Experience of attending Tedx Chandigarh Live

There is so much talent that world needs to recognize. There are millions of ideas that people want to share with the world and to do something that would amaze everyone. What else can be a better place than Tedx to explore the technology, talent and trend?

So the journey started when Tedx Chandigarh was organizing a worth attending event for all the interested participants. SEO Discovery provided ticket for 4 members to attend the talk and to witnessed them live. Believe me, it was an experience in itself. It not only lets us know about the speakers but gave us a spark to do something great in our lives.

There were almost 15 speakers and everyone had different specialty. The amazing speaker who attracted everyone was Mrs Urvashi. In the Male dominating world where she has faced many issues related to the inequality between girls and boys she is the one who is talking a step ahead to improve the level of society. She is doing efforts to teach every girl Chile and encouraging them to take admissions in Schools and at the same time teaching boys how they can help to become a better person each day.

In the Modern era, where no one believes in Magic, Magic Singh shocked us with his magic skills and left us with our jaws open. Yes, we managed to took a selfie with him.

But what attracts us the Most is the one who is an encyclopedia of music and poetry himself, we were waiting for this man to come and enlighten us with the knowledge that he has. His pure aura says everything about him and brings joy and tears of happiness in everyone’s eyes every time. Yes, he is Satinder Sartaj and it was great to have him, seeing him performing live.

Another speakers who shared their interesting ideas to live a healthy life were two partners; Son and father who has started a business to grow plants without soil. Yes, you heard it right. They shared their experiences and we were just blew away with their ideas.

Also, another speaker Mrs. Laura taught us the important things that every child must know and how to manage to implement small but important things in our lives.

These were few speakers that touched our heart and changed our vision towards the life goals. Not to forget the Hosts Simarpreet Singh and Kritika who entertained us with their Jokes and keep connected us with speakers throughout the event.

To summarize our experience, we learned that if we have interest, passion for anything, just Go, grab it. It is only US who can make this world a better place to live.

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