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Be it for the seller or the customer, the eCommerce has proved to be a boon. Over the years, there are a lot of people who are seeing to it that they are using E-Commerce just because of the benefits and the ease of access that it has. There has been a rapid growth in this field owing to the rapid growth and customer requirements. Therefore, it is very much important that we make sure of the feed management techniques to do better on these lines.

When the customer is buying something online, there are recommendations for him to choose from. These are not just general recommendations that come across. There is a lot of filtering that happens and only the best products are shown for the same of customers. Therefore, the sellers should be in such a position where they can make it to the top. This is controlled by the feed management techniques which are pretty much useful. Feed Management Techniques are used to optimize the product feeds for the people so that they are going to have a better shopping experience. This categorization is majorly done in two parts which are as follows:

1.The Feed Quality

Feed quality mainly focuses on the products which are shown to the people at the time of their shopping. This is not very simple and there are a lot of things which go behind this.

2. Source Quality

This is like an extension to the feed quality. The source quality can affect the feed quality too. The information in the source quality section should be abundant and should be very much up to the mark. There should not be any kind of extra irrelevant information that might hinder the feed quality. But, at the same time, the people should see to it that they are not leaving it blank either.

Things to keep in mind while using feed Management Techniques:

There are some basic rules which the people should follow so that their products gain better visibility by making it to the top. These are as follows:

1. The first and foremost thing which the people should keep in mind is whether their products are matching the basic requirements or not. The title of their product should be unique and they should see to it that they are having a creative one. This is one of the most important things which is going to attract customers. A unique and catchy title is going to do wonder when it comes to feeding management. The people should make sure that the syntax which they are using is pretty accurate. Any slight deviation from the mentioned syntax is going to be a big minus point for the product. The characters which are specified should be strictly followed and this has the opportunity to get better visibility for the product. There are a lot of times where the products are good but the people go wrong in their basics which will decrease the visibility of the product. This should be taken care of.

2. Categorizing the information is very important. The feed is that place which is the one going to be first visible to the people. This is the one which makes the first impression and this should be perfect and up to the mark. The information which goes into the feed should be well thought and laid. It is important to recheck everything before it goes out into the feed. This is going to be a game-changer for the people and they should be very careful when it comes to this.

3. Image quality and resolution:

One of the most important things which people should keep in mind is the picture. Before the people even read the description that is given, they will look at the picture. Only if the picture is good enough, they will bother to look at the picture. Therefore, the seller should make sure that he has a good picture which is appealing. The size of the picture which has to be uploaded has some specifications which cannot be tampered with. The two important things which have to be followed for a better approach to the picture are the:

Resolution of the picture and appearance of the picture

If the picture is not clear, the person who is buying it will not even want to look at it. Even if the product is great, it is not going to make a great impact. In the offline mode of shopping, the person can touch and see the quality of the product. But that is not the case with the online mode of shopping. The quality of the picture is going to matter a lot. It is important to make sure that you upload a picture which is very much appealing as well. The picture should be very attractive.

While these are some of the tips that you can follow for better product feed management techniques, there still has to be some kind of publicity so that the people can better reach out to you. Seeing to it that you reach out to people is as important as having a qualitative product. The people should see to it that they are having different and creative means for that. In the earlier days, the people had conventional means like hoardings, pamphlets, and advertisements in the newspapers. Though these are going to work to an extent even now, the people must think a little aside from these traditional methods as well. These days everything is being done online and the advertisements should also be done online. This thought has led to the PPC advertising and marketing strategies which are very useful for both the public and the sellers.

Method not to waste too much money on the publicity factor

Marketing is one of the most important things if the company or the product has to grow. In earlier times, there were conventional methods of marketing, and the people were used to the written or vocal means of communication. But as time changed from the newspapers to the internet, the people also have been changing their ways in which they are going to market as such.

There are many ways in which the people can put forward their companies but one of the best ways in which they are going to be productive is by the pay per click. This is one of how both the parties, namely the ones who are wanting for an advertisement and the people who are letting the people advertise are justified. This way is a unique way of working.

How does the pay per click method work?

In general, the ones who are wanting an advertisement slot will have to pay for the slot as a whole. If the people visiting the slot are less, then their purpose is not served and the money is also going waste. To see that they are not wasting their money on what they are not getting, the pay per click program was introduced. When the viewers click on the advertisement, that means they are benefitted. They will be paying only for the click and not for the entire slot as such.

This is going to be beneficial for the companies and they will not have to see to it that they are wasting a lot of budget on their publicity for that matter. This way, many companies have realized that they are going into loss because of all this and adopted the pay per click reseller method.

This has proved to be very useful for the companies and also the hosts as they will be getting what they worked for themselves. In recent times, the old methods of internet marketing have gone down and this is the method which is prevailing. The start of this method was very useful to the ones in the field and they are feeling really glad about it for that matter. Bringing peace to both parties is a rare thing and this one has it.

Why should one use pay per click?

Everyone should see that they are doing justice. When people have not benefited from anything out of the advertisements that they are giving, they should see that they are not at loss at such times. Just paying for what is necessary is the best way to do justice to such kind of people. Therefore, the once who are hosting the website should see that they are taking the money only for what clicks they have been getting and not for the entire thing as such. This is going to see to it that the people are not at loss.

However, while going for the pay per click program, there are few specifications which one might want to follow. When you are already paying so much money, it would be nice to see that you are doing your background research and then going for the websites. Here are a few ways in which you may choose the websites that you are taking up:

1. There are different websites which are available on the internet and one should see to it that they are choosing the most popular ones. This is because of the reason that the popular ones are frequently visited by the people and there is every chance where the people will find the advertisement interesting and they will be going to read more about it. However, the cost of popular websites is going to be high. If you are willing to see that you pay a little higher amount for more publicity in return, then it is very much convenient and right for you to see that you make use of the popular websites for that matter.

2. The second way is when you have a budget constraint. This one is very much predominant. Many people do not have that much budget to spend on such things. They have a limited amount of money which is allocated to them and in this regard, there are very limited options for the people. They should see to it that they are going for the websites which are not popular. They should see that they are spending less money because, on the websites which are not very popular, the price is also going to be very less. Therefore, people will not have to think much about the money that they are going to spend. This is another way in which the people can see to it that they are going to have a great saving.

These are two of the most predominant ways in which people can choose their pay per click programs. They should see to it that they are all going to do their background research before finalizing something. This way, there is very little chance that people are going to make mistakes.

When they are shelling out such huge amounts, it is very much necessary that they should take care of it and see that they are avoiding the mistakes to a large extent. There are times when the people are going to have a budget limit while there are also times when the people are desperate about going out and showing themselves to the public. At such times, people should be very much careful and weigh their consequences properly. This is going to see that they do not go down in loss or anything and this is the best way to do it.

These programs have been convenient to use and the people are also very much satisfied with these. This has been the face of change for online advertising strategies and has provided adrift from the traditional ways of marketing. The modern days are going to require modern solutions. In the days where all the people are using different websites, PPC is one of the most required tools which helps a lot in reaching out to the people.

The Best Tips on How to Increase Instagram Followers

Social Media Marketing

In the past few years, there has been a huge impact on people concerning social media. It has proved to be a great influence on people. Over the years, people have been engaging themselves a lot on social media. At every stage in time, certain platforms of social media are going to top the trending list. Once upon a time, the people were very much into Facebook. Similarly, when we see the trend today, there are a lot of people who are using Instagram.

Instagram has proved to be a great platform for people. Even the tag of “Instagram influencers” has been doing the rounds everywhere. Over the years, the people who have been trying to spread goodness in the world have been using Instagram as one of their main platforms. 

Once you create a page on Instagram, you will have to start posting the content that you create. If people like the content that you make, they will choose to follow you. But over the years, there have been a lot of pages that are being created and the reachability has been decreasing a lot. There are a lot of people who are doing the same thing and coping up with the competition. It is important to like the space that you are in and do things at your own pace and be satisfied with the people who like you. But ultimately, the people will have a whole new level of confidence and motivation if they are appreciated for what they do. In the platform of Instagram, the appreciation comes in the form of followers, Instagram likes, and shares.

Here are a few of the things which you can do to increase Instagram followers

1. Be Regular in what you post

The people are all very much excited and wanting to hear out from their favourite content creators. The people are looking forward to seeing what is new from the creator. If you are not being regular in what you post and what you put up, the people will get tired of waiting for you and they will be looking for other alternatives like someone else who is doing the same thing as you. And even for you, you would not want to keep your followers waiting for you like that. You would want to satisfy them and make them happy which is ultimately going to make you happy. You can choose to pre-record all your content and then post your content daily. You need not make new content every day, you just have to make sure that you just post it. You can choose your strategy on how you want to do it. Ultimately, this is going to make a huge impact on your followers. This is going to make the people stay connected to you and see that they are going to be loyal to you too.

 2. Try Different Types of Content

There are a lot of options on Instagram. Over the years, Instagram also has been constantly developing itself so see that it is making itself very useful for the users in the best way possible. Many features have been added and are being very useful for the people. Before, the photo posts were only available. Later the users could upload videos that are shorter than one minute long. There was not much one could do within one minute but the people tried and gave their best. Seeing this, Instagram has made it much easier for the people by introducing the IGTV videos section. This has proved to be very useful and one can upload videos that are long enough and can convey enough matter to their increase Instagram followers. The story feature on Instagram is also pretty convenient and attractive. The people can make sure that they are being creative in putting up their stories as well. There is a lot of scope on Instagram and it is going to be very useful for the creators if they know how exactly they are going to use it to their benefit as such.

3. Live Sessions

Instagram Live is one of the most interesting features of Instagram and one which can influence your followers very much. These live sessions are going to be very useful if you are going to be creative. One can see to it that they are going to be in the moment and go with the flow as such. This is going to be very useful because the people who follow you are all going to see the content that is pre-recorded and that is all polished. They do not get to see you live in the moment or how you would react when the moment comes. The live sessions are a great way to fix that and they are going to be very useful. The fact that the people who are seeing you live can request to be on your video and you can pick some of them is great too. This way, increase Instagram followers will get to interact with you and have a better connection. The ones who could not make sure that they are going to ask you some questions that they have in their mind while in the session itself and you can choose to answer it. There is an option where you can see to it that you are going to collaborate with others and make a live session together with them.

4. Quality use of Hashtags

Instagram hashtag is one of the most important things to note when you want to reach out to a better audience. The ones who are already following you will check your content. Even if your content does not appear on their feed which they scroll, they will see that they search for your page and then open it to view your content. They might even share your posts on their stories and promote it from their account which will reach out to a larger audience. But from your side, if you want to increase the visibility of your account then you should make sure that you are using the hashtags.

How hashtags work: You should see that you are using the hashtags that are appropriate to the posts that you are creating. They should match the posts. Once you use these hashtags, the post that you create will be visible to all those people who are following the hashtags. This is going to increase your audience for that matter. There are a limited number of hashtags that you can use on Instagram. The number is limited to 30. If you want to make sure that you are getting greater visibility, you should see that you are using the one which is trending in the genre. The number to increase Instagram followers for the hashtag is going to be visible and the people should make sure that they are keeping this in mind before they choose to use it for that matter. 

 5. Try to Collaborate with Different People

As everyone knows that there are a lot of content creators out there who are working in the same line, you should collaborate with them. This has a lot of benefits and here are a few of those benefits:

  1. Since this is such a broad field and there are so many people, there could be a possibility that few people know the others and not know you. If you collaborate with them, the people who are viewing their content will see your potential and will redirect to your page. This is going to increase the number of followers that you have and it is one of the smartest ways to do so.
  2. Different people are going to have different ideas about the field. By collaborating, you can see to it that you are exchanging your ideas and also exploring the field that you are in. This is going to give you a better perspective and it is very much advisable that you do it.
  3. The audience might be having two or more favorites in the same field and collaborating and is going to make it very much easier for them and they will have some fresh type of thoughts in them which will influence them. Therefore, for the sake of your audience, it is very much necessary to try out new things like this.

This is one of the major trends that is going on. This will help you promote your pages and bring in a lot of activity on your page.

 6. Use your Analytics

If you have a page on Instagram, then there is a lot of analysis that is going to happen on your page. Instagram shows you how well your post is doing, the number of people who are viewing it, and the actions that are being taken from the post. It is even going to show you the number of people who have been visiting your page. This is very useful for you as a creator because if you know the reach of your post, you will be able to work on making better content which is, in turn, going to increase the number of followers on your page. The analysis that is done by Instagram should be taken seriously and you should try to rectify your mistakes daily which will thereby improve the performance of your page.

 7. Contests and Giveaways

This is one of the best ways in which you can increase your followers on Instagram. You can host some contests because of which the people can interact with you and have a sort of personal connection with you. Many upcoming people admire your work and want to become like you. It is important that along with your personal growth you help others also come up with what they like. Having such kinds of competitions helps them gain confidence and you can also have a personal connection with the people that like you. The giveaways are also going to play a major role. These could be some gifts that you are going to give to those who have won the contest or it could just be you choosing from the ones that you think are worthy of winning.

 8. Be Creative

It is a given fact that you have to be creative in this field. There are some tips and tricks which you will have to follow to get there:

  1. It is always necessary that you follow the trend that is in the market. Every time, there is a certain kind of trend that tops the market and you should be intelligent enough to follow those.
  2. Voicing out your opinion is going to matter a lot. If there is any social issue that is happening, then you must voice out your opinion. You are an influencer and there are a lot of people who are waiting to hear it out from you. It need not match with their opinion but it is important that you at least speak about it and address the issue as such.
  3. Be as polite as you can in your reach to the people. It is important to have the right attitude to influence the people and see that you are going to bring about a change in them.

This is one of the overwhelming things to do and you should see that you are doing justice to what you are posting. This is a very influential platform and you should be very careful about what you are sharing. You should see to it that you are not hurting the feelings of anyone in the process. The best way to increase Instagram followers is to make sure that you have the right kind of mindset. Even if you are very good with your content, if you do not possess the right attitude, it will take you nowhere. This is very important to remember.

Smart Strategies to Improve Teamwork Skills

No matter what size a business is, developing a strategies to improve teamwork skills should be the prime priority. With a hardworking and responsible team, every business can reach heights of extreme success. You need to work on and with your team for building a strong work relationship and for growing together.

You need to understand the fact that being a leader, you’re the one who is responsible for the growth of your team, so ensure that you’re making all the efforts and strategies to improve teamwork skills and growing your business high on the success ladder.

Smart Strategies to Improve Teamwork Skills:

Taking the Lead:

Well, the most important part about improving teamwork is taking the lead. There’s always a strong leader who helps in building a strong team that in-turn leads to a successful business. Taking the lead is a matter of both accomplishment and responsibility. There’s no denial of the fact that a good team starts with a good leader. No organisation can work efficiently without the Alpha: the one who stands by the team, the one who motivates the team and the one who guides the team throughout their success rate.

Encouragement and appreciation:

The most important part of improving your teamwork is to encourage and appreciate your team for their efforts and dedication. Nothing in the world can boost up your team more than encouragement and appreciation by their lead. You can appreciate your team by offering them incentives, increments, appreciation certificates and much more. There are a lot of ways for showing your encouragement towards their work.

Set up your goals:

Having an efficient team and getting the best results from your team involves setting up some goals and sticking to them. Make sure to guide your team with the goals that you’ve set and the importance of those goals for your business. This way, they’ll be even more dedicated towards reaching those goals. Make sure to plan out the baby steps for achieving those goals and guide your entire team with your targets and goals.

Effective communication:

There’s a saying that communication is the ultimate key to success. Well, that’s true. Without proper communication, you can’t make teamwork efficiently. So, make sure to get your team into effective communication mode. This will definitely help a lot in improving the teamwork that in-turn can help you establish a strong team with good work ethics.

Focused and motivated team:

Ensure to be there with your team whenever they need you. There’ll be times when they’ll need your support and motivation and being a leader it’s your responsibility to keep your team motivated and help them stay focused on their goals.

Well, the bottom line is that teamwork and collaboration isn’t something that happens on its own. You need to make a lot of efforts for getting things right and for building up a strong and effective team.

The Relevance of Digital Marketing in the Present Scenario

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the hottest topic in the internet development industry. We are within the 21st century. Everybody relies on digital technologies. Whether your business is little or huge, if you would like to succeed, you want to get on online. Nowadays every act of day to day life like reading news, education, booking hotels, tickets, banking is online. Simply put, digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands using electronic devices or the web.

Digital marketing uses multiple channels and technologies that allow a corporation to research campaigns, content, and strategy to know what’s working and what isn’t typically in real-time.

Digital marketing may be a bunch of optimization  techniques utilized in promoting or marketing products or services on the web. It’s a web marketing strategy that brings together many varied functions to figure towards the market growth of a business. Digital Marketing scope in India at the present is phenomenal because the digital media is that the new hot topic that works with the assistance of the web and has proved to be the fastest medium of mass communication.

Relevance of Digital Marketing has several benefits that will boost your business growth. Digital marketing techniques include search engine marketing, local search marketing. Content marketing, remarketing, responsive web design, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on. Each of these techniques has its significance. Based on this, let’s discuss the importance of digital marketing in detail.

Here I am listing some techniques of Digital Marketing:

Website marketing: – Website marketing is a way of promoting products through online. From this, the clients will get a first impression by simply looking at your website. If the website is more attractive to showcase your product or your talents, it is more likely to grow your business fast.  

Search Engine Optimization: – SEO plays a big role today. If you need more attraction from your customers, you need to think about search engines. Because the usage of proper SEO tools will rank you on Google. That will make your product famous and you will get more clients to work with.

Content Marketing: – It is another important thing which has relevant significance in digital marketing. Content marketing is actually when your business creates and promotes certain content assets that are aimed toward attracting and interesting your target customers. These content assets are often created for a variety of various purposes, including generating brand awareness, growing site traffic, boosting leads, or retaining customers. It means like you can market your content for writing blogs, website contents, articles, and so on.

Social Media Marketing: – We know that most of the brands are now using social media marketing for promoting their products. This will help to make their product more users friendly and will reach to a large number of people. Since more than 80% of people are there on different social media platforms. So, the marketing rate will be very high. 

In today’s digital world, many folks are still unaware of the advantages of the web. Most folks are still during a belief that the internet can only be used for chatting, online gaming, surfing, and watching a couple of videos.

Beneficial Impacts of Digital Marketing:

Most of the prevailing internet users are still unaware of the term Digital Marketing and therefore the benefits of Digital Marketing. One of the simplest things the web is providing us. Some benefits are listed below;

To Interact with Clients Online

You can interact with your clients online at any time from anywhere. In case any confusions or doubts are there for your customers, that can be reduced by this method. In such a scenario, business owners with online presence stand a chance to promote their product/services among their target customers and can offer them the products and services according to their requirements. Selling anything to a customer isn’t in the least a simple job. Especially during a country like India, where we have a born talent to think 100 times before choosing to shop for something. Huge competition in every sector taught us to match things sort of a pro. The web plays a serious role in this field.


In comparison with other digital marketing firms, it is more budget-friendly. It will help you to save promotion charges for your products and services. The businesses or organizations which utilize online because the favoured method of selling are ready to measure the Conversion Rate through constant utilizing an easy method. That’s recognizing the share of users who get converted into leads and then subscribers and finally buying the merchandise or service. Program Optimization, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are the strategies that have a high conversion rate because they will produce or generate an effective and fast channel with the buyer. 

Get linked to the Smartphone Users

We know that nowadays a person without a Smartphone is very less. So online marketing via digital platforms will help businesses to reach their product to a maximum of users. It is a great source to reach out to a large number of customers. Almost more than 50% of users are doing online shopping. So, the chances of getting in touch with them are easier. 

Traditional marketing includes advertising and promotion of products and services on a medium like pamphlets, posters, commercial ads on radio and TV, and other expensive ways. At that point, social media or the internet weren’t utilized for promotion. Traditional marketing had a restricted scope and customer reach. But after the invention of digital marketing, there are multiple online channels through which you’ll promote your business digitally. If a business goes digital, only then it can survive in today’s world. Hence digital marketing is important.    

SEO Canonicalization — Why it’s Important

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of digital marketing that helps improve the visibility and ranking of your website. The results are evident in the form of increased traffic and sales. That is why every website owner invests time and money in it.

While many aspects of SEO are simple, like the heading, meta tags, and link building, some may be a bit tricky to understand. However, these tricky ones are essential to help rank your website. 

One of these trickier elements in SEO is Canonicalization and plays an essential role in how search engines evaluate the quality of the web pages.

What is Canonicalization?

In SEO, canonicalization is the term used to describe the web content that has one or more URLs. For example, you are an e-commerce site selling summer dresses in several colours. Each summer dress might have its separate page, which could be the same as all colors, with pricing, description, material, and brand all same except the color. If there are 10 different dress colors there would be 10 pages with identical content. Now imagine if you sell 100’s of such dresses, each with 10 colors, the duplicate content pages can easily flood your site. This is what you would never want. So, SEO Canonicalization can help alleviate this issue.

Canonicalization uses tags (rel=”canonical”) which is a snippet of the HTML code to define the main version for duplicate, near-duplicate, and similar pages. This means that if you have similar content available under different URLs, canonical tags can specify which version is main and thus should be indexed.

What Canonical Tag Looks Like?

Canonical tags use simple and consistent syntax and placed within the <head> section of the web page. Example – <link rel=”canonical” SEODiscovery=”” />

Why is Canonicalization Important?

The importance of SEO canonicalization cannot be overlooked as search engines do not like duplicate content. Duplicate content makes it harder for them to choose, which version of the page to index (they can only index one), which version of the page to rank for relevant queries, and whether they should consolidate link equity on one page or split it between multiple versions. 

Too much duplicate content can lower your website’s ranking or even remove the site for all search queries. This would be catastrophic for your business. Canonicalization or canonical tags can solve all these issues. They let the search engines know which version of the page they should index and rank, and where to consolidate link equity. If you fail to specify a canonical URL, search engines will take matters in their own hands, and relying on search engines is not a great idea. They can select a version of your page that you don’t want to be canonical. Search engines will crawl various URLs with identical content and may fail to pick the crucial and extraordinary content, thus loss of unique content from your website. 

From an SEO perspective, duplicate links to the original content split up duplicate URLs and minimize the significance of link building. This means the production of huge amounts of similar content will threaten your search engine ranking value. And a low search engine ranking value will cause a low flow of traffic, thus decreasing the popularity of the site and decline in revenue. 

So, canonicalization is important and even more for e-commerce websites. 

How to Setup a Canonical Tag?

Setting up canonical tags is easy, but can be time-consuming if you have a lot of duplicate pages. Here we will explain that in simple steps. 

Step 1 – Select the version of the page you want to set up as a canonical tag. 

This requires you to use Google Search Console. The benefit of this is that it is quick and easy to implement and is great for sites that have the same content in the same URL paths but at different domains. 

Step 2 – Add “rel=canonical” in the link element.

This tag is added within the page’s head tags (do not confuse with page’s header) and is formatted as: <link rel=”canonical” SEODiscovery=”[canonical URL]”>. It can identify the canonical URLs for several pages. However, ensure you use only one canonical link specified or all the links will be dismissed. 

Step 3– Use 301 redirects for all non-canonical URLs will direct traffic from other URLs to your preferred URL. 

301 is a permanent redirect that forwards one URL to another. It is best to use only when you are deprecating one version of a page for another or when you are forwarding the root domain to a subdomain. 

The Basics of Canonical Tag Implementation

For the canonical tags to work properly, they need to be implemented correctly.

  • Use absolute URLs, including the full domain.
  • Don’t mix your cases: the best is to use lowercase URLs. 
  • Use the correct domain version.
  • Use self-referential canonical tags.
  • Use only one canonical tag per page. 

Common Mistakes in Implementing Canonical Tags

Canonical Tags mistakes can lead to display issues in the search engines and, lower rankings as well. The worst part, most of the time, the errors pass unnoticed for a very long time. 

Setting Home page as Preferred URL

There are times where your home page is the preferred URL, but not always. If all your canonical pages point to the home page you risk having none of your pages crawled and indexed by the search engines. 

Using Multiple Canonical Links

Each page must have only one canonical link, or they all will be dismissed. This can occur without you even being aware of. You might have inaccurately implemented an SEO plugin, or improperly edited theme.

Specifying Irrelevant Content in Canonical Tag

Canonical tags are used to fix duplicate content issues. If you’re trying to use it just to rank specific web pages on different keywords, it’s not going to work very well. If you have two very similar articles, you can canonicalize one version, but it’s always a better idea to simply 301 redirect the weaker version to the stronger one.


Often, when people merge from HTTP to HTTPS, they forget to fix the canonical tags. If you’re running your website on HTTPS, the canonical tag tells the search engine to check the HTTP version instead. If you have your 301s set properly, the redirect will send Google back to the HTTPS, in a neverending loop. 


By taking advantage of SEO canonicalization, you can indicate the structure and organization of your content in a way that shows it as unique as your business and your customers.

If you need help in setting up the conical tags then work with the right and skilled SEO company