SEO Case Study 2 : Traffic to a New Website


UK based entrepreneur Mansi Patel contacted us regarding her new website. They built this website with a vision of providing lavish and expensive Indian ethnic wear at low costs. Almost all of their clothes were made up of “Resham”, also known as Golden Silk.


This was a new website and it was not optimized at all. We took this project as a challenge because everything was supposed to be done from scratch.

Client’s prime focus was to increase organic traffic and sales. Their products were Indian sub-continental ethnic wear i.e. they wanted to grow in India.

What We Did:

When Mansi Patel(Website Owner) contacted us, her brand new website was already facing serious competition from the popular Indian e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Myntra.

Competing with such hotshots was not only a long shot but also quite risky, therefore our SEO Experts researched certain long tail keywords with which the site could rank easily.

During the first week of our SEO plan, we changed all the meta tags and included keywords that had high searches and low competition.

After the implementation of Meta tags, we submitted URLs of the website to the Google Webmaster.
We got the results in the first week of submission as a few clicks appeared in the Webmaster analytic. Even some of the keywords ranked on the 1st position in Google search result.

SEO Case Study

But getting a few clicks was not our only aim. Since, the niche was competitive, we took the help of SMO Tasks to reach the right audience. Our SEO experts created profiles on different social networking websites to drive social traffic.

In SEO, backlinks play a vital role in the ranking of any website. Apart from regular updates on social networking websites and microblogging sites, our link builders created some quality backlinks for this website in different ways like article submission, press release, guest posting etc.

Our SEO Experts analyzed the competitors’ websites to find the best backlink opportunities. After preparing a list, our link builders acquired as much links as possible.


At the end only results matters! After SEO work for 8 months, we were able to push 50-60% keywords of the overall website to the first page. Even this website have got a lot of keywords on Google searches.

organic keywords

After achieving the initial targets, SEO Discovery helped these businesses define new business goals to continue with the growth.

analytics traffic

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