4 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

negative feedback

No one likes criticism or negative feedback. Whether you are working in a company or providing a service, negative feedback can hinder your confidence and morale. However, on the other hand, negative feedback can be a valuable thing to improve yourself. Marketers often face negative comments and reviews on their services. Sometimes, angry audiences rant online in the comment section. So, you must prepare yourself for that. 

Changing your outlook to see the negative feedback can help you to achieve more growth. It is not always easy for people to see the positive side of negative feedback. Negative reviews are hard to handle as they can impair our effectiveness. 

Receiving positive feedback makes you feel very encouraged, enthusiastic and motivated. On the other hand, receiving negative comments can be hard and demotivating sometimes. Humans make mistakes, and there is always room for improvement, and getting criticism for that is common. However, getting a negative comment and accepting it on social media platforms is still a challenging thing.

You will hardly find any guidance specifically on how to respond calmly to negative feedback. In this guide, we have shared some supported actions that can help you to respond to negative comments and won’t damage your self-consciousness. 

1. Pause, learn and review it.

Controlling the defensive reaction to a negative comment is hard to do. However, if you succeed in doing that, you have learned how to pause after getting criticised. Though, it is a good practice to listen to the feedback, learn from it, and review it. You must take a deep breath as it might help you to apprehend the negative feedback. After that, you must review it by listening to the reviewer and asking for support evidence to get clarity from the opposite side.

2. Ignore or move on

Sometimes, feedback comes from such sources who know nothing about your work.  Many people post invaluable comments that hold no value, so move on and don’t get hung up on that comment. Criticism is a part of any business, and you need not get too down with negative comments. Most of the time, trolls are done out of jealousy and to beat the ongoing competition in the market. Therefore, it is sometimes better to ignore and just let it be.

3. See positivity in the comments

Build the habit of seeing the positive even in the negative comments. If you are in a job and you get negative feedback from your manager or head of the department, it means they care for you. If you are a business owner and get negative reviews, it means you have a chance to improve your services to avoid it in future. Try to understand your critic’s point of view. Hear the comments in a way that sounds like positive ones. Everyone should consider feedback as an eye-opener because it can help you to improve your performance.  Criticism is a negative pill but helps you to grow and develop if taken positively.

4. Accept and own it

Being humans, we tend to reject criticism out of anger, but owning and accepting it is better. You must take care of not taking the negative reviews personally and analyse whether the feedback is constructive or destructive in anyways. The constructive feedback always comes with a few ways on how to improve the services or your performance. Whereas, the destructive feedback might be having the strong motive of destroying your mental peace. Hence it is always advised to accept the feedback but never let it affect your work and peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Receiving negative and destructive comments has happened with everyone at some point of time in their lives. These are pretty common in the online business, and you must prepare yourself for them. You just need to add feedback as a fundamental part of learning new things and improving the existing ones. Furthermore,  try to avoid defensive reactions because responding impulsively makes you look unprofessional. One unprofessional behaviour and impulsive response can affect your brand name negatively. So, try to view the comments with a pinch of salt.

Influencer Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for 2022

Influencer Marketing

If used properly, influencer marketing can be the best marketing strategy in today’s day and age. No matter how many best digital marketing company you speak to, everyone will say the same thing – it’s the only marketing strategy you’ll need right now. Within the last couple of years, influencer marketing has become an indescribably essential part of digital marketing. You won’t find a lot of brands surviving and thriving in today’s competitive business landscape without using influencer marketing strategies. So, what’s the deal? What is influencer marketing anyway? How can you use it to get ahead in the race against your competitors? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions.

An explanation

Influencer marketing is a process of digital marketing where you employ the services of a social media influencer. This person is exceptionally popular in the world of the web. When you ask him/her to help you, he/she will promote your brand and its products. This individual will mention and endorse your company while contributing to brand recognition improvement. In return, you’ll provide him/her money, free products, or exclusive rewards.

About social media influencers

Social media influencers have to gain credibility in a specific niche before earning the title. Some of them use YouTube while others resort to Facebook or Instagram. These people have a loyal group of followers that often amounts to the millions. You can leverage their popularity to influence their follower bases to buy something from you. The social media influencer will endorse your products or services by creating content to change the perceptions of his/her followers towards your brand.

How it began

At the moment, influencer marketing is the most reliable and effective method of digital marketing. Almost all top-tier brands in this world use this method to leave their competitors behind. However, it became famous only recently. Influencer marketing started becoming the first choice among social media marketers when social media started replacing conventional media outlets. Not many people want to follow celebrities blindly anymore. Instead, they want to look up to non-celebrities operating via social media to provide entertaining content. If you research the internet for statistical data, you’ll realize the true power of influencer marketing and how it affects people of all ages, especially millennials.

The types

Influencer marketing can be of several types. Here’s a basic explanation of each variant.

  • Sponsored content is one of the commonest influencer marketing methods of today. It simply includes posting content on social media advertising a specific service or product.

  • You can also try affiliate links or discount-based influencer marketing. Everyone likes getting rebates, after all, and when a social media influencer announces discounts, it works like magic. You’ll track the discounts using referral or affiliate links.

  • Another type of influencer marketing incorporates organizing contests. The winner will receive one or more giveaways. As you can probably guess, everyone wants to get the good stuff for free, and it’s especially true for a social media influencer’s audience.

  • You may even consider publishing content released by influencers on your website or social media channels. When a social media influencer makes his/her appearance on one or more of your business channels, he/she will drive a lot of traffic towards your web platform.

  • Finally, you can bestow ambassadorship upon a social media influencer. You only need to make sure the individual’s personality, as well as the persona of the person’s audience, fits your brand.

Importance: So, what makes influencer marketing important?

  • With the advent of social media and its popularity in the field of business, it has become extremely important for companies of all sizes and scales to become social-proof. Human beings expect to blend with the crowd because they hope to earn acceptance in society. It’s precisely what you get when you hire the services offered by social media influencers.
  • When it comes to making sales on social media platforms, you have to bring your message in front of the target audience. There was a time when this task wasn’t easy at all. Today, however, a social media influencer can do it exceptionally well.


If you’ve been reading this from the beginning, then you already know how important influencer marketing is. In fact, it’s integral to running a business right now. For ascertaining the effectiveness of this particular form of digital marketing, it’s best to compare it to other types.

  • Hundreds and thousands of marketers out there will say that content marketing is still the number one choice, and they aren’t wrong. However, content marketing will build your authority and contribute to brand value only. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, will increase your brand’s recognition. You need to strike a balance between the two to get the best results.

  • User-generated content can contribute to your digital marketing efforts. In some ways, it’s just like having a social media influencer as your business partner. This person will represent your brand daily, just like all customers who leave reviews on your website or social media channels whenever they purchase something.

  • Comparing social media marketing with influencer marketing is somewhat weird. After all, influencer marketing involves relying on a social media influencer who operates on social media platforms. Despite being similar in some ways, there are significant differences between the two. Unfortunately, these differences are out of the scope of this write-up. However, it’s worth mentioning here that the effectiveness of influencer marketing is high enough to be an entirely independent form of digital marketing.

Similar but better:

 If there’s one form of marketing resembling influencer marketing, it is word-of-mouth marketing. No matter how digitized this world gets, people will always trust something when a group of individuals mentions a specific brand among a throng of them. One of the main reasons behind the effectiveness of influencer marketing is that it’s an advanced version of word-of-mouth marketing.

How to do it:

Now, it’s time to find out how you can undertake influencer marketing.

  • Before you seek out a reputable and reliable social media influencer, you have to choose one or more social media platforms suitable for your brand. To that end, you have to analyze each platform, as well as the people who frequent them.
  • Every social media influencer should have the right to creative freedom. You shouldn’t hesitate to give them an opportunity to represent your company the way they see fit. However, you shouldn’t avoid setting up a few guidelines for the social media influencers to follow diligently.
  • You can start looking for influencers at this stage, but you should also take a few moments to consider the type of influencer to work with. Mega-influencers are the people with an incredibly large fan base. Second to them are the macro-influencers. They usually have a follower base amounting to 500,000. Mid-tier influencers have anywhere between 50,000 and 500,000 followers, while micro-influencers have about 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Nano-influencers occupy the last spot with 1,000 to 10,000 followers.
  • Finding a social media influencer shouldn’t be a challenge provided you do your research. Just search for them in your business niche by keeping your eyes peeled for hashtags and keywords.
  • Finally, you can reach out to an influencer just by sending a message to the person directly. However, you must inspect their bio-data first. It should contain information about their preferences regarding marketing inquiries.


Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive guide to using influencer marketing in 2022 and beyond. If you try it, you must be ready to host a massive amount of digital traffic.

Top Web Analytics Tools For New Age Marketers

Top Web Analytics Tools

In the massive volume of website available on the Internet driven platforms, it is extremely important to assess the quality of your website to ascertain its future sustenance and success. This is exactly why web analytics tools have become indispensable for the new-age digital marketers. In the course of this discussion we will take a look at the most effective tools which not only helps to ascertain the quality of SEO campaigns but at the same time points out at the gaps and the future improvements which must be made for the website.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is one of the most important and popular tools which is being used by the most digital marketing agency. This tool is extremely simple to use and to setup. It comes in both paid as well as free versions. The Google Analytics can help you to get all the information about any website which will include the number of visits, the nature of audience interaction with the website content, bounce rate, engagement, etc.


The Chartbeat happens to be a tool of web analytics which successfully analyzes the way an audience is interacting with any given website content. The tool is more than ideal to capture and track the entire content oriented data. If your website has a lot of content in it Chartbeat as a tool of web analytics will successfully help you to ascertain the pattern in which the traffic visiting your website is interacting with the content present over there. This tool can be used to collect measurable data in the context of your website content in a single place.


This is the third tool of web analytics we will be talking about in our discussion. This tool is a perfect way through which a site can be tested in all its attributes. The tool can assist marketers in a major way to optimize their performance through various kinds of testing as well as experimentation. The tool is considered to be ideal since it can take fast test of your website without making any mistake. With the help of this tool marketers can perform different test so that the website can be optimized in terms of a data and metric.

Crazy Egg

In the next tool we will analyze the Crazy Egg. It offers a huge volume of data or information about any website and is also equipped with a long list of features like scroll map, heatmap, confetti and overlay. All these features can help a marketer to understand the pattern in which the audience is interacting with the data content of the website. This is attained through an analysis of the trend pattern of scrolling through the different pages of the website where the traffic must have clicked the most for the desired information. The Crazy Eggs can be considered to be one of the best tools when it comes to website testing. It is available in free version that can be used for about 30 days after which you need to purchase any certain plan.

Clicky web Analytics tool

This is considered to be one of the most powerful web analytics tools available in the market and used by the modern gamut of marketers. The tool has been facilitated with features of big screen and can tell a marketer lot about the website content and the way it is being used by the traffic visiting the website. This tool can provide you information like the number of visitors which is coming to your website, the pattern in which they are delving into the website content etc. This tool also comes with twitter analytics feature which can give you a lot of information about your business dynamics of.


Kissmetrics is a web analytics tool that offers beneficial features that happens to be a step further from the advanced and the basic website metrics. It helps to evaluate the data of the customer required to develop your website further. Apart from the customer information this metric can also help you to attain a deeper understanding into the journey of the customers through your website pages. This tool can help you to track your audience, their number of visits to website, etc. With the help of this tool you can also get a fair idea about the purchase decisions of your customers. This web analytics tool is also provided with an inbuilt email marketing feature through which online brands can shoot automated bulk email to their target market segments.


The list of popular and effective tools of web analytics can never be complete without SEMrush being included in it. This is a tool which is very popular amongst content marketing experts as well as developing keyword. This tool can offer a detailed idea about the way your keywords are helping your website and attracting a larger volume of traffic and  providing you greater advantage as compared to your competitors. In addition SEMrush  also helps you to get tons of other keywords which can be created around the keywords which exist with your website currently.


This is an open source tool of web analytics which has really powerful features. Matomo can be hosted into the server of your website itself. You can keep your data private under control and highly safe with the application of Matomo. The tool can be customized as per your specific requirements. It offers a plethora of plugins so that data can be visualized and information can be executed in any way required. If your agency is very serious about maintaining the privacy of your data Matomo happens to be your only choice.


On a final note the above mentioned tools of web analytics is just a very basic list, which can be further elongated with several other names. This means now analyzing the way a website has been shaped and is being used is highly doable. This can help the web analytics company and the web designing teams to improve the quality without relentlessly.

Top Features to Lookout for Your E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce Website Design

During this pandemic, when most shopping malls are shutting down, people are focusing on online shopping. They can buy anything with just a click. From apparel to gadgets, groceries to accessories, everything can be delivered to their doorstep.

E-commerce business owner, it is the time to wake up and make your website a fabulous one that is customer-friendly and easy to access!

Your competitors are putting their best foot forward; it is your turn ! know about the e-commerce website design features that make your site user-friendly and pulls tons of business to you!!!

Don’t know how to proceed? Here is your ultimate guide to making your site a better one. Go ahead and read till the end to explore e-commerce website design features.

Decorate your e-Commerce Website with the Best Features – Here is How!

In most cases, the success of an e-commerce business not only depends on the product but also how well it is marketed. So don’t miss a chance to make your website the best one. Before diving into the industry, let us tell you about top e-commerce’s web design features that make websites stand out in the crowd.

Shopping cart, login Box

Popular e-commerce websites have a login box on the home page. Customers can make a private account with their email id and access the shopping site. Even they will able to see their order history. You are serving your customers, so the login box is the first thing you should add to your website features.

The little bag icon indicates a shopping cart, where customers can gather their choose items and check out. Often the major sites maintain a sub-category like a wishlist. Customers may not have those items right now, but adding them to the Wishlist saves their time and effort in the future.

Look at the sites like – Myntra, Firstcry, Amazon and get an idea of where and how should you include those icons.

Promotion & Discount Tools

Thinking about offering a special coupon for the upcoming festive season? Don’t forget to add promotion and discount tools features to your website. Talk about deals of the day, special coupon codes, freebies, and free shipping options. It will be a place where your customers will access all kinds of offers in one place.

Email marketing integration

The eCommerce design feature converts your cold leads to warm leads or warm leads to paying customers. A welcome coupon or little discount can be used to get their email ids. Take advantage of email marketing and nurture your customers daily with the latest products, newsletters, updates to bits, and so on.

Design an effective email marketing strategy that encourages your leads to take action. For example, embed a simple pop-up form on your site to capture the basic leads of your leads and start nurturing them in the best possible way.

Search wizard

Not everyone likes to browse the whole menu before choosing the right items. They prefer to type and go for the exact page for the product which they are looking for. Include search wizard in your website to make exploring fun!


To give this facility an extra edge, you can add high price, low price, and high popularity filters or sort them based on price, color, size, and other facilities.

Product comparison

When your user is in a dilemma and feeling confused about which one to pick up, give them a product comparison facility to decide. It makes their task easy. They should compare the product color, dimension, design, size, and all other features. Consider product comparison features as a top e-commerce website design feature to include.


Customers may love to share their experience on your website. It helps newcomers to make the purchase decision easy. Positive feedback accelerates your business and growth and brings fresh leads for you. Add a reviews section as a design feature to your website.

Help desk

Online shopping should be a smooth experience. Provide prompt help to your customers at any point they feel stuck. Mention your customer care phone number, help desk email id. You may like to include an online chat option to help your customer instantly.

Social media links

Who does not love to have a positive social media buzz?

Include your social media links on your website. Your customers may like to share your site links or anything on social media. It is one of the e-commerce top design features that extend your business reach and generate brand awareness.

Include How to guide

Sometimes customers may plan to buy something expensive like a plasma television or a high-end mobile phone. How to choose a perfect plasma television guide can make their decision easily. Include how to guide will help them to simplify the matter.

Wrapping up

Follow the above mention tips, add eCommerce top design designs and make your business thrive digitally. But, before you go ahead, make an entire plan on what things you need to work on and what you would like to add. Then, take a sneak peek at your competitor’s website and observe how they have include design features.

In case you find these things too technical, seek help from web design company. Talk to them and discuss your requirement. It may take time to hit a wining one, be patient and proceed step by step.

Your customers can be your best critics. So first, ask them for the suggestion, like the other features they would like to have, which are things they love most about your website, which they don’t like. Then, request them for a review and ratings that offer you a scope for improvement.

Avail of every opportunity and add the latest features to your e-commerce site. Remember, your website is your business identity, so make it as worthy as possible.

Mandeep Singh – “The SEO King” and Leader of Digital Marketing

To be successful, one must have the right leadership skills to encourage the entire team to become great leaders in the future. Mr. Mandeep Singh, the founder, and CEO of SEO Discovery is the epitome of leadership. His sheer enthusiasm and zeal to become the leading digital marketer have made him launch his company SEO Discovery 12 years back.

The company is the forerunner of digital marketing. Mr. Mandeep Singh, who rightfully owns the tag “The SEO King”, has made it possible for SEO Discovery to become one of the best digital marketing agencies, not just in India but all across the globe. Keep reading to find out more about Mr. Mandeep Singh and learn about his inspirational journey.

How He Became the SEO King?

mandeep singh

Mr. Mandeep is a renowned name in the realm of digital marketing and has more than 15 years of experience. Everyone looks up for someone who will inspire, show the right direction, and draw inspiration. And for many, that person is Mr. Singh. Digital marketing is quite dynamic, and only a true leader faces these challenges courteously and possesses the right skills to become one.

Mr. Singh has the right expertise to help companies understand the importance of digital marketing and be prepared to beat the competition. His story began 15 years back when he stepped his foot into the digital marketing world. Today, he is counted among the top digital marketing leaders.

Mr. Singh never fails to motivate his team. His passion for helping companies has made him assist businesses from different niches. Not just this, he is a member of the esteemed Forbes Agency Council and Expert Panel.

His Leadership Traits

  • In-Depth Digital Marketing Literacy

To make a brand stand out from the rest, one needs to grasp what it takes to excel in sales. This means one needs to know the entire concept of a sales funnel. While preparing for a digital marketing campaign, one will have to take charge of these funnels as the foundation of their promotional campaigns and marketing strategy. There are four essential parts of sales-funnel:

: Plan a strategy to attract new customers

Conversion: Figure out ways to convince customers to do business with you.

Closing: Close the sales funnel efficiently.

Retention: Engage customers by establishing a good brand report.

A digital marketer needs to understand a buyer’s journey. It is only on the basis of in-depth digital marketing literacy; one will figure out robust ways to increase a company’s ROI. Knowledge is as necessary as experience. Mr. Mandeep’s knowledge allows him to communicate well with different clients who belong to different niches.

  • Effective Communication Skills

A leader must have clear and assertive communication skills. Communication is vital because that’s what allows a leader to get things done. But at the same time, a leader must also know how not to be overbearing and overpowering to the point that it affects their employees’ mental state and productivity. This is one thing that Mr. Mandeep Singh is always careful about. He, as a leader, understands the fundamentals of strategy; this includes creating procedures, processes and setting achievable goals. His priority is to keep his team motivated which helps clients of all kinds achieve their ROIs. A leader should never put all eggs in one basket. Mr. Mandeep Singh never fails to consider the technical elements of his team members.  

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

A company can face challenges, which can make the working scenario of the company complicated. However, it is upon the leader how he accepts those challenges, finds ways to tackle them strategically, and never let the changes impact the growth of a business. A true leader can adapt to new scenarios and is always flexible to adjust accordingly. Mr. Mandeep Singh faces challenges as they come and never feels dejected. Moreover, he never lets his team feel indifferent no matter how tough the situation is. In the initial days of the company formation, SEO Discovery faced many hurdles, but his determination has made SEO Discovery keep going and growing, and today this digital marketing agency has 400+ employees. 

  • A Risk-Taker and Bearer

If a company wants its digital marketing campaigns to succeed, the leader must be ready to take risks. Risks are part and parcel of digital marketing. Mr. Mandeep Singh says, “Risk is an important element of digital marketing. Some ways will work and some won’t, but we as a team need to keep finding the best ways to help a company grow.” A leader will have to take risks for themselves and the company. Take innovation as an example; without risks, there won’t be innovation. And a company’s growth depends a lot on the decisions taken by a leader.  

  • Impeccable Productive Strategies

If digital marketing is a vehicle, then a strategy is its steering wheel. To drive a successful organization, a leader must think about productive strategies to unite the team who will make impossible things possible. Therefore, it’s upon the leader to make a coherent marketing strategy for the company and discuss the digital marketing plan that will favor the client. Mr. Mandeep Singh never fails to guide his team and share the blueprint of a productive strategy keeping in mind the future of his company.

What Does His Company SEO Discovery do?

SEO Discovery is a leading digital marketing company that had its inception 12 years ago. The company helps businesses of all kinds to grow, have better engagement with their customers, reach out to the target audience efficiently, and yield better results. The company is backed by a team of tech-savvy marketing specialists who always go out of the box to connect companies with their customers.

SEO Discovery is embarked on a mission to become a global leader in digital marketing. The company specializes in search engine optimization, paid marketing, social media marketing, content writing, web development, digital marketing, web analytics, reputation management, and more. SEO Discovery assists companies of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The team’s data-driven approach and go-getter attitude have made SEO Discovery the number one choice for clients worldwide.

Final Words

Every project, small or big, deserves equal attention and requires a true industry expert. Mr. Mandeep and his remarkable digital marketing experience is here to give the much-needed boost to your business. Your business has to be seen by your target audience to start generating revenues, and there’s no better way than digital marketing to make the unthinkable possible! Connect with SEO Discovery and skyrocket your brand and sales!

How to Use PPC Marketing to Overcome B2b E-commerce Challenges

ppc marketing

Even in normal and hunky-dory times, it is completely unpredictable to measure the results generated by PPC campaigns.

That being said, we can say that there is no way of determining its impact on businesses in 2021. It is because this year has been everything but normal.

No one imagined at the beginning of 2020 that we would be stuck for so long in such a huge crisis due to the pandemic. Rather, our PPC experts were all busy learning and talking about the latest PPC trends such as privacy, audience targeting, and so much more. 

Hopefully, this year all the B2B businesses will strike back well to all the losses and challenges that they had faced.

Let us not beat around the bush and come to the point – the digital B2B markets have gone through a huge change in the last two years due to the unexpected crisis in the world. However, now it is time to cope up with all the losses and failures. You need to make some concrete plans to overcome the challenges that you have in 2021. But do not worry, as we have got the right solution for you which is – PPC marketing.

Why PPC Marketing?

As per the survey conducted by the B2B Future Shopper Report, around 46% of all the B2B sales are now made digitally. Thus, B2B e-commerce is the logical development in today’s digital era. Also, the coronavirus outbreak, like most sectors, has compelled more firms to buy online. There is a huge rise in the online sales of medium-sized enterprises.

This post will look at five PPC solutions that B2B e-commerce businesses may use to leverage online demand.

Challenge #1 – Satisfy the Consumer’s Expectations

More and more individuals are being compelled to purchase online for a wide range of items, and hence, fulfilling their expectations will become even more crucial. It is critical for higher retention and lower return rates. 

You run the risk of losing clients to your competition if you are not forthright about cost, product specifics, and projected delivery dates. And with so many new rivals entering the game, it’s too much of a risk.

Solution – Create and Optimize Your Site As Per The Buyer’s Demands

The Forrester research mentions that customers tend to complete 90% of the B2B customer journey by the time they visit a company’s website. It is due to the fact that B2B buyers are often well-informed and ready to buy with certainty when they locate the correct deal. 

Hence, one of your main tasks is to optimize your site for quick conversions, and the typical average conversion rates you see posted online are often inaccurate. You should be generating substantially greater conversions from your adverts than most sectors.

We know that mobile accounts are responsible for more than half of all traffic, yet several studies suggest that most B2B research still takes place on computers. Ensure to provide them with complete product details, be it size, material, and all that is needed. It will enhance their shopping experience, build trust and make you the next favorite shopping store.

Challenge #2 – Increasing Acquisition Costs

In 2021, it will be much more difficult for e-commerce brands to get new buyers with the help of social media campaigns. Due to increased competition, major companies are projected to boost their advertising spending throughout the year, driving additional online shops to join the party. Current estimates suggest a 20 percent or greater rise in acquisition costs – a massive rise, right!

With such a rapid inflow of businesses joining the online world, many of which are investing money in digital advertisements, there is no question that you will have to cope with rising expenses to remain competitive. It is also more important than ever to control these adverts in real-time.

Solution – Implement Real-time PPC campaigns

To attain the return on ad spend (ROAS) you want, you’ll have to create a system that optimizes your advertisement campaigns in real-time, encompassing campaign kinds, targeting strategies, and even personalizing content. Take the help of a well-planned PPC campaign, and we bet you will get the desired results.

Challenge #3 – Relates Leads

Getting suitable leads remains a significant difficulty for e-commerce firms, although great traffic may be attracted through offers and other marketing activities. It’s no surprise that average e-commerce conversion rates are generally low. According to one study, just 2.57% of e-commerce site visits in the United States resulted in a purchase. 

If the correct demographic is not browsing or visiting your website, the efforts made in converting the visitor into a customer may be in vain. Many times, companies fail to express the right messages about their service or product, and as a result, they will be unable to attract the interested audience. 

Solution – Provide the Right Information

Running Pay-Per-Click along with the SEO strategy will help you reach the customers who are your actual buyers. Conducting PPC adverts on Google Ads may very well convey the proper information about your brands to attract an audience with a certain purpose or interest. Marketers must engage in a continual practice of follow-ups. 

Email marketing can also be used successfully here by using automatic campaigns and tailored emails to interact with users who may become prospective leads in the future.

Challenge #4 – Cannot Use Keywords to Optimize Bids

We have very well know the absence of keyword targeting in Google Shopping. Also, another problem is that you can’t utilize keywords to optimize bids for particular goods or product groups.

Solution – Increase Bids On High-Profit Items And Best-Sellers

Now, you can fix this issue by introducing custom labels to your shopping stream and setting bids for single goods or any combination of products you desire. 

It helps you raise bids on your most profitable products, top-selling goods, and prioritized campaigns, such as Christmas specials, big festive sales, end-of-season stock, or any other short campaign. 

Custom labels may also be used to adjust your bids based on sales patterns all year. For instance, if you are planning to sell out in a volatile sector, such as car manufacturing, or a company that relies on a successful season (e.g., a marquee manufacturer), you may want to adjust your bids for specific items throughout the year, based on how external factors pan out.

Challenge #5 – B2B Buyers Do Not Spend on Bulk Orders

Even if large orders are your main objective, new B2B clients are unlikely to spend a ton of money on a huge purchase with a supplier they’ve never heard of. 

Solution – Master The B2B Upselling Game

Hence, make sure to aim at the smaller orders and consider this a mid-funnel lead generation approach with the objective of converting these consumers into bulk purchasers. Smaller purchases can contribute to your result and lead to significant PPC performance as long as you generate more income than you spend on campaigns.

Planning To Accelerate Your Business Growth?

Are you planning to leverage the PPC strategies for the growth of your B2B business? If yes, then make sure you take help from the experts themselves. Not only will they guide you, but they will also pay attention to your business objectives to work accordingly. 

CEO Message

At SEO Discovery, each client is our top priority. We make sure each visit to us is satisfying and in line with your expectations. We seek your valuable feedback and suggestions. You can anytime forward your concern to [email protected] and get an assured response. We assure you of our best services always.


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Business Video Get employees and clients excited with amazing business videos.
Mobile Friendliness Improve the compatibility of websites on mobile devices with mobile-friendly websites.

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