition improvement. In return, you’ll provide him/her money, free products, or exclusive rewards.

About social media influencers

Social media influencers have to gain credibility in a specific niche before earning the title. Some of them use YouTube while others resort to Facebook or Instagram. These people have a loyal group of followers that often amounts to the millions. You can leverage their popularity to influence their follower bases to buy something from you. The social media influencer will endorse your products or services by creating content to change the perceptions of his/her followers towards your brand.

How it began

At the moment, influencer marketing is the most reliable and effective method of digital marketing. Almost all top-tier brands in this world use this method to leave their competitors behind. However, it became famous only recently. Influencer marketing started becoming the first choice among marketers when social media started replacing conventional media outlets. Not many people want to follow celebrities blindly anymore. Instead, they want to look up to non-celebrities operating via social media to provide entertaining content. If you research the internet for statistical data, you’ll realize the true power of influencer marketing and how it affects people of all ages, especially millennials.

The types

Influencer marketing can be of several types. Here’s a basic explanation of each variant.

  • Sponsored content is one of the commonest influencer marketing methods of today. It simply includes posting content on social media advertising a specific service or product.

  • You can also try affiliate links or discount-based influencer marketing. Everyone likes getting rebates, after all, and when a social media influencer announces discounts, it works like magic. You’ll track the discounts using referral or affiliate links.

  • Another type of influencer marketing incorporates organizing contests. The winner will receive one or more giveaways. As you can probably guess, everyone wants to get the good stuff for free, and it’s especially true for a social media influencer’s audience.

  • You may even consider publishing content released by influencers on your website or social media channels. When a social media influencer makes his/her appearance on one or more of your business channels, he/she will drive a lot of traffic towards your web platform.

  • Finally, you can bestow ambassadorship upon a social media influencer. You only need to make sure the individual’s personality, as well as the persona of the person’s audience, fits your brand.

Importance: So, what makes influencer marketing important?

  • At the very least, influencer marketing will increase your sales profoundly. According to digital marketing experts, you can earn about $18 if you spend just $1 on a social media influencer.

  • With the advent of social media and its popularity in the field of business, it has become extremely important for companies of all sizes and scales to become social-proof. Human beings expect to blend with the crowd because they hope to earn acceptance in society. It’s precisely what you get when you hire the services offered by social media influencers.

  • When it comes to making sales on social media platforms, you have to bring your message in front of the target audience. There was a time when this task wasn’t easy at all. Today, however, a social media influencer can do it exceptionally well.


If you’ve been reading this from the beginning, then you already know how important influencer marketing is. In fact, it’s integral to running a business right now. For ascertaining the effectiveness of this particular form of digital marketing, it’s best to compare it to other types.

  • Hundreds and thousands of marketers out there will say that content marketing is still the number one choice, and they aren’t wrong. However, content marketing will build your authority and contribute to brand value only. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, will increase your brand’s recognition. You need to strike a balance between the two to get the best results.

  • User-generated content can contribute to your digital marketing efforts. In some ways, it’s just like having a social media influencer as your business partner. This person will represent your brand daily, just like all customers who leave reviews on your website or social media channels whenever they purchase something.

  • Comparing social media marketing with influencer marketing is somewhat weird. After all, influencer marketing involves relying on a social media influencer who operates on social media platforms. Despite being similar in some ways, there are significant differences between the two. Unfortunately, these differences are out of the scope of this write-up. However, it’s worth mentioning here that the effectiveness of influencer marketing is high enough to be an entirely independent form of digital marketing.

Similar but better:

 If there’s one form of marketing resembling influencer marketing, it is word-of-mouth marketing. No matter how digitized this world gets, people will always trust something when a group of individuals mentions a specific brand among a throng of them. One of the main reasons behind the effectiveness of influencer marketing is that it’s an advanced version of word-of-mouth marketing.

How to do it:

Now, it’s time to find out how you can undertake influencer marketing.


  • Before you seek out a reputable and reliable social media influencer, you have to choose one or more social media platforms suitable for your brand. To that end, you have to analyze each platform, as well as the people who frequent them.


  • Every social media influencer should have the right to creative freedom. You shouldn’t hesitate to give them an opportunity to represent your company the way they see fit. However, you shouldn’t avoid setting up a few guidelines for the social media influencers to follow diligently.


  • You can start looking for influencers at this stage, but you should also take a few moments to consider the type of influencer to work with. Mega-influencers are the people with an incredibly large fan base. Second to them are the macro-influencers. They usually have a follower base amounting to 500,000. Mid-tier influencers have anywhere between 50,000 and 500,000 followers, while micro-influencers have about 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Nano-influencers occupy the last spot with 1,000 to 10,000 followers.


  • Finding a social media influencer shouldn’t be a challenge provided you do your research. Just search for them in your business niche by keeping your eyes peeled for hashtags and keywords.


  • Finally, you can reach out to an influencer just by sending a message to the person directly. However, you must inspect their bio-data first. It should contain information about their preferences regarding marketing inquiries.


Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive guide to using influencer marketing in 2021 and beyond. If you try it, you must be ready to host a massive amount of digital traffic.

The Definitive Guide to SaaS Marketing

SaaS Marketing

Marketing is a lot more than a word consisting of nine alphabets; it covers several concepts and fields. Content marketing, Email-marketing, Social media marketing, to name a few. SaaS marketing is one such term associated with marketing. However, what is it all about, and how is it different from other forms of marketing?

What is SaaS Marketing?

Software as a service marketing also known as SaaS marketing is a very unique and exemplary type of marketing in which one creates awareness about a definite type of software. It acts as an impetus due to which a software’s progress in the market is accelerated.

Not only that but, it creates an influence of the software in the eyes of the audience. They create the much-needed image of the software. It is this image that is sold to the customers. This is the reason behind the increasing popularity of SaaS marketing organizations.

SaaS organizations help in creating definite marketing strategies for a particular software. These strategies are directly linked to the popularity of the software. With the help of proper marketing techniques, one can launch software comfortably. It is very important to know about the basic concepts related to SaaS companies.

This article will act as a guide to SaaS marketing. SaaS marketing is very different from any other type of marketing. There are very crucial aspects that one needs to understand properly if they wish to learn properly about SaaS marketing.

What makes SaaS marketing different?

As marketing has different forms, what makes SaaS marketing different from other forms?

The basic difference between SaaS Marketing and other forms of marketing is that it is related to promoting software, which does not include any physical form of product or service. It can comprise a marketing service, not a product. The characteristic that makes it different from other forms is putting it into action. SaaS marketing oversees execution, installation, and migrating from already existing platforms. Adding to it, the software users often expect the after-sales services because they pay every month. 

The support offered can be implied as a selling point, which can be upgraded to another version. SaaS Marketers have to mark it as important as it can take efforts a step forward. 

Long-term Relationships

Several products and services are about one-time consumption. However, the purpose of SaaS marketing is to build a long-term relationship with its users. In simple terms, SaaS companies aim to reach and retain their customers for a longer run. After making any potential audience as customers, these companies take responsibility to keep in touch consistently and ensure that they do not churn. Unlike traditional marketing, it is not at all related to one and done concept. The software as a service focuses on keeping up on a longer-term. Owing to this reason, many SaaS companies extend a giveaway or freemium model for their products.

Sales Cycles

As the term sales cycle refers to selling a product, the sales cycle in SaaS marketing can be another feature to understand its difference from others. SaaS companies have shorter sales cycles, and this is because the pricing models designed for SaaS are divided into monthly shares, which make it look more than affordable to its users. It uplifts the buying decision of the buyers without having to look for any other formalities. The need for consulting higher management does not exist as it can increase capital expenses. 

Intricate Customer Journey 

As the term describes itself, customer journey in marketing refers to the time it takes for users to first encounter a brand to the time they are your customer officially. The customer journey in SaaS is not the same as compared to other products or services. It can be anywhere from six months to eighteen to seal a SaaS deal. This is because SaaS marketing can need you to create and market your products at different levels of awareness. 

For instance, it is about promoting a tool used in SEO. First of all, does your audience know about SEO yet? On the other hand, you might also have potential customers who know about your tool and several others in the market. Your target audience can consist of all kinds of people, which gives rise to the creation of the content at different levels on the basis of what they need to know. 

Run Through the Fundamentals of SaaS Marketing:

  • Goal Setting: This is one of the most important concepts of SaaS marketing. The organizations work with a lot of dedication and determination to deduce the goals which it has to achieve. These goals are directly connected to revenue generation. The SaaS marketing agencies start setting definitely achievable targets for themselves.

Then, they start working upon every single point that will help in setting those definite objectives. The SaaS marketing enterprises also help in comparing any software company to its competitors. These companies help in analyzing the flaws of any software company and start employing resources to fix these flaws and achieve the targets set for the company.

  • Deducing the budget: The SaaS marketing companies also help in determining the budget for a software company to achieve the targets set. This is a very crucial advantage of a SaaS marketing company.
  • Promotion of Content: The respective SaaS marketing companies employ all the genuine ways of promoting the name of the software companies. They do this through the various social media platforms available. These social media platforms create a good image of a software company in the eyes of the general public. It is crucial to acknowledge the power of social media.

Social Media can create an amazing image of any enterprise for the general public. These aspects make social media a genuine promoter of software companies. Software companies are able to achieve their targets with the assistance of social media platforms. They not only spread awareness about the software but also inform the public about important aspects such as location, demographics, connections, and other such important aspects.

  • They identify the need of the customers: SaaS marketing companies research upon the likes and dislikes of the audience to decide whether their software company will prove to be a success or not. If some points are missing that may prove to be a turning point, then the SaaS marketing companies inform the authorities of the software companies.

 The SaaS marketing enterprises make sure that almost all the needs of the customers are fulfilled by the software. This helps them in presenting the software as a one-time solution to all problems before the public.

  • Help in building a community: The SaaS marketing enterprises help in building a proper community. The SaaS enterprises build a team that effectively deals with the clients. This team plays a vital role in spreading awareness about the software. The team built helps in building the reputation of company. This reputation is very important for a software company to succeed.
  • Managing the established community: Building a community is very easy. The main factor that counts is managing the built community and optimizing it to gain the maximum possible results. It is very necessary to build important connections to build a strong image of the company. The proper optimization of a SaaS company helps in accelerating the rate of investment by a considerable factor. This proves the significance of SaaS marketing.
  • Personalized tools for effective marketing: SaaS marketing uses the most efficient tools available to enhance the image of a software company. These effective tools have proved to be very beneficial for a software company.
  • Information is the priority: SaaS marketing enterprises contain a lot of information. This information can be utilized extensively to improve the quality of the software.
  • Giving free trials to customers: The SaaS marketing agencies provide free trials to the customers to spread awareness about the features of the software. This is an excellent marketing technique.
  • Accessibility: SaaS marketing companies increase the accessibility of the product. This enhances the software’s popularity.

Building an effective SaaS Marketing Strategy

When the word marketing is added to a term, no justification for availing benefits is ever needed. It can make it easy to draw the bottom line that SaaS marketing paves the way for software companies to earn their share in the market. 

However, something more important to put attention to is forming the right strategy for SaaS Marketing. When it is about framing an effective strategy, you need to take care of many steps. The list of the same includes:

Provide the Information

The importance of content is not unknown to anyone. In SaaS marketing also, you need to draw the attention of your target group. Marketing for software as a service depends on the information. Before short-listing your services, it is understandable that they will scroll many others of the same kind. In the process of marketing, you have to make sure that what you give them are the reasons to trust your brand. Also, like explained earlier, your target group can comprise all kinds of audiences. It means that while preparing content, you need to keep audiences of all stages in mind. 

Free Trial Periods

There is no denying the fact that the term free can captivate anyone. It is what you have to avail of while marketing for SaaS. Offering trial periods without any cost is an effective way to introduce sales and new customers. There can be different models to present the free model, and the list for the same can include the trial period for 30-days, freemium model, trial with credit card details, trial without credit card details. You can share the free periods till you discover a strategy to monetise people to use your product. 

Get Digital

Digital presence is an asset for any brand, and the same rule goes for SaaS marketing also. You have to get your brand into the sight of the buyers. It is essential to build your market and a relationship with your potential customers. Apart from these benefits, you can also attract visitors with valuable content, which showcases your knowledge and expertise. 

You need to optimise the website to get more conversions. You can make the best use of call to action texts. It can include starting the trial, subscribing to the blog, and subscribing to the newsletter.

Get SaaS for Promotion

As complicated as the term SaaS marketing seems, it is not. You have to think about the possible aspects of reaching the bottom line, including cost per lead, acquisition cost for each customer, and so on. However, there are several other things you have to take into consideration. The list for the same includes having service to offer, round the clock customer service, and engaging content that resolves the need for customer support only. After having them at the place, service, and software, marketing about software as a service will be easier. 

Stages of SaaS Marketing

Most businesses apply a five-stage strategy for SaaS marketing. It can include awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy. Here is an in-depth description of the same: 

Awareness: This is the initial stage needing you to work on promotions, campaigns, and other forms of channels through which the audience can be made aware of the concerned SaaS product. 

Consideration: In this step of marketing, you have to provide information to the coming traffic. This can help them stay persistent and avail of other services also. It is more like catching their attention and engaging the traffic in the SaaS product, which is developed recently. 

Decision: This is the most crucial part of the SaaS marketing panel where the coming audience has to decide to proceed further with the SaaS product or not. If the awareness and consideration are successfully done, a marketer can generate higher leads in the decision stage of the sales funnel

Retention: There is no point in marketing unless you can retain the customers. To ensure that the business can retain the sales, you can offer additional benefits, new offers, and other services which will keep them engaged in your business. 

Advocacy: This is the final stage where the users/customers will recommend the SaaS service or product to others. This is like the end step or report card of all the marketing efforts made till now. 

Final Thoughts

The world is turning into a digitally inclined place, which means that software as a service is nothing new for you to introduce. For any service you bring, chances are that it can have an already existing competition or a market to make space for yourself. If you have introduced a new concept, your focus should be around making the target audience aware of it and making a way for them to connect to you. That is where the need for SaaS marketing emerges. 


As the term tells itself, SaaS marketing is about employing efforts to promote a non-tangible service, which is software. Big SaaS marketing firms easily outperform their predicted ambition. This is the reason why top software companies want these SaaS marketing firms to be a part of their business. SaaS marketing has seen a considerable evolution over the years. It has become an essential component of all software industries.   

A Half-day off at SEO Discovery to Chant Bella Ciao!

Money Heist

SEO Discovery is a reputed Digital Marketing Company in Mohali, Punjab that is not only known for its services but also for its work environment. The management has granted a half-day off to its employees to celebrate the release of season 5 of the Netflix series Money Heist. It makes  SEO Discovery the second company in India to commemorate the release of the series with their employees by giving them the day off. 

The company’s management strongly believes in the work-life balance, and this day-off is not the only attempt. A few weeks earlier, the Content Department was granted a half-day leave to go and watch The Conjuring. Not just this, on 1st September, the SEO Department went to watch the Punjabi movie Chal Mera Put- Part 2.

Apart from the movie leaves and sneak peek at season 5 of Money Heist, the management regularly makes plans to keep the employees happy. The employees are given a 15 minutes break every second half of the day. Either with energetic music, motivational videos, or comedy clips, the company reminds its employees to cheer up and keep themselves full of energy. The vibrant environment has led to the growth of the firm from a start-up to a firm with 300+ employees.

The Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for SEO

keyword research

Keywords are the words or phrases that any person uses to conduct a search on the internet. They link a website, product listings, and other online products to a visitor. They can be connected to queries that a user has to ask. The process that includes finding these search terms is known as keyword research. Undeniably, it is the keystone of content creation and the process of search engine optimization. However, conducting keyword research is a continuous task. That is because of the updates in the marketing trends that can happen every month.

The Steps involved in the process of keyword research can include:

  • Finding the terms and phrases a person can search about
  • Understanding the reasons behind the search queries
  • Evaluating the top-ranking content on the search engine result page
  • Adding relevant keywords into your content
  • Regularly Updating content with the relevant and trending keywords

A top-ranking website on SERP  results with in-depth keyword analysis, inventive planning, unique and value-added content creation, regular monitoring, and coordination.

Importance of Keyword Research

There are several reasons behind prioritizing keyword research for the digital campaign of any business. Here follows the list of most important ones:

  • Understanding the Business 

Knowing the keywords can help to get a clear picture of the business and its brand. It can include the products/services being sold or offered. 

  • Getting Necessary Information

Performing keyword research can tell where a business stands in the digital world. It can also help you learn the keywords that can be easily ranked and the keywords on which the competitors are ranking.

  • Learning about the Needs of the Audience

As keywords are the search queries that the audience or potential customers use, keyword research can help a business understand what its audience is looking for.

  • Getting Ranking on Search Engine

For ranking a business, a search engine first needs to learn what a business is all about. Targeting keywords on pages of a website is necessary for this.

  • Driving Traffic on the Site

Keywords play an essential role in the process of search engine optimization. Identifying them to use in content that has to be optimized is where a website can get the traffic.

It will not be wrong to call keyword research to be the beginning of a digital marketing campaign. However, it has to be a continuous process. It can also help in finding the website’s ranking, as compared to those of the competitors. 

5 Tips for Better Keyword Research

After learning about what keyword research is, the next and one of the essential things to know is the right way to approach it. The first step is to find the tool for it. Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are good platforms to choose from. Irrespective of the platform you choose or niche you deal in, here is the list of 5 tips that can help you perform the keyword research better.

1. Know the Purpose of the Research

Once in the middle of keyword research, it will not be hard to go off-topic and find keywords that you do not even need to know. That can be a big waste of time as instead of looking for the right keyword, you would settle for any term or phrase that appears to be relevant. Do not end your research like this and start with a purpose. The first thing to find out is the purpose of building the keyword profile. Is it to analyse the website’s performance or to discover the content gaps in the market to avail from? or is it to start a new page?

Learning the objective behind the keyword research can get the directions to what exactly you need to find. It can also tell about when you have achieved the result of the research. It can also tell you when you are ready to go ahead with the strategy.

2. Learn about the Intent

Before targeting a keyword on the website, the first thing you look at is the number of people conducting their search through that term. However, that metric is of no use if it can’t take you to the 1st page of the search engine. At the same time, it needs to provide the information that users were looking for while conducting their search. That is where you first need to learn what users want before conducting their search using that keyword.

However, the main thing to be given attention to is the actual ranking of the keyword before you choose to target the big keyword. You can also learn about the recent way of Google to define the ideal serving user according to the keyword. It also gives a glance at the competition a website will have to face. If the content you have planned is not resolving the query presented in the better or the same manner as other sites on the top pages, consider it a need to look for a different keyword.

3. Research the competitors

If you are not aware of the right keywords, you should consider looking at the ones your competitor is ranking for. For this, you can go for tools like SEMrush, Conductor Searchlight, and Google Keyword Planner. If you are using Google Keyword Planner, start by selecting the ‘Search with a Website’ where you will have to enter the competitor’s website. It will take you to the variety of keyword ideas related to your competitor.

Instead of just settling with the domain name, you can also search any landing page up. It is a simple and easy way to get the right keywords for attaining the objective of the content.

4. Use Google Search

If you are aware of the right platform to search, you will surely get many other information sources related to keywords, which users search. You can learn about them directly on the search engine result pages. Before you click on enter, take a glance at the Google Suggest and learn about the keyword variants appearing. It can be an excellent and effortless method to learn about what people are looking for. Apart from the suggestions coming down the search bar, you can also look at people also ask sections. It can be a good way to know what people mostly look for.

5. Target Variations of Keywords

After you have searched the keywords, do not consider it as the end of the task. Apart from using the exact keyword or query, you can still make use of the similar kinds of keywords. For this, you need to look for a variant of that keyword to use on the same page. Including and targeting synonymous keywords can increase the number of keywords. It can also act as a plus point in enhancing rankings for them. Even after discovering a top keyword with a high search volume, you may also find it in a long-tail type; it can be a good fit for your webpage. Looking for information from other sources can enable you to target even more keywords.

Along with the long-tail version, you can target another variation, which is questions and queries. For instance, if you run an Italian restaurant, you would consider keywords such as ‘best Italian restaurant’ and ‘online order Italian food’ to be the relevant keywords. However, many users might also look for ‘where can I get the best Italian food’.

Types of Keywords

Keywords have further classifications depending on it’s intent, type, search volume and competitors. Here follows the list of it:

  • Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword refers to a phrase made up of three to five words. This kind of keyword is more specific as compared to generic terms and can allow you to focus on nice demographics. These keywords are designed to depict the way the audience makes queries. They are also less competitive as compared to a generic keyword. Using long-tail keywords can pave the way for high-quality traffic, which in the end can ease conversions.

These keywords are more prominent in the customer journey. Usually, users start with a simple search. Now, as search engines act helpful to resolve their queries, the search turns more detailed. That is where long-tail keywords will get more important to help businesses take the edge of the competition.

  • Short Tail keywords

As the name specifies, search phrases comprising one or more words are called short-tail keywords. Due to its length, it is less specific as compared to queries or phrases with more words. For example, chicken is a short tail keyword. However, “how to make butter chicken” is a long-tail keyword. Short tail keywords have more searches as compared to individual long-tail ones. However, highly specific keywords form most of the search volume. 

These keywords set the pattern and direct the keyword research efforts. Generally, they are the seed keywords to start. For example, in a blog titled, making a delicious chocolate cake without an oven, the cake is the short tail keyword. They are more specific, have high search volumes, and have high competition.

  • Medium Tail Keyword

A medium tail keyword is a search query with two or three words. These kinds of keywords are more specific as compared to short-tail keywords; it makes them less competitive. However, the search volume is more here as compared to long-tail keywords, for example, chocolate cake. They have medium keyword difficulty with a higher search volume. 

For ranking them, the content needs to be of good quality. This type of keyword also needs inbound links to the content to grab the attention of the keywords. However, targeting a single medium tail keyword can focus only on that single content rather than multiple pieces. It makes that single content even more worthwhile. 

Types of Keywords to Look For

For Google, every term or phrase can be different according to search volume, cost-per-click, and difficulty. However, when considering the broader aspect, they can be categorized into four main groups depending on the search intent of those keywords. Search intent refers to the topic you would possibly benefit from its guide. Here follows the list of those:

Informational Intent Keywords

When the readers look for a bit of simple advice on the web and you have to guide them, you will use the informational intent keywords. Possibilities are that they need general knowledge related to a topic, an answer to a particular question, or a step-by-step guide. These searches can begin with:

  • What is
  • Ways to
  • How to
  • how does
  • Benefits of
  • Guide to
  • Tips for

Consider a situation when a reader searches with phrases such as ‘tips to a healthy workout,’ he intends to know about tricks to perform a smart method of working out. After this, the next step for the service provider, which here is fitness care, would be:

  • Start with keyword research that revolves around the query
  • Discover and understand the ranking content as per the phrase
  • Check if it matches all the requirements
  • Create value-added content that is a level higher than the content on top.

Usually, blog posts can be effective to satisfy a search intent of this kind. However, to create informational or value-added content, you do not always need to include price options or service offerings. It is because when any user scrolls the internet with an intent keyword, he aims to learn something and not look for flashy deals. Overly promotional content can impact the consumer trust for a business. 

For informational intent, content should be able to tell users that:

  • Why should they trust you
  • Why do they need to take your service/product
  • Why choosing you over others is advantageous

Also, do not forget to leave a way for them to connect with you. These keywords can be best suited in guides, blog posts, and how-to-do articles. 

Navigational Intent Keywords

Keywords with a navigational intent are quite more focused as compared to informational keywords. In these situations, a searcher knows where he has to go and also about something specific he is looking for. It can be for a service, brand, product, or even a website. For instance, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Keyword research for targeting navigational queries does not bring big returns in the beginning, unless and until you own a web page or site that can be directly searched by the people already. The reason behind it is that navigational intent is clear as compared to informational intent, where the searchers want advice. 

Keyword research for navigational keywords also depends on the services you provide. Targeting them can be a good step for retailers selling services or products from a reputed brand. Suppose you offer a skincare service and want to promote your services of Botox treatment. In your keyword research, you should go for terms connected with botox, such as:

  • Botox treatment
  • Botox cost
  • Botox treatment time
  • Botox after treatment

Every business needs to focus on creating a strong digital presence around the brand name and its site. Using navigational keywords with a brand name to restate would not give instant results, yet its importance can not be left unnoticed.

Commercial Intent Keywords

When users are aware of their wants but are not sure about purchasing them, that’s where commercial intent keywords come in. They want more information to find out the solution that suits them best. Here, you can play a part in guiding them. For this type of intent, use keywords and phrases like:

  • Best gynecologists
  • Top Italian restaurant
  • AC repair in Phoenix
  • Reviews of a specific brand.

According to the service/product you offer, terms and phrases that you will have to cover might have to be at a local level. For example, you own a CPA firm in New York, so you will have to target keywords like: 

  • Accounting services New York
  • CPA in New York 
  • Experienced CPA in NYC

The aim here is to tell the searchers who you are, why you should be their top choice, and how to reach you. The point is that users want to make a purchase, and all they need is the extra push for that. These keywords are found mostly on service pages, web pages, and blogs. 

 Transactional Intent Keywords

When the user is already aware of what he wants and is willing to purchase, it is the transactional intent. The purpose of keyword research is to put the webpage or website in front of the audience. Keywords with this kind of intent can include phrases or words like:

  • Coupons for
  • Cheap
  • Affordable
  • Deals on
  • Buy
  • Where to buy

These keywords are used on service pages, product pages, or any page where the user’s end goal is to purchase.

What Steps does SEO Discovery Follow?

The process of keyword research is like laying the foundation of search engine optimization and content creation. That is the reason why we prioritize it. Here are the steps that we follow!

  • Learn About Client


First of all, when we bring the clients on board, we collect every detail about their business, the industry they deal with. We focus on everything about them, including their strength, weakness, opportunities, goals, and so on. Every piece of information we collect is essential to ensure that every step we choose brings results.

  • Site examination


See, to begin anything, you need a starting point. For us, it is the list of phrases that can tell about the products or services our clients would want to promote. It makes it essential to determine the current position of the website on a search engine. We use a ranking tool, however, you can follow manual steps for it also. It helps us get the possible opportunities that we will need to avail of in your processes. Next, we list down those keywords. Eventually, the keywords that rank are the ones that will drive traffic to your site as well.

  • Keyword Expansion


Next, we use paid keyword tools to expand the money or seed word list to learn about search volumes and competition. We prefer using paid search methods because it is useful to determine the essential phrases for the purpose of targeting using organic search. 

  • Keyword Filtering


Now, we have keywords, so our concern is to filter them and keep those that could help you rank. For this process of filtration, we check if the keywords support each other. We look for keywords that can tell about the money makers of the site. As we have already learned about the client and his website, keyword filtration gets easy because we already know what we need to consider.

  •  Clustering


This process is a part of keyword filtration only. It includes assembling all similar and supportive phrases to target on a single page. We do it for the purpose of link building, as well as on-page optimization with different phrases. However, the content has to be kept natural. For instance, we have to prepare content on link building. We will use phrases, including link bait, link acquisition, and building links. Now, with all the keywords we have, we can use them exchange ably. When you will start with it, select the super competitive keywords.

  • Competitors Research


We make sure that we go for competitor’s research because it tells about the competition we will have to face. For this, we do a routine google search with a phrase, then we consider the leading URLs, and that’s how we reach out to competitors’ sites. Now to analyze them swiftly and in-depth, we choose SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner. It helps us in:

Linked pages: It includes learning about the pages the competitors have received their links. It also tells about the authority pages.

List of Metrics: After learning about the linking pages, we consider the List of Metrics. It helps us in learning about what we have to compete.

  • Keyword selection


By now, we already have a list of narrowed and filtered keywords. However, for quality assurance, we consider checking the trends of the keywords to work on. We make use of Google trends to learn about the comparison over the years. We prefer using Google Trends at two points of our research, one at the time of selecting head keywords and the second during the quality assurance check of the clusters that we have finalized.

  • Keyword Mapping


Whenever we go for keyword research, our end goal is link building. However, along with it, we also emphasize the target page. Deciding which URLs to target is essential in the entire process. SEO experts like us, often complete the research and draw up a line that the keywords we have selected might have enough content to connect to. In situations like these, we will have to focus on a new web page and URL.


Keyword Research is like laying the foundation of an effective Search Engine Optimization or Content Marketing strategy.  It helps in understanding the business, its audience and getting higher ranking and traffic on the website. To begin, first, know the purpose, then your intent and the competitors. Do not settle for what you get earlier, but also focus on finding the variations of the keywords. All in all, Keyword Research is an essential step, but performing it right holds more importance. Following it, focus on core until you are sure that what you have is the handful of high ranking keywords.

Still feel confused about keyword research, checkout our video guide.

Why Your Brand Needs to Focus on Local SEO

local seo

Finding a secured position in the digital space is no less than a battle. However, there are smarter ways through which you can achieve better. Optimizing your searching results is one such method. Anyone who owns a website knows the term SEO. The main function behind optimization is to acquire the top ranks on the search engine rank page. It increases online traffic and makes your brand more prominent. Irrespective of your business type or size, you need a website to make your digital mark.

Clear the concept

Only having a website for the brand representation is not sufficient. You need to make efforts to achieve a stable position among the many existing business sites. Especially for small-scale businesses, SEO is a great way to get the right attention. Local SEO is a part of the various optimization techniques. Unlike the other SEO methods where you target throughout the digital arena, local optimization focuses on a locality. It is more compact in terms of aiming at the audience. Setting the target to acquire the audience of a geographical region amplifies the chances of profit in reality.

How it helps: Developing the right brand image takes years of grinding. It is not easy to make a mark among so many existing brands. Any business or service provider works under a brand name, and the customer identifies with it. It is easier for larger brands as they already have customer trust. Smaller brands need to work harder through effective techniques to get the audience to rely on their brand. Try the local SEO techniques to gain brand prominence and business pace.

Capture audience

It is vital to gain the attention of the web audience to establish the brand name. You need to focus on the audience connection by choosing the right way. Local optimization techniques have resulted in recent times in achieving that. While searching for any service or business offering, most internet users prefer accessing the provider near their location. Targeting that audience certainly brings the necessary boost.

Better conversion chance

A brand cannot only be successful for the virtue of its name. It needs to generate revenue through the online market. Only acquiring digital prominence is not sufficient as it will only accomplish half the task. Local SEO helps in converting the online traffic into customers. As the service is more accessible to the audience in geographical terms, the conversion chance is higher. It helps the brand in multiple ways.

Smartphone audience

If you go through the recent studies, you will notice that most internet users have smartphone access. It means many people are accessing the net via their digital devices, and they connect better with a local brand. You can capture the mobile user traffic through various means of local optimization techniques. This audience consists a large part in making a brand successful.

Compete smartly

If you consider from a practical viewpoint, locally optimizing is easier than global SEO. As there are a lesser number of competitors in a local sphere, your chances are higher. You can grab more eyeballs in a smaller arena with the same effort. Why not go for a convenient option? It would help if you found a smarter way to get the edge over existing competitors. 

Increased visibility

To become successful, a brand needs to have a wider audience. Increasing the visibility of your brand is possible through local optimization techniques. If you conduct market research, you can notice that people prefer local business brands or services in many cases. It can be due to the affordability factor or for the ease of access. You can make use of the mindset of the online audience to earn profit.

Social credibility

Reliability is the utmost important factor when it comes to successful branding. If the audience cannot trust your service or product, they cannot rely on the brand name. Locally optimizing the audience to connect with your exhibited services and offerings can fill the gap rightly. Through this, you can gain the much-needed credibility that will help you in the long game.

Better business understanding

Not only do the smaller brands need online recognition, but the bigger names also need to refresh their market dominance. Locally targeting the people helps a lot in this case. The audience can focus on your brand more when it appears on the top local searches. Improved audience connection is what you achieve through it. It helps you to gain a better business perspective by taking care of all sections of the audience.

More economical

Affordability is a concern for the growing brands. They cannot invest much in the marketing and optimizing techniques like other powerful brands. Local SEO metrics are more economical that way. It provides the initial pushing of the brand name in the right direction. You can gain the first move through it and acquire prominent stability among the rest.

Long-term strategy

Optimizing your site helps you in the long run. Think from a larger perspective, if your brand gets attention among the local searches, there is a chance to spread more. Word-of-mouth plays a greater factor in these cases. You can influence people rightly with the optimized keywords that attract them. The branch marketing mechanism of local search is a great way to earn a brand name.


How to achieve: Now that you know the perks of employing the local optimizing methods, here comes the next part. How do you get it right? The answer is simple. Either you try it yourself or seek professional guidance. The following are three easy ways with which attaining local recognition gets easy in the digital space.


  • Develop local content: Identifying the keywords that work apt for the local audience is the best way. Make the content of your page by using the keywords that pop up in local searches. Emphasize the mentioning of the area you are focusing on to attract better.


  • Collect reviews: Reviews work amazingly for the local audience. It is a common mindset to go by the reviews. For example, if you search for any service, the first thing to notice is the audience reviews. The existing reviews of the people around the target area make a significant influence on local audiences. Use it as an opportunity for better brand work.


  • Claim the business: For benefiting both the brand name and business prospects, you need to earn credibility. You can authenticate your business and cite the name on the online directories. Local searches focus largely on the mentioning of these directories where people get to know about your existence. Make it work in your favor and achieve greater profits. 

Focus on the right

All the above-discussed aspects can only be achieved when you know what you want. First, clear the methods and the reasons behind local optimization. Without having a clear understanding of the process, you cannot make it big. You can learn it on your own or seek expert assistance. The choice is yours to make. Find the right local SEO services  and  focus on the essential techniques and make your digital presence more significant.

Ending note

Sustaining in the digital field needs a mindful approach. You need to outdo your peers to acquire a better brand impact. There was a time when digital marketing did not influence the smaller brands. But now, it is equally important for all. Focus on the newer ways of market domination and apply them rightly. Make the best choices to earn the desired result.

Top Principles for Sustainable App Development in 2021

app development principles

Building an app that would stay significant for a long time is a serious test. Actually, with consistent working framework updating, changes in the market elements, changes in individuals’ necessities and requests, and a steadily expanding app-development rivalry, numerous apps really become very insignificant in a limited capacity to focus time. What’s more, that is the cruel reality for engineers and app-makers in this industry. In any case, this trouble can be estimated through a Sustainable App Development approach that can guarantee the value of apps as long as possible. There is no positive arrangement of guidelines for future-sealing apps, however by making viable strides toward planning, making item definitions, planning and creating apps, one can guarantee reliable long haul achievement. The initial phase in how to create an app is deciding the general idea of your app. Ask yourself what destinations you need to reach and how the portable app will assist you with doing.

This will make a dream for the project and illuminate the functionalities and design expected to arrive at your business objectives. Numerous organizations commit the grave error of attempting to pack an excessive number of highlights into their portable app – particularly in the primary rendition.

A superior alternative is almost down the ideal highlights into wanted highlights and essential highlights. Just remember the vital highlights of your app. In all honesty, client input will tell you different highlights that clients are searching for some other time. Here are a few principles you need to follow in order to develop a really sustainable app in 2021:

Continuously attempt to execute versatile plans


Apparently, this is viewed as quite possibly the most troublesome undertakings to pull off in the app development measure. Adaptable plans empower an app engineer to leave space for absorbing new highlights and make the apps adequately adaptable to act as per future changes. They don’t make introductory variants of the app which passes on a message that they may have missed the mark in any capacity. However, the principle intention is to empower them in such a manner so they can behave like an establishment on which a designer can assemble, reconstruct and even make upgrades in the apps every now and then, which makes the entire thought of feasible app development conceivable.

Route menus are one of the regular highlights that advantage a versatile plan. On the off chance that a MVP (model view moderator) has a couple of highlights in its stockpile, yet there are more made arrangements for future deliveries, tab route couldn’t be the best approach to anticipate and it might make issues as new highlights are carried out. How about we take up a model for better arrangement; Facebook will in general utilize a tab route to grandstand their highlights and a side menu for the excess rest, which really permits them to add on to their menu without carrying out any overhauls.

Assemble and examine client input


At the point when individuals are becoming acquainted with an app, they are profoundly touchy to convenience and quality issues. It might appear to be essential, yet these stay the fundamental driver for early app cancellation. Views of how every now and again an app accidents or how much information, memory, and battery it utilizes weigh vigorously in clients’ initial feelings. Furthermore, assumptions for membership’s apps are just higher — not just around the measure of highlights and substance, however for quality also. 82% of clients guarantee that quality is their first concern.

By and large, natural apps are only simpler to become hopelessly enamored with. Individuals battle to embrace apps on the off chance that they need to invest pointless time and energy into them just to begin. For more than half an ‘simple to explore’ interface is viewed as the main driver of ordinary app esteem.

Assuming you’d prefer to discover how individuals react to an app, you can generally like to enter the market with an app that must be named as a MVP (Model View Presenter). Thus, one can assess what functionalities are truly famous? Which ones need more changes? Which are the new ones that should be consolidated and generally significant among all the others, is that one can see the increases or changes that would guarantee apparent app use manageability later on?  All these questions need to get answered first, then the next step!

The client criticism and examining current utilization information are viewed as fundamental as far as understanding the client’s conduct, other than that it additionally advises an app engineer to search for the necessities that may get significant later on. Consequently, it would be appropriate for us to say that this is a serious significant rule in App Development.

Regular Update and delivery within the deadline

Continuously remember that you should give the clients app updates to keep them significant for your objective market. Other than that, it is very important to react easily to innovative changes as they happen frequently. To have the most perceptible effect, always remember to deliver the developed apps at the ideal time, with the goal that the clients consistently get what they need. Try to add esteem with each update and then deliver it. Nonetheless, adding different new highlights and functionalities will assist you with excursion making a name for yourself on the lookout.

Apparently, this is viewed as quite possibly the most troublesome undertakings to pull off in the app development measure. versatile plans empower an app engineer to leave space for acclimatizing new highlights and make the apps sufficiently adaptable to act as per future changes. They don’t make introductory adaptations of the app which passes on a message that they may have missed the mark in any capacity. However, the primary thought process is to empower them in such a manner with the goal that they can behave like an establishment on which a designer can construct, modify and even make enhancements in the apps every once in a while, which makes the entire thought of feasible app development conceivable.

Route menus are one of the regular highlights that advantage a versatile plan. On the off chance that a MVP (model view moderator) has a couple of highlights in its arms stockpile, however there is more getting ready for future deliveries, tab route couldn’t be the best approach to anticipate and it might make issues as new highlights are carried out. How about we take up a model for better agreement; Facebook will in general utilize a tab route to grandstand their highlights and a side menu for the leftover rest, which really permits them to add on to their menu without executing any upgrades.

Be instinctive and dependable

At the point when individuals are becoming acquainted with an app, they are profoundly touchy to convenience and quality issues. It might appear to be essential, yet these stay the fundamental driver for early app cancellation. Views of how every now and again an app accidents or how much information, memory, and battery it utilizes weigh vigorously in clients’ initial feelings. Furthermore, assumptions for membership’s apps are just higher — not just around the measure of highlights and substance, however for quality also. 82% of clients guarantee that quality is their first concern.

By and large, natural apps are only simpler to become hopelessly enamored with. Individuals battle to embrace apps on the off chance that they need to invest pointless time and energy into them just to begin. For more than half an ‘simple to explore’ interface is viewed as the main driver of ordinary app esteem. The app market is overwhelmed with new apps and many deliveries day by day. Every year a large number of apps are dispatched for both the Android and the iOS App Store, yet barely few are productive or still essential. A dominant part of the versatile apps delivered blur into obscurity or die in some horrible, nightmarish way a sluggish, dismissed demise. Portable apps take on a consistent conflict against OS updates, rivalry, and strain to convey in the midst of questionable economic situations.

There are no pre-characterized models that can help designers assemble an effective Android, Windows or iPhone app. However, there is a verifiable astuteness in applying statistical surveying, getting crowds, utilizing UI/UX design best practices and enhancing the app for search. Following these actions and best practices help you construct an economical app that is effective over the long haul.

Getting Correct and well analyzed information from client

Brand informing and seeing esteem from portable apps is the thing that drives downloads. Clients additionally read audits and other clients’ input prior to considering a download or buy. Try to understand surveys and inputs on the app stores to discover trouble spots and study that assists you with building a prevalent app. Zero in on the informing. Will your app’s motivation and advantage be summarized in its title and depiction text? For example, a portable utility that stores client IDs and passwords can be marked essentially with “store, encode and ensure” that builds up the specific advantages clients can gain.

Once the wireframe and client venture are approved, an app designer will design the interface, adding illustrations, shadings, designs and more to make a convincing and very much marked insight. At the end of the day, the designer will make a mockup (a mid-or high-devotion perception of the item) to have the option to assess the look and feel of the design.

Importance of Mock Up

Furthermore, mockups can assist with assessing the availability and visual consistency of the design, permitting designers to improve the design’s appearance as far as appearance yet in addition to usefulness. As we referenced, each portable app ought to be tried by a handful — if not, hundreds! — of times all through development. Indeed, a devoted quality confirmation master should direct careful QA tests, which will guarantee each and every element works how it should. In the event that they get a bug inside the test climate, engineers will actually want to fix it before the app is dispatched, guaranteeing clients are unaware. A significant general guideline to recall is that app development is rarely genuinely done. Clients will focus on input, clients will leave audits in the app stores, bugs will happen, and associations will need to add new highlights occasionally.

 Bottom note

These things imply that another rendition of the app — regardless of whether it’s a little fix or a significant update — should be created and delivered to existing clients and the app stores.

Arranging is everything, and change is unavoidable, in light of the fact that individuals are horrible at anticipating what’s to come. Plans give a misguided feeling of control, and change happens ceaselessly. Indeed, even market sections once thought to be steady appear to be ready for disturbance. This worth remaining parts however fundamental as it seemed to be in 2021.