How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost

Facebook Advertising Cost

Facebook has the most diverse audience base among social media platforms. It makes it one of the most popular platforms for paid advertising. No matter what your business industry is, you will find your target audience on Facebook. It has rich functionality and various ad options. Stats inform that there are over 7 million active advertisers on Facebook. 

The first question businesses have while promoting their business on Facebook is how much Facebook advertising costs. Several factors go into determining the exact cost of Facebook advertising. For instance, there are two models of Facebook advertising, cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM). Let us understand the factors influencing the Facebook Ad Cost:- 

1. Audience:- 

Your target audience has a significant impact on your Facebook advertising costs. You may experience fluctuations in your ad expense depending upon target audience attributes. For example, women are comparatively more costly than other audience groups in the fashion industry. Similarly, the acquisition cost for consumers 55-64 years old is higher than for those aged 25-34 years.

It follows the simple rule of demand. Demand for the visitors of age 55-64 is higher than the visitors of age 25-34 because they are fewer in number. Facebook also enables social media marketers to target audiences based on their respective interests, including:

  • Outdoor reaction
  • Mediation
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Philanthropy
  • And More

2. Ad budget:- 

Another factor that positively impacts the cost of your marketing campaign is the ad budget. A low budget may hinder the potential of your marketing campaign. A low budget restricts your ability to acquire consumers. 

For example, if your monthly budget is INR 5000 and you spend INR 500 daily, your budget will end in 10 days. You won’t even have the budget to last the whole month. Higher budgets provide you flexibility and freedom to keep going and compete with your competitors. A higher budget naturally lasts longer and enhances the performance of the content

3. Ad bid:- 

Ad bid is another factor impacting the cost of the campaign. You need to understand your campaign and determine the right bidding strategy. It can help you decreases your campaign cost. Two of the most popular bidding strategies on Facebook are as follows:

  • Lowest cost bid strategy:- 

This option is popularly known as automatic bidding. It is designed to help businesses achieve the lowest cost per click possible. Its primary goal is to make effective use of the marketing budget. It is the reason behind its preferences among beginner businesses.

  • Target cost bid strategy:- 

This bidding strategy is popularly known as manual bidding. Its primary focus is to reach your desired cost-per-click or action. You can only use this strategy for app installation, conversion, lead generation, and product catalogue sale campaigns. 

Your bidding strategy and bid amount will govern your Facebook advertising costs. Usually, manual bidding comes at a higher cost, While the automatic bidding strategy tends to cover most of your budget with minimum CPC. 

Facebook utilizes bid amount, estimated action rates, ad quality, and relevance to rate each bidder.

  • Bid amount:- A bid amount is how much you are willing to pay per visitor to interact with your ads. It is essential to set a competitive bid amount to reach the most number of consumers possible. One must project attainable profits and determine the right bid amount to make it possible. 
  • Estimated action rates:- An estimated action rate is the probability of a user acting after interacting with your ad. One must focus on creating ads that yield higher estimated action rates to outrank their competitors and connect with the most visitors possible. 
  • Ad quality and relevance:- Qualitative ads are most likely to convert a visitor into a customer. Based on your previous ad performance and target audience preference, Facebook provides a quality score for your ads. The higher the quality score, the more your chances of appearing on a specific webpage for a specific consumer.

4. Ad objective:- 

The first thing you need to do to create an effective ad campaign on Facebook is to choose the campaign objectives. There are three primary ad objectives in Facebook ads. 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

You can then select from the sub-categories of these options a more precise objective for your campaign. In most cases, more valuable ad goals, like a store visit or product purchase, lead to higher ad costs. The reason for that is the high-competitive nature of these ads. On the other hand, these ad objectives provide immediate value to that specific business. 

5. Ad placement:- 

Ad placement also shapes the cost of Facebook ads. There are six digital locations your ads can appear through Facebook ads. 

  • Instagram
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook desktop News Feeds
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Audience network
  • Facebook right column

Facebook provides a competitive advantage over other social media networks as it owns Instagram. Marketers can target their Instagram audience through Facebook ads. Facebook provides enriched functionality to create comprehensive ads for both Facebook and Instagram. It saves extra time for your marketing team. The platforms advertisers improvise to present their ads to their target audience through Facebook are as follows: 

  • Instagram:- 

Instagram has the highest CPC when it comes to Facebook advertising costs. Consumers on Instagram are highly passionate about their interests and are more likely to convert. On average, marketers spend an additional $0.80 per click to show their ads on Instagram. The cost per click for advertising on Instagram stories is comparatively lower than the feeds.

  • Facebook:- 

Facebook is slightly more affordable than Instagram. The average CPC for ads on Facebook is approximately $0.30 less than on Instagram. However, it is an older platform with a versatile nature. Your ads can also appear on Facebook Messenger. It is one of the most popular social media messaging apps.

  • Audience Network:- 

An audience network allows your ads to appear on relevant websites and mobile apps, maintaining an even lower cost-per-click. 

While you spend time determining the right platform for your campaign, Facebook provides an option for automatic ad placements. It enables businesses to connect with their target audience and achieve the most out of their advertising endeavors. 

6. Ad quality:- 

The quality of your Facebook ads is another deciding factor for the cost of your Facebook paid campaign. Ads with higher engagement and relevant scores yield lower CPC. Higher consumer engagement provides positive signals to the Facebook algorithms about the relevance of the ad quality. It makes it easy to outrank competitors with similar bid amounts. 

Hootsuite experimented to determine the importance of the quality of ads. One with a relevance score of 2.9 and another with a relevance score of 8. The low-scoring ad had an average CPC of $0.14, and the other had an average CPC of around $0.003. 

Facebook provides a rating to the ads depending upon their relevance and target audience feedback. Try to get the highest possible score to minimize your campaign costs. 

7. Season:- 

The time of year can also impact the cost of your Facebook ads campaign. 

The CPC of your ad campaign may be higher during the pick shopping seasons. The increased demand for ad space results in a competitive marketplace. With many competitors targeting specific ad locations and specific keywords, it is obvious to experience a higher CPC amount. 

Some of the most expensive advertising ads on Facebook include: 

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Friendship day
  • Independence day and many more.

However, these days put forward a great opportunity for advertisers to connect with their potential business prospects and achieve their business goals. They must refine their social media marketing strategy, find specific keywords, and increase the quality of their Facebook Ads. You might obtain higher conversion rates and increase the profits in return for a higher CPC. 

8. Industry:- 

While the average cost of Facebook advertising is $0.94 per ad click, you can get better insight into your expected advertising costs by looking at your expected Facebook advertising costs. This data offers a more accurate estimate, which can help your team build your social media marketing budget

Depending upon your industry, Facebook advertising can be a cost-effective option for building brand awareness and achieving other media marketing goals. Creating a social media strategy can help you stand out from the competition and connect to your target audience.  

Industry Facebook Ad Cost

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

The average cost of Facebook advertising is $0.97 per click and $7.19 per 1000 impressions. However, this data has zero to nonutility for specific business industries. One needs to monitor their target audience behaviour and their business industry trends to determine the Facebook advertising cost for their business. 

Data regarding Facebook ad cost:- 

facebook bidding model

This data epitomizes an in-depth AdEspresso study that assessed almost $300 million of Facebook ad spend. However, these numbers are only averages. You may experience a higher or lower ad spend depending upon several factors such as the ad placements, target market, industry, and many more. 

One must utilize these numbers as a reference rather than ideal for their upcoming ad campaign. If not, one risks setting unrealistic expectations for the ad campaign, resulting in poor performance and unhappy company decision-makers. 

How does a Facebook ad auction happen?

It is essential to understand the process of the Facebook ad auction to understand how Facebook charges advertisers. Let us understand the step-by-step process of creating Facebook ad campaigns and the factors Facebook considers while prioritizing certain ads over others. 


  • Advertiser logs into the Facebook Ad Manager to create ad copies and a campaign. 
  • The advertiser determines the daily budget he is willing to pay.
  • The third step is determining the campaign goals or what would the advertiser pay for. For example, Like, views, clicks, or downloads. 
  • Advertisers define their target audience through attributes, such as their age groups, demographics, and interests. 
  • Advertisers add illustrations and leverage effective copywriting to create high-quality ad copies.
  • The final step is approving and launching the campaign. 


Whenever there is a chance to show ads, a Facebook ad auction takes place virtually. Here it compares all eligible ads to determine the one most eligible to present to the visitors.


  • There are three primary factors determining the ad rank of a Facebook ad, bid amount, estimated action rates, and ad quality. 
  • Facebook uses the estimated action rates and the ad quality to determine ad relevance. 
  • The add attaining the highest rating on the value scale wins the auction and claims its spot as the most eligible add for a specific user.


Ad auction helps you understand the most vital metrics that determine their ad rank and the cost of the campaign. 


  • Ad bid
  • Estimated action rate
  • Ad Quality
  • Ad relevance


This matric can be optimized to attain higher ad rank via specific actions such as by increasing ad quality and relevance to visitors, one can yield a comparatively lower cost per click on their Facebook ads. Facebook even states that advertisements with better relevancy pay a lower CPC and have a higher face time with visitors. 

Frequently asked questions on Facebook advertising costs:-

1. How to determine the right target audience to minimize my Facebook ad cost?

The best way to determine your target audience is to analyze the existing audience on your business website and social media handles. Try to identify similarities among your target audience. What is their age group? Is there any pattern suggesting their demographics? What are their interests? 

If you don’t have a digital presence, analyze your close competitors’ target audience. Optimizing is essential to ensure that your ads reach the right audience. Advertising to a relevant audience is vital to obtaining a higher conversion rate and lower cost per click for a specific campaign. 

2. What is the per month cost of advertising on Facebook?

On average, businesses spend $200 to $800 on Facebook ads per month. Several factors go into determining the right budget for a specific industry. It includes the cost of consumer acquisition, business goals, the model of Facebook advertising, and the scale of the business. Experimenting will give a better idea of what should be the ideal budget for a specific ad campaign. 

A higher price per click comes with higher freedom of advertising to more customers and obtaining more revenue. For example, suppose there are two ad campaigns with a budget of $100 and $500 respectively. Assuming that they have similar costs per conversion, the campaign with a budget of $500 will do better than that with a budget of $100. 

However, there are other ways to reduce the cost per click of a campaign and excel with a low budget. For example, improving the ad quality and creating relevant ad copies can significantly reduce your consumer acquisition cost and help you excel in your marketing strategy


Facebook is among the most popular platforms for paid advertisement. It has a wide range of audiences presenting enormous growth opportunities for all business industries. However, not having an idea of the cost of Facebook advertising and setting up unattainable goals can cause you to lose money on Facebook. 

One must study the factors affecting the cost of Facebook advertising before beginning their advertising campaign. There are four factors Facebook utilizes to determine the most relevant ad for a specific user. It includes bid amount, ad quality, estimated action rate, and ad relevance. By leveraging these factors, businesses can highly reduce their cost per click and increase the efficiency of paid campaign

On some days, the cost per click is comparatively higher. The apparent reason for that is the higher probability of the audience converting to paid advertising and the competition for their attention. A PPC advertising strategy is essential for minimizing the cost of Facebook advertising. 

How Can a Digital Marketing Consultant Help Your Business Growth

Digital Marketing Consultant

No matter your business field, you can not overlook the essentiality of digital marketing for its growth. Marketing has the power to connect you with millions of potential business prospects and achieve your business goals. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

There are several online marketing platforms, such as search engines, social media, mobile apps, etc. On top of that, there are several marketing tactics and digital marketing strategies. Overall, it is a complex process. Only through experience can one understand these complexities and set particulars for a digital marketing strategy.

Businesses often make the mistake of going with the flow, avoiding digital marketing consulting and the importance of a marketing framework for their business endeavors.

It is where a digital marketing consultant comes in. A digital marketing consultant has expertise in framing and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Let us discuss different fields of digital marketing a consultant can help you with.

1. Search engine optimization:-


SEO is the process of optimizing your website for a higher SERP ranking. Many people confuse Search engine marketing for search engine optimization. However, they are different. Search engine marketing is the promotion of products and services. On the other hand, search engine optimization is the growth of a website for higher SERP rankings.

There are over 200 ranking factors for a website on search engine result pages. Search engine optimization is probably the most complex internet marketing model. One thing that works for one business might not work for another. It makes it essential for organizations to determine the most appropriate marketing strategy to achieve their business goals.

A digital marketing consultant has exceptional research skills. He carries out quick market research to understand the essential marketing tactics and frames a comprehensive marketing strategy to provide navigation to your SEO campaign. He also highlights the primary SEO mistakes businesses make at the beginning of the SEO campaign.

2. Social media marketing:-

Social media is one of the most popular internet marketing platforms. There are over 4 billion social media users. It is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to pitch their target audience and achieve their business goals.

Businesses will lack a way behind their competitors by not improvising social media marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. There are a handful of social media marketing platforms. This makes it difficult for businesses to determine the most suitable marketing platform for their business.

A digital marketing consultant helps businesses locate and connect to their social media audience. He improvises various analytics tools and conducts detailed marketing research to identify the most suitable marketing platforms.


Let us understand some of the popular social media marketing platforms in detail:


Facebook has the broadest and most diverse user base among social media platforms. It is the first choice of many social media marketers. There are various options for connecting to a specific group of audiences and improvising different ad formats to meet individual interests. It enables businesses to narrow their audience based on their attributes and pitch their target audience. It is best for eCommerce businesses looking to increase their sales and brand awareness.


Instagram is among the fastest-growing social media platforms. There are over 500 million daily active users of Instagram. The Reels initiative of Instagram has further increased consumer engagement. It is an opportunity for businesses looking to improvise video marketing to support their marketing endeavors. It is also one of the best platforms for increasing brand awareness and boosting your brand recognition.


Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms among bloggers. It works as a secondary traffic source for websites. There are over 450 million monthly active users on this platform. There are a handful of Pinterest marketing tactics you must improvise to reach out to your target audience and grow your brand awareness.


LinkedIn is a place for your businesses to connect to skilled employees and grow an experienced workforce. It is a place for organizations and employees to connect. However, it is competitive to gain exposure to accomplished employees on LinkedIn. An effective content marketing strategy is required to pitch potential business prospects and achieve business goals.

It is difficult to determine the right tactics and platform to support your social media marketing campaign. A digital marketing consultant is familiar with all these complexities and can help you ascertain the most suitable social media tools and platforms.

3. Paid per click marketing:-

PPC marketing is a highly effective marketing methodology. It requires an advertiser to pay a specific price every time someone clicks on your ad. In other words, it is a strategy that allows you to buy visitors to your website. However, the target audience achieved through PPC marketing is highly relevant and more likely to convert to your business leads. There are multiple platforms and various ad formats you can use to advertise your products or services.

Many factors determine the best PPC strategy for your business. It includes your target audience preference, your marketing goal, budget, etc. A digital marketing consultant enables you to find all this information and support your marketing strategy.

4. Content marketing:-


Content marketing is creating content around specific keywords to answer customer queries. It aims at increasing SERP rankings to achieve higher organic traffic.

It begins by researching keywords. It is where most businesses lack and fail their content marketing campaign. A digital marketing consultant has the experience of working on such projects and understands the complications associated with the project.

He guides you through the process by creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy for your business. Not just that, he also helps you write quality content and establish your website dominance among competitors though content audit.

Integration of content marketing with search engine optimization:-

It is one of the most heated debates among marketers. What is more important for the growth of a business, SEO or content marketing? Well, to answer that question, both are indispensable. It is essential for SEO and content marketing to work together for the success of a marketing campaign.

Most people say content is king, create high-quality content, and achieve tons of organic traffic. It is no longer the case in the field of digital marketing. You need to drive awareness about your content, and SEO is the tool for that. It aims to increase your content visibility on the internet. It gives you an edge over your competitors.

A digital marketing consultant brings a fresh perspective to this subject. He understands the complications and the way to go about them. He carries out a competitive analysis to determine the marketing strategy your competitors are using to achieve their marketing goals. He then frames an integrated strategy to ensure the multi-dimensional growth of your business.

How to determine the most suitable digital marketing consultant for your business?

It is essential to find a skilled digital marketing consultant for your business. The success of your marketing strategy depends on his  expertise. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind while determining a digital marketing consultant for your business.

1. Determine the services you want:-

It is essential to set particulars on the services you want before looking for a digital marketing consultant. It gives you an insight into the attributes of a digital marketing consultant you want for your business.

An eCommerce business might require PPC management services. On the other hand, a beginner blog may require content marketing services. Different digital marketing consultants have expertise in various digital marketing services. You must look for a service provider based on your specific marketing requirements.

2. Check out their services:-

Start by creating a seed list of the potential service providers, then start analyzing their services. You need to assure the authenticity and expertise of a consultant before hiring him. Analyze their website and their content inventory. Do they maintain a blog? What is their content marketing strategy?

An expert service provider will always have an extensive knowledge base. Here are some of the things to look for in their content inventory:

  • Detailed marketing guides
  • Case studiesseo case study
  • E-books

Scrap through their content inventory, and read some of their blogs and case studies. Case studies demonstrate the data regarding the step-by-step implementation of a marketing strategy for a specific project. Try to comprehend the data and set particulars about a consultant’s suitability for your project.

If you are starting, you might require a handful of digital marketing services to ensure the multi-dimensional growth of your business. The consultant you opt for must provide a variety of digital marketing services. It includes:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Price per click
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online reputation management

You do not know what you would require to achieve desired results beforehand. You must ensure versatility in a consultant’s service domain to avoid future inconvenience.

As you progress research, start short-listing your seed list until you determine a service provider most suitable to your business endeavors.

3. Analyze their prices:-

An essential factor when searching for a digital marketing consultant is their prices. One of the common mistakes businesses make is opting for cheap consulting. While you aim to hire affordable consulting to match your marketing budget, cheap services won’t deliver a return on investment.

Usually, digital marketing consultants do not publish their prices online. It makes the process of researching even more difficult. They often ask you to fill a form or drive you through cheap lead generation funnels. It can hinder your experience and take time to yield the price information.

However, if you find a consultant demonstrating their prices on their website, take it as a positive sign. It shows their confidence in their services.

4. Check their portfolio and reviews:-

What do their previous customers have to say about them? How satisfied are they with their services? Client reviews matter a lot to determine the quality of services a consultant provides.

Look for client testimonials on their website. Many digital marketing consulting firms publish their reviews online. It means tons of information for you to go through. You can start from the case studies to understand the type of projects they have worked on.

Focus specifically on their specialty. What field of digital marketing do they specialize in? Going through their case studies, try to determine a pattern. What kind of digital marketing projects do they usually work on? Do they specialize in SEO, PPC, OR SEM? Your requirements must match their specialty.

Another thing to keep in mind is the results obtained. Even if a consultant has provided a long record of what they did for a specific client, their results look ordinary. How good would their services be to your business? You must ensure exceptional results before opting for a digital marketing consultant.


The competition among businesses has grown over time. It creates an urgent necessity for organizations to strengthen their marketing strategy. It comes in handy to have an expert digital marketing consultant by your side.

While you begin your marketing efforts, numerous things can go wrong. You might not have clarity over what you need to do to achieve desired results. A digital marketing consultant is highly skilled in understanding the complications associated with a project and framing appropriate solutions.

No matter how experienced an individual is, he can never reach the level of a digital marketing consultant. They have experience in working on different projects and expertise to execute the strategy.

We at SEO Discovery, take business-client relationships very seriously. We work our way from requirement analysis to framing a comprehensive multi-channel strategy for our client. Hire SEO Discovery as your new digital marketing consultant and watch your businesses attain the heights of marketing.

4 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

negative feedback

No one likes criticism or negative feedback. Whether you are working in a company or providing a service, negative feedback can hinder your confidence and morale. However, on the other hand, negative feedback can be a valuable thing to improve yourself. Marketers often face negative comments and reviews on their services. Sometimes, angry audiences rant online in the comment section. So, you must prepare yourself for that. 

Changing your outlook to see the negative feedback can help you to achieve more growth. It is not always easy for people to see the positive side of negative feedback. Negative reviews are hard to handle as they can impair our effectiveness. 

Receiving positive feedback makes you feel very encouraged, enthusiastic and motivated. On the other hand, receiving negative comments can be hard and demotivating sometimes. Humans make mistakes, and there is always room for improvement, and getting criticism for that is common. However, getting a negative comment and accepting it on social media platforms is still a challenging thing.

You will hardly find any guidance specifically on how to respond calmly to negative feedback. In this guide, we have shared some supported actions that can help you to respond to negative comments and won’t damage your self-consciousness. 

1. Pause, learn and review it.

Controlling the defensive reaction to a negative comment is hard to do. However, if you succeed in doing that, you have learned how to pause after getting criticised. Though, it is a good practice to listen to the feedback, learn from it, and review it. You must take a deep breath as it might help you to apprehend the negative feedback. After that, you must review it by listening to the reviewer and asking for support evidence to get clarity from the opposite side.

2. Ignore or move on

Sometimes, feedback comes from such sources who know nothing about your work.  Many people post invaluable comments that hold no value, so move on and don’t get hung up on that comment. Criticism is a part of any business, and you need not get too down with negative comments. Most of the time, trolls are done out of jealousy and to beat the ongoing competition in the market. Therefore, it is sometimes better to ignore and just let it be.

3. See positivity in the comments

Build the habit of seeing the positive even in the negative comments. If you are in a job and you get negative feedback from your manager or head of the department, it means they care for you. If you are a business owner and get negative reviews, it means you have a chance to improve your services to avoid it in future. Try to understand your critic’s point of view. Hear the comments in a way that sounds like positive ones. Everyone should consider feedback as an eye-opener because it can help you to improve your performance.  Criticism is a negative pill but helps you to grow and develop if taken positively.

4. Accept and own it

Being humans, we tend to reject criticism out of anger, but owning and accepting it is better. You must take care of not taking the negative reviews personally and analyse whether the feedback is constructive or destructive in anyways. The constructive feedback always comes with a few ways on how to improve the services or your performance. Whereas, the destructive feedback might be having the strong motive of destroying your mental peace. Hence it is always advised to accept the feedback but never let it affect your work and peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Receiving negative and destructive comments has happened with everyone at some point of time in their lives. These are pretty common in the online business, and you must prepare yourself for them. You just need to add feedback as a fundamental part of learning new things and improving the existing ones. Furthermore,  try to avoid defensive reactions because responding impulsively makes you look unprofessional. One unprofessional behaviour and impulsive response can affect your brand name negatively. So, try to view the comments with a pinch of salt.

Influencer Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for 2022

Influencer Marketing

If used properly, influencer marketing can be the best marketing strategy in today’s day and age. No matter how many best digital marketing company you speak to, everyone will say the same thing – it’s the only marketing strategy you’ll need right now. Within the last couple of years, influencer marketing has become an indescribably essential part of digital marketing. You won’t find a lot of brands surviving and thriving in today’s competitive business landscape without using influencer marketing strategies. So, what’s the deal? What is influencer marketing anyway? How can you use it to get ahead in the race against your competitors? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions.

An explanation

Influencer marketing is a process of digital marketing where you employ the services of a social media influencer. This person is exceptionally popular in the world of the web. When you ask him/her to help you, he/she will promote your brand and its products. This individual will mention and endorse your company while contributing to brand recognition improvement. In return, you’ll provide him/her money, free products, or exclusive rewards.

About social media influencers

Social media influencers have to gain credibility in a specific niche before earning the title. Some of them use YouTube while others resort to Facebook or Instagram. These people have a loyal group of followers that often amounts to the millions. You can leverage their popularity to influence their follower bases to buy something from you. The social media influencer will endorse your products or services by creating content to change the perceptions of his/her followers towards your brand.

How it began

At the moment, influencer marketing is the most reliable and effective method of digital marketing. Almost all top-tier brands in this world use this method to leave their competitors behind. However, it became famous only recently. Influencer marketing started becoming the first choice among social media marketers when social media started replacing conventional media outlets. Not many people want to follow celebrities blindly anymore. Instead, they want to look up to non-celebrities operating via social media to provide entertaining content. If you research the internet for statistical data, you’ll realize the true power of influencer marketing and how it affects people of all ages, especially millennials.

The types

Influencer marketing can be of several types. Here’s a basic explanation of each variant.

  • Sponsored content is one of the commonest influencer marketing methods of today. It simply includes posting content on social media advertising a specific service or product.

  • You can also try affiliate links or discount-based influencer marketing. Everyone likes getting rebates, after all, and when a social media influencer announces discounts, it works like magic. You’ll track the discounts using referral or affiliate links.

  • Another type of influencer marketing incorporates organizing contests. The winner will receive one or more giveaways. As you can probably guess, everyone wants to get the good stuff for free, and it’s especially true for a social media influencer’s audience.

  • You may even consider publishing content released by influencers on your website or social media channels. When a social media influencer makes his/her appearance on one or more of your business channels, he/she will drive a lot of traffic towards your web platform.

  • Finally, you can bestow ambassadorship upon a social media influencer. You only need to make sure the individual’s personality, as well as the persona of the person’s audience, fits your brand.

Importance: So, what makes influencer marketing important?

  • With the advent of social media and its popularity in the field of business, it has become extremely important for companies of all sizes and scales to become social-proof. Human beings expect to blend with the crowd because they hope to earn acceptance in society. It’s precisely what you get when you hire the services offered by social media influencers.
  • When it comes to making sales on social media platforms, you have to bring your message in front of the target audience. There was a time when this task wasn’t easy at all. Today, however, a social media influencer can do it exceptionally well.


If you’ve been reading this from the beginning, then you already know how important influencer marketing is. In fact, it’s integral to running a business right now. For ascertaining the effectiveness of this particular form of digital marketing, it’s best to compare it to other types.

  • Hundreds and thousands of marketers out there will say that content marketing is still the number one choice, and they aren’t wrong. However, content marketing will build your authority and contribute to brand value only. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, will increase your brand’s recognition. You need to strike a balance between the two to get the best results.

  • User-generated content can contribute to your digital marketing efforts. In some ways, it’s just like having a social media influencer as your business partner. This person will represent your brand daily, just like all customers who leave reviews on your website or social media channels whenever they purchase something.

  • Comparing social media marketing with influencer marketing is somewhat weird. After all, influencer marketing involves relying on a social media influencer who operates on social media platforms. Despite being similar in some ways, there are significant differences between the two. Unfortunately, these differences are out of the scope of this write-up. However, it’s worth mentioning here that the effectiveness of influencer marketing is high enough to be an entirely independent form of digital marketing.

Similar but better:

 If there’s one form of marketing resembling influencer marketing, it is word-of-mouth marketing. No matter how digitized this world gets, people will always trust something when a group of individuals mentions a specific brand among a throng of them. One of the main reasons behind the effectiveness of influencer marketing is that it’s an advanced version of word-of-mouth marketing.

How to do it:

Now, it’s time to find out how you can undertake influencer marketing.

  • Before you seek out a reputable and reliable social media influencer, you have to choose one or more social media platforms suitable for your brand. To that end, you have to analyze each platform, as well as the people who frequent them.
  • Every social media influencer should have the right to creative freedom. You shouldn’t hesitate to give them an opportunity to represent your company the way they see fit. However, you shouldn’t avoid setting up a few guidelines for the social media influencers to follow diligently.
  • You can start looking for influencers at this stage, but you should also take a few moments to consider the type of influencer to work with. Mega-influencers are the people with an incredibly large fan base. Second to them are the macro-influencers. They usually have a follower base amounting to 500,000. Mid-tier influencers have anywhere between 50,000 and 500,000 followers, while micro-influencers have about 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Nano-influencers occupy the last spot with 1,000 to 10,000 followers.
  • Finding a social media influencer shouldn’t be a challenge provided you do your research. Just search for them in your business niche by keeping your eyes peeled for hashtags and keywords.
  • Finally, you can reach out to an influencer just by sending a message to the person directly. However, you must inspect their bio-data first. It should contain information about their preferences regarding marketing inquiries.


Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive guide to using influencer marketing in 2022 and beyond. If you try it, you must be ready to host a massive amount of digital traffic.

Top Web Analytics Tools For New Age Marketers

Top Web Analytics Tools

In the massive volume of website available on the Internet driven platforms, it is extremely important to assess the quality of your website to ascertain its future sustenance and success. This is exactly why web analytics tools have become indispensable for the new-age digital marketers. In the course of this discussion we will take a look at the most effective tools which not only helps to ascertain the quality of SEO campaigns but at the same time points out at the gaps and the future improvements which must be made for the website.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is one of the most important and popular tools which is being used by the most digital marketing agency. This tool is extremely simple to use and to setup. It comes in both paid as well as free versions. The Google Analytics can help you to get all the information about any website which will include the number of visits, the nature of audience interaction with the website content, bounce rate, engagement, etc.


The Chartbeat happens to be a tool of web analytics which successfully analyzes the way an audience is interacting with any given website content. The tool is more than ideal to capture and track the entire content oriented data. If your website has a lot of content in it Chartbeat as a tool of web analytics will successfully help you to ascertain the pattern in which the traffic visiting your website is interacting with the content present over there. This tool can be used to collect measurable data in the context of your website content in a single place.


This is the third tool of web analytics we will be talking about in our discussion. This tool is a perfect way through which a site can be tested in all its attributes. The tool can assist marketers in a major way to optimize their performance through various kinds of testing as well as experimentation. The tool is considered to be ideal since it can take fast test of your website without making any mistake. With the help of this tool marketers can perform different test so that the website can be optimized in terms of a data and metric.

Crazy Egg

In the next tool we will analyze the Crazy Egg. It offers a huge volume of data or information about any website and is also equipped with a long list of features like scroll map, heatmap, confetti and overlay. All these features can help a marketer to understand the pattern in which the audience is interacting with the data content of the website. This is attained through an analysis of the trend pattern of scrolling through the different pages of the website where the traffic must have clicked the most for the desired information. The Crazy Eggs can be considered to be one of the best tools when it comes to website testing. It is available in free version that can be used for about 30 days after which you need to purchase any certain plan.

Clicky web Analytics tool

This is considered to be one of the most powerful web analytics tools available in the market and used by the modern gamut of marketers. The tool has been facilitated with features of big screen and can tell a marketer lot about the website content and the way it is being used by the traffic visiting the website. This tool can provide you information like the number of visitors which is coming to your website, the pattern in which they are delving into the website content etc. This tool also comes with twitter analytics feature which can give you a lot of information about your business dynamics of.


Kissmetrics is a web analytics tool that offers beneficial features that happens to be a step further from the advanced and the basic website metrics. It helps to evaluate the data of the customer required to develop your website further. Apart from the customer information this metric can also help you to attain a deeper understanding into the journey of the customers through your website pages. This tool can help you to track your audience, their number of visits to website, etc. With the help of this tool you can also get a fair idea about the purchase decisions of your customers. This web analytics tool is also provided with an inbuilt email marketing feature through which online brands can shoot automated bulk email to their target market segments.


The list of popular and effective tools of web analytics can never be complete without SEMrush being included in it. This is a tool which is very popular amongst content marketing experts as well as developing keyword. This tool can offer a detailed idea about the way your keywords are helping your website and attracting a larger volume of traffic and  providing you greater advantage as compared to your competitors. In addition SEMrush  also helps you to get tons of other keywords which can be created around the keywords which exist with your website currently.


This is an open source tool of web analytics which has really powerful features. Matomo can be hosted into the server of your website itself. You can keep your data private under control and highly safe with the application of Matomo. The tool can be customized as per your specific requirements. It offers a plethora of plugins so that data can be visualized and information can be executed in any way required. If your agency is very serious about maintaining the privacy of your data Matomo happens to be your only choice.


On a final note the above mentioned tools of web analytics is just a very basic list, which can be further elongated with several other names. This means now analyzing the way a website has been shaped and is being used is highly doable. This can help the web analytics company and the web designing teams to improve the quality without relentlessly.

Top Features to Lookout for Your E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce Website Design

During this pandemic, when most shopping malls are shutting down, people are focusing on online shopping. They can buy anything with just a click. From apparel to gadgets, groceries to accessories, everything can be delivered to their doorstep.

E-commerce business owner, it is the time to wake up and make your website a fabulous one that is customer-friendly and easy to access!

Your competitors are putting their best foot forward; it is your turn ! know about the e-commerce website design features that make your site user-friendly and pulls tons of business to you!!!

Don’t know how to proceed? Here is your ultimate guide to making your site a better one. Go ahead and read till the end to explore e-commerce website design features.

Decorate your e-Commerce Website with the Best Features – Here is How!

In most cases, the success of an e-commerce business not only depends on the product but also how well it is marketed. So don’t miss a chance to make your website the best one. Before diving into the industry, let us tell you about top e-commerce’s web design features that make websites stand out in the crowd.

Shopping cart, login Box

Popular e-commerce websites have a login box on the home page. Customers can make a private account with their email id and access the shopping site. Even they will able to see their order history. You are serving your customers, so the login box is the first thing you should add to your website features.

The little bag icon indicates a shopping cart, where customers can gather their choose items and check out. Often the major sites maintain a sub-category like a wishlist. Customers may not have those items right now, but adding them to the Wishlist saves their time and effort in the future.

Look at the sites like – Myntra, Firstcry, Amazon and get an idea of where and how should you include those icons.

Promotion & Discount Tools

Thinking about offering a special coupon for the upcoming festive season? Don’t forget to add promotion and discount tools features to your website. Talk about deals of the day, special coupon codes, freebies, and free shipping options. It will be a place where your customers will access all kinds of offers in one place.

Email marketing integration

The eCommerce design feature converts your cold leads to warm leads or warm leads to paying customers. A welcome coupon or little discount can be used to get their email ids. Take advantage of email marketing and nurture your customers daily with the latest products, newsletters, updates to bits, and so on.

Design an effective email marketing strategy that encourages your leads to take action. For example, embed a simple pop-up form on your site to capture the basic leads of your leads and start nurturing them in the best possible way.

Search wizard

Not everyone likes to browse the whole menu before choosing the right items. They prefer to type and go for the exact page for the product which they are looking for. Include search wizard in your website to make exploring fun!


To give this facility an extra edge, you can add high price, low price, and high popularity filters or sort them based on price, color, size, and other facilities.

Product comparison

When your user is in a dilemma and feeling confused about which one to pick up, give them a product comparison facility to decide. It makes their task easy. They should compare the product color, dimension, design, size, and all other features. Consider product comparison features as a top e-commerce website design feature to include.


Customers may love to share their experience on your website. It helps newcomers to make the purchase decision easy. Positive feedback accelerates your business and growth and brings fresh leads for you. Add a reviews section as a design feature to your website.

Help desk

Online shopping should be a smooth experience. Provide prompt help to your customers at any point they feel stuck. Mention your customer care phone number, help desk email id. You may like to include an online chat option to help your customer instantly.

Social media links

Who does not love to have a positive social media buzz?

Include your social media links on your website. Your customers may like to share your site links or anything on social media. It is one of the e-commerce top design features that extend your business reach and generate brand awareness.

Include How to guide

Sometimes customers may plan to buy something expensive like a plasma television or a high-end mobile phone. How to choose a perfect plasma television guide can make their decision easily. Include how to guide will help them to simplify the matter.

Wrapping up

Follow the above mention tips, add eCommerce top design designs and make your business thrive digitally. But, before you go ahead, make an entire plan on what things you need to work on and what you would like to add. Then, take a sneak peek at your competitor’s website and observe how they have include design features.

In case you find these things too technical, seek help from web design company. Talk to them and discuss your requirement. It may take time to hit a wining one, be patient and proceed step by step.

Your customers can be your best critics. So first, ask them for the suggestion, like the other features they would like to have, which are things they love most about your website, which they don’t like. Then, request them for a review and ratings that offer you a scope for improvement.

Avail of every opportunity and add the latest features to your e-commerce site. Remember, your website is your business identity, so make it as worthy as possible.