5 Effective Strategies to Improve Your Backlink Portfolio

Improve Your Backlink

When it comes to building the backlinks for the website, then quality is more important than quantity. Backlinks with high quality are the reflection of the content which will help in improving the organic ranking of your website. The rules for the organic rankings have been redefined forever by keeping the SEO specialists on their toes for figuring out what is working and what is not. The strategy which has stood in all of this test is the practice for building the authority link for a website with the help of backlinks.

Introduction to backlinks

Backlinks are the incoming links from another website to your website. The backlink add more value to the organic search. Backlinks created from the website with highest authority and reputation will generate higher value for your website. In the search engines, the more links you have the more popular and relevant is the site.

When you are building valuable backlinks then it will require a strong strategy for SEO. This will focus on the stellar content, forging and maintaining stronger and meaningful relationships with the active presence on the relevant channels.

Below you will read about the five practices which encourage and entice high-quality websites for linking back to your websites:

1. Create skyscraper content

If you want to earn the backlinks from the authority websites, then you `have to create the content which is worth linking back to the sites. When you are creating the skyscraper content then you are just increasing the chances of earning the backlinks by offering them how the authority websites will look for it.

The technique of the skyscraper is involving the most popular piece of content on a particular project. A similar project is then created with better content that is capable of outperforming the latter. When you are examining the content then you will plane about the skyscraping and you can ask yourself the below questions:

What is missing in this piece of content?

Are you having any expertise or information which would be able to fill this gap in the content?

Are there any ways by which you can make content more visually appealing or readable?

These are the issues which need to be addressed in the piece of your content for making it skyscraper quality and improving the chances of featuring the high up in the results page of search engines.

The main advantage of using this technique is that you can create content on the subject that is already in demand and which is offering something better. In this way, you will get attractive backlink options from other websites.

2. Relationships with authority websites

Backlinks that are credible, great, and have a huge number of users, will help in improving the ranking in the search results. On the other side, bad backlinks  from spam websites can degrade the authority of your website, also affect your online reputation.

If you want to ensure that you are earning quality backlinks then reach out to such authority websites and you can request them to link back to the your pages. These are the websites which have unbiased, accurate editorial coverage, high-end brands, or influential bloggers with a loyal customer base. 

A very easy way for spotting this kind of website is by looking at the backlinks of the competitors. You can pitch your content to them and convince them how linking back to your website will improve their user experience. Find broken links on the internet and then use your link instead of broken content.

3. Monitoring the latest trends in SEO

Check if you are meeting the below criteria or not:

  • Is your content sync with the best practice of SEO in the terms of keywords tagging and usage?
  • Are you having enough content on the website which is focusing on the subjects which are topical, trendy, and most searched?
  • If this content is in a format that is easy to consume, engaging, and visually appealing?

If you check all the boxes above then it will ensure that you will be attracting more users and the backlinks.

When the website is backlinking to you then they are relying on your SEO content quality and game for boosting their own. The SEO-friendliness of your website would need to be optimized and architect in such a way that it can be navigable easily. The fresh content should feature collaborations and credible sources including influential bloggers. 

Stay at the top with latest SEO trends and new content that is being created. You will also be able to revamp the existing content which would be very exciting and fresh. You can also promote this on social media and make it more appealing to other users and websites.

4. Maintain active social media presence

When the great content is being hosted and it is not being promoted then it is considered as bad hosting with poor content. To entice the authority websites needed to link back, you will have to convince them that you are submitting very brilliant content and it would be having the right amount of visibility. The jury will be still out and don’t know whether the social impressions are impacting the SERP ratings or the social promotions are playing an integral part in driving the users to the website. 

Just posting on social media channels is not enough. To make the users coming back to your website, you have to keep them engaged in a meaningful way. You need to respond to their comments and likes and reward them with the mentions on the pages. Social mentions are a great way for encouraging the websites that are linking back to you.

5. Use the expertise of the team

The best content is the result of the passion and the expertise of the team who created it. When it is promoted in the right way then this can be considered as a useful asset for earning very high-quality backlinks for the website. Channel your creativity and knowledge to come up with an exciting and compelling piece of content similar to the podcasts, tutorials, how-to-videos, talks at the events, and guest posts. 

When all these things are being hosted on other platforms then links are requested from the company website and also backlinks are offered to them for your websites.

 Another way of setting the content apart is to offer something niche to them. For example, if you are having a competitive graphic design team then you can populate the website with very high-quality infographics to which the other websites will be able to link to the source and able to support their content.

Other unique types of content are glossaries, white papers, case studies, charts, and reviews. 

Backlinks are an important asset of any website and it is essential to establish any business as a trustworthy, authentic, and relevant content source. Apart from those mentioned above, other smart tactics of content promotion and creation can enhance your domain authority by gaining validation from numerous authority websites via backlinks. These additional things that you should consider includes:

Keeping a check on the latest news and topics: evergreen content can help you build links and create value with time, but it is beneficial to use time-sensitive content. This can get high-quality backlinks quickly, though for a shorter period. Try posting content on newsworthy and trending topics that can lead to backlinks from fast-moving media outlets and news websites. Check out seasonal events that can help you to find the best times to publish and promote content that can get the most shares and traffic. 

Make linking to your content an easy task: adding high-quality content for your marketing or website will improve the chances of getting a link back. But you can improve these chances by making it super easy for publishers to create a backlink on your site. Do this by using HTML snippets which can be copy-pasted by publishers. 

  • Reach to sites that provide a link to your competitors
    Websites that provide backlinks to your competitors are likely to link back to your website too. Use online tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to know the websites that are high-quality backlink providers for your competitors. If the sites provide a link to your competitors, then there are chances that they will provide a link to your website as well. Check the content of your competitor and then request the publisher to post a link for your website too in the same capacity. Let them know about your products and services. This will give a compelling reason to them so that they would add your business to their list to improve the experience of their audience.
  • Reach to the sites where your competitors are posting

This is another way of finding high-quality backlinks which will relate to the guest blogging sites. When you are using the backlink checker report then you will be able to run the competitor analysis report to see which sites are accepting the guest posts from the competitors. You can view the link when you click on the competitor linking sites present in the report. Then you can visit the page which will include the link. When you will find the linking pages on the guest posts then you can assume that this site is best for getting the blogging opportunity for the brand.

  • Rebuilding the broken links

Some publishers are not linking, and this can include the links which are incorrect or broken. You can keep your eye on and search for these types of broken links. This will provide you with the opportunity for gaining high-quality backlinks. Whenever you are seeing a broken link on the website which is relevant to your brand then you can contact the publisher and notify them about the error. Then you can provide them with the link of your site which would be a very good replacement.

  • Reclaiming links of Image

Images that are embedded in the websites are often including the link to the source. Sometimes these links are not pointing to the proper websites and they are broken. You need to keep the eye on the opportunities as well If the website is linking to one of your graphics. Ensure that all of your graphics are being used on other sites properly as the backlinks to your site. Similarly, if anything is broken here you can attach the proper image and graphics relevant to the content. Content that includes graphics is always better than simple text content. 

Effect of Backlinks: How Long Does it Take a Backlink to Improve My Ranking?

effects of backlinks

The most favorite question of every new client: What’s the ROI of your link building campaign? The question is of course absolutely right, after all, professional search engine optimization is not exactly favorable.

Nevertheless, it can not be answered, because the google algorithm is too complex and dynamic. Today we are dealing with how long it takes to show a new backlink effect. Why the focus on links?

Because in my opinion the link profile before Content is the number 1 Ranking factor with Google. High-quality, sustainable link-building is usually the most expensive and costly aspect of an SEO campaign (technical SEO).

In addition, backlinks have certain risks compared to earlier (before 2012: “A link is a link” ), but now the right platforms and websites have to be selected for linking. This requires a lot of experience and fingertip feeling. Experienced search engine optimization experts see in a very short time whether it is a “spam link seller”. 

1. When backlinks show effect?

The truth is that a new backlink does not show an immediate effect. This fact makes it incredibly difficult to find the backlink which improves the ranking.

A little unsatisfying, right?

A study at Moz shows that a link takes about 10 weeks to really influence the placements. Therefore domains with old “matured” backlinks are so incredibly strong. It is not only the domain age but also the age of the link profile, which makes these websites true “powerhouses”.

2. Push Top 10

A new backlink for a page that is already in the top 10 usually does not lead to significant ranking changes. Logically, because in the top 10 the website moves with Google basically less.

It usually takes much more work to get from place 5 to place 2 than to get from place 93 to place 15. This means that with bad rankings I can also jump far forward through a good backlink.

Expert Tip: From my experience, you have to be much better than the ranked 1 website to overtake it. Example: 3% better is not enough, 20% needs at least. Google has several filters in the algorithm to slow newcomers because they compromise the quality of the SERPs. Otherwise, everyone could sponge up.

3. Important factors for the influence of a backlink

Each backlink is unique. The strength of a backlink is influenced by countless factors. However, it becomes even more opaque: the niche in which you want to rank is also an important factor.

3.1  Dynamic or static niche

SEMrush Sensor shows you for different niches whether the SERPs are exceptionally dynamic on a certain date.

In some niches, there is always something going on. The one jumps into the top 10 of place 31. The number 3 falls to place 11. In fast moving niches, in which freshness is important and is generally much “manipulated”, high volatility belongs to the everyday life. Rankings can develop rapidly.

In other niches where nothing happens, trust is essential (eg tax advice), it can be very difficult as a newcomer. Google seems to slow down the impact of all measures.

In such industries, search engine optimization can be very frustrating. Although you are significantly stronger than the competition, you are still on the second Google page after 6 months. And even though the other websites have hardly any backlinks, they do not publish new content or are active online marketing.

3.2 Existing trust

Google is all about trust. If your website already has a strong link profile and the domains are online for years, a new site may not need any or few backlinks to conquer even difficult keywords.

One of the reasons for this is that Google is 100% familiar with the website and it does not interfere with any filters. In addition, the new bottom has a certain amount of Trust and Link Juice through the internal link flow.

With a new website, the situation looks completely different. New pages or URLs take a few months to build up the necessary trust and history to reach top rankings. A study by Ahrefs shows that only 5.7% of all newly published pages make it into Google Top 10 within one year.

3.3 Freshness and relevance

When it comes to celebrity gossip, everything revolves around topicality. In such an area, it is important to constantly get new backlinks to match current topics. Fresh backlinks have a massive impact, perfect matchmaking is secondary.

In an evergreen field such as beauty surgery, the story looks completely different. It changes little and if, only slowly. This is about acquiring the right backlinks with a lot of authority and relevance.

Quality over quantity is the motto.

3.4 Strength of the competition

If my site is ranked 4th and the competitors in front of me are simply stronger, a single backlink will have no visible impact. For this, the distance is too large. In such a situation success cannot be measured by means of rankings. The process must be the focus.

3.5 Filter against unnatural fast link setup

Let’s assume that we are in a quiet and friendly niche, where everyone follows Google’s guidelines. The other websites are relatively static, old and have an old but small link profile.

Now I’m adding as an inexperienced search engine optimizer and want to tear out trees. It builds backlinks what keeps the stuff. Nothing happens, nothing at all.


Google looks at which link volume and which link is Velocity realistic for the niche. If an average page gets into the top 10 backlinks a year and the link profile of my page suddenly grows by 50 links a month, it is not difficult to recognize that something is lazy. Accordingly, Google will not “count” the backlinks for a certain period of time.

3.6 Link Velocity

With Link, Velocity is speed meant in my site gets new links or loses. There are very few indicators that show so clearly whether manipulation is done or not.

That’s why I’m not a big friend of one-time SEO packages: 50 backlinks and then 2 years nothing … How hard is such manipulation for a mature algorithm to recognize?

Domain popularity growth. Natural growth of domain popularity is the key to sustainable SEO success

Expert Tip: Always work well on the link profile. If links are dropped or depreciated, reconstruct them, because a negative link Velocity can have a dramatic effect on existing rankings. Dear, slowly and steadily, then all at once. Peaks are normal when you land in the newspaper, but it should happen at least “something”.

4. When does a backlink effect and what backlinks are good?

Well, it was about the link construction and time. This time, by way of exception, a little more theoretical. It is important to keep in the back of the mind, that every built link is usually only a one-time investment in the form of money, time or both.

Each additional backlink leads to more authority and more ranking potential. This results in the snowball effect, as a result of which new keywords can be conquered very quickly and with relatively little effort.

As a rule of thumb, a backlink takes about 10 weeks to unfold its influence. The older, the more valuable it becomes.