22 Big Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are ever-changing. The arena of the market space has increased rapidly over the last decade. People have finally understood the need to try their luck in the digital field. For this, physical marketing and digital promotions have come at an equal level. Both have become equally essential for a brand or service to sustain its prominence. In the current scene, online promotions are directly affecting business growth. Visibility and revenue earning both are significant for the existing concerns.

Dynamic necessities

Before going into the details of the emerging digital  marketing trends, first, understand the need for it. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the digital space, you need to try your hands at the emerging ways. You need to attain in-depth knowledge of the newer techniques to benefit your cause. You cannot expect to outdo your peers or make a greater impact with the safe approach. Experimenting leads to a fresher outlook. It certainly provides the audience a newer option to try.

Trends to notice: The global lockdown has primarily forced most of the audience to focus on the digital marketplace. Even before the pandemic, there was a large audience section that exclusively focused on virtual space. But the pandemic has amplified the numbers. For this, the rapidness of change is also remarkable in 2021. Give a quick read to understand the top 10 trending ways to promote digital marketing.

1. Shoppable posts

Why do the marketing ways change so fast? The answer is to ease the audience’s needs. It is the exact reason why things are continuously getting updated. Shoppable posts that promote your product and provide an option to buy is one such example. It effectively eases the online user’s need to find ways to reach your business. They can easily click to buy. Even if they do not buy, it helps them fetch an overall idea about the promoted product or offer. 

2. Voice-based search

Have you noticed the change in keyword perception? Yes, the long-tailed keywords are making a prominence. But what is the reason? It is due to the increasing use of voice search devices. All the leading companies have products that have eased the searching necessities. Now you can just speak to find the searched list! So, it is time for you to include the optimization techniques for getting a place in the voice-based search indexes. Speech recognition and voice technology are the new game-changer at the moment!

3. Media marketing

Here, media marketing implies all types, including images, videos, podcasts, etc. If you notice well, some videos and images pop up alongside the websites in SERP. It means the searching browser is also giving importance to the media options. The main reason is the decreasing attention span. Many internet users find it tedious to scroll through written content. Instead, they want a ready solution that is easy to comprehend. The increased demand for video marketing is a prominent example of it.

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Gradually and almost imperceptibly, artificial intelligence (AI) crept into the life of modern people and took a significant place in it. That said, no one actually knows in which direction AI will take us! All people know is that AI can conquer the world ( as portrayed in technology films about the future ). The truth is, already, the role of artificial intelligence in marketing and business can hardly be overestimated. Artificial intelligence helps analyze consumer data and interests, offer them targeted ads, track sales, improve communication with customers and predict their behavior patterns. The use of machine learning is also growing, useful in the analysis of the text, images, and audio, as well as so valuable for the development of another trend – personalization.

5. Interactive content

Marketing your products and services does not only mean featuring them in visible areas. The audience should also get a chance to connect to the brand. In other words, making them feel important and a part of the process is what you need. One thing that every brand is focusing on is to increase their communicability. It can be through voting polls related to products, online quizzes, virtual contests, and many more. It incorporates a practical element in the marketing ways.

6. “Emotive” brand promotion

The purpose of marketing has evolved over the years. Promoting your brand or business services does not only restrict people to buy it. There are other purposes like making an online prominence, educating people on different things, and many more. It has broadened the mindset of both audiences and the service provider. They are now looking for a brand that features a purpose and reflects goodness in their services. The new term is “emotive”, a combination of emotions and promotion. 

7. E-commerce channel advertising

The only option to shop amidst the pandemic is through online shops. E-commerce as an industry has gained largely through this ongoing pandemic. More people than before are relying on Ecommerce online sales. Why not promote your advertisements on the shopping apps? Yes, it is the best way to gain attention right away! Digital advertising on these online portals helps the brands get better audience accessibility without trying too much. Going by predictions, it will continue to make a huge difference in the coming time also.

8. Social media marketing

You cannot ignore the prominence of social media in the brand making. Accept it or not, the social media audience holds the capacity to make a brand popular! Engaging posts or promoted content in the media about a brand creates a huge overall impact. More brands are shifting major focus on handling their social accounts to connect to the netizens. Be it through the hashtag marketing tricks or the good old tweets! You get benefitted either way. Put efforts on social media marketing and see the difference it makes.

9. Pushing notifications

Everyone receives push notifications, right? However annoying it may be, but it still does the job! Like you push a door to get into a room, the browser also pushes ads to get into the user’s mind. The push notifications are an array of promoting content that makes a user notice you. It may not convert the audience instantly to a customer but works well in the long run. It influences the mind of the user and creates a mark that impacts their buying trends. 

10. Micro-blogging and promotion

The web audience is always on the lookout for interesting content. They will consider your promoted content only if it is interesting enough. There is a section of web users who like to read for gathering information. How you deliver the information makes the difference. Writing blogs and microblogs that do not take a long time to read is a great option. You can promote your services or business via interesting writing elements to engage the audience. 

11. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also helping chatbots function, which will remain relevant in 2021. Yes, they are trending again! The audience likes the opportunity to instantly resolve issues and receive feedback from a company or a seller 24/7. AI-powered chatbots capable of deep learning can develop dialogue, address past customer requests, collect data and analyze consumer needs and concerns, and naturally interact with a person, forging their connection with a company or brand. In 2020, even the World Health Organization launched a chatbot: a free service in English that provides information about the coronavirus and how to stop its spread.

12. Personalization

Personalization is a controversial topic, but relevant, and, most likely, it will remain so in the new year. Already, most companies strive to show ads to the most interested users, and people want to see recommendations that correspond to their interests, and are less worried that their smartphone is “following them.” While some experts argue that personalization is a complete necessity, others warn that it gets in the way of finding and engaging a new, not yet interested audience. Nevertheless, in 2021 we will most likely continue to live in a world where not only advertising but also news feed or social media is selected for us taking into account our tastes and preferences.

13. Marketing through video and visual storytelling

It’s simple: people love to watch videos. It is a serious mistake not to exploit their interest in this format. However, the competition in this area is growing rapidly, and we have to invent more and more original formats to compete with those who make truly professional content to attract an audience. Among the pros is the Chanel brand, which recently released a video with the famous actress Marion Cotillard and accompanied it with a series of videos about how this video was filmed, how they recorded a song for it, and how the actress did makeup. Popular and useful YouTube channels are already hosted by culinary brands Maggi and Heinz, which invites Ed Sheeran, the Russian perfume chain Golden Apple, which shoots videos with bloggers, as well as brands AX, Samsung, Lego, and many others.

14. Audio ads and podcasts

Audios are also an important part of the audience. It is easy to promote products and services by leveraging podcast and audio ads.  Music industry has dedicated an entire section for audio advertising. People are increasingly listening to podcasts in the car, subway, or during their daily activities, so this format is worth paying attention to now.

15. AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies open up entirely new possibilities for interacting with audiences and engaging consumers. For digital marketing purposes, you can use QR tags, AR games, special applications, digital animations, virtual reality glasses. The use of such technologies demonstrates that a brand can be considered innovative and capable of offering a customer an interesting, memorable experience. For example, IKEA already has an AR furniture selection app that allows you to use your smartphone to see how the selected sofa, table, or chair will look in a specific room.

16. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting physical objects using embedded Internet technologies. A striking example is the concept of “smart home” and “smart” devices. Why is IoT useful for marketers? It will allow you to improve interaction with your audience, track customer needs and instantly offer them the best solutions. Among the pluses – a modern and advanced approach, maximum interactivity and audience involvement, getting more data.

17. The importance of customer experience

Modern people have a choice. A large number of brands, products, and companies in almost any field allow consumers to look for options that best meet their needs. This is why it is so important to look at the company “through the eyes of the customers” and create a positive customer experience that will make the audience stay with you and make it easier for people to choose. It is necessary to build relationships with consumers, take into account their needs and convey the values ​​of the company, as well as make interaction with the brand as simple and convenient as possible and meet the expectations of the audience.

18. Programmatic advertising

Automation is not just a buzzword, but an effective tool, including for digital marketing. Programmatic advertising, designed to automate the purchase and sale of advertising in real-time, eliminates the long and cumbersome process of the usual search for advertising resources and sites. Automated systems are quite fast and display information only to the most interested users. Programmatic advertising uses the aforementioned artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly analyze huge amounts of data and find the best options for brand promotion.

19. Discussion Marketing

One way to get people interested in and thinking about a product is to engage them in a discussion by asking questions or suggesting a discussion. It is important for many people today to be heard. Encourage consumers to voice their opinion to get feedback and collect useful data. Comments on the site, discussions on social networks, reviews on the Internet are all valuable sources of information and an opportunity to interest a new audience.

20. Conversational Marketing

It is equally important to communicate with the client one-on-one to emphasize their importance and increase loyalty. Use the chatbots, instant messengers, social media, and other channels mentioned above to answer consumer questions, send personalized suggestions, and keep in touch. The consumer becomes somewhat spoiled, but if he wants to immediately find out the information he is interested in about a brand or product at three in the morning, he must have such an opportunity.

21. Collaboration with influencers

Influencers are not losing ground, but the way they work with them is changing a bit. Now it is important not only to attract a popular blogger but to build long-term and effective cooperation with the creator of high-quality content. Increasingly, brands are working with influencer marketing company   who are trusted by a  focused audience. Focusing on the quality of the content rather than the number of subscribers helps increase consumer confidence and engagement in a brand or product.

22. Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel implies interaction with the audience through several channels at once, interconnected and offering the client a unified experience. Switching between different devices and platforms should be easy and comfortable for the consumer. The integration of multiple channels ensures continuous communication with the customer, fosters customer engagement, helps retain attention, and creates a positive customer experience.

Combining old and new

All these ten marketing ways are gaining prominence in the current situation. If you have your own business or have a small brand, you can try them to get a better result. However, it is better to apply these along with the existing methods. Search engine optimization techniques, content management, and other convenient marketing sources are also valid for your success. Grow more by combining the methods that suit your needs. Follow the old ones alongside the trending ways and stay benefitted.

Wrapping note

Each of the discussed marketing techniques is equally effective. But you need to catch what works for you. Mindless following of digital marketing trends as they are popular now does not always fetch the best outcome. Follow the path by analyzing the promotional requirements. Make the right decision by seeking the assistance of digital marketing experts in the field. Rule the digital world and stay updated with the dynamic approaches.

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Doing Competitor Analysis

Digital Marketing Strategy

Usually, when businesses are developing their digital marketing strategy for organic SEO they do their competitor analysis. But the truth is, after that they do not get back to it in the future. That is not the correct practice because in most cases, there is a constant update on the business rivals online. by doing regular analysis of the moves of your rival online you can adjust your marketing campaign in the middle and make it perform even in a better manner.

Here we are looking at the main points associated with competitor analysis, that will help you improve your strategy of digital marketing. You should revisit this analysis regularly when your campaign is still running for some time. Here we bring to you our recommendations for the tracking of every channel of digital marketing.

Let us first understand the concept of competitor analysis.

What is competitor analysis?

You can define competitor analysis as the process of analyzing and researching the business characteristics and marketing strategies of the businesses that are operating in a particular industry associated with your business. This process is usually carried out to identify the weaknesses and strengths of other players in the market and define the position of your company about them, estimate your potential, highlight gaps, and look out for opportunities in the industry for you.

Who should you analyze as competitors in the digital marketing strategy?

Competitor analysis usually includes analysis of your indirect and direct competitors. These are the businesses that provide similar or same business solutions to the similar or same category of audiences. Competitor analysis online should include these businesses, plus you should consider one more rival group i.e. your brand competitors. These are businesses that target the same users that you do. They might not be selling the same product or service to them, but they are targeting to gain their attention for sure. How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Doing 

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are generally directory websites, industry websites, and social media websites. You are not only competing with the brands catering to similar products but with every website which intends to disconnect you from your prospects and leads and then bills you to spend on marketing to them. 

Why should you be doing an ongoing analysis of your competitors for effective digital marketing?

The primary competitors for your business will usually remain the same since the time that you have developed your marketing strategy. But you should constantly monitor it because the general situation and market position of your competitors might change over time. Here are the main reasons to keep a check on your competitors regularly. 

  1. To review benchmarks: by monitoring the internal stats of your business, you come to know which marketing channels perform the best. But the issue is what would you do if your competitors can get even better results. You should be aware of it. 
  2. To remain updated with the market and industry trends: some trends are seasonal and they occur again and again each year. During these times, there are declines and peaks that you should be prepared for. You can achieve this only if you are monitoring your competitive landscape. So you should always be alert. 
  3. To learn about the best and latest marketing practices and mistakes that you should avoid: sometimes it is the best practice to allow your competitors to test new ways and channels rather than trying it out on your own and waste your marketing budget. You can learn from the experience of your competitors and avoid their mistakes. 
  4. To keep your marketing mix updated: with the help of digital marketing campaigns you can get important insights about your competition such as the launch of a new product and you can take ideas for the development of your brand. 
  5. To make your goals refined: with the changing online market condition, you might need to adjust your digital marketing strategy and also your previously set goals. 

How often your digital marketing strategy is reviewed? 

Every industry grows and changes at a different speed, so you may need to make updates less or more often. Normally it is recommended to do a monthly competitor analysis to keep tabs on the changing trends and you can change your campaigns according to it. Quarterly competitor analysis is needed to implement greater changes in your strategy for digital marketing. 

You can analyze and check the metrics of your competitor brands frequently or when you are in a position to make changes to your campaign. 

How to perform competitor analysis regularly: the main points for digital marketing: 

It might seem to be an endless task to perform competitive analysis for marketers. Here we bring to you key aspects of this process and cover insights from the top digital channels. 

1. Updates from Competitors Performance

If you want your online strategy to be your rivals then you need to stay up-to-date with the latest moves for digital marketing and there are also performance comparisons for theirs. When you are analyzing the website traffic then it would be considered as the best assessment.

Let’s take a look at the home décor sites which want to catch up with the rival site online performance for the competitor analysis example. When 5 websites are entered for traffic analysis, then you will see the below:

When the led of the competition is changed then the other will remain at number 1 in the list

Fluctuations will always affect the competition.

Each of the rivals will either grow or lose its popularity over time. You can find out how other websites are attracting their audience:

Which of the digital marketing channels are performing best for them. Which country is proved to be more lucrative in traffic generation.

In the below example you will see who will be winning in these traffic sources and who will get more traffic from Canada than any other competitor. Take a note of the discrepancy from the research of digital campaigns like seasonal trends, views of the niche, and the most sustainable player.

For a better understanding of the market, you may want to check up on more than five players. In market explorer, you have to enter the website in the search field and the tool will conduct a complete competitor and map for you. 

This tool can help you with:

Map the competitive landscape in a very comprehensive form in the growth quadrant

This will also qualify the competitors with the current size and the market potential

You can switch from the industry competitors to the organic competitors and this will reveal to you the closest rivals in the online market share and research. You can study their digital marketing strategies further from there.

You can check out the abilities of the market explorer for market and Traffic analysis for competitor analysis.

2. Analyzing SEO efforts of competitors

When other companies are outranking in the organic search, they are also getting more clicks, gaining more revenue, and generating more leads, by this tool you will be able to monitor the website search visibility. You can also continue the model analysis and see how the website is doing the organic search.

You can discover the things below:

The total number of keywords of the target website with organic positions are presented visually

Monthly organic traffic expected from these keywords

The estimated price of the organic keywords in google ads

Estimated non-branded and branded traffic

You can get into more detail on your competitor keywords and let them take the top positions on the organic search:

You can discover the most successful keywords

You can see their popular pages which user have found out from organic search

You can get the idea from the customer behavior on the frequency of the search

You can also outline the initial ideas on how to optimize the campaign for increasing the rankings and the conversions

There are two ways for gaining a deeper understanding of the SEO competitors

Find the gap in the rival coverage by the backlink tool. You will analyze the subdomains, root domains, or URLs. A good way for using this intelligence would be to reach out to the resources which are linking to the competitors but not to you.

Enhance the content marketing strategy with the keyword gap. The tool will allow you to perform the side-by-side comparison of the competitor of the keyword portfolios for up to the five domains at once.

If you want to gain more insights into the rival’s organic performance then you have to see the dedicated guide on how to do SEO competitive analysis here.

3. Get Marketing ideas from recent online Ads

There is no universal formula for success in advertising. Still, there are so many things to learn from looking at the rival’s strategies like which to avoid, which to adopt, and what has to be forgotten.

For analyzing the advertiser use the advertising research toll and switch the reveal tabs:

Estimated traffic from these keywords

Number of the keyword the domain is bidding

Other websites to which target rivals are competing with

Historical data for uncovering the competitor’s preferences in seasonal advertising is very interesting and it has been a while since you checked up the ads of the competitors.

It was decided to dig deeper into the model research and clicked on the blue cell in the report of Ad history. You will see the actual ad of the product which was running at a particular point for the time. The possible step is to adapt this ad to the business, let it run, and then you will be able to see the performance.

You can also focus on Google shopping or the ads which are displayed in the competitor analysis. You can also use display advertising and PLA research accordingly. In the PLA research, you will be able to see the listing of the product and the other market players who are promoting in various countries. In the display advertising, you will be able to analyze the distribution of the company GDN ads around the globe and then you would be able to measure the advertising activity of your rivals and you would be able to understand the market targeting and its performance. 

There are other things to look at on the landing page like analyzing specific likes and competitors’ campaigns. These are the ads that are pointing to the landing page on the site at a particular time. This is a very good way for discovering the rivals and the items on which they are focusing. It will also encourage you to start a competitive analysis of the product.

In this step, the analysis of competitors is done. You would be able to analyze the pricing in the target segment by the PLA ads and also you would be able to optimize the creative ad in terms of titles, keywords, and pictures. And in this way, you would be able to spend the maximum ROI.

4. Rivals activity in Content Marketing and PR

In this step you will invest very little effort in researching the relevant topics and the media will mention you or they will place you in backlink.

Tracking online Mentions of the words and the phrase which are related to the rival’s product name, brand name, motto, product category, or anything else. You will be able to research all of these with the brand monitoring tool. The report will help you in:

Find mentions on the forums, web, Instagram, or Twitter

Estimate the reach of each mentioned and then determine the platform with the largest coverage. 

Highlight the popularity and the strength of the mentioner’s domain and the website traffic.

In the previous steps, research about all these aspects. When you are interested in the traffic driven by the referrals, go to the traffic analysis for insightful research.

Study the rival backlink profile in detail and then monitor the new and the lost backlinks.

Use the backlink analysis reports to see the pages that will link to the competitors and the actual pages that traffic from backlinks target URLs. Also, consider the authority score for the analysis.