5 Great Ideas to Make Your Mobile Marketing Stand Out

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the new role of possibilities with endless scope for personalization and interactive sales opportunities. It is expanding at a very fast pace and it is very hard to keep up with all the things that are happening. The main key is the basics are never changing, like capturing the customer and communicating with them in a very relevant way.

Mobile marketing is considered as multi-channel digital marketing which is aimed to reach the target audience on their mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets via email, websites, SMS, social media, or by any other apps. In recent years now customers are shifting their attention to mobile marketing. Marketers are doing the same to create omnichannel engagement. Similar to the technology now marketing has also become more fragmented. So to earn and bring the attention of the potential customers, content should be highly personalized and strategic.

When it comes to mobile marketing, this means keeping devices in mind and utilizing SMS/MMS marketing and mobile apps. Mobile marketing is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to building out any short-term or long-term marketing plan. From email to pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing, there is a mobile marketing channel to reach every part of your audience where they are most comfortable. For mobile marketing to be effective, you need to curate a cohesive experience that customers expect and that can be a real challenge as you work to acquire, engage, and retain users across a variety of platforms. Mobile marketing can do wonders for driving brand value and demand for your products or services by leveraging mobile devices to connect with more consumers in real-time at any point in the customer lifecycle.

Below are some of the 5 great starting ideas for mobile marketing which are compiled as the best examples for mobile marketing campaigns. Whether you are a starter or a seasoned mobile marketer looking for some growth then the below quick guide will help you in making the next mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Coupons

Customers always love mobile coupons. Mobile coupons are considered as the next evolution as compared to the printed coupons. This is growing with huge popularity. There was some customer survey which shows that around 73 percent of the customers are interested in receiving regular mobile coupons. In some other reports, it was predicted that mobile coupons redeem will increase tenfold in 2020.

For getting more ideas on making the mobile campaigns and engaging your customers you can also attend the brand summits which keep on happening at various places around the world. You can request the invite for such summits. 

Mobile coupons are sent to some target groups in the mobile database. To the people who are living in a certain area, or to the customer who is having a certain habit of purchasing. Mobile coupons are great ways for getting an instant lift to the business in slow times. When the restaurants know that you have eaten there on some weekly nights or you have done some of the evening bookings then the restaurant will target such customers with mobile coupons having things like free appetizers which are sent to their mobile. This will increase the traffic in the restaurant within a few hours.

In some places, Starbucks has sent mobile coupons which are 2D, and have increased its sales. Customers are easily able to redeem these coupons in the Starbucks store by simply scanning the barcode which is provided to them. The redemption rate for this campaign is around 60 percent and it was highly successful.

Similarly, Arby and McDonald have also recently promoted and launched their new products with mobile coupons. Customers of McDonald’s have taken the advantage of free McCafe Mocha while the customer of Arby has received the BBQ Roast Burger with the purchase of a drink.

If you are a retailer or running a restaurant or having a fast-food chain then you can also choose mobile coupons which will help in driving customers to your store. Customers are always appreciating the discount coupons and complementary products. Restaurants have benefited from the increased sales and they would be able to get an instant lift in the business whenever there is a slow time in the business.

Festive day and Holiday Mobile marketing

Festive days are the times when the family is coming together for a celebration. This is also a great time for communicating with the customers and this will add value to their lives. This will help in increasing the engagement and relationship with the customers. During the holiday season, people are often strapping the cash and are in good spirits.

These are the times when customers are likely interested in various offers. When you are helping the customers with useful alerts then this is the best way to keep customers engaged with your brand. You would be able to build strong customer relationships and loyalty for a long time.  

Turkey producer has relaunched the popular Turkey talk-line with mobile alert campaigns. This is considered a thanksgiving mobile campaign. These mobile campaigns have encouraged the customers to cook and for that receiving tips for a thanksgiving meal. Customers keep on appreciating this extra help on thanksgiving meals. And this has helped the company in building the loyalty of the customers.

Another great way for engaging and facilitating the customers is by making use of personal communication in the holiday season. You can create holiday greetings that are based on the campaign. Companies like eBay have used this in the last holiday season and also allowed their customers to send wishes on eBay live streams. Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity for marketers. The retailers like flower shops have successfully used this strategy and send reminders to their customers for gifts for their loved ones. This has also resulted in increased sales.

SMS and Email Reminders 

Reminders are making wonders for service industries. However, it has also proved to be a quick way for businesses who are into the service industry. You would be able to achieve instant ROI. Mobile phones are taken everywhere and it is very difficult to ignore any messages. There are reminders like drop off the car or doctor’s appointment which people never forget to attend.

Usually, this reminder is set before a day or in the morning when the appointment is scheduled. Reminders services are mostly used in every industry like beauty, medical, entertainment, conferences, sports, and events. You can send out text messages for thank you messages on purchases or for follow-up appointments which gives a nice touch of customer service for your clients. 

This is a proven technique, and Kaiser Permanente which is a popular non-profit organization in the healthcare sector in the US has made use of SMS reminders successfully to cut down costs of communication with patients to a great extent. you can even send out text messages that are automated to patients one day before the day when an appointment is scheduled.

This has proven to be quite cost-effective and reduced the cases of no show by almost 50%. Earlier the company used to bear the expense of around $150 for every missed appointment, but after using the SMS reminder program Kaiser company made a saving of $275,000 in just one month in a single clinic of theirs. 

Use SMS along with an email to capture information of your customers and to send information out: if you want to increase the efficiency of mobile marketing it is advisable to combine it with other channels of marketing. One of the most simple ways to package it in combination with other techniques is to combine it with email responses that can contain more multimedia and text content. Also, this combination can lead to improved interaction with your customers. 

For example, if you make use of the feature of SMS 2 Email, you will be allowing customers to send their email address via text and get an immediate response via text message. The email would be into full-color HTML into the nominated inbox. The customer would feel the information about the brand experience. The business would be able to enhance the dialogue which can be built upon. It will capture the valuable information of customers like contact information. There would be the option of opt-in for both the email and mobile channels. These details are used for subscribing and registering the customer for the email and mobile channels. 

Trey McIntyre which is a non-profit organization has given a very good example regarding this. This is the organization that is promoting contemporary dance in many venues around the US. At each of its venue locations, the organization is capturing the contact details of the customers with the help of TV screens and posters by showing them the call-to-action messages. Via this approach, Trey has been able to build a valuable database of the customers for email and mobile marketing communications.

SMS with email is also used by large brands like car manufacturers who are offering brochures and advertising on traditional media like radio and TV.

Mobile marketing with geo-location and zip code

Mobile marketing with the geo-location will be able to add incredible value to the customer experience. The days are gone when marketers are believing in pinpointing the customer location on their cell phones. Now there are various simple ways for making use of location with the mobile marketing context which will give a richer experience to the customer.

When you are operating your business from multiple locations then for offering great service ask your customer to share the zip code with their details. In this way, customers would be able to find the nearest store or the service center for your brand. US Navy and RadioShack are offering the customer to find the nearest store when they are texting a simple SMS shortcode. You can also ask the customer to sign up for mobile marketing with the zip code. This is a very effective way of collecting valuable information for getting appropriate marketing offers at the store near your place. This is also the form of personalized marketing where you would get relevant offers dependent on your location. With the help of zip code, you are also referred to the nearest store from your place.

Various components of Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is going far beyond mobile and messaging apps. For doing cohesive marketing you need to do responsive designs.

Mobile-Friendly websites: Mobile friendly websites will fit properly on the mobile screen and you are not required to do the zooming or scrolling. It will load very quickly and it is also free from any mobile-specific errors. You need to maintain a consistent and engaging user experience. Mobile UX will have a dramatic effect on each stage of the user buying cycle.

Mobile friendly SMS and MMS: SMS and MMS are the direct methods for sending the content to the customers. But it is also important to use this channel wisely. You would have to gain the knowledge quickly to reach your customers with messaging. You have to look at the cardinal rules for creating effective campaigns whether it is a promo, alert about the product, videos, or reminders. 

Mobile friendly advertising and landing pages:

57 percent of the email are opened on the mobile platforms and 69% of smartphone users are deleting the email which is not optimized for mobile. Because of this, it is important that your email can employ a responsive design. You need to create a strategy that can automatically format the webpage on a mobile device. Also never forget the landing pages. If the email is mobile-friendly and the click-through is going to the landing pages then the webpage is not optimized for the mobile.

Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2021 and Beyond

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Before going to the statistics part you should understand what is mobile marketing. It’s basically a technique that is used to reach a specific audience. It can be done through using mobile phones, tablets, or any other type of device through email, sites, SMS, and many other things as well. You can also read more about mobile marketing. Now, many people think that how does this work and what is the need. 

How does it work?

Basically, if you notice the Ads which appear on your smartphones, tablets or any other devices are the part of mobile marketing only. They consist of further things as well like ad formats, their customization, and type of styles which can be different. As many different and unique types of styles are offered by many social media places, websites, and apps. 

Why do you think that there is a need for a Mobile marketing strategy?

If you will notice or roam around in your city, then you can see that most of the people use mobile phones. And someone who is running a business needs a mobile marketing strategy is really needed. As the use of mobile phones is so much as per some reports around 40% of people’s internet time is spent on their phones. Below mentioned are some statistics regarding mobile marketing:

• People around the world almost 80% spent their time using mobile phones in which they use apps, and games. Games are at the top level as the majority of people spent their time playing games. 

• Apart from gaming and apps people also spend their time more on browsing. Around almost 70% of people like to search for new things on their smartphones and tablets.

• Coming to the retail conversion rate which is 2.2% on their tablets which is higher than smartphones, but still PC rates are highest. 

As you will notice mobile phones will be here with us for a long time. As per the correct forecast, it can stop the usage of PC as all things can be done easily on smartphones. If you haven’t any strategy yet, then don’t worry and make one today. 

What are the different types of strategies which can be used?

First is the app-based marketing

While around 80% of the time is spent by people on their smartphones, advertising is done involving mobile apps. You can easily create mobile ads with the help of Google AdMob, and your ads will appear within third party apps. You can also take help from Facebook, as it also helps advertisers to create ads on their Facebook mobile app. 

Second is in-game mobile marketing

As above is for apps this one is related to mobile games app, as in your game a pop-up banner appears or any video that usually appears between loading screens. Using the QR code which is attached to the related website. The user scans that QR code is aligned with the mobile gamification and has an element of mystery. 

Third strategy is location-based marketing

The ads will appear on the user’s location which relates to a specific area or any type of business. This can happen when an advertiser wants to show ads to the user who is 3-miles of the radius of their company.

Mobile search ads and images

These are the basic search ads like click to call, image-based ads appear on the mobile devices. 


As this is a very common one, in this no image will be shown. The advertiser captures the phone number and sends the text. You can follow these mobile marketing strategies for further use. 

Some best and quick tips for you

• You should be clear as well as concise as mobile phones have small screens and words will be small as well, which means it should be sparingly. So it’s best to make the ads simple which can be easy for the users to see. 

• Try to optimize for local as to remember that few searches have local intent. As many people have related questions to their local areas. So by optimizing for the local users will make sure that you are aligning with the people’s questions.

• Always first place your audience or user, as the type of people will reach you should influence that kind of ads for them. The ads should be related to the queries asked before or what interests them.

• Don’t always go with one strategy, try to experiment with a different one as well. This will help you to grab more audience’s attention and don’t be afraid. Try some extensions like Google Ads enhanced campaigns, Google Offers, or any other related too. 

• Make a benchmark of your output by experimenting, as there are nothing new methods. By making a track of your results will help you to work in a better way. You can use Adwords for this purpose and many others which are related to. 

These are some of the tips for you which you can apply and act further. Now if you get the idea of what is mobile marketing, how it works, and what are the strategies, then now you have to understand the statistics. This all gives you an idea about how you can work efficiently.

As we have discussed the mobile marketing thing as well as the strategies. There are many factors which you see below for the statistics of this impressive marketing:

• According to some reports the global advertising will hit around $270 billion by the year 2022. As in the year 2019, the budget was around $180 billion. So if you notice this will increase and we will get that figure in 2022. 

• The GIPHY usage has increased so much in 2021, as around 33%. As in this pandemic cooking going on but that’s not the last thing. As people are also using GIFs to convey many types of messages for ex, funny or encouraging. Many brands now if you have noticed have adopted this thing on their Instagram stories. This helps to make it unique and attract the audience by different types of GIFs. This is one of the interesting things you will see and the usage is increasing. 

• Around 52% of voice assistant people use the technology at their convenient time, that can be daily or any other day. 

• Many people who use voice speakers to listen to music are basically aged between 18 to 34. 

• The number of people using WhatsApp will be increasing around 17.5 million till 2023. As the app is totally free and millions of people are already using this app. 

• As per some reports Snapchat users are also increasing day by day. 

About the mobile traffic stats

Nowadays the most traffic is from the website according to CIO Dive which is really important. The web traffic on mobile phones is projected to rise around 700% and by this, you can also expect more rise in mobile traffic. 

About the marketing and E-commerce

If you are an email marketer then this thing will really interest you.

• As around 75% of people use emails and in 2017 around 60% of mobile phones were used to open emails. This surely was impressive for the email marketers as only 15% were using a desktop. 

• Many companies know this and around 40% of them are creating mobile-responsive email templates consequently. 

• The leading marketers as per the reports increasing their investment in mobile phone expert experiences as in the comparison to average entrepreneurs.

• Most of the marketers consider mobile marketing as their prior business. as it is increasing daily and mobile phone ads getting 50% of customers to search for any type of product. 

• Around 70% of people search for online actions and some around 60% of the people click on their mobile ads at least once in 4 days. 

Consumer statistics 

As you will notice in this pandemic people are not allowed to go out, but many people want to buy some essential things. So the only thing they can do is online shopping by using their mobile phones. 

The customer never thinks about which company is providing data after searching. As per the report few users don’t even know about the brand they are buying and mobile phones were used for many online shopping transactions. As a buyer you will always see the reviews of the product to see that it is good or not, so over 50% of people see this. Many people now buy a product after seeing an ad. The rise in mobile marketing makes the consumer’s expectations high also and people prefer a mobile-friendly site that answers their queries. People who are not satisfied with the product are around 62% will make fewer purchases in the future as compared to the customers who like it. around 84% have to struggle while making online transactions as they don’t have full knowledge about it. 

Social media and mobile phones

So if we come up with the statistics of social media then we all know that around 95% of people are using it. This report is of 2017 and 80% of the users have accessed Pinterest on their mobile phones. Social media sites like Facebook have gathered so much attention and Instagram. People are now looking for job opportunities so they go for LinkedIn. After gaming apps, social media is used mostly and Instagram has over 1 million users monthly. Snapchat has also come into this race and have around 186 million daily users. WhatsApp is free and used by many people as this is the common one. These apps have more access to mobile phones rather than desktop or tablets. As per the statistics of 2019, the most searched sites are Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Gmail on mobile phones. By this, you can see the power of mobile marketing which is rising daily. 

The impact of site optimization for smartphones

As you get to know that this field is a fast-growing market with fierce competition every day. So now it is really important that it should provide a user-friendly experience to its customers. 

As we get to know many things for the positive experience but around 52% of users have put their negative mobile experiences. If you are buying something and suddenly the page gets slow then over 97% of the shopping cart gets abandoned. As for all of us in this digital world, speed matters a lot, and when a web page loading speed gets less which guarantees over 70% longer viewing sessions. If you search, then you will get to know that the average speed of the webpage is 15.3 seconds to load. This all shows that you have to make the website so good that your customer gets a great experience and gets satisfied. Optimizing your site for mobile devices

Your main goal should be to give your visitors a great experience and try to encourage them to stay on your website. Below are some of the tips which you can follow:

• Try to make your site for optimization so that it has faster speed and your users won’t get frustrated.

• Always use a simple and scrollable layout, as a complex one will be difficult to understand for some users. 

• After doing the layout thing make sure to avoid the menu navigation as it is very confusing for users.

• Now target the relevant ads which are simple to understand to all the mobile users. 

• Start utilizing social media to post the ads

• This will help you to make valuable content a priority and you can work on it easily. 

• The people form an opinion quickly if you notice so work and invest your time in the responsive as well as effective web designs.

• After this all you can also check Google Analytics as this will tell you how much your visitors use their phones to access your website and identify the area as well. 

So all this will help you to know about this impressive mobile marketing field where you can invest your time as it is increasing every second.