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At SEO Discovery, we leverage our more than ten years of experience to provide top digital marketing services to our clients around the globe. We pride ourselves on being one of the best SEO companies in India, committed to providing proven SEO results to our clients to bring their business forward in a cut-throat market. Our hard work has paid off, as Clutch, a ratings and review platform out of Washington, D.C., just named us as the number one SEO Services Company in India in their annual research! Clutch’s research is based on an in-depth evaluation of work portfolios and client feedback; the annual report highlighted 244 development companies and agencies as strong performing leaders in India.

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Why Only the First Anchor Text Counts?

Anchor Text

The placement of links is a very crucial part of the SEO strategy – both for internal linking as well as external link building. Search engine evaluates websites and its link in search engine marketing and places them further in the results in relation to certain keywords in the results. The more relevant and stronger the website is the higher the impact on the ranking. In this context, of course, the optimization of the anchor text also plays a role. Even though SEO professionals do not always agree on how Google’s anchor indexes are evaluated.

Each hyperlink pointing to a particular web page is provided with an anchor text. For example, if you refer to, the anchor text could be “SEO Discovery”. The result of this link and anchor: SEO Discovery. Google is doing the following:

1. The anchor text is read out.

2. The website is read.

3. The relevance of the website SEO Discovery regarding the keywords SEO Discovery is assessed as high, as the anchor text fits perfectly.

This is, of course, a very simplified example, but the basic operation is clear. Now the following question arises: How are multiple links with different anchor texts evaluated on the same website?

Which anchor text counts for several links?

With the link construction, one could, of course, try to get several backlinks to the topic of appropriate backlinks from a page in order to improve their own ranking. An example:

Website A links website B three times.

1. Anchor text 1 = SEO Company India
2. Anchor text 2 = SEO Agency India
3. Anchor text 3 = SEO Services India

It is always linked to the same URL.

Now, website owner B might assume that the ranking improves for all three keywords. But this is not right, because: Google only evaluates the first anchor text , in this case, SEO Company India. SEO Agency India and SEO Services India are not considered.

Google uses anchor tags to take into account all anchor texts

A jump mark is a marker within a web page that identifies a new topic section. For the example mentioned above, this could be the jump mark “SEO Company India”. The link, which is linked to the anchor text, is now still on page B, but with the leap top.

The link “SEO Company India” is thus no longer disregarded and gives the anchor text covers further. That how this works is easy to test, and on the other hand, it is simply logical, because: Google evaluates links by relevance. And since there is a section or even a jump mark here, a link with appropriate anchor text is relevant to the search results for this keyword.

Is rel = “nofollow” also a solution?

If the first link that appears, but is not to be evaluated by Google, then, of course, the nofollow attribute could be applied, right? It is not that easy because the Google algorithm works according to a certain order:

1. First, all duplicate links are removed.

2. Then the nofollow attribute is applied.

This would mean that links 2 and 3 are “dimmed” and only Link 1 is considered. Since this link has now been awarded the nofollow attribute, this means: No single link is evaluated. The nofollow attribute is not a solution. Nofollow is like a black hole for link juice and therefore should NOT be used for PageRank sculpting.

Multiple linking is, therefore, a relatively complicated matter, but wonderful to solve Anchor links. Since this type of linking allows for a very high relevance to the topic, this is probably also the best solution when placing several links from one website to another.

Top SEO Agency – Be the #1 on Google

top seo agency

In this digital and smart era, people think more practical and smart in business. In digital marketing word, SEO describes a series of techniques which improve the visibility of a website in search engine result pages. The goal of such optimization is to rank as highly as possible for a certain search query.

Whether you are a business owner or SEO service provider, this article will help you to choose the Top SEO Agency or how to be the best seller your services. You will definitely get the importance of the key factors to find the best SEO company.

How SEO make you the No. 1 on Google?

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SEO Case Study 3: #1 Google Organic Rankings

SEO Case Study

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SEO Case Study 1 : Rank on First Page of Google

SEO Case Study

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Local SEO: Time to Optimize your Local Shop Website and get Online


Local SEO means optimizing your business online so that you can online enhance or promote your product or services to the local customers. Local SEO is necessary for small -business because it gives all type of information that a potential customer need and even if you do not have a website. Local SEO works especially for those businesses which give sales and services for a specific region or place.


Local SEO has grown significantly over the last few years, particularly given the rise of smartphone usage and better connectivity while out and about. Although it has a lot of similarities with organic SEO, it’s ultimately very different.

National SEO focuses more on the ranking in searches across the country whereas local SEO prioritizes appearing on SERPs in a specific location. This strategy works on marketing your product or services for local customers and generates local leads. The benefit of optimizing your local shop website means more website traffic, lead generation, and conversions since the strategy is more relevant to your base of local customers. Local SEO is an incredibly effective way to market your small business online. It gives local visibility which means more footfall of consumers and more sales. If a businessman Optimizes their website for local search, it delivers more targeted traffic and more traffic for relevant searches.
Local SEO improves the local ranking on Google, which helps to improve the visibility of your business online. For example, Google algorithms might decide that a business that’s farther away from customer location is more likely to have what they’re looking for than a closer business, and so rank it higher in local results. Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence. These factors are combined to help find the best match for customers’ search.

How a local SEO increase the visibility of your business online?

1. Building Citations:

Online building citation means online mention your company’s name and its physical address including zip code and the phone number of your company. Building citations on sites like Google, Facebook and within relevant online directories such as Yelp or TripAdvisor gives your business more online visibility so building citations gives you more visibility online and improves local rankings, meaning more traffic and sales

2. Content Marketing and Link Building:

Relevant content is the key factor for engaging the customer. Local content marketing should naturally see you talking about your local area or hometown and involving your local community. Not only does this help with prominence, but it can also bring your customers closer to your business, building stronger links, brand loyalty, and increasing engagement.

3. Reputation Management:

Nowadays it is clear that reviews are vitally important for local businesses. Online reputation is increasingly referenced by consumers and is fast becoming a make or break metric for those looking for a local business online. So good and genuine reviews are important for builds trust in your business and drive traffic and sales.

4.On-page Optimization:

Monitoring and working to improve page load speed also helps to ensure a positive user experience, which in turn helps to build trust and brand loyalty and can directly lead to sales, reservations, and bookings. So on-site optimization again plays an important role to improve traffic for the most relevant searches.

For on-page and local optimization you need to keep the following steps in your mind:

•Ensure your site has a mobile-responsive design
•Continually work to improve page load speed as pages that are slow to load on mobile (which is the key driver of local search traffic) will be penalized with lower rankings and lead to higher bounce rates
•Provide full SEO metadata for each page
•Conduct thorough keyword research at regular intervals to ensure your content reflects consumer search habits and is targeting relevant search terms
•Use keywords naturally throughout your on-site content (including landing pages, product pages, and blog posts)
•Set up rank tracking so you can accurately monitor keyword rankings and make adjustments as needed

However, since the last decade, local shops have been facing tough competition from online shopping portals and brands. It has led to the cut in sales, customers and everything else. Many have even forced to shut down because of the rise in e-shopping. But this algorithm.

Will you like the good old times back when your shop was brimming with customers and the sales were good all-round the year? If yes then now it’s time to optimize your local shop website and get online with SEO Discovery, the leading digital marketing company in India. We have an expert team of search engine optimization which gives you surety best strategies for local shop SEO.

There are many advantages to optimize your website from a local shop SEO expert. Some of them are mention below:

•Personal interaction with the local community
•Fastest delivery
•Trust Factor
•100% Quality Assurance
•Minimum turnaround time for orders, exchanges or customer support
•We at SEO Discovery will help you to utilize your advantages at the very best by helping you realize the power of the World Wide Web.

How can we help you?

1. Creating user interactive and modern website designs

The very first thing that your website will require is a great design. So we always keep it in mind the type of user design the site accordingly. In this mobile world, maximum people use mobile for the internet so this really important that your website should be mobile and desktop friendly. Our website designers will make sure your website is both desktop and mobile-friendly, working at optimum speed and offers the best user experience.

2. Providing Best Search Engine Optimization Results

We are the best SEO company in India. We get you on the top results pages of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This helps in better lead generation and hence more customers! We only follow white hat SEO techniques and the end-results are all organic and natural.
We focus on these steps toward becoming more visible on Google for relevant searches:
• Create a Google My Business Profile
• Optimize your Google My Business Profile
• Make your website mobile-friendly
• Get listed in online directories
• Use location-based keywords
• Add location tags to social media posts
• Use location-based hashtags
• Keep your address and location consistent across online platforms
• Publish locally relevant content
• Get online reviews

3. Helping you Connect with the People

The Internet is content-driven. The priority for businesses these days is to connect with their customers. They do this by creating fresh content. We help you make a name for yourself on various social media platforms. We create catchy content on the latest trending topics related to your business, locality, targeted audience, etc.

4. Manage the Online Reputation

We monitor and grow your business’ reputation by tracking and analyzing your online reviews. This is very obvious that reviews play a vital role in online marketing and so as in local SEO. So we help you maintain that too.

We have complete digital solutions for you at SEO Discovery. You can check our cost-effective Search Engine Optimization services packages and digital marketing packages.

Why Chose us for Local Shop SEO?

We guarantee the number one-page ranking. If not, we do the rest of the job FREE of cost.
We are available for any kind of help and query 24/7.
We have a long chain of happy clients in over 20 countries. Moreover, we are continuing to expand our reach.
We have the best team of SEO professionals, content gurus, and marketing experts.
SEO Discovery introduces you to endless possibilities and unlimited opportunities that the Internet has in store for you.
We are available for a free consultation through call (India – +91-89686 24144, others – +1-209-348-9568), mail and skype.