The Ultimate Checklist: Website Speed Optimization

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website. Not only is it bad for end-users, but also for website owners.

In this fast-paced world, everybody loves quick loading sites and it’s something that attracts a lot of potential clients. You just can’t deny the fact that users who don’t have to wait are more likely to become customers. Website speed optimization can definitely have a positive impact on your business growth. Any business owner having a website should focus on boosting its website speed. This way, you can attract a long list of potential customers to your business website because all the users are looking for a faster and easier experience.

A one-second delay in a slow loading website can decrease your conversion rates up to 20-30% as well as a slow website can damage your reputation. Therefore, your bounce rate of the website will increase then you have faced many problems and loss in your business. But, a high performing and faster loading website can reduce your bounce rate and made a positive impression on the user, which makes a domino effect on your business’ success. The faster loading page helps you to increase more leads and helps in gaining a new customer.

Well, then what are you still waiting for? Just do some research and hunt for reliable professionals that can optimize your website speed in the best possible way. The hunt can prove out to be a bit daunting, but it’s totally worth the efforts!

A team of skilled experts will definitely be able to deliver high-end results for your website speed optimization.

With the knowledge and access to tools and techniques, they can work wonders for your business website.

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What is Website Speed?

Website speed refers to how faster is the loading time of your website when any user enters your specific URL in the search box or clicks on the link that directs them to your website. Website speed is a part of the Google search algorithm then the slow loading of a page can suffer from low user engagement which, means the website has lower chances of getting ranked on search engines.

The average loading speed of the website across all countries is 8.66%, but the recommendation is to reduce that time to four seconds or fewer.

Website speed optimization can help to beat the competitors because if your website loads quickly or in 3 seconds and your competitor’s website loaded in 9 seconds, then Google serves your content first to the user. If you know if you have a slow website, then Google automatically puts down your rank on the search engine result page, but you can resolve them easily, by doing speed optimization. After, then your user has a more enjoyable user experience.

Here, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons you should invest in website speed optimization:

Improve User Experience

The main reason to speed up a website is to improve the visitor experience. Even Google is quite concerned about the speed of your website. So, make sure to do some efforts and boost up the speed of your website. Most of the website owners make great efforts for engaging their visitors through their content and graphics. But somehow, they fail to work on the speed of their website.

Achieve Marketing Goals

Optimizing your site for boosting the loading time will help you to reach your ultimate marketing goals. No matter if you are looking forward to improving conversion reduce your website’s bounce rate, sales or just improving the service for your customers, there is a lot of evidence showing the effect of the fast website can definitely turn out to be quite helpful.

SEO Positioning

In order to be found and stay on the top in the vast universe of the internet, websites need to accomplish good scores according to the Google PageRank algorithm. Website loading time is an important part of this algorithm, but also some user experience metrics such as bounce rate and page views also matter a lot.

Here in the below guide, we will be discussing.

Some of the widely used tips and tricks for website speed optimization

Use a Content Delivery Network

One of the best ways to speed up your site is by hosting your media files on a content delivery network. This way, you can save up to 60% of your bandwidth. CDNs work by hosting your files across a wide network of servers around the globe. This network allows user requests to be redirected to the nearest server. This way, the content is delivered to the users at a faster rate. This website speed optimization trick works well as a whole process.

Move your Website to a Better Host

Shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS) hosting, and dedicated server are three main types of hosting available. To get your site online in the most economical way and for a low fee, you can consider shared hosting. Being one of the most commonly used all over the world, this type is highly recommended. VPS hosting and dedicated servers are much faster and use multiple servers for content distribution. So, you can choose the one as per your particular needs and desire.

Optimize Image size on the Website

Everybody loves eye-catchy images. Isn’t it? Well, it’s something that can prove out to be really helpful for your business website. For making your website more engaging, a lot of images, graphics and videos can be added to your business website. But its negative part is that these are usually large files that can, in turn, slow down the speed of your website. But you need not worry. We have a solution to it. You can reduce the image size without compromising with the quality of the image with the help of tools like ImageOptim, JPEGmini or Kraken.

Compress your Files

You can definitely improve your website speed by compressing its files with Gzip. The smaller your files, the less time it’ll take your website to load. This technique is proved to work wonders for site performance. So, you should definitely consider giving it a try.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links result in making customers leave your site. It’s something that can prove out to be completely unrewarding for your business website. So, ensure to get your broken links fixed as soon as possible. This way, you can notice a sudden drop in the bounce rate of your website.

Coming to the conclusion, website speed is highly important in case you want your business website to work well and gain huge benefits.
So, take a step ahead, do some research, keep hunting for reliable website speed optimization service providers and hire the one that can offer you the best possible services.

Internet users are very less tolerant of slow websites and that’s why you need to fix your site speed now!