20 Best Social Media Tools

Social Media Marketing

Why social media tools are necessary especially in your marketing? The answer is simple because social media can be overwhelming; especially if your business manages several accounts, you are in charge of an agency or you manage the accounts of several businesses. Pretending to do everything alone is crazy.

How to effectively manage the many tasks you need to handle? We talk about creation, scheduling, follow-up of the shares, engagement with followers, content reuse, curation, community management, and measurement. The list could go on forever.

The only way to effectively manage social media at scale is with the use of social media tools that can improve your efficiency and lead to better results over time.

The social media tools shown below will help you do that. Many of them have similar characteristics, however, they are all different in terms of certain particular advantages. We show them only as a menu, choose the ones that suit your needs, and match them to your goals.

Social networks are very fashionable as support for business communication with the public. However, having a presence in them without a clear and defined strategy can be more damaging than beneficial for your business. Discover the basic social media tools to start yours.

Today’s consumers spend a lot of time on social media. During this, they look for unique information and experiences and are more likely to be tempted by brands that offer them than in other types of media.

While ignoring traditional mass and intrusive advertising, they do pay attention to other content – images, videos, news, updates, and topics of interest – that the companies they continue to share on social media.

The big problem facing companies that share content in these new media without a previously defined social media strategy is verified in the conclusions of a study by Meaningful Brands.

According to this study, 60% of users consider the content generated by their brands irrelevant.

If the ratio of content effectiveness and impact on the consumer’s mind is 71%, the strategies that most SMEs have in place must be changed.

Developing a Good Social Media Strategy for your SME

Even though in the Internet market there are hundreds -even thousands- of guides and social media tools specifically developed for the creation and management of a strategy in social networks, and many other generic online marketing or teamwork that have a place in this area. specifically, it is necessary to know the sector to achieve good results.

In this sense, we recommend that you contact an online communication agency, a consultant for this type of service, or an experienced professional. They can not only advise you but do it for you, reaching the goals that you set for yourself and allowing you to focus all your efforts on what you are good at your activity.

Here are 20 of the best Social Media Management tools available to marketers:

1. EveryPost

Would you like to combine Buffer and Feedly in one tool? Then you will love EveryPost, which allows you to curate visual content from YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and RSS feeds, then schedule custom posts and share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. It also has analytics. It works on Android and iPhone. Freemium, but you will love it. The best package is the $ 10 package.

2. Bit.ly

Bit.ly is extremely well known. It is a URL shortener and therefore you may wonder what does it have to do with managing social networks? A lot, because the most important thing is not its power to compress, but it is a click reporting tool. Has it happened to you, for example, that your e-mail software or even Facebook itself reports more clicks than those that appear in your Analytics? You can use Bitly as a verification tool since it will tell you not only the clicks but their origin and the days. Use it for every FB, LinkedIn, or Twitter post when you want to track their results. Excellent and simple to see how well your social content becomes traffic to your website.

Sometimes, beyond sharing the content of interest to the audience, you want to prevent them from leaving your social network to enter a third-party page that will never return them to your site. In that sense, this shortener allows you to include a kind of banner with CTA that returns them to your site.

3. Nelio Content

If you don’t want to get too involved with social media managers and would like to be able to launch CTAs directly from your page, then you should install this plugin. Please note that it supports only major networks and is only available for sites created with WordPress.

4. All in One SEO Pack or Yoast

If you use WordPress with the installation of one of these plugins you can determine what the headlines to share on networks will be when you enter the link of your post in them. That is, they allow you to have two different titles and descriptions. One adapted to your page and an alternative for social media.

5. Onlypult

In case you are an Instagram fan and you have discovered a niche in this social network of images, you will need a tool that allows you to program, track, and measure your activity. For simplicity and for a competitive price it is one of the best.

6. Google Analytics

It is not an exclusive application for a strategy on social networks but a tool to measure interactions on the network. Due to the importance of having the data to anticipate and change strategies to obtain objectives, it is essential. It is part of the Google suite and it is free.

7. Buzzsumo

If with the above you do not have enough to develop a content plan for your social media strategy, this tool could help you detect trends from the competition and other users. It offers you data on articles and publications by subject or keyword with results of interaction on social networks. Surely it can serve as inspiration with which to hit your audience.

8. Hootsuite

3Hootsuite saves time by managing all your social marketing efforts from a single control panel. Hootsuite connects over 35 popular social networks. With it, you have all the tools to manage your social profiles and automatically find and schedule all your social content.

Its real-time analytics allow you to identify trends as they unfold and dig deeper for information on the performance of your content. On the other hand, Hootsuite has a series of tools to help your team.

9. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse allows you to schedule content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram in one place. It has Inbox tools, Publication, Monitoring, Reports, CRM, and Competition. Also, it has dynamic reports on analytics. It has some free functions that you can run now to measure the success of your Facebook and Twitter. Use them!

10.Social Oomph

Social Oomph helps to program content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even blogs. Besides, functions such as creating welcome messages on Twitter, following whoever follows you and other useful actions can be automated. Social Oomph also has several premium options that allow you to schedule photos, use Facebook and LinkedIn. It is Freemium, giving free the part of Twitter but charging for the rest of the networks.

11. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the most complete social media management tool used by social media agencies for being of high quality and because it can be used for multiple Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. It has a feed, tasks, publication, discovery, and analytical functions. Very complete, and of course, its price reflects it. The initial plan starts at 99 USD.

12. Crowd Booster

Crowd Booster is a social media analysis tool that helps you optimize your marketing decisions. Instead of doing the analyzes manually, it manages to update them automatically in a constant way. You can even create custom reports that can be useful to customers. Lastly, use the reporting information to schedule tweets at optimal times. It is excellent as a complementary tool for your Facebook and Twitter statistics.

13. Edgerank Checker

Edgerank Checker from Social bakers helps you understand the best ways to optimize your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can create personalized content that increases engagement and optimizes the response of your newsfeed. Believe us that if Socialbakers is behind, the tool has a guarantee, as they are extraordinary in measuring social media statistics globally.

14 Audiense

Audiense is an extraordinary marketing tool for Twitter. It helps you with all your needs, from the programming of the contents to the reports that include everything you want to know about engagement and even your optimal publication times.

15. Tailwind

A tailwind is a comprehensive tool that helps you in your Pinterest marketing efforts. This is the official partner for your Pinterest marketing and recently for Instagram too.

Tailwind helps you create pins for multiple boards, bulk uploads, and calendar scheduling. It can also help you optimize the best time to send your pins and thus achieve higher engagement.

Finally, Tailwind was designed to help groups manage multiple accounts. This makes it an ideal tool for agencies that provide social media services.

16. Buffer

Buffer is a tool to schedule, publish, and analyze your publications on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, (Pinterest included only in payment plans). Share content during the day. Price: free. Payment plans starting at $ 10 per month have assigned team members such as administrators, analytics, etc.

17. Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management tool focused on generating leads for companies. It was created because they considered that this information was missing in Hootsuite. According to its creators, Hootsuite helps companies in content scheduling, while Oktopost helps companies make money. The problem is that to test it you need to request a demo.

18. IFTT

IFTT is simple and easy to use automation tool. You just have to select the strategy you want to promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. What can be done? link two conditional tasks: If this happens, then do that. An example? If you post Seth Godin’s blog, then have my Twitter account tweet it. It is extraordinary.

19. Social Flow

SocialFlow helps you manage your own paid social media campaigns in one place. Social Flow recommends specific posts, pins, or tweets so that you can promote them, and not only that, you program your content according to recommendations of the tool that tells you the best time for your maximum reach and engagement. You can use keywords and targeting to analyze these campaigns.

20. Radian6 / Social Studio – The Cherry on The Cake

Radian6 when it was independent was already emerging as perhaps the most powerful tool to professionally monitor your social media. Today, it is part of Social Studio and that is enhanced.

With it you can discover the publications that are most important to your brand in real-time; It offers everything related to feelings, demographics, trends, intentions, and more. It allows the monitoring of social networks for advocates and brand megaphones. Find prospects who start conversations about your brand, monitor blogs, forums, Facebook APIs, Twitter, and image and video sites. It has automation features that help you monitor and respond to mentions.

Why do we put it apart? Because the investment it requires is much more pro. It is not something bizarre, but obviously, the results are from another level.


One last thought that we always point out in our training and marketing conferences. Choosing the right social media management tools for your business requires that you have a good understanding of what your needs are. While many of the programs mentioned here may seem very cool, you may not need many of them to be successful.

Instead, your company needs to focus on tools that can improve what they are currently doing on social media, enhance the good, and dispense with the superfluous. By doing this, you have a greater opportunity to use the right instrument for your business.

Do you have another tool that has worked for you? Share it! And if you want to continue fostering our relationship with you, subscribe to the weekly content; we love to hear from you.

7 Advantage of Social Media Marketing You Should Know


Social media marketing is still underestimated by many companies today. Anyone who thinks that social media marketing is waste of time has probably not realized that marketing has changed over the years. In the past, people were still actively approaching customers and promoting these brands. Today, in the days of inbound marketing, it’s about ensuring great online visibility of your company so the customer can easily approach your company. Customers have gained significant influence through the Internet, which is because social networks make it much easier to approach companies. This can be beneficial for companies but you should know how to use this fact. Companies poor online management, for example, not responding to negative criticism, can cause very unfavorable reputation damage.

Nowadays, videos can get hundreds of thousands of views in a few hours, and a single Facebook post can be shared thousands of times, reaching millions of people.  Social media marketing  company that are able to use this viral effect can thus generate a very high coverage with relatively low costs.

Among the advantage of Social media marketing does not just mean reach. Let’s take a look at the whole thing on the basis of Facebook. Suppose you run a small restaurant in City X. Your business is well located, but there are many other restaurants around, so the competition is very high. Now you have the following options: You advertise offline, which can be very expensive, you wait first and hope that your company will slowly establish itself in the next few years, or you start to realize that your right social media marketing strategy has the opportunity to acquire customers. It’s not even about having to come up with complex marketing strategies, you just have to expand your online presence.

Social media marketing has a lot to do with referral marketing. If you’re not sure where to go for a drink in City X, then chances are you will google it. If your online reputation is so good and your social profiles provide so much essential and helpful information, then customers will visit your restaurant. You have many customers which were very satisfied and your restaurant was therefore rated well. That convinces!

It’s about ratings, transparency and quality! It’s about customer loyalty, added value and reputation. So, if you own a restaurant, a website, or another company, you can use the social networks in different ways:

Gain Customer Loyalty

Promoting Offers

Updating  Customers

Online Reputation Monitoring

Reaching Laser Target Audience

Interactions with the target audience

Advertising with low wastage

Gain Customer Loyalty

For example, customers who have liked your Facebook fan page are interested in your company’s information. In addition, others can see that they like this company. While it’s possible that not all of your Fanpage posts really reach all fans, but you’re just reaching your target audience. You can offer them something that other companies which are not active on social networks can not offer. For example, if you upload a picture of the latest pizza creation, then some fans might like it. Friends of your fan can also see that their friends like it. So you can see this picture and maybe you like it too. You might just have written a sentence like “You can order this scrumptious pizza directly on-site” + a pizza picture. This would be sufficient top reach some potential customers.

Promoting Offers

It’s about giving customers something they can not get elsewhere in this form. For this reason, offers to ensure that customers are curious, or are directly interested in the offer. You can offer on certain occasions, or even offers for a particular season. The possibilities are very diverse (depends mainly on the industry and the target group), but offers can be advertised very well via the social networks.

Updating Customers

let’s face it, online presence is vital for any type of business including restaurants. For instance, if a customer is looking for the opening hours of a restaurant, but the said restaurant has no social media profile, odds are they will lose that customer. In social networks, companies can inform their customers. Be it trivial things like opening hours, alterations, expansions of the current collection (“the new collection has just arrived”), all kinds of information can be passed on so that the customers and their fans stay informed.

Online Reputation Monitoring

As described above, a good reputation is very important nowadays. By making it easy for customers to compare with just a few clicks, it’s important that companies ensure that their online reputation is spotless wherever possible because that can be critical to whether a customer buys from it or from a competitor. Social Media lets you rate your business. By being very transparent online, you can show everyone that you value feedback and customer satisfaction. You can show that you take feedback and criticism seriously and you take care of your customers. The advantage is that others can see your commitment.

Reaching Laser Target Audience

As already described above, you can generate a very high reach through social media measures. Posts that appeal to your customers are shared and shared, which other users can see. The more users see it, the higher the reach. For this reason alone, you should use social media. Of course, social media needs time and a strategy, but you’re probably investing less money than if you were going to do it all offline. Above all, the disadvantage of off-line marketing measures is that they are unlikely to be so sustainable and the success can be measured worse than with online marketing measures. 

Interactions with Your Target Audience

Have you ever wondered what your target audience really wanted? What they like and what they do not like? In the social networks, you can determine that! You can ask questions, conduct polls and see which posts are getting higher interaction rates and which ones less. This allows you to identify key topics that you can use later. Use different social media platforms  to interact with your customers, so you have the opportunity to get to know them better.

Advertising with Low Wastage

Did you know that you can also advertise on social networks?
For example, on Facebook, you can place Facebook ads that can now be controlled very accurately, which means that your ads will only see the users who are interested in your services. Through targeted targeting, you can ensure that only potential customers see your ads so that you get best ROI from social media campaign.

A Complete Guide on Improving your Social Media Content

Managing social media communication is not easy. Everyone who does it for work knows this. After each training session, I hear the same sentence, “This should be going all day if you just want to.” Yes, it is true. Something takes time and if it wants to do it perfectly (is it so?), Then a whole working day consumes the content when it comes to security in pretty much awkwardness.

Importance of Social Media Content

Social Media content is a very essential tool and an important part of the business marketing strategy. It allows you to reach the people locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally and increases the awareness about your brand and you can target your specific audience. Social media content helps to connect with your customers globally or regionally and boost your leads and sales. Various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are helping to promote their services globally. In the past, there were no ways to connect with the audience and in the case of a business meeting, people used to meet in hotels or other places for making their deal and business strategy. So, this format of dealing is very time killing and also very costly. But in today’s life, with the help of social media, you can interact face to face from anywhere to everywhere to make your deal easily.

Social media provides incredible traffic and leads, which will help to reach millions of customers worldwide. Because there is a huge amount of traffics in the various platforms of social media, which is quickly becoming the most aspect part of digital marketing. When your product reaches the millions, then you make a bigger profit so easily. And if you are not part of this amazing platform, then you miss the golden opportunity of incredible marketing. Because it makes it so easy to create awareness and make your product reach out to millions of customers and make your mission possible.

Improved Brand Awareness

If you start with social media, then firstly, you need to create the profiles and pages on the various channels for your businesses and networking with others that can increase your business visibility. It is one of the most times-free, stress-free, and profitable digital marketing platforms. To increase your brand recognition, you need to make a good type of social media marketing strategies. And spending only a few hours per week on these channels will help you significantly increases your brand visibility and your brand awareness. Because, over 94% of marketers claimed that their social media efforts and strategy increases their sales, brand visibility and heightened user experience. Undoubtedly, having a social media page and updating it regularly produce a wide range of audiences for your business and increases brand visibility in minimal time.


For your businesses, you need to make an advertising strategy with latest SMM trends. Therefore, social media marketing is possibly the most cost-effecting way. In the various social media platforms creating an account and signing up process is almost free. So, there are various channels of social media, where you can promote your brand so easily. There are two main types of marketing strategies you need to do on social media, organic and paid. Inorganic marketing, you need to do make posts and banners for your brand and posts them regularly, and it’s free. And in paid marketing, you need to do paid advertising on these channels. If you decided to do paid advertising for your brand, then always start small to see what should you expect and what you got. Being cost-effective, social media tools allows you to attain a great return on investment and hold a big budget for your other marketing and business payments. Just by investing some money and time on social media, you significantly increase your conversion rates and ultimately get a return on investment on the money that you primarily invested.

Engage with your Customers

Engaging and Interacting with customers is help us to our brand that will reach more audience in real terms and gets itself established without any hassle. Social media is a good platform for interacting and engaging. The more you communicate with your targeted audience, the more you have chances of conversion. And also you may have a chance to know their wishes and interests which makes it easy to serve. Communication and engagement with your targeted audience are some of the best ways to win their attention and convey them to your brand messages easily.

Improve Brand Loyalty

When you have a social media presence, you are more probable to get customer retention and customer loyalty because develop a loyal customer base is the main goal of any business. The presence of social media makes easy for a customer to find you and connect with you. And it is a medium to engage with your customers and start to develop a bond with them. Many of the customers see these platforms as a service channel where they can directly communicate with the business group.

Increased Traffic

We increase our website traffic with the help of various social media channels. It is one of the other benefits of social media that we gain. By sharing original and quality content, you will generate more inbound traffic while making conversation opportunities.

Enhanced SEO Rankings

In this day’s, securing a successful ranking is a vital problem because SEO requirements and google algorithms are continuously varying. Therefore, optimizing a website and updating blogs regularly is no longer enough to secure a successful ranking. Social media presence plays an important factor in calculating rankings. Sharing quality content and updating business pages regularly on social media accounts sending a brand signal to search engines that speak about your brand validity, integrity, and constancy.

Situational Analysis of Social Media

Social media situation analysis makes it easy for you to figure out where we are going, what’s the situation right now.
This is just fine when the first half is right now and the other has just begun.

Suffice to research the matter as deeply as you need it. If there are other members in your team, think what matters are essential to go through. Do not over-analyze, that is, only collect the most important figures and information.

List all of your social profile Update all profiles and cover art to topical, including profile descriptions, if needed Record key figures such as audience growth, coverage, commitment, and the amount of traffic that has been generated from these channels. The biggest dummies have good tools for this, so you do not necessarily need external analysis tools.


Evaluate the impact of your presence by checking your performance indicator (we use the word performance indicator). This could write a separate blog post, but these could be measurable: brand awareness, effectiveness, leads, and sales. This gives you a bit of perspective on what you should invest now and in the future. These can be found by combining the information you receive from different analytics tools.

Explore What Content has been Most Successful

You can see through Facebook’s analytics tool exactly which posts have been seen far and which are not. You can also see some of the most successful Twitter tweets and Instagram analytics tools in Iconosquare, your most successful photos, Pinterest’s corporate accounts, etc. And when you see which posts are the most responsive and the most spread of the posts, we, of course, recommend doing just that kind of content.

There are analytics tools to keep track of the most successful content in one place. My Favorite tools include: SocialMotus, FanPageKarma, AgoraPulse – these are suitable for professional use and are paid. In most cases, however, companies have enough native tools provided by each channel.

If you use link services like bit.ly, you can also easily see how well your links have spread. Sometimes this helps to see clearly what your followers are interested in.

As long as your content creation is remarkable, you can, by virtue of your web traffic tools, for example, Google Analytics, to see who are the most important channels are for you.

Develop a Suitable Content Creator for you

All the same, trouble is the same problem constantly: where to find enough good and relevant content for content creation? Perhaps you do not need to develop all the content yourself but to proofread others the best ones. The term curation of content is used to transfer and select the best content of yours.

Where is the best content? Please do not hesitate to collect links from the pages where the content is best, and be sure to visit them continuously. Use Google to track Twitter and try at least to look for content on Feedly, Swayy, and Klout. Of course, this is not the case for all areas.

Design your content all the time and collect content in the store. Even so, there are some services. One of the nicest things is Pearltrees. If you want to deposit all the FB and Twitter links you have, then it will succeed in Pearltree!

Make your Visuals (and Easily Divide)

What kind of content is best on the web? Useful, informative, entertaining, VISUAL! Why so? The brain processes the visual content 60,000 times faster than the text content (Source). Similarly, 60% of the population is visual learners (source), so visual, images; infographics are understood on average very fast.

Use visual apps like Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Use the image manipulation tools we blogged in the past.

Make Sure you have Time to Chat with your Community!

This important guide is far too understated. Most of the social media marketing agency still hold few as a one-sided distribution of content, when it is, in reality, called a SOCIAL place. There would be a target audience ready for communication, but then ignoring completely questions or, in any case, ignoring their followers.

When you see a great deal of trouble in alerting, it would be a few minutes a day to consider the audience as well. Without the followers of your effort will be gone in vain.

Everyone on the phone has some applications in their phones to make a genuine conversation easy. Every time fans and followers mention your account, we can react immediately. For example, when using the Pages app for Facebook, the messages to the FB business page will not be lost to your Facebook bulletin. Twitter also announces sound when we or our client is mentioned, etc. And we answer whether it’s big or small or just empty-handed. This is the interaction of what is important.

Social Media Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips to Achieve the Desired Success

Social Media Marketing

While the content is the king, ‘conversation’ is the queen. Crafting an effective social media marketing strategy that can help you to communicate with your users, customers, and consumers is a big deal. It’s that time of the year when if you’re a marketer or a business owner, you might have already gotten busy to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy, isn’t it?

Let’s face it; social media has become a fundamental marketing channel today. One would hardly find a reason to ignore social media marketing. It is no more an option. Also, with the right marketing strategies falling into place, the sky will be the limit for your business’ success.

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