The Definitive Guide to SaaS Marketing

SaaS Marketing

Marketing is a lot more than a word consisting of nine alphabets; it covers several concepts and fields. Content marketing, Email-marketing, Social media marketing, to name a few. SaaS marketing is one such term associated with marketing. However, what is it all about, and how is it different from other forms of marketing?

What is SaaS Marketing?

Software as a service marketing also known as SaaS marketing is a very unique and exemplary type of marketing in which one creates awareness about a definite type of software. It acts as an impetus due to which a software’s progress in the market is accelerated.

Not only that but, it creates an influence of the software in the eyes of the audience. They create the much-needed image of the software. It is this image that is sold to the customers. This is the reason behind the increasing popularity of SaaS marketing organizations.

SaaS organizations help in creating definite marketing strategies for a particular software. These strategies are directly linked to the popularity of the software. With the help of proper marketing techniques, one can launch software comfortably. It is very important to know about the basic concepts related to SaaS companies.

This article will act as a guide to SaaS marketing. SaaS marketing is very different from any other type of marketing. There are very crucial aspects that one needs to understand properly if they wish to learn properly about SaaS marketing.

What makes SaaS marketing different?

As marketing has different forms, what makes SaaS marketing different from other forms?

The basic difference between SaaS Marketing and other forms of marketing is that it is related to promoting software, which does not include any physical form of product or service. It can comprise a marketing service, not a product. The characteristic that makes it different from other forms is putting it into action. SaaS marketing oversees execution, installation, and migrating from already existing platforms. Adding to it, the software users often expect the after-sales services because they pay every month. 

The support offered can be implied as a selling point, which can be upgraded to another version. SaaS Marketers have to mark it as important as it can take efforts a step forward. 

Long-term Relationships

Several products and services are about one-time consumption. However, the purpose of SaaS marketing is to build a long-term relationship with its users. In simple terms, SaaS companies aim to reach and retain their customers for a longer run. After making any potential audience as customers, these companies take responsibility to keep in touch consistently and ensure that they do not churn. Unlike traditional marketing, it is not at all related to one and done concept. The software as a service focuses on keeping up on a longer-term. Owing to this reason, many SaaS companies extend a giveaway or freemium model for their products.

Sales Cycles

As the term sales cycle refers to selling a product, the sales cycle in SaaS marketing can be another feature to understand its difference from others. SaaS companies have shorter sales cycles, and this is because the pricing models designed for SaaS are divided into monthly shares, which make it look more than affordable to its users. It uplifts the buying decision of the buyers without having to look for any other formalities. The need for consulting higher management does not exist as it can increase capital expenses. 

Intricate Customer Journey 

As the term describes itself, customer journey in marketing refers to the time it takes for users to first encounter a brand to the time they are your customer officially. The customer journey in SaaS is not the same as compared to other products or services. It can be anywhere from six months to eighteen to seal a SaaS deal. This is because SaaS marketing can need you to create and market your products at different levels of awareness. 

For instance, it is about promoting a tool used in SEO. First of all, does your audience know about SEO yet? On the other hand, you might also have potential customers who know about your tool and several others in the market. Your target audience can consist of all kinds of people, which gives rise to the creation of the content at different levels on the basis of what they need to know. 

Run Through the Fundamentals of SaaS Marketing:

  • Goal Setting: This is one of the most important concepts of SaaS marketing. The organizations work with a lot of dedication and determination to deduce the goals which it has to achieve. These goals are directly connected to revenue generation. The SaaS marketing agencies start setting definitely achievable targets for themselves.

Then, they start working upon every single point that will help in setting those definite objectives. The SaaS marketing enterprises also help in comparing any software company to its competitors. These companies help in analyzing the flaws of any software company and start employing resources to fix these flaws and achieve the targets set for the company.

  • Deducing the budget: The SaaS marketing companies also help in determining the budget for a software company to achieve the targets set. This is a very crucial advantage of a SaaS marketing company.
  • Promotion of Content: The respective SaaS marketing companies employ all the genuine ways of promoting the name of the software companies. They do this through the various social media platforms available. These social media platforms create a good image of a software company in the eyes of the general public. It is crucial to acknowledge the power of social media.

Social Media can create an amazing image of any enterprise for the general public. These aspects make social media a genuine promoter of software companies. Software companies are able to achieve their targets with the assistance of social media platforms. They not only spread awareness about the software but also inform the public about important aspects such as location, demographics, connections, and other such important aspects.

  • They identify the need of the customers: SaaS marketing companies research upon the likes and dislikes of the audience to decide whether their software company will prove to be a success or not. If some points are missing that may prove to be a turning point, then the SaaS marketing companies inform the authorities of the software companies.

 The SaaS marketing enterprises make sure that almost all the needs of the customers are fulfilled by the software. This helps them in presenting the software as a one-time solution to all problems before the public.

  • Help in building a community: The SaaS marketing enterprises help in building a proper community. The SaaS enterprises build a team that effectively deals with the clients. This team plays a vital role in spreading awareness about the software. The team built helps in building the reputation of company. This reputation is very important for a software company to succeed.
  • Managing the established community: Building a community is very easy. The main factor that counts is managing the built community and optimizing it to gain the maximum possible results. It is very necessary to build important connections to build a strong image of the company. The proper optimization of a SaaS company helps in accelerating the rate of investment by a considerable factor. This proves the significance of SaaS marketing.
  • Personalized tools for effective marketing: SaaS marketing uses the most efficient tools available to enhance the image of a software company. These effective tools have proved to be very beneficial for a software company.
  • Information is the priority: SaaS marketing enterprises contain a lot of information. This information can be utilized extensively to improve the quality of the software.
  • Giving free trials to customers: The SaaS marketing agencies provide free trials to the customers to spread awareness about the features of the software. This is an excellent marketing technique.
  • Accessibility: SaaS marketing companies increase the accessibility of the product. This enhances the software’s popularity.

Building an effective SaaS Marketing Strategy

When the word marketing is added to a term, no justification for availing benefits is ever needed. It can make it easy to draw the bottom line that SaaS marketing paves the way for software companies to earn their share in the market. 

However, something more important to put attention to is forming the right strategy for SaaS Marketing. When it is about framing an effective strategy, you need to take care of many steps. The list of the same includes:

Provide the Information

The importance of content is not unknown to anyone. In SaaS marketing also, you need to draw the attention of your target group. Marketing for software as a service depends on the information. Before short-listing your services, it is understandable that they will scroll many others of the same kind. In the process of marketing, you have to make sure that what you give them are the reasons to trust your brand. Also, like explained earlier, your target group can comprise all kinds of audiences. It means that while preparing content, you need to keep audiences of all stages in mind. 

Free Trial Periods

There is no denying the fact that the term free can captivate anyone. It is what you have to avail of while marketing for SaaS. Offering trial periods without any cost is an effective way to introduce sales and new customers. There can be different models to present the free model, and the list for the same can include the trial period for 30-days, freemium model, trial with credit card details, trial without credit card details. You can share the free periods till you discover a strategy to monetise people to use your product. 

Get Digital

Digital presence is an asset for any brand, and the same rule goes for SaaS marketing also. You have to get your brand into the sight of the buyers. It is essential to build your market and a relationship with your potential customers. Apart from these benefits, you can also attract visitors with valuable content, which showcases your knowledge and expertise. 

You need to optimise the website to get more conversions. You can make the best use of call to action texts. It can include starting the trial, subscribing to the blog, and subscribing to the newsletter.

Get SaaS for Promotion

As complicated as the term SaaS marketing seems, it is not. You have to think about the possible aspects of reaching the bottom line, including cost per lead, acquisition cost for each customer, and so on. However, there are several other things you have to take into consideration. The list for the same includes having service to offer, round the clock customer service, and engaging content that resolves the need for customer support only. After having them at the place, service, and software, marketing about software as a service will be easier. 

Stages of SaaS Marketing

Most businesses apply a five-stage strategy for SaaS marketing. It can include awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy. Here is an in-depth description of the same: 

Awareness: This is the initial stage needing you to work on promotions, campaigns, and other forms of channels through which the audience can be made aware of the concerned SaaS product. 

Consideration: In this step of marketing, you have to provide information to the coming traffic. This can help them stay persistent and avail of other services also. It is more like catching their attention and engaging the traffic in the SaaS product, which is developed recently. 

Decision: This is the most crucial part of the SaaS marketing panel where the coming audience has to decide to proceed further with the SaaS product or not. If the awareness and consideration are successfully done, a marketer can generate higher leads in the decision stage of the sales funnel

Retention: There is no point in marketing unless you can retain the customers. To ensure that the business can retain the sales, you can offer additional benefits, new offers, and other services which will keep them engaged in your business. 

Advocacy: This is the final stage where the users/customers will recommend the SaaS service or product to others. This is like the end step or report card of all the marketing efforts made till now. 

Final Thoughts

The world is turning into a digitally inclined place, which means that software as a service is nothing new for you to introduce. For any service you bring, chances are that it can have an already existing competition or a market to make space for yourself. If you have introduced a new concept, your focus should be around making the target audience aware of it and making a way for them to connect to you. That is where the need for SaaS marketing emerges. 


As the term tells itself, SaaS marketing is about employing efforts to promote a non-tangible service, which is software. Big SaaS marketing firms easily outperform their predicted ambition. This is the reason why top software companies want these SaaS marketing firms to be a part of their business. SaaS marketing has seen a considerable evolution over the years. It has become an essential component of all software industries.   

22 Big Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are ever-changing. The arena of the market space has increased rapidly over the last decade. People have finally understood the need to try their luck in the digital field. For this, physical marketing and digital promotions have come at an equal level. Both have become equally essential for a brand or service to sustain its prominence. In the current scene, online promotions are directly affecting business growth. Visibility and revenue earning both are significant for the existing concerns.

Dynamic necessities

Before going into the details of the emerging digital  marketing trends, first, understand the need for it. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the digital space, you need to try your hands at the emerging ways. You need to attain in-depth knowledge of the newer techniques to benefit your cause. You cannot expect to outdo your peers or make a greater impact with the safe approach. Experimenting leads to a fresher outlook. It certainly provides the audience a newer option to try.

Trends to notice: The global lockdown has primarily forced most of the audience to focus on the digital marketplace. Even before the pandemic, there was a large audience section that exclusively focused on virtual space. But the pandemic has amplified the numbers. For this, the rapidness of change is also remarkable in 2021. Give a quick read to understand the top 10 trending ways to promote digital marketing.

1. Shoppable posts

Why do the marketing ways change so fast? The answer is to ease the audience’s needs. It is the exact reason why things are continuously getting updated. Shoppable posts that promote your product and provide an option to buy is one such example. It effectively eases the online user’s need to find ways to reach your business. They can easily click to buy. Even if they do not buy, it helps them fetch an overall idea about the promoted product or offer. 

2. Voice-based search

Have you noticed the change in keyword perception? Yes, the long-tailed keywords are making a prominence. But what is the reason? It is due to the increasing use of voice search devices. All the leading companies have products that have eased the searching necessities. Now you can just speak to find the searched list! So, it is time for you to include the optimization techniques for getting a place in the voice-based search indexes. Speech recognition and voice technology are the new game-changer at the moment!

3. Media marketing

Here, media marketing implies all types, including images, videos, podcasts, etc. If you notice well, some videos and images pop up alongside the websites in SERP. It means the searching browser is also giving importance to the media options. The main reason is the decreasing attention span. Many internet users find it tedious to scroll through written content. Instead, they want a ready solution that is easy to comprehend. The increased demand for video marketing is a prominent example of it.

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Gradually and almost imperceptibly, artificial intelligence (AI) crept into the life of modern people and took a significant place in it. That said, no one actually knows in which direction AI will take us! All people know is that AI can conquer the world ( as portrayed in technology films about the future ). The truth is, already, the role of artificial intelligence in marketing and business can hardly be overestimated. Artificial intelligence helps analyze consumer data and interests, offer them targeted ads, track sales, improve communication with customers and predict their behavior patterns. The use of machine learning is also growing, useful in the analysis of the text, images, and audio, as well as so valuable for the development of another trend – personalization.

5. Interactive content

Marketing your products and services does not only mean featuring them in visible areas. The audience should also get a chance to connect to the brand. In other words, making them feel important and a part of the process is what you need. One thing that every brand is focusing on is to increase their communicability. It can be through voting polls related to products, online quizzes, virtual contests, and many more. It incorporates a practical element in the marketing ways.

6. “Emotive” brand promotion

The purpose of marketing has evolved over the years. Promoting your brand or business services does not only restrict people to buy it. There are other purposes like making an online prominence, educating people on different things, and many more. It has broadened the mindset of both audiences and the service provider. They are now looking for a brand that features a purpose and reflects goodness in their services. The new term is “emotive”, a combination of emotions and promotion. 

7. E-commerce channel advertising

The only option to shop amidst the pandemic is through online shops. E-commerce as an industry has gained largely through this ongoing pandemic. More people than before are relying on Ecommerce online sales. Why not promote your advertisements on the shopping apps? Yes, it is the best way to gain attention right away! Digital advertising on these online portals helps the brands get better audience accessibility without trying too much. Going by predictions, it will continue to make a huge difference in the coming time also.

8. Social media marketing

You cannot ignore the prominence of social media in the brand making. Accept it or not, the social media audience holds the capacity to make a brand popular! Engaging posts or promoted content in the media about a brand creates a huge overall impact. More brands are shifting major focus on handling their social accounts to connect to the netizens. Be it through the hashtag marketing tricks or the good old tweets! You get benefitted either way. Put efforts on social media marketing and see the difference it makes.

9. Pushing notifications

Everyone receives push notifications, right? However annoying it may be, but it still does the job! Like you push a door to get into a room, the browser also pushes ads to get into the user’s mind. The push notifications are an array of promoting content that makes a user notice you. It may not convert the audience instantly to a customer but works well in the long run. It influences the mind of the user and creates a mark that impacts their buying trends. 

10. Micro-blogging and promotion

The web audience is always on the lookout for interesting content. They will consider your promoted content only if it is interesting enough. There is a section of web users who like to read for gathering information. How you deliver the information makes the difference. Writing blogs and microblogs that do not take a long time to read is a great option. You can promote your services or business via interesting writing elements to engage the audience. 

11. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also helping chatbots function, which will remain relevant in 2021. Yes, they are trending again! The audience likes the opportunity to instantly resolve issues and receive feedback from a company or a seller 24/7. AI-powered chatbots capable of deep learning can develop dialogue, address past customer requests, collect data and analyze consumer needs and concerns, and naturally interact with a person, forging their connection with a company or brand. In 2020, even the World Health Organization launched a chatbot: a free service in English that provides information about the coronavirus and how to stop its spread.

12. Personalization

Personalization is a controversial topic, but relevant, and, most likely, it will remain so in the new year. Already, most companies strive to show ads to the most interested users, and people want to see recommendations that correspond to their interests, and are less worried that their smartphone is “following them.” While some experts argue that personalization is a complete necessity, others warn that it gets in the way of finding and engaging a new, not yet interested audience. Nevertheless, in 2021 we will most likely continue to live in a world where not only advertising but also news feed or social media is selected for us taking into account our tastes and preferences.

13. Marketing through video and visual storytelling

It’s simple: people love to watch videos. It is a serious mistake not to exploit their interest in this format. However, the competition in this area is growing rapidly, and we have to invent more and more original formats to compete with those who make truly professional content to attract an audience. Among the pros is the Chanel brand, which recently released a video with the famous actress Marion Cotillard and accompanied it with a series of videos about how this video was filmed, how they recorded a song for it, and how the actress did makeup. Popular and useful YouTube channels are already hosted by culinary brands Maggi and Heinz, which invites Ed Sheeran, the Russian perfume chain Golden Apple, which shoots videos with bloggers, as well as brands AX, Samsung, Lego, and many others.

14. Audio ads and podcasts

Audios are also an important part of the audience. It is easy to promote products and services by leveraging podcast and audio ads.  Music industry has dedicated an entire section for audio advertising. People are increasingly listening to podcasts in the car, subway, or during their daily activities, so this format is worth paying attention to now.

15. AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies open up entirely new possibilities for interacting with audiences and engaging consumers. For digital marketing purposes, you can use QR tags, AR games, special applications, digital animations, virtual reality glasses. The use of such technologies demonstrates that a brand can be considered innovative and capable of offering a customer an interesting, memorable experience. For example, IKEA already has an AR furniture selection app that allows you to use your smartphone to see how the selected sofa, table, or chair will look in a specific room.

16. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting physical objects using embedded Internet technologies. A striking example is the concept of “smart home” and “smart” devices. Why is IoT useful for marketers? It will allow you to improve interaction with your audience, track customer needs and instantly offer them the best solutions. Among the pluses – a modern and advanced approach, maximum interactivity and audience involvement, getting more data.

17. The importance of customer experience

Modern people have a choice. A large number of brands, products, and companies in almost any field allow consumers to look for options that best meet their needs. This is why it is so important to look at the company “through the eyes of the customers” and create a positive customer experience that will make the audience stay with you and make it easier for people to choose. It is necessary to build relationships with consumers, take into account their needs and convey the values ​​of the company, as well as make interaction with the brand as simple and convenient as possible and meet the expectations of the audience.

18. Programmatic advertising

Automation is not just a buzzword, but an effective tool, including for digital marketing. Programmatic advertising, designed to automate the purchase and sale of advertising in real-time, eliminates the long and cumbersome process of the usual search for advertising resources and sites. Automated systems are quite fast and display information only to the most interested users. Programmatic advertising uses the aforementioned artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly analyze huge amounts of data and find the best options for brand promotion.

19. Discussion Marketing

One way to get people interested in and thinking about a product is to engage them in a discussion by asking questions or suggesting a discussion. It is important for many people today to be heard. Encourage consumers to voice their opinion to get feedback and collect useful data. Comments on the site, discussions on social networks, reviews on the Internet are all valuable sources of information and an opportunity to interest a new audience.

20. Conversational Marketing

It is equally important to communicate with the client one-on-one to emphasize their importance and increase loyalty. Use the chatbots, instant messengers, social media, and other channels mentioned above to answer consumer questions, send personalized suggestions, and keep in touch. The consumer becomes somewhat spoiled, but if he wants to immediately find out the information he is interested in about a brand or product at three in the morning, he must have such an opportunity.

21. Collaboration with influencers

Influencers are not losing ground, but the way they work with them is changing a bit. Now it is important not only to attract a popular blogger but to build long-term and effective cooperation with the creator of high-quality content. Increasingly, brands are working with influencer marketing company   who are trusted by a  focused audience. Focusing on the quality of the content rather than the number of subscribers helps increase consumer confidence and engagement in a brand or product.

22. Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel implies interaction with the audience through several channels at once, interconnected and offering the client a unified experience. Switching between different devices and platforms should be easy and comfortable for the consumer. The integration of multiple channels ensures continuous communication with the customer, fosters customer engagement, helps retain attention, and creates a positive customer experience.

Combining old and new

All these ten marketing ways are gaining prominence in the current situation. If you have your own business or have a small brand, you can try them to get a better result. However, it is better to apply these along with the existing methods. Search engine optimization techniques, content management, and other convenient marketing sources are also valid for your success. Grow more by combining the methods that suit your needs. Follow the old ones alongside the trending ways and stay benefitted.

Wrapping note

Each of the discussed marketing techniques is equally effective. But you need to catch what works for you. Mindless following of digital marketing trends as they are popular now does not always fetch the best outcome. Follow the path by analyzing the promotional requirements. Make the right decision by seeking the assistance of digital marketing experts in the field. Rule the digital world and stay updated with the dynamic approaches.

Digital Marketing in 2021 – A New Chance to Impress Customers

digital marketing in 2021

Namely, digital marketing can be described as a complimentary marketing area. The mission of digital marketing is to influence customer behavior by leveraging social media platforms. It’s a broad term and includes community management, emailing, advertising etc. 

Digital marketing is about to change dramatically this year. 

Before AI, only in science fiction movies, we leveraged the power of visual research. Nowadays, it’s changing, the new technology allows businesses and brands to monitor the trends in real-time. That is why companies are leaning towards optimizing their operations. This means that the leader can now take decisions on the real-time fact and not just any historical data. 

Here Is What Is Expected To Hit Trending In Digital Marketing In 2021

Search Engine Optimization

Knowing how to perform SEO can provide a solid foundation for all of the other digital marketing skills you will use. This is an excellent method to increase the amount of traffic to your site and its quality. Although, you might need to keep patience when using SEO because it is a long term strategy. For faster results, it’s better to switch to PPC strategy. PPC is a short-lived strategy but it’s becoming an attraction around the world. PPC can help you to rank higher in search engine results. 

SEO campaigns focus on creating an amazing user experience. Customers know what they need, and they want it quickly. A professional knows how to collaborate with developers as well as designers. 

Marketing Analytics

It’s a practice of analyzing the performance of marketing campaigns. Earlier marketing was difficult because more or less it was dependent on guesswork. On the other hand, marketers today have access of tons of analytics tools. 

Analytics helps in optimizing and enhancing the use of various digital marketing tools. When you gain the basic knowledge of automation tools for example Google Analytics, you can easily track important metrics like bounce rate and more. Without proper data interpretation, a marketing strategy is doomed to fail. 

Artificial intelligence

Shortly, artificial intelligence will be used all around the world. It will conquer the more straightforward jobs which don’t require any human intervention. What AI does is analyze customer behaviour as well as trends by using information that is gathered from the internet.

AI can help businesses to understand more about their customers and how they interact with products and the offered brand services. For example, now Facebook is using messaging bots to extend it’s help companies to optimize their customer service for more profit. 

Thus, artificial intelligence dominates the corporate world and it can provide users with correct data and appropriate suggestions.

As per the recent report, around 80% of business services will be leveraging chatbots by 2021. 

2021 does seem like a good year for companies because of artificial intelligence. Now companies have the opportunity to cut their costs and upscale the development. This might change the way to see the competition. 

Video Marketing

Based on the numbers below, there is no denying, Video marketing is genuinely essential to your digital marketing strategy.

· As per 65% of customers, the brand video provides essential information. 

· More than 72% of brand use target video to increase their conversion rates.

· Over 50% of users trust the product and services presentation in videos format

· More than 65% understand the importance of having a business website

. Around 39% of viewer contact a vendor after watching a video

YouTube is the first runner up for video content. Yet there are many other social networks which allow you to post videos. The short videos indeed generate better engagement, you have the option like Facebook and Instagram as well. 

Next, the live video streaming is also rising to popularity. It is way more impactful and more brands are leveraging it for various activities such as product demos and sales.

Additionally, marketers opt to use high-quality cameras available on a smartphone instead of dialing numbers or sending an email.

The popularity of video also impacted SEO and we now have video SEO which is also vital as YouTube and other videos often show up in search. Just like headers, descriptions, and filenames, these should not be overlooked. 360 ° video content is also viral today! It can be used to create stunning and interactive videos.

Influencer Marketing

Ragai Haran once shared, Influencer marketing is a future with its roots going back to the word of mouth marketing. This marketing aims to get the message in front of the broader market through senior executives who have influence.

Instead of selling directly to a massive online group of customers, you can ask the influencer marketing agency to simply spread the word for you. That’s how influencer marketing works, by grabbing consumer attention. In Iceland, one of the most popular supermarkets now has moved from celebrity advertising to featuring ‘moms’ and their brand ambassador. This means the brand teamed up with Mom’s YouTube community; now the franchise is tagging with vloggers to promote their brand more authentically. As per researchers, around 34% of mothers put their trust in YouTube videos instead of traditional advertisements. 

Visual Marketing

Nowadays, the Visual marketing is on its rise and it can significantly improve user experience. Users can easily upload images or two to get more specific results. Luckily, the web marketing trend supports it as well. 

On the other hand, Pinterest has also developed a visual search tool which allows users to know the online store to buy a product from by merely taking a photo of it. You can also use the same tool to compare different products.

In a similar category, there is Google Lens that is backed by a visual search engine. This tool can recognize elements by simply taking a picture of them with a smartphone. You can take a photo of:-

· Business card: Simply save the phone number on the card and even email id. 

· Book: Read the review online on the book. 

· Find more information about museums or monuments. 

There is another application, CamFind, an application that allows you to perform visual searches using a photograph of the item. The tool can help you identify what you need just in a couple of seconds. This application can come handy when it comes to comparing product prices without entering anything, just using the camera. Alternatively, you can name the movie by capturing the poster.

Undoubtedly, by leveraging this digital marketing trend, marketers can easily stand out from the crowd and attract thousands of customers.

Messaging Apps

Until now, have you only used messaging apps for the emoticons. Now you can also examine the following numbers and see how they can be used differently:

· More than 1.3 billion users actively use Facebook Messenger.

· There are over 54 billion messages sent via WhatsApp

· Individuals and companies exchange about 2 billion messages on the message provided by Facebook

Thus, based on these statistics, it is safe to say that messaging applications business purposes. Of course, it can be beneficial when sending personalized messages to clients.

With messaging apps, personalization is now much more possible. Also, they improve the user experience and enable you to market the products even more effectively.

Social Media Stories

Sharing stories on social media is trendy these days. So marketers should keep this in mind when developing new approaches. If their goal is to increase brand awareness with social media, they should use live video.

Note that Snapchat first developed the Story concept. Other social networks like Facebook and YouTube also made their stories but in a different format.

It should be noted that the stories disappear after a few days. So this is a great opportunity that you should take advantage of.

For example, you can include a small presentation of your teams in your stories; talk a little about the reason that prompted you to create this or that product.

Voice Search and Speakers

The iPhone users rely on the use of voice search in their day to day life. When iPhone user come up with a new voice command, to match their expectation the companies must reinvest in their web marketing strategy. 

· Since 45% of searches soon will be performed using speech recognition 

· More than 20% Google search comes from in voice search format.

. 20% of Bing searches are voice queries.

Voice search is one of the essential components of our online lives. It shows what customers are seeking for! With the continuous rise of artificial intelligence, the updated software for Alexa and Siri have less and less error in speech recognition. 

Business and brands are also using voice search for improving their web marketing strategies. For example, Domino’s Pizza also captures customer intent using speech recognition. 

Now the customers can order pizza through Alexa, using a voice command. Overall 38 million Americans are already using these technology products, and 65% say they are irreplaceable. 

If you want to find something using a voice command, think about the keywords people will use and say them instead of typing them.

Content Marketing

Do you still have doubts? You can also combine your content marketing strategy with SEO to get overall optimized results. Due to Covid-19, there is a significant improvement in content viewership. In other words, more content is being consumed every single day. So, marketers must adapt to the current change in trend and become more empathetic in their new roles. To perform over the top in 2021 try improving your visibility online. 

Social Media Marketing

Today, publishing generic content on social channels is important in case you want to gain the attention of the customers as well as the prospects. Personalization is becoming a new trend. It was essential to run parallel to Covid-19, particularly leaps in the publishing calendars resulted in the cancellation of many events’ while answering the questions that the situation brought up. Hearing your community gives insights to content as well as to the strong trend for 2021. Today, the topics of conversation are moving into a new direction, and we must adapt to it, if needed hire a social media marketing experts. For example, TikTok was one of the big winners. With the discovery of new spaces, the desire of marketers stood out, especially when it comes to budgets and returns.

Web Strategy

The web strategy must be constantly optimized to match the changing requirements of the audience while staying user-centric at all the time. Even in 2021, it will be important to cultivate sustainability and transparency even at a risk losing market share. It is your accountability and respect for encouraging internet users to control their overall experience. Sometimes posting prices and notices can help in achieving the best results. Do not forget to optimize your mobile spaces, representing one in three visitors as well as making them accessible. Your website plays as a hub and should be used to distribute the products and services.

Reporting and Attribution

Data analysis is giving marketers a new direction to work. Most of it emphasizes the common needs of human beings. In 2021 there will be no requirement to report on demographic data instead more of psychographic data will be used to create more impact. In other words, it will be necessary to learn more about analytical teams to make the reports easily accessible to other departments. On the other hand, attribution reports are also essential if you want to understand the actions to obtain the results and thus switch to delivering better results. GDPR could be the central theme of 2021.

Email Marketing

It is regularly announced dead, and it always comes back stronger than before. Also, it became a winner of 2021 and saw a sharp increase in its use. Email marketing is effective vector of messages and maintains a regular link with its customers and prospects. To continue to accelerate on this subject in 2021, you will need to focus on three elements—first, the integration of email into your larger marketing strategy. Then, the personalization of the campaigns to adapt them to the different recipients. Finally, experimentation and continuous testing to integrate new trends and refine its processes.

Conversational Marketing and Chatbots

Now the communication is becoming easy due to—phones, SMS, WhatsApp, and AI chatbots, which are on the increase. Covid-19 have multiplied, given more substantial reach to conversational marketing and these bots. It is possible also to now automate the exchanges and to give clear and rapid answers to your potential as well as existing prospects. The benefit will come to those who will continue experimenting in 2021. You can start today by determining precisely what issues to respond to, with what tool, but also on what baseline you will make the success out of your action.

Market Research

To position yourself ahead of your competitors and to increase the interest of consumers you would need to perform regular market research. 2021 continues to be the year of great changes in a context where competition. It has already intensified the market game and therefore positioning your business/brand has become even more critical. Consistency will make the difference: it’s not just about analytics or measuring; it’s also about making regular posts. This data can help you to make the decisions. 

Story Doing

Story doing or telling a story is an ultimate tool. Nowadays, it is being widely used by digital marketers. The primary focus is on the action since no one likes blunt stories, moreover, businesses and brands also seek to create better engagement and share the experience with users. For the storytelling plan to work, it is necessary to clarify what will be counted, the reaction of the audience, as well as the possible effects on the people. 

TV That Allows You to Buy

Remember that TV is already dedicated to selling the content, products and services? Sometimes they never really established themselves as a market but they can be considered precursors of this trend: Shoppable TV, that is, a television that allows consumers to buy. The purchase of products on television, whether on a secondary screen to the content seen, through a QR, or in the store’s application, is becoming more common.

Programmatic Advertising

The term is used in different technologies that can automate the advertising. You can also automate the mapping of the advertising spaces that best adapt to the campaign’s objective, on factors like the browsing behaviour of users. Therefore, the effectiveness of the actions will tend to be higher.

Google My Business

Keeping up with Google My Business is essential for two reasons. The first is obvious: it is essential that, when looking for an establishment, the client does not need much effort to know your hours, services, and location. The second, not so much: a specific geographic position in listings is an important factor for your business to rank in search results “near me.”


As the relationship between customer and brand becomes increasingly informal, it pays to go for fun. Memes also allow you to present your brand in a less serious, and more hopeful way, it increases the chance of becoming viral. However, you have to be very cautious as the message can negatively impact anything that is difficult to fix.

Smartphone First

Last, one of the trends is to take the smartphone’s first approach. Pandemic also contributed to taking the smartphone’s first approach. During the time at home, the cell phone became our window to the outside world. We spend more time with it; that is why your company must have responsive mobile applications and websites that offer the user to find everything they are seeking without a laptop.

Final Words

Increasingly, business takes place in virtual environments. Therefore, planning and developing up-to-date digital marketing strategies to the market is an inescapable necessity and a sure step to win new customers and strengthen relationships with those who are already loyal.

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Doing Competitor Analysis

Digital Marketing Strategy

Usually, when businesses are developing their digital marketing strategy for organic SEO they do their competitor analysis. But the truth is, after that they do not get back to it in the future. That is not the correct practice because in most cases, there is a constant update on the business rivals online. by doing regular analysis of the moves of your rival online you can adjust your marketing campaign in the middle and make it perform even in a better manner.

Here we are looking at the main points associated with competitor analysis, that will help you improve your strategy of digital marketing. You should revisit this analysis regularly when your campaign is still running for some time. Here we bring to you our recommendations for the tracking of every channel of digital marketing.

Let us first understand the concept of competitor analysis.

What is competitor analysis?

You can define competitor analysis as the process of analyzing and researching the business characteristics and marketing strategies of the businesses that are operating in a particular industry associated with your business. This process is usually carried out to identify the weaknesses and strengths of other players in the market and define the position of your company about them, estimate your potential, highlight gaps, and look out for opportunities in the industry for you.

Who should you analyze as competitors in the digital marketing strategy?

Competitor analysis usually includes analysis of your indirect and direct competitors. These are the businesses that provide similar or same business solutions to the similar or same category of audiences. Competitor analysis online should include these businesses, plus you should consider one more rival group i.e. your brand competitors. These are businesses that target the same users that you do. They might not be selling the same product or service to them, but they are targeting to gain their attention for sure. How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Doing 

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are generally directory websites, industry websites, and social media websites. You are not only competing with the brands catering to similar products but with every website which intends to disconnect you from your prospects and leads and then bills you to spend on marketing to them. 

Why should you be doing an ongoing analysis of your competitors for effective digital marketing?

The primary competitors for your business will usually remain the same since the time that you have developed your marketing strategy. But you should constantly monitor it because the general situation and market position of your competitors might change over time. Here are the main reasons to keep a check on your competitors regularly. 

  1. To review benchmarks: by monitoring the internal stats of your business, you come to know which marketing channels perform the best. But the issue is what would you do if your competitors can get even better results. You should be aware of it. 
  2. To remain updated with the market and industry trends: some trends are seasonal and they occur again and again each year. During these times, there are declines and peaks that you should be prepared for. You can achieve this only if you are monitoring your competitive landscape. So you should always be alert. 
  3. To learn about the best and latest marketing practices and mistakes that you should avoid: sometimes it is the best practice to allow your competitors to test new ways and channels rather than trying it out on your own and waste your marketing budget. You can learn from the experience of your competitors and avoid their mistakes. 
  4. To keep your marketing mix updated: with the help of digital marketing campaigns you can get important insights about your competition such as the launch of a new product and you can take ideas for the development of your brand. 
  5. To make your goals refined: with the changing online market condition, you might need to adjust your digital marketing strategy and also your previously set goals. 

How often your digital marketing strategy is reviewed? 

Every industry grows and changes at a different speed, so you may need to make updates less or more often. Normally it is recommended to do a monthly competitor analysis to keep tabs on the changing trends and you can change your campaigns according to it. Quarterly competitor analysis is needed to implement greater changes in your strategy for digital marketing. 

You can analyze and check the metrics of your competitor brands frequently or when you are in a position to make changes to your campaign. 

How to perform competitor analysis regularly: the main points for digital marketing: 

It might seem to be an endless task to perform competitive analysis for marketers. Here we bring to you key aspects of this process and cover insights from the top digital channels. 

1. Updates from Competitors Performance

If you want your online strategy to be your rivals then you need to stay up-to-date with the latest moves for digital marketing and there are also performance comparisons for theirs. When you are analyzing the website traffic then it would be considered as the best assessment.

Let’s take a look at the home décor sites which want to catch up with the rival site online performance for the competitor analysis example. When 5 websites are entered for traffic analysis, then you will see the below:

When the led of the competition is changed then the other will remain at number 1 in the list

Fluctuations will always affect the competition.

Each of the rivals will either grow or lose its popularity over time. You can find out how other websites are attracting their audience:

Which of the digital marketing channels are performing best for them. Which country is proved to be more lucrative in traffic generation.

In the below example you will see who will be winning in these traffic sources and who will get more traffic from Canada than any other competitor. Take a note of the discrepancy from the research of digital campaigns like seasonal trends, views of the niche, and the most sustainable player.

For a better understanding of the market, you may want to check up on more than five players. In market explorer, you have to enter the website in the search field and the tool will conduct a complete competitor and map for you. 

This tool can help you with:

Map the competitive landscape in a very comprehensive form in the growth quadrant

This will also qualify the competitors with the current size and the market potential

You can switch from the industry competitors to the organic competitors and this will reveal to you the closest rivals in the online market share and research. You can study their digital marketing strategies further from there.

You can check out the abilities of the market explorer for market and Traffic analysis for competitor analysis.

2. Analyzing SEO efforts of competitors

When other companies are outranking in the organic search, they are also getting more clicks, gaining more revenue, and generating more leads, by this tool you will be able to monitor the website search visibility. You can also continue the model analysis and see how the website is doing the organic search.

You can discover the things below:

The total number of keywords of the target website with organic positions are presented visually

Monthly organic traffic expected from these keywords

The estimated price of the organic keywords in google ads

Estimated non-branded and branded traffic

You can get into more detail on your competitor keywords and let them take the top positions on the organic search:

You can discover the most successful keywords

You can see their popular pages which user have found out from organic search

You can get the idea from the customer behavior on the frequency of the search

You can also outline the initial ideas on how to optimize the campaign for increasing the rankings and the conversions

There are two ways for gaining a deeper understanding of the SEO competitors

Find the gap in the rival coverage by the backlink tool. You will analyze the subdomains, root domains, or URLs. A good way for using this intelligence would be to reach out to the resources which are linking to the competitors but not to you.

Enhance the content marketing strategy with the keyword gap. The tool will allow you to perform the side-by-side comparison of the competitor of the keyword portfolios for up to the five domains at once.

If you want to gain more insights into the rival’s organic performance then you have to see the dedicated guide on how to do SEO competitive analysis here.

3. Get Marketing ideas from recent online Ads

There is no universal formula for success in advertising. Still, there are so many things to learn from looking at the rival’s strategies like which to avoid, which to adopt, and what has to be forgotten.

For analyzing the advertiser use the advertising research toll and switch the reveal tabs:

Estimated traffic from these keywords

Number of the keyword the domain is bidding

Other websites to which target rivals are competing with

Historical data for uncovering the competitor’s preferences in seasonal advertising is very interesting and it has been a while since you checked up the ads of the competitors.

It was decided to dig deeper into the model research and clicked on the blue cell in the report of Ad history. You will see the actual ad of the product which was running at a particular point for the time. The possible step is to adapt this ad to the business, let it run, and then you will be able to see the performance.

You can also focus on Google shopping or the ads which are displayed in the competitor analysis. You can also use display advertising and PLA research accordingly. In the PLA research, you will be able to see the listing of the product and the other market players who are promoting in various countries. In the display advertising, you will be able to analyze the distribution of the company GDN ads around the globe and then you would be able to measure the advertising activity of your rivals and you would be able to understand the market targeting and its performance. 

There are other things to look at on the landing page like analyzing specific likes and competitors’ campaigns. These are the ads that are pointing to the landing page on the site at a particular time. This is a very good way for discovering the rivals and the items on which they are focusing. It will also encourage you to start a competitive analysis of the product.

In this step, the analysis of competitors is done. You would be able to analyze the pricing in the target segment by the PLA ads and also you would be able to optimize the creative ad in terms of titles, keywords, and pictures. And in this way, you would be able to spend the maximum ROI.

4. Rivals activity in Content Marketing and PR

In this step you will invest very little effort in researching the relevant topics and the media will mention you or they will place you in backlink.

Tracking online Mentions of the words and the phrase which are related to the rival’s product name, brand name, motto, product category, or anything else. You will be able to research all of these with the brand monitoring tool. The report will help you in:

Find mentions on the forums, web, Instagram, or Twitter

Estimate the reach of each mentioned and then determine the platform with the largest coverage. 

Highlight the popularity and the strength of the mentioner’s domain and the website traffic.

In the previous steps, research about all these aspects. When you are interested in the traffic driven by the referrals, go to the traffic analysis for insightful research.

Study the rival backlink profile in detail and then monitor the new and the lost backlinks.

Use the backlink analysis reports to see the pages that will link to the competitors and the actual pages that traffic from backlinks target URLs. Also, consider the authority score for the analysis.

Why Digital Marketing and SEO are Vital to Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management

Creating a positive online image in today’s fierce business world is more than essential. This is because it plays a major factor in people’s purchase decisions. However, many brands underestimate the power of online reputation management until they are barraged with damaging content from all over. Everything from here on then starts to create what ORM experts call, online reputation crises. It is a situation that no brand wants to be in. so, it is better to take control of your brand’s online reputation from the beginning.

However, it is a tough nut to crack, but do not worry, we are here to make things simple and easy for you.  Here in this article, we will explain certain steps your brand can take to stay ahead of the game.

What is the meaning of Online Reputation?

The best way of understanding online reputation is through doing a Google search as you will find so many things that cannot go unexpected. There will be possible chances of being a wall between you and your customers where you cannot deal with business nicely. Websites are functional with one-way information flowing from the customers with communications going from the top down.

But the scenario has changed since the last decades with customers very eager for the brands and the products that they choose. This enables making use of online platforms. Many brands are encouraging customers to participate in all brands. From going through online communities, customer engagement has reached a completely new level. Even though it has so many benefits, there is a flip side to it as well.

Customers are more used to sharing experiences online. Whether sharing it through a Facebook post or even in a tweet, people can be seen sharing their experiences about products. This is the very fact that people will always remain online. Even if you don’t want people to remain online, they will stay no matter what. Being positive and prepared is the key to using online methods in a great way.

What is Online Reputation Management?

It is the process of influencing customers when they are planning to buy a product/service from you and putting good things about the brand on the internet. The brands are portrayed in such a way that they are constructive and customer eccentric in the same direction. Another way is combating all the negative results by dealing with them in interesting ways. You can convert the negatives into positives by working on the issues people faced with your brand and improve as the needs of the customers.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

The importance of online reputation can be seen in every business because every business wants to stay ahead and be profitable. ORM is important even when choosing your food and any online services because when you get negative comments, who will buy your products? Even when someone is looking for a dating app, they will check out the reviews so that they don’t fall into the trap. Every entrepreneur tries to give a proactive approach while monitoring public reputation.

They can achieve this using social media platforms and businessmen should check it at regular intervals to see whether they have got any negative comments. They can change their business strategies accordingly.

Advantages of Online Reputation Management

Reputation management through digital marketing is so helpful for both new and old businesses alike. It gives a competitive edge to all the businesses working under the same niches. It also helps in increasing the revenues of businesses. Some of the benefits are:

  • Helping in building brand image

Online reputation is the best way of stopping what people are telling about your business on the Internet. Negative comments are so bad for business and it can take the business down. However, when the business is focusing only on the positive points, then it helps the brand in excelling. Negative reviews can’t be removed, but they can be reduced with more positive reviews by working on all aspects of the problems faced by customers. By doing this the company can be seen only concentrating on the positive parts of the brand and business.

  • Helping in customer engagement

Whenever people are facing some problems with products/services or they are not getting what they want, then people tend to discuss this on online portals and forums. You can lose your prospective customers if you are not helping them in getting what they want. Online reputation management helps in assisting all the happy customers in focusing on the good of the company and tells positively about the business in forums.

Unhappy customers will also come to know of this and they will try to address their problems and solve them at the earliest. It is all about showing all the prospective customers about the fact that sometimes transactions might not work out the way you want it to. So, customers should not stop unless they get what they have been looking for.

  • Optimizing of business

It also benefits other aspects of the business-like improvements in the weaker sections of the business and taking it in the right direction. Try enhancing the business to be able to deal with customer satisfaction. One of the pillars of brand reputation management is optimizing for the right keywords and anchor texts. Then write high-quality and relevant content and publish guest posts on high authority websites. The aim of SEO is to provide more recognition to the brand by getting its name on the top of SERPs.

  • Improving sales

In this competitive era, if the brand has a negative impact, it can lead to the downfall of the brand mattering both small and big businesses alike. The popularity of social media puts brands in a better picture and helps them to connect aggressively with all the customers. It helps in developing a strong brand reputation not only in the digital space but also in the hearts of consumers.

Threats to Online Reputation

For having a good online reputation, you need to know what leads to the negativity of your brand. Some of the ways are:

  • Getting negative reviews

Reviews have become the part and parcel of life and if you are getting negative reviews then you won’t be interested in running your business positively. Whether it’s about writing a restaurant review or about a product on Amazon or Flipkart, people buy products mostly after reading reviews.

95% of the customers are reading reviews and buy depending on the reviews that they get. There are many dedicated sites only working for customer engagement and negative reviews can directly affect the reputation of the business.

  • Having consumer complaints on social media

These are not harmful but if not handled properly then it can create a bad impression in society. Many customers take the resort of posting something on social media channels if they don’t get a good customer service or if they were delivered a bad product. Through social media sites, many people come to know of it and people start losing trust in you.

  • Unfavorable media stories

When it comes to selling brands, the main thing is about bad publicity that can destroy the image of the brands. If you are selling products, you must sell only genuine and reliable ones. As the media sites are available 24×7, if you are selling bad things, media coverage can destroy your entire reputation which is not good for your business at all. For this, the best example can be Maggi which because of media coverage had to go through so much.

Marketing channels used in Online Reputation

Online reputation is also called online reputation marketing and there are several techniques that you can use for progressing with the same. Some of the key marketing channels are:

  • Earned media

Earned media is mentioning the positive brands that you don’t need to pay for. They are earned because of superior quality and after using the products based on experience. Of course, you will always find positive influencers who can tell nicely about your products and they give nice reviews also on the forums. Customers are likely to buy from brands endorsed by someone famous or an authority figure in the industry. Influencer marketing helps build brand awareness and easily builds trust among your existing and potential customers.

  • Paid media

Now, how can paid media go wrong? They are paid for saying positively about the business and they do their work amazingly well. It is like a quick fix on social media channels and even on forums and online platforms. Paid advertising is PPC advertising using Google Ad Words. It leads to distracting the attention of the customers on the bad part and they focus only on the good parts of the business. This is not such a nice option for the long term but in the case of short-term business, you can always resort to paid media.

  • Owned properties

Owner properties are things like your blog and website where you put your content and people view it. Since there are so many platforms out there, you can put out the brand message on your blog as well. People when seeing your brand will come to know about all the products that your business deals with and this way, you will be able to earn profits. However, it is important to note that the owned properties are limited, so differentiate yours from others. You cannot afford to media advertising channels because they are costly so, owned properties are the best way of keeping your brand in the market.

  • Social media

Social media is a great way of doing online reputation management as many people interact with one another here. Start a social media channel of your business and interact with people who are interested in your products and services. Ask them for advice to improve your products in any way. Customers can also enquire about their products easily through social media.

Principles of Online Reputation Management

  • Promoting transparency

Transparency is the main thing in business and many small-sized businesses are not open to their customers. Transparency can sometimes lead to confusion and inconsistency. Transparent companies have a way of shaping the world. They talk to their employees openly and if any suggestions are given, they even take it positively.

  • Monitoring of brand mentions

For controlling online reputation, first, try handling what is being said about you. Use the right tools for monitoring your products and know what people think about you online. If people are saying bad about your brand, then you can try crafting all the responses accordingly. Try addressing all the negative comments and highlight only the positive ones to the channels. This way, you can create a cool set of brand mentions just the way you like it.


  • Effective use of ORM tools

There are many online reputation tools for making it simpler. It is your choice of selecting only the best ones. Some like GoFish help in finding the negative reviews that you will not find anywhere else and change them into positive ones. SEO Spyglass helps in monitoring of the backlinks affecting your reputation when it comes to SEO.

  • Building credibility

Trust is the main thing for building credibility, and it requires hard work to gain and explore the market. There are so many tools available for helping in building credibility. You can make guest posts for personalizing videos and there is much you can do with your trusted brand.


Online reputation is something every brand imagines of living with. But it is not found so easily. The bigger your business gets; the more people talk about it. You cannot control the online voices, as they only can help you move ahead with the narrative. You must manage your online reputation pro-actively and only then you can go ahead with building your reputation.

5 Key Strategies to Improve Brand Reputation Marketing Today

Reputation Marketing

Brand reputation is vital for the growth of the business. A positive brand reputation builds customer loyalty as well as increase their confidence in your brand and the products offered, thus driving sales and growth.

In today’s ruthlessly competitive business environment, being positioned as a brand with a good reputation is important. Your brand’s online reputation is evolving and re-defined by every social media comment, blog post, and review. So, it is essential to proactively manage and improve on all the feedback received online to stay ahead and keep business afloat.

Here we will talk about the 5 brand reputation strategy you can employ to improve brand reputation online, but before that, it is vital to know the concept of reputation marketing and its importance.

What is Reputation Marketing?

Ideally, reputation marketing is brand marketing but in a more specialized manner. Most businesses spend a lot of time and effort in their branding nowadays. This is because most customers make use of laptops, smartphones, or other digital platforms to search about businesses and their brand value. 

Reputation marketing is all about building the real-time identity of your brand. Businesses can build this identity using different mediums such as reviews, online comments, critiques, and complaints which are given by their customers or expert critics. 

Nowadays testimonials of real customers, especially video testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing concepts have become a lot more powerful. In the digital world, this word of mouth marketing is done via blog comments, re-tweets, likes on Facebook, reviews on Google Business, and liking/sharing/following on different social media platforms across the internet. 

By using this concept, businesses come to know about what their customers are saying about their services or products and can make use of it for their benefit, to make changes to their products or services, or to provide additional services. This can be ultimately used to improve its industry ratings and it has a direct impact on their revenue generation. 

Importance of Reputation Marketing:

Nowadays online reputation marketing is crucial because there is cut-throat competition and hundreds or even thousands of businesses operating in the same niche. Customers want to give their work to a business that they can trust. The base of this trust is created by checking the online profile of the company to see whether a company works on the same values that the customer prefers. If the customer is concerned about customer service but your company has negative comments about after-sales service, then they might move on to your competitor to do business.

Most customers lookout for reviews, testimonials, and online comments before choosing any product or a company. With the help of a proper digital marketing company and guidance, you can make use of reputation marketing to see your business grow considerably. Several different aspects should be considered while you are looking to improve brand reputation strategy. You must make sure to have positive reviews online across multiple websites. There are many platforms for customer reviews that are more preferred as compared to others. Make sure that you have reviewed such that they help you in reputation marketing.

We know it is tempting to write down fake reviews, but it is unethical, and you might get few customers for once, but the consequences of this can be horrible. You can encourage your real customers to post true reviews about your company with as much detail as possible. Also, reviews should be posted regularly because recent reviews get a lot more weightage as compared to reviews that were posted several months or years ago. If you are having hundreds of positive reviews, then few negative reviews will not matter much, but if you have a few reviews then your brand value can be questioned. These reviews are an indication of the consistency, quality, and reliability of your company. 

You can make use of these reviews for online reputation marketing to reach out to customers locally in your area or expand further, nationally, or globally. If you want to have your reach wider then you will have to investigate other aspects of reputation marketing as well. You can take the help of other digital marketing methods such as SEO to improve the rankings of your web pages and brand on search engine platform or you can opt to do paid search engine marketing i.e. PPC which is targeted to specific cities and audience so that you reach out to more people across a larger geographical area. 

It is also crucial to ensure that you have a mobile-friendly website for your company. This is because nowadays most people access the internet using mobile browsers. The website that you make should be easy to navigate and read for the user even from a mobile view. 

5 simple ways by which you can get success in Reputation Marketing:

Reputation marketing originates from what other people think and say about your business. So, you have little control over it, and you can just sit back and watch. You might be thinking, why spend money on reputation marketing when you cannot control what other people think about your business nor change their post or mindset. You should just leave them to what they are doing and just carry on with your business.

It is not the case, brand reputation marketing strategy is not all about what idea people have about your business that sometimes might be true or sometimes might be because of a lack of knowledge. Reputation marketing deals with the active management of the comments, reviews, and criticisms given by your customers to create the image of your brand as you desire. 

It is not complicated to do reputation marketing and you can do it easily if you stick to these simple 5 strategies that will help you achieve success in reputation marketing. 

1. Create a system to collect valuable customer feedback

Rather than just watching out for what people think and say about your products or services it is crucial to go out to your customers and capture their feedback yourself. We do not mean going out personally to them, but there are multiple ways by which you can remind your customers to give feedback or even reward them for giving feedback.

Customers are generally eager to review products they like and weigh in their opinions, so you should create proper forums or review forms or links for them from where you can collect the data. 

Usually, businesses gather online feedback for their brand using contests, surveys via social media platforms such as the Facebook page or you can do it use email too. You can share links of your blog posts so that your customers can share their comments or tweet out to your followers with questions regarding your products or services. 

You should inform your customers of the methods by which they can give reviews and then follow up with them a few times so that they can give their valuable time to put a review for you. This method of collecting data is priceless and gives an idea about what your customer is thinking about your business. 

This information can then be analyzed to prepare your reputation marketing strategy which helps you to connect more with your customers, listen to their issues, and work accordingly. This also gives you an idea about the buying patterns, age group of customers, and their location too. It also gives information about the products or services of your company that are more in demand as compared to others. 

2. Build your Brand Reputation

Just waiting to build your good reputation is not going to work and is not a good marketing strategy. If you are looking to get positive reviews and feedback about your services and products, you should put the energy and time for that. For that, you should be aware of the reality of your products and services. 

You should search for relevant hashtags, read comments, and look on the internet for comments of your business or brand. By knowing about what people say about your business, you can then harness this information. If there are bad reviews, do not overlook them. You should deconstruct them and understand what is going wrong. 

If the same thing is mentioned in multiple comments, then you should change the product or the way you perform a particular task in your business. This can create a big shift in the minds of your customers. By doing so, you can improve your brand reputation .

If there are positive reviews, then check for the areas in business for which you are getting praise. Try to improve in that area so that you can perform better and remain ahead of your competitor. 

With reviews, you can gather a lot of information, you will get to know about the likes and dislikes of the customer about your products. In this way, you will be able to turn around and give them exactly what they want.

3. Market Your Reputation

When your customers are doing marketing for you It does not mean that you should stop communicating with your existing channels about your brand message. 

If you want to use reputation marketing, then take the advantage of it by creating the campaigns, and then pay close attention to it. 

This is more than the reviews which you are taking from the customers. You should get to know here either your customer feels positive or negative about your product.

Drill down to the specific things which have been told by the customer.

Pay attention to the keywords which are kept on popping in the online comments and reviews. This would inspire you in your next campaign and will also help in direct addressing to the comments.

For example, if you are continuously seeing the word inconvenient then this will be taken as the negative review. You can create the marketing campaign and the strategy on social media which would be the focus and highlight the convenience of your product and the service.

In this way, reputation marketing will help in identifying the problem and creating the solution which can drop directly in the lap of the customer.

4 Managing Reputation

In reputation marketing, you will get a wealth of information from the customers.

For the comments and reviews of your customer, you will have to spend some time with the customers and keep them engaged with your products.

If you will introduce a new product then you will see the sudden spike in the reviews and the comments. 

After several months’ customers will lose the momentum and then turn their attention to some other place.

If you want to manage the brand reputation and want to keep the dialogue open, then you must try to keep the hype going. In this way, you will never fall from the radars of the customers. To do this you can generate offers and promotions, host events, special offers for your followers or give exclusive discounts to your customers. By using these tactics, you can motivate your customers to make a purchase when they might be usually looking out for some other brand or the next offer. 

5. Monitor your Reputation

To monitor your brand reputation, you should follow repetition. This does not mean that you read your reviews once and then do not check them at all again. The conversation with the customers keeps on changing every day. 

What might seem to be boring and irrelevant to customers today might become the hottest trend in the future. So, you should monitor your reviews regularly to monitor what are the talks about your business and brand. 

You can read your reviews regularly either weekly or daily and keep track of your posts on social media, look out for online reviews and scroll through the messages posted on your Facebook or blog page. This will help you to see if your marketing is working or nor or your business is de-railing back after a short gain. 

If you see your comments in a year, then you would miss out on the negative comments on which you could have made any changes or taken any actions. By keeping track of the comments, you can identify your business areas that need improvement and take prompt action on it. 

If you want to satisfy your customers, then you should satisfy their needs and listen to their opinions. So, you should listen to them and respond accordingly. 

Keeping your customers happy is the key to successful brand reputation management.