SEO Discovery is experimenting four-day workweek to boost productivity

Work-life balance has always been a struggle. However, an increased concern for worker’s rights paired with the power of automation has created a shift. Certain industries don’t require as many working hours anymore, and the global trend leans towards a four-day workweek. Does it work? Yes, it does. Research shows that a shorter working week could add to businesses’ bottom lines through increased staff productivity, as well as improve physical and mental health.   

The research also found that this working style increased the overall quality of life for employees, making staff happy and less stressed, and took fewer sick days. However, it’s not just during work hours that people are more productive, with an additional day off; the employees use the time to develop their professional skills. 

With that said, we at SEO Discovery, Mohali ran a four-day workweek trial to see whether it increases productivity or not. The test involved 50 regular office workers, where the workers were asked to communicate more via an online chat tool instead of having physical meetings. If physical meetings were necessary, they were limited to fewer participants and finished within 15-20 minutes.  

It’s our third week into the four-day workweek experiment and the results we saw are immense. The experiment saw a 20% increase in sales per worker, 30% more employees felt they could successfully balance their work and personal lives. Stress decreased by 10% and overall work satisfaction increased by 10%. About 95% of employees positively viewed the four-day workweek.   

With the benefit of an extra free day, employees were exceptionally motivated to meet productivity requirements. Supervisors say that staff is more creative, their attendance is better, they reach office on time, and don’t leave early or take long breaks.  

So, yes four-day workweek works in boosting productivity as well as makes employees happy.

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