Basic Elements Within Web Design

web design

Web Design is the combination of two words, web and design that means “canvas” and “draw”. However, we have to look further in the definition of graphic design or design to better define web design.

The web design aims to highlight the information in the form of visual content (colors, images, text, but also sounds and videos) to attract and transmit the information of our company or products that we want to highlight.

To transmit this information through Web Design we will use Internet support. But correct communication must fulfill a series of parameters:

Basic Parameters in Web Design

Create an aesthetic on your website that is harmonious with the design

Most Internet users are looking for practical information, not beautiful images. Your aesthetic concerns should never interfere in any way with the ergonomics and readability of your content.

But you have to pay attention to the loading time of your pages due to the excessive use of images or animations. Aesthetics is mainly to put a harmony on a page, and therefore it must have the following points:

  • Balance of spaces and texts.
  • The consistency of colors and typography.
  • The relevance of the iconography.
  • Prioritization of information.

Improve Ease of Use

The ergonomics of a web page will be reinforced by its graphics to improve its use. The use of icons or graphic buttons (the famous action buttons) return intuitive forms of functions on the site and facilitate interaction with the user.

Similarly, the choice of colors, fonts, and font sizes allows the prioritization of information and guarantees a better flow between the interface and the user.

Include Added Values

The quality and finish of a well-structured graphic interface convey a positive impression and a feeling of reliability. In general, people are sensitive to the appearance of things and make an initial judgment from the first seconds of viewing the page, not based on content, but on content.

Consequently, the reliability of web design has an immediate impact on the reliability of the content part. The treatment from web design, including the main or home page, transmits a professional image that ensures the user and attracts their trust. The non-verbal language of web design is a valuable added value and a professional image of the company or product.

Transmit a Message

Marketing, to sustain sales of a product or service, establishes a strategy to differentiate itself from the competition and satisfy the needs of the market.

Based on this marketing strategy, a brand or company defines a message. The goal of the design is to communicate clearly and the advertising argument is based on three axes:

  • Who or what is the information (What product or service?
  • Why are the argument and the benefits for the consumer?
  • How is the commitment to action (buy the product or service?

To attract our attention, advertisements use emotional stimuli (humor, eroticism, fantasy, sleep, questioning, shock …) to seduce us and establish a foothold in memory.

The design will have to unify the elements of the message to create a graphic tone in line with the latter to:

  • Draw attention and arouse our interest.
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • Make it powerful, effective, and memorable.

The Design of your website must be clear and fluid as water

It has all happened to us all. We see a website and we like it from the start. Seeing the combination of colors, the structure of the texts, or a simple video and at the moment we have a pleasant sensation that arouses our interest. But what is the concept when defining a good web design? Surely when we see it, we can easily appreciate it although defining it, that is another story.

If you want to sell more and make the user experience when visiting your website unforgettable, you must apply them as soon as possible.

When a person reaches a web page, they do so after clicking the link in a social profile, in a portal, some banner or advertisement located on another web page, in the search results of Google or another internet search engine.

In many cases, the reason is a call to action, a Landing Page, something that has particularly caught your attention with a clear, emphatic, and forceful proposal. An eloquent image, with a suggestive phrase and the perfect combination of text and color.

In others the reason is as simple as it is obvious: the message “appears” to perfectly satisfy their needs.

Therefore, designing your destination website is more difficult than it seems. If the person who has clicked to access the website, does not find what is promised, has trouble identifying the characteristics of the product or simply does not know how to contact, they will quickly leave.

Efficient web pages are well designed and get high conversion rates from your visitors. That is, many of them end up contacting, interested in the product or service.

Even if you know some of the basic principles of design, many pieces go into the puzzle of effective design, it can be difficult to organize them to make the whole picture and work.

That is why we want to present 3 tactics that would be important to keep in mind when designing your next website.

1. Strategic Positioning

You have a new offer and you want to present it to the world. But before making it official, you should ask yourself if the user knows exactly what to do when they get there. The dear old principle of usability. You should never lose sight of it.

To do this, you can put a designer and a salesperson to work together. Both will make a very efficient team. Consider strategically placing items around your page to direct the user to the exact place where you want them to go, and don’t forget to provide them with all the information they need. This will be crucial for him to make his decision and buy your product.

When someone is about to click on a landing page, they must know that they are still in the same place, they must know what they are going to get, and even how to get it, without having to scroll. The conversion path from an interested party to the buyer has to be as simple as possible.

Sure, ordering the pieces of the puzzle is not easy. But you must never forget that what is important must be seen. If you want them to buy, the buy button should be visible at first glance. You cannot allow a client to look for it, because if it takes time to find it, it will leave.

A good web design must be intuitive, expressive, structured, and informative; These are basic elements that every web page must offer.

2. The Color

Color choice and positioning work should go hand in hand. Combined with cleverly placed elements, color can tell the user what to do and where to go at a glance. That is why it is essential to put it in your favor since it may depend on closing a sale in an eCommerce.

The header of the form, the form button, and the button of a CTA (Call to action) should appear well highlighted. If not, everything you worked on designing your website will fall on deaf ears.

3. Content Display

At first glance, the text is text. Everything looks the same. It does not inspire any kind of emotion or action. The only way to get to the message is to read it, and today, hardly anyone is willing to do that.

Reading takes more effort than visualization. That’s why you must complement the written content with visual elements to divide it into smaller parts. Using infographics, photos, and featured phrases goes a long way toward achieving this goal.

In short, the design of the best landing pages uses a great combination of these three elements. Strategic positioning, color, and content visualization.  Apply them in the design of your landing page and soon you will see how the results are obvious.

The user must understand your page easily. With the visual cues, they will indicate what is important and what to do. An image and text with a suitable design will improve the user experience and will be a fundamental element to improve the sales of your company.

The web optimization is to design and program all elements that are not seen but are the programming structure that supports our website, its source code meta tags, and keywords, but they are the ones that matter from search engines and that without them our website will be invisible on the net.

4. Sounds

An increasingly important element. The commercialization of new mobile digital devices such as the iPhone has enhanced this element.

In addition to incorporating sound on the website, you can download audio files from them for your mobile devices.

The MP3 format is the best known and most used for its quality and level of compression.

5. Flash Animations

It is an animated image, easy to create, and above all, it takes up little memory. It has different uses, from creating cartoons to displaying interactive drawings.

6. Text

Text is the most significant element of any Web site because users browse the Web primarily in search of information expressed in hypertext.


Texts have made English the universal language of the network. In their quest to reach the widest possible audience, many sites offer their information and services in their native language and other languages, primarily English.


Other fairly common elements are:

Banner: A still or animated image generally used for advertising.

Frames: They are a kind of independent box in which you can load a Web page.

In this way it is possible to divide a Web page into different parts or windows, each with its borders and scroll bars, loading within each one a separate external web page.

Frames were used a lot at one point, but in addition to creating some design drawbacks, it is an option that is not recommended as search engines do not correctly index sites made with frames.

Currently, you can get the same results with CSS.

Form: It is an area to enter data or comments. A template or page with empty spaces to fill with some purpose.

It is also used to refer to the set of fields requested by a certain program, which are stored for manipulation and subsequent use.

Web Design

The Web has become the most important means of communication in the world thanks to its ease of offering information with a speed never before achieved by any other means.This information can be consumed by anyone who has an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Web development is a mix of technology, content, site architecture, design, and interactivity.

The success of a site depends on how these five factors combine, which largely determine how quickly information is generated and delivered, and of course the success of a site.

Before analyzing these factors independently, you should consider that they should ensure that the site is easy to maintain, flexible to resize and update and visually appealing to users, interesting to your audience, practical for quick downloads and effective searches.

Visual elements such as color, the design of typography and images, make up the personality of a site, and generate an emotional impact that determines that the site is attractive.

Although the ultimate goal of every designer is to get a message across to a certain audience, being a good graphic designer does not necessarily mean being a good designer for the Web.


A little experience and knowledge of some basic design principles plus a certain degree of inspiration, originality and good taste will make you have part of the battle won.

Look at the details of their surroundings, nature, art, and especially the work of other creators on the Web.It seems very elementary, but many forget the main most affordable sources of aesthetic enrichment.

To conclude, we have seen that Web Design is not only a simple graphic design, it is also a real communication tool that facilitates the user experience.

Through this we obtain user-friendly ergonomics to transmit the most appropriate form of the marketing message, providing added value to real information and professionalizing the brand.

The Best Tips on How to Increase followers on Instagram

Social Media Marketing

In the past few years, there has been a huge impact on people concerning social media. It has proved to be a great influence on people. Over the years, people have been engaging themselves a lot on social media. At every stage in time, certain platforms of social media are going to top the trending list. Once upon a time, the people were very much into Facebook. Similarly, when we see the trend today, there are a lot of people who are using Instagram.

Instagram has proved to be a great platform for people. Even the tag of “Instagram influencers” has been doing the rounds everywhere. Over the years, the people who have been trying to spread goodness in the world have been using Instagram as one of their main platforms. 

Once you create a page on Instagram, you will have to start posting the content that you create. If people like the content that you make, they will choose to follow you. But over the years, there have been a lot of pages that are being created and the reachability has been decreasing a lot. There are a lot of people who are doing the same thing and coping up with the competition. It is important to like the space that you are in and do things at your own pace and be satisfied with the people who like you. But ultimately, the people will have a whole new level of confidence and motivation if they are appreciated for what they do. In the platform of Instagram, the appreciation comes in the form of followers, Instagram likes, and shares.

Here are a few of the things which you can do to increase the number of followers on Instagram:

1. Be Regular in what you post

The people are all very much excited and wanting to hear out from their favourite content creators. The people are looking forward to seeing what is new from the creator. If you are not being regular in what you post and what you put up, the people will get tired of waiting for you and they will be looking for other alternatives like someone else who is doing the same thing as you. And even for you, you would not want to keep your followers waiting for you like that. You would want to satisfy them and make them happy which is ultimately going to make you happy. You can choose to pre-record all your content and then post your content daily. You need not make new content every day, you just have to make sure that you just post it. You can choose your strategy on how you want to do it. Ultimately, this is going to make a huge impact on your followers. This is going to make the people stay connected to you and see that they are going to be loyal to you too.

 2. Try Different Types of Content

There are a lot of options on Instagram. Over the years, Instagram also has been constantly developing itself so see that it is making itself very useful for the users in the best way possible. Many features have been added and are being very useful for the people. Before, the photo posts were only available. Later the users could upload videos that are shorter than one minute long. There was not much one could do within one minute but the people tried and gave their best. Seeing this, Instagram has made it much easier for the people by introducing the IGTV videos section. This has proved to be very useful and one can upload videos that are long enough and can convey enough matter to their followers. The story feature on Instagram is also pretty convenient and attractive. The people can make sure that they are being creative in putting up their stories as well. There is a lot of scope on Instagram and it is going to be very useful for the creators if they know how exactly they are going to use it to their benefit as such.

3. Live Sessions

Instagram Live is one of the most interesting features of Instagram and one which can influence your followers very much. These live sessions are going to be very useful if you are going to be creative. One can see to it that they are going to be in the moment and go with the flow as such. This is going to be very useful because the people who follow you are all going to see the content that is pre-recorded and that is all polished. They do not get to see you live in the moment or how you would react when the moment comes. The live sessions are a great way to fix that and they are going to be very useful. The fact that the people who are seeing you live can request to be on your video and you can pick some of them is great too. This way, your followers will get to interact with you and have a better connection. The ones who could not make sure that they are going to ask you some questions that they have in their mind while in the session itself and you can choose to answer it. There is an option where you can see to it that you are going to collaborate with others and make a live session together with them.

4. Quality use of Hashtags

Instagram hashtag is one of the most important things to note when you want to reach out to a better audience. The ones who are already following you will check your content. Even if your content does not appear on their feed which they scroll, they will see that they search for your page and then open it to view your content. They might even share your posts on their stories and promote it from their account which will reach out to a larger audience. But from your side, if you want to increase the visibility of your account then you should make sure that you are using the hashtags.

How hashtags work: You should see that you are using the hashtags that are appropriate to the posts that you are creating. They should match the posts. Once you use these hashtags, the post that you create will be visible to all those people who are following the hashtags. This is going to increase your audience for that matter. There are a limited number of hashtags that you can use on Instagram. The number is limited to 30. If you want to make sure that you are getting greater visibility, you should see that you are using the one which is trending in the genre. The number of followers for the hashtag is going to be visible and the people should make sure that they are keeping this in mind before they choose to use it for that matter. 

 5. Try to Collaborate with Different People

As everyone knows that there are a lot of content creators out there who are working in the same line, you should collaborate with them. This has a lot of benefits and here are a few of those benefits:

  1. Since this is such a broad field and there are so many people, there could be a possibility that few people know the others and not know you. If you collaborate with them, the people who are viewing their content will see your potential and will redirect to your page. This is going to increase the number of followers that you have and it is one of the smartest ways to do so.
  2. Different people are going to have different ideas about the field. By collaborating, you can see to it that you are exchanging your ideas and also exploring the field that you are in. This is going to give you a better perspective and it is very much advisable that you do it.
  3. The audience might be having two or more favorites in the same field and collaborating and is going to make it very much easier for them and they will have some fresh type of thoughts in them which will influence them. Therefore, for the sake of your audience, it is very much necessary to try out new things like this.

This is one of the major trends that is going on. This will help you promote your pages and bring in a lot of activity on your page.

 6. Use your Analytics

If you have a page on Instagram, then there is a lot of analysis that is going to happen on your page. Instagram shows you how well your post is doing, the number of people who are viewing it, and the actions that are being taken from the post. It is even going to show you the number of people who have been visiting your page. This is very useful for you as a creator because if you know the reach of your post, you will be able to work on making better content which is, in turn, going to increase the number of followers on your page. The analysis that is done by Instagram should be taken seriously and you should try to rectify your mistakes daily which will thereby improve the performance of your page.

 7. Contests and Giveaways

This is one of the best ways in which you can increase your followers on Instagram. You can host some contests because of which the people can interact with you and have a sort of personal connection with you. Many upcoming people admire your work and want to become like you. It is important that along with your personal growth you help others also come up with what they like. Having such kinds of competitions helps them gain confidence and you can also have a personal connection with the people that like you. The giveaways are also going to play a major role. These could be some gifts that you are going to give to those who have won the contest or it could just be you choosing from the ones that you think are worthy of winning.

 8. Be Creative

It is a given fact that you have to be creative in this field. There are some tips and tricks which you will have to follow to get there:

  1. It is always necessary that you follow the trend that is in the market. Every time, there is a certain kind of trend that tops the market and you should be intelligent enough to follow those.
  2. Voicing out your opinion is going to matter a lot. If there is any social issue that is happening, then you must voice out your opinion. You are an influencer and there are a lot of people who are waiting to hear it out from you. It need not match with their opinion but it is important that you at least speak about it and address the issue as such.
  3. Be as polite as you can in your reach to the people. It is important to have the right attitude to influence the people and see that you are going to bring about a change in them.

This is one of the overwhelming things to do and you should see that you are doing justice to what you are posting. This is a very influential platform and you should be very careful about what you are sharing. You should see to it that you are not hurting the feelings of anyone in the process. The best way to have more Instagram followers is to make sure that you have the right kind of mindset. Even if you are very good with your content, if you do not possess the right attitude, it will take you nowhere. This is very important to remember.

Basic Elements within Web Design and How to Define Them.

Web Design

As the years go by, new elements are incorporated into web design due to the advancement of technology. Some elements when integrated tenderly do help in telling stories and explaining more about your organization while other elements when incorporated enhance how content gets displayed devices. As much as it’s not a must to install each trending element on your website, most of them are potential elements that will bring traffic to your website and attract many prospects. As a business owner, having a website of your own is the perfect tool for getting potential clients and more customers when wanting to offer your services and selling your products. Each web designer and web site owners tend to have different approaches when it comes to designing a website. Although there is a quality checklist of concepts that must be accounted for. Web Design is an art and thus for you to get outstanding results when designing one, here are some of the elements you will need to ensure you get right.

1. Content.

Content is the prime element and it plays a major role when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. This is the most prime reason as to why prospects do visit your website. As a site owner of a web developer, you need to ensure that you focus greatly on developing world-class content when developing your website. Ensure that you include the following; –

  • High -quality videos.
  • High-resolution images that will make your website stickier.
  • Relevant information.

People who visit your site are your potential clients and they need information quickly. You need to ask yourself a bunch of questions like, Is your product brand worth the trust? Are you experienced and worth delivering outstanding products and services when given a chance? Given the fact that most people tend to react quickly to certain things based on their first impression as the owner of the website trying to sell your products and services, ensure that you communicate effectively and clearly on what you are offering. Information display should be a fast read and easily digestible.

Pay attention to each word. Are they worth it? Do you need them when selling out your products and services? Efficiency is essential because redundant words might dull your product brand and reduce your selling points. Ensure that you use headings as titles and display your texts into organized sections. With this, your readers will be able to have a clear picture of what exactly you are bringing to the table. Instead of constructing long, boring, and rambling sentences, break the long lists into either categorized or uncategorized lists. Talk of short and simple.

As far as this element is concerned, never forget to look past your homepage or webpage. Ensure that both your “About” and “Contact” pages project the correct information and take the relevant tone. With the right content, your website’s design will be effective, engaging, and quite popular.

2. Layout and Visual Appearance.

How your website is displayed to others is a vital element when it comes to Web Design. First impressions are usually crucial especially when you want to impress your prospects as they load your site. Prospects that visit normally take about 50milliseconds to determine whether they will stay or leave your website page. This means that your layout design must align with a variety of soothing adjectives for instance; – They must be simple, easily accessible, intuitive, familiar, and clean. Use sufficient whitespace, margins, or even paddings so that the elements used within your website can have enough room to breathe while the use of grid-based designs ensures to keep the design items well organized and structured.

Strong images, icons, or graphics do provide additional information to your wordings. Just ensure that the pictures complement one another and also the product brand you are intending to represent. Most people are visual-oriented creatures and thus you need to utilize outstanding graphics to make your website more attractive to potential clients. However, don’t be unreasonable. The use of flash intros, scrolling wordings, and animations must be used sparingly when designing your web to just emphasize the maximum effect.

Each part of your web page should be categorized concerning the visual ranking you might think of assigning it. Whether you settle for either; –

· Z-patterns or

· F-patterns

You will be able to direct the eyes of your prospects and control their behaviors according to your design. These two patterns intensify the top horizontal part of your website or the part where a good number of designers situate their product brand logo, search box, or navigation. These three elements do inspire brand recognition and visitor interaction.

3. Color Scheme.

The choice of your color font and the array will instantly inform your prospects’ opinions about your site. This is the element that most novice website designers begin with when designing their websites. When choosing a color layout pay close attention to your organization’s perspective or your product brand besides creating demographics for your target audience. Make sure you search for ways on how to narrow down your scope of discernible hues of about 7billion that can easily be detected. Apart from your brand’s business, pay close attention to your visitor’s expectations. Once you decide on your supreme color, contemplate the kind of color palette as a site owner you might want. If you want your audience to contemplate on a specific section of content or elicit a particular kind of interaction, you will need to make use of complementary colors.

4. Unique Typography.

Most organizations have specific typography that they make use of so that their clients can identify them from their competitors easily. Lately, web designers have acquired a great selection of fonts to select from. This makes it easier for organizations to express themselves through typography more accurately. With the help of typography and fonts as a web designer, you will be able to communicate effectively to your readers.

Typography only uses a single design trend on the entire website which leads your visitors to different sections of your web page. When developing your organization’s brand, the type of typography you choose indicates subtle hints of who you are as an organization. Whatever font size you settle for making sure you choose a format that can be supported across all browsers and devices.

Your wordings must be easily readable. This means that the body copy must be about 16pixels. The use of complementary font size is perfect for headings and accents. Do not exceed either three typefaces or make irrelevant sizing adjustments. As you design ensure there is enough contrast between your wordings and the website backdrop colors. This means that a light color can be blended with dark tone color.

5. Navigation.

Strong navigation elongates past the main menu that’s found on your header. For extensive, one page, or scroll-heavy structures. For instance, you might want to add directional arrows. These arrows will help your users get directed through each segment. The ‘Back to Top’ link Instantly directs users back to the top of the web page. Also do not forget the footer navigation because most users gravitate beyond the expected by scrolling towards the footer navigation menu. A recent study stated that about 50% of conversions we’re optimized by footer navigation. If a sure has hanged around your website for quite some time and has made it to either your homepage or landing page ensures that your website has a place whereby users can sign up their emails for them to receive updates concerning your business.

6. Web Friendly.

In as much as it’s easy, informative, and amazing it is to use your Web Designit’s futile unless it’s web-friendly. You must make it known to your web developers the prime ways on how to make websites work perfectly on major browsers and devices. They should also be able to utilize Search Engine Optimization, alt, and meta tags.

7. Backdrop Videos.

Videos that instinctively play in the background does add a lot to the website page. These videos can be used to narrate a story and most importantly reduces the amount of content that needs to be explained by your organization to the user. The backdrop videos act as a perfect idea on how to entice your visitors into clicking right through to the main videos found on the website. Your visitors are enticed easily that particular moment they step foot on your homepage. Videos help your prospects understand easily the vital points about your organization without even reading through a single word.  

To add on, videos get processed quickly by our brains compared to reading a text. While most people have second thoughts when it comes to reading tons of texts. Watching videos has proven to be quite more efficient because it’s easily understandable and does not consume one’s time. Video experiences are now enhanced due to fast internet connection and the advancement of mobile devices.

8. Semi-Flat Design.

Not only is this element easier for your visitors but also loads very fast on websites with no complications. The semi-flat design element helps users comprehend your website content quickly. Adding more elements to semi-flat design will enhance it. Despite designing your website fully using semi-flat design or utilizing shadows, you must be compatible throughout your webpage. Make sure that your homepage, product page, and other crucial sections of your website all make use of the same design signals so that users can quickly understand what exactly they are viewing.

9. Huge Product Images.

Have you noticed that some B2B websites have started displaying huge product pictorials on their website so that different features or pieces of their products can be highlighted easily? Featuring this large element, displayed at the top of the site, as the visitor scrolls down, he or she will also encounter more product images that are vividly displayed. The product images are well disposed to make sure that each visitor visiting your site is well optimized. The huge product images help web designers highlight a variety of the features of the brand product effectively and more efficiently. This element reinforces the advantages of the features by presenting the site owner with an opportunity of highlighting the most fundamental pieces. These huge product images can also be scanned easily. They help users generate a deep understanding of what each product feature does by conveying them through pictures instead of texts.

10.  Hamburger Menus.

Most websites you have come across as a user do have lengthy menus as an option in which you need to decide on. With this, a visitor will be taken to anywhere he or she wants to go on your website. Its disadvantage is that it takes up valuable space on your screen. The hamburger menu can change this. This hidden menu was commonly used in web applications before being implemented in Web Design. Even Google Chrome uses a hamburger menu which is found at the right-hand top corner.

It’s called a hamburger menu because they are made up of three lines that are stacked on top of each other portraying a picture of hamburger patties. With this menu, your website page will have a clear path for visitors to use. Getting rid of over-embellished navigation makes one experience a distraction-free visit. With this enhanced element, your visitor will easily find the information they are looking for by completing their desired action.

Most site owners are normally polarized with the decision of either designing their site menu with a hamburger menu or not. This menu as it consists of three parallel stacked up horizontal lines presents you with an economical way of saving you space. With this menu, you can hide your website navigation of the site.


The above discussion is some of the most basic elements that web developers or site owners can use in their Web Design to optimize the search engine and attract more visitors to their site.

What is Modern Graphic Design?

Graphic design

The piece of design is not called design; they make the art.” All modern graphic spheres cover life cycles which include visual communication, 3D posters and animation, and many books. The art of graphic designing expresses their creativity in the purpose of solving problems and satisfying the requirements of people. It is the matter of communicating with others through images, shapes, different sizes, and many more that we will discuss here in detail.

What is Graphic Design?

What do you think about graphic design? Have you ever tried making any graphic design? Let me tell you it is basically about using different shapes, sizes, colors, lines, curves, complexity, fonts, shades, and pictograms. It’s about the mixture of these things which completely makes a graphic design. By using these all together the designer makes it like a visual approach to all the viewers. The designer makes the graphic design by using their talent and makes it like a communicating source to others.

Modern graphic design as a whole covers all human life phrases. You will love doing graphic designing if you want to. It’s not that hard you just need to have some technology and your inner talent. The more you’ll practice the more you’ll learn. It’s the best source for expressing your thoughts to the world with a proper illustration. If you are exploring graphic designing from the past few years then you have noticed that it has changed in away. At the start, people use sketched shapes and their concepts to express. As becoming more connected to the outer world and with the use of new technology this concept is coming into the world’s trend very quickly.

In simple words, graphic designing is a blend of texts, talent, and images. To attract special audience designers are using the unique psychology of logo shapes.

Some of the points for Starting Graphic Designing

Many people believed that the history of graphic design came from caves drawings. At this point, you should design with interactive software so that it will be easy for anyone to work easily. Firstly, you should understand the firms need how they work and according to that you should choose the color scheme (e.g., red for alerts, green for notification). Secondly, how should you shape it in the emotions part? Most of the time graphic designers make motion design on the small screen. For some the styles, you should be focused especially on weighty design such as:

  • Types of symmetry and the balance
  • The flow of design
  • Retelling
  • How the client recognizes the design that is “The Rule Of Thirds”
  • Typography (basically enclosing everything from heading to the font)
  • The audience cultures

These are some of the important points to remember. Your main motive should be to display the design’s information harmoniously. You should be aware that the piece of art you are going to make should be beautiful as well as usable according to your organization. By making the finest graphic design you should give a visual presence to the audience. The user or audience should feel like you understand them. The visual presence will directly decide your design’s fate.

The History of Modern Graphic Design

What do you think about where this graphic design originated? Because it’s everywhere in our surroundings like on web pages, sites, mobile apps, logos, signs of restaurants and TV commercials, and many more. All the historians have found that graphic designing has come from the cave’s paintings or drawings in 39000 BCE. The term comes from the essay written by William Addison Dwiggins called “New Kind of Printing Calls for New Design”.

In the 1700s at the time of the Industrial Revolution which had brought new technologies to the world. These technologies helped by increasing efficiency and more production of manufacturing steps. Graphic design is the way of expressing the feeling for the requirement of the Industrial Revolution. Lithography which was the greatest design export of the revolution, which means a method of printing that includes inking the art into a stone or any metal surface and after that transfer it on the paper. With the help of these people start making easy posters for any products, events, or any political movement. This was the start of graphic designing after Art Nouveau and Wiener Werkstatte movements came into existence. After these movements, Bauhaus brings a new way of thinking which includes classical, arts and crafts, styles, types of form, and function. This we can trace as the Modern graphic design today. Then after a long time, digital tools came into the world of graphic designing to make it more professional and more cleared. Today many businessmen and companies use this every-day to develop their brand and connections with the people.

The future of graphic design will be changed. Interactivity will be the future of designs that will attract the user to play, discover their ideas, and develop their own experiences based on the situations. As a summary of 2 decades, graphic designing has changed from stem to modern equipment with the help of computer hardware as well as software. This altogether helps this industry to fabricate and organize sites and many designs. By this, all companies and industries gained rewards and innovative ideas for them.

Graphic designers also work for the UN, which improves their presentations which holds a lot of information in proposals and as well as to the people. The latest trend nowadays is 3D depth and realism in modern graphic design. You don’t have a great artist for becoming a graphic designer. It’s all about how you think, how you manage with software and technologies concerning people’s requirements. We will tell you about the types and styles of graphic design in today’s world. If you are searching for design services and if you are starting your business then understanding these things will help you to find out skills for this job.

These are Some of the Graphic Design Styles

In graphic designing designers use visual presence to solve problems and always try to communicate by using images, colors, forms, and typography. There are many types of styles in graphic design, each style has its specialization. Many graphic designers specialize in only one style and other designers focus on all as a set. But as we know this industry is drastically changing, designers should be habitual and quick learners so that they can easily add more specification to their career line. Graphic designing styles are as followed-

Ø Visual Identity Graphic Design

As you will see that there is a relationship between an organization and its audience or people. The name which the company gets relates to its organization’s tone, how it communicates, emotions, essence as well as memory and their experiences. In this style, the visual element is about the name or brand identities that act as the front of a brand which tries to tell those intangible things by using images, colors, sizes, and shapes. Graphic designers who are good at this type of style collaborate with many stakeholders by using their talent in making logos, typography, and palettes which will recognize the company or organization. In respect of this many designers also make a set of visual brand or style guides that tells all the best practices with examples. It is a common type of graphic design. The one who wants to understand visual graphic designing should be good at communication skills, conceptual and creative skills. The person should have a passion for the industry.

Ø Marketing and Advertising

According to the growing pace of the industry, marketing is one of the factors. Marketing engages people’s needs, makes them aware, and gives resources according to their needs. Since the audience likes more visual appearance and more attractive, graphic designs try to help organizations to promote and talk more effectively to the people. Marketing graphic designers work with the owner of the company, managers, or marketing professional to make assets for the strategies. Their work can be done alone or with some people as a team. For making special digital advertising and content marketing this style has developed by including more digital assets. Some examples of marketing and advertising graphic designs are – postcards, posters or banners, Brochures, Vehicle wraps, templates, Social Media Ads, images for websites and blogs, etc.

Ø User Interface Design

It’s basically how a user communicates with a device or any type of application. In simple words, user interface designing helps to make interfaces so that it will be easy to use and it will be user-friendly. It required all the things that a user needs like a keyboard, computer, and mouse. But it mainly focuses on the user’s experience and the design of on-screen graphic things (e.g. buttons, menus, and micro-interactions). It’s the job of the designer to make a balance of aesthetic appeal with technical functions. Some examples of this design are – web pages, theme designs like WordPress, and Game interfaces.

Ø Publication Graphic Designing

It is for the long-term use to communicate with the people through public issues. It is a type of print medium and has a classical design for example books, newspapers, and magazines. But nowadays there is some development in publication graphic design. The designers work with the publishers and editors. They create a perfect layout of typography and artwork. They can also work as a freelancer for any agency online.

Ø Packaging Design

For protecting some products for storage there is also a need for packaging design. But they can also convey their message through packaging graphic designs. The things we use in our daily life like bottles, bags, boxes, and containers are part of the company’s brand selling. The designers make different concepts and after that, the print is ready for the product. For acquiring this type of output the person should have a good knowledge of print processes and understands industrial design manufacturing. The designer can specialize in one type of product or more than one. The work of these designers should be top-notch conceptual with a strong working knowledge of prints.

Ø Next is Motion Graphic Design

In simple words, this graphic design refers to motion designs for example- animation, typography, audio, and film. This is one of the most popular graphic designing styles. The designers should have a good knowledge of software and should be specialized. It is also a new area for many graphic designers but it is found across all digital platforms. Some of the examples of motion graphic design are- Websites, Apps, Video games, GIFs, Trailers, and Animated logos. Firstly, the designers make their ideas on a storyboard and then bring the concepts to life with animations. You should know about marketing, 3D modeling, and coding.

Ø Environmental Designing

This type of design attracts the people to the places which have to be improved. It brings the overall experience of spaces making it more memorable, informative, interesting for people, and easier to understand. Some of the examples of environmental graphic designing are- murals, office branding, retail store interiors, stadium branding, event space, conference design, and museum exhibitions. The main focus of this design consists of strategic signage, landmarks, and visuals cues. You will see that all of these interior landscapes designing is done by the multidisciplinary practice of the environmental designers.

Ø Art and Illusions Designing

Graphic design and art illustration seem the same but they are different. A designer should know the difference between them both. They should create original artwork by using their ideas related to solving problems and the composition of communication. This all together makes a fine art of storytelling illustrations. Some of the examples of art and illustrations graphic designing are- graphic patterns for textiles, stock images, graphic novels, comic books, T-shirt design, album art, infographics, and concept art. The designers can use any type of combination to make their artwork look different and include all the requirements of the people, and then they become a good artist or designer.

Online Sales – Growth Opportunities and How To Take Advantage Of Them

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The first-ever item sold on Amazon in the year 1995 was a book and after 20 years its sales have grown to 2 trillion US dollars worldwide.

Online sales have revolutionized the retail industry. It has been constantly evolving and continuously meeting the changing needs of the people around the world. 

Initially, e-commerce was very basic and provided limited opportunities but now it is highly customized, better return policies, integration, and a lot more. Ecommerce is growing rapidly and it has now become a way of life. In the time of lockdown and COVID-19, digitalization has increased a lot and if you want growth of your business then you should opt for online store and mobile commerce.

Growth Opportunities for ECommerce in 2020: 

1. Growth of online sales is unstoppable: Online sales have grown positively over the years. Sales have increased from 1.3 trillion in the year 2014 to 4.5 trillion to date. The popularity of eCommerce varies depending upon the region. You should check for eCommerce trends and market accordingly to get the maximum benefit of eCommerce. The increase of eCommerce is because it is a lot more convenient and now people are not hesitant to buy things online. Websites are increasingly becoming customer-friendly and advanced, so the growth of eCommerce is inevitable.

2. After COVID-19, there are the biggest impacts on the eCommerce trends in 2020. As the government is shutting down the stores and then implementing the lockdowns for restriction of the social movements for various months for fighting the coronavirus so more and more people are inclining towards online shopping for purchasing various items. The impact of coronavirus will be long term and will stay even after COVID-19. This is because people will get used to the convenience and comfort that eCommerce offers and also will feel the benefits of online payments which will increase inclination towards digital shopping. 

Because of the corona pandemic, the penetration rates are expected to increase to 25 per cent for online stores. But this hurts brick and mortar stores that have not gone digital yet. 

3. Mobile commerce is growing: With the introduction of smartphones, mobile commerce has grown tremendously. Now 73% of online shopping is done via mobile phones. Mobile phones are increasingly used to browse products and do research before online purchases. Mobile shopping is becoming popular amongst the youth who have grown up with advanced mobile phones. Now eCommerce websites are optimized for mobile devices too.

4.The advent of voice commerce: Now internet users are increasingly making use of voice shopping. With smart speakers, people need not type or search they can just speak and buy things digitally. The number of people opting for voice commerce will increase by 55% until the year 2022. With the introduction of Echo and Alexa voice-controlled devices, voice shopping has gained popularity but it is still in its nascent stage. Currently, voice shopping is primarily used for browsing and searching for products. 

5. Contribution of social media in online shopping: Social media marketing has become a major platform for attracting online shoppers. Now it is possible to shop via social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. On social media platforms, people can give realistic reviews and video testimonials too. So, the number of social shoppers has increased to a great extent. So, brands are now improving their social media reputation and even small businesses and startups can compete with big brands on social media. 

Even most eCommerce platforms are integrating social media to update the latest products and discounts from their website directly. Nowadays video sharing has also gained a lot of popularity. Social media are now becoming channels to inspire shopping trends and so brands have to take it seriously. 

6. Buyers are influenced by environmental topics: Brands need to think about green consumerism because consumers are now paying attention to environmental concerns too. Environmentally friendly practices attract more customers as people think that your brand is responsible for the environment.

7. Artificial Intelligence: Retailers spend a lot of money on artificial intelligence and it is estimated to grow further. AI retailers can provide personalized customer experience and this gives them a competitive edge over others. By making use of AI businesses get the benefit of automated marketing and better customer service too. AI also helps in optimizing discounts and pricing and also forecasting. AI also helps in knowing customer behaviour and improving customer loyalty.

8. The online shopping experience is transformed using augmented reality: Many online stores are now making use of augmented reality technology which gives enhanced shopping experience. With AR technology the gap between online and offline shopping is reduced because the products can be visualized before shopping. If you implement AR technology for your brand then you can stay ahead of your competition because it gives better detail of products and the shopping experience is highly personalized. AR shows the quality of products and customers can explore each and every feature of the services and products that you offer.

9. The future of online shopping is personalization: Almost half of the online shoppers want to get a personalized shopping experience. With this customer relationships can be made strong and there is better customer satisfaction. It is important to provide better product recommendations to your customers so that they can trust your brand. Now is the time to improve your personalized shopping experience and give your customers better online shopping facilities and attract more customers too. Personalization can be done in email marketing,

SMS marketing, showing related products based on product search, and browsing data. You can offer relevant discounts to your customer groups with personalization. This makes online shopping a lot more engaging and improved overall shopping experience. It improves customer loyalty too towards your brand.

10. There is a rise in visual commerce: The main problem that people face while using e-commerce is that you are selling products to people who are not interacting with your products physically. This is when visual commerce is being used. This is the next generation of technology which provides normal static visuals. This makes marketing a lot more effective because instead of just using product photos you can put visual data for your product. This includes interactive content, consumer-generated media, augmented reality, and engaging videos.

Visual commerce is increasingly being used in e-commerce stores according to research. The image recognition market is continuously growing recently and will further grow considerably. Image recognition feature is most prevalent in the region of North America which shows the demand for visual content in US citizens.

How to take advantage of e-commerce growth?

It is expected that there will be a growth in e-commerce sales of around 8 to 12 per cent this year. These figures are getting higher because of the COVID-19 pandemic and as compared to offline sales, this industry is expected to grow 3 times faster. The revenue that will be generated by online sales is expected to go around $427 to $443 billion this year, according to research done by the national retail federation. This means that if you have an online store then you need to be on your toes to attract customers. With the booming growth of e-commerce now is the time to take advantage of online sales strategy.

The game of online shopping is now a lot more advanced and is more focused on seamless branding, stellar customer service, and efficient automation. If you too want to take advantage of the growth of the e-commerce industry, here are four tips which if implemented can help you take your business to the top. Keep these in mind while you examine the shipping and marketing aspects of your online business in order to ensure that you generate additional revenue with the growth of the e-commerce market.

A. Build your Brand: Make sure to include your branding in all marketing and packaging stuff. In whichever way you are communicating with your customers whether, via free gifts on the purchase, giveaways, heavy discounts, free shipping, etc, you have to make sure that your branding such as social media links, logos, website links, etc are included in it. You should not confine these elements only to email marketing campaigns but do include it in each communication that you send including shipment tracking pages, confirmation emails, delivery emails, return labels, invoices, etc. 

By using your brand labels everywhere you emphasize building your brand recognition and awareness which is necessary to generate new customers and improve the loyalty of existing customers. It is needed to help your customers remember your brand so that they keep on coming back to you. 

B. Use Automation to Save Time and Money: If you are getting orders from numerous marketplaces then you might not be able to stay organized. Also, it can be overwhelming to use different shipping carriers. By making use of automated shipping software for the fulfillment of e-commerce orders, you can simplify the process of shipping and order management. This can drastically reduce the time required for processing and also your shipping costs. Repetitive tasks can be automated and this will improve accuracy and save your precious time too. 

You can reduce shipping fees by comparing rates across various services and carriers in automated software. Smart retailers make use of software to apply shipping methods automatically to international and domestic orders, manage returns efficiently, and insure their orders automatically. If shipping is automated your resources are available to manage other parts of the business. 

C. Improve your Customer Service: Make sure to have your return policy simple and clear and also notify your customers about policy changes. It should also be mentioned on your website. This will make it easy for customers to know and understand your policies and it increases pre-sales trust and improves the quality of interaction with customers. Online shopping is becoming a new trend for retail business and so just like many businesses, you should also focus on answering your customer queries promptly or hire a dedicated resource for customer service. No matter where your customer is trying to contact you, be it social media, your website, or email you should be ready to respond. Also, make your FAQ page clear and easily accessible and updated too so that customers can get their replies quickly via the FAQ section. 

D. Become a Returns Hero: According to research customer loyalty increases when the return process and policies of the brand or website are customer-friendly and simple. Giving fast response to requests for returns can make a difference between retail giants and small sellers. You should supply return labels without doing any kind of resistance, credit refunds promptly, and eliminate restocking fees to build trust and loyalty amongst your customers. If you are able to absorb the costs associated with returns then it can be a big win-win situation for your business. If you are charging your customer a fee for a return then they are likely to go to your competitor’s website. If you want to ensure that your customer comes back to you again and again then make sure that you make the returns process painless. 

For an e-commerce business, customer service and efficiency are key. By improving this you can make happy customers, streamline the fulfilment process, and improve your revenue growth. 

It is quite important to invest in e-commerce and mobile commerce for any business in today’s competitive environment. Now e-commerce is not only about having an online store but one should remain updated regarding the trends and changes that are taking place in the online market. Your e-commerce website should be ready to provide an enhanced shopping experience to your customers and build a strong bond with them to improve brand loyalty. If you want to stay in the competition and build your brand then it is important to monitor and adapt to e-commerce trends. Even if your e-commerce brand is on the top if you do not change according to the changing trends then there will be other brands that will supersede you. So follow these trends and stay on top.