Video SEO – Ways to Optimize your Video for Better Ranking on Google Search

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What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is basically a way to optimizing your video which was indexed and rank on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. There are no. of ways of optimization strategies that give your videos a higher chance of ranking, which this article will outline.

How Video SEO has been changed?

In the past few years, video marketing has become more and more popular with different types of businesses. Once marketers started to get their hands on DSLR cameras in 2000, it’s easier to produce different videos and get them online (thanks to YouTube) without having any degree in videography courses.
Now we can’t browse the internet without seeing a video, and we all walk around with our mobile phones in our pockets that can shoot high-quality videos anywhere, anytime.
Gain good rank with your video on universal search has contained a lot of things to do with the authority of your website, how video-focused it is, and how it ranks with the help of video-related queries.

Ways to Optimize your Video for Search

#1: Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform for your video

When choosing your video hosting platform, you’ll need to consider all the reasons that you want to rank your videos like optimizing your video to gain site traffic and getting new leads? Or is your goal is brand awareness?
If you’re not more concerned about getting traffic to your website, and more focused on general brand awareness then, YouTube and Vimeo may be the best options to explore. The thing with these kinds of platforms is that if once your video is indexed, most of the traffic goes to them rather than your website.
You can also host video to your domain – If you are creating video content to improve your ranking of the website. One thing to remember is to improve indexing by separating video by page. A one-video-per-page is a strategy that improves SEO.
If you like to host on a third-party provider then, be sure to include your site link in the description below because it’s become easier for viewers to find your site.

#2: Insert a Video Transcript

As you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you are likely to see several videos with their captions alongside the video so you can view it without disturbing your housemates and the text that pairs with your video are called video transcript.
With the help of video transcripts, your videos are more accessible to a larger audience and more scriptable by search bots because of their additional text on the page. It is a more indexable text that makes you can rank for more queries.
It’s advice to pay more attention to the transcripts when the video is in longer form and the main focus of the page, in these scenarios transcripts will have even more of an impact on rankings.

#3: Your Thumbnail Image should be Engaged

Thumbnail plays a significant role in whether people click Because the video thumbnail is what the searcher will see when your video is indexed. Your thumbnail image is similar to how you think the cover of a book or the homepage to your website; it needs to be more relevant and engaging. Creating a strong thumbnail image can have a tremendous impact on click-through rates and other video SEO metrics. There are some don’t which you have to remember or follow like having an intrusive logo, using more clashing colours, having a random and unprofessional-looking, making your thumbnail all text.

#4: Title and Description of your Video

The title and Meta description plays a factor in ranking videos. Spending time creating an engaging video title and description is a good idea for ranking. Does keyword research is used to ensure you’re targeting keywords that people are searching for. Please don’t just stuff the title and description with loads of keywords; it should be clickable and interesting. Using well-researched keywords is a good thing to do. You should research the popular keyword according to your campaign.
Keywords give impact to your content in many ways, both in terminology and in length. Studies suggest that keywords of at least four to five words comprise 50% of people searches. keywords are more specific to your brand and product, while short, concise keywords are broad but used more frequently. It helps you to discover more relevant content for your target audience. Always do experiments with different types of keywords.

#5: Make sure the Rest of your Page is Relevant to the Video and Optimized for SEO

It’s still just as, if not more important than the page itself is also optimized for SEO, or the search engines don’t want to crawl it in the first place. If your pages featured the videos that are relevant and highly optimized to ensure that these pages rank as highly as possible in search. Always create high quality content. Also, embed the video you want to be ranked first on the page because search engine crawlers usually stop crawling for videos after that first video. But don’t embed the same video in multiple places because it’s very important to avoid this type of thing to get rank.

#6: Ensure the Focus of the Page

If the videos are hidden or embedded below the fold, then your chances of having it ranked swiftly drop. In order to increase the crawl ability factor of your video is to make it the focus of the page.

#7: Don’t Rely Solely on SEO to Promote your Video

It’s important to remember that SEO is not a reliable thing as Google is constantly changing their algorithms. There is no guarantee that all the viewer saw your video and relying on search bots to rank your video in a consistent strategy. SEO is constantly changing and hard to control if you want more clicks on your video then you will need to invest in paid video advertising.

#8: Add values in your Video Description like Tags, Links, Call to Action, Backlinks with Catchy Content

Tagging is not a difficult thing to do. Ensure that you use phrases and single keywords; for example, if your video is about surfing at Goa Beach, tag it with “surfing,” “Goa Beach” and “surfing at Goa Beach.” Tags are not visible on video platforms like youtube by default, but if you want to see the tags on Youtube videos using the free vidIQ Chrome extension. Make sure to give link in the description box.
You can give your site and other social channels links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc in the description. You can promote your products or services more easily with the help of links. Also, give the user one-click option to subscribe. one of the most important thing to get ranking is generating high quality backlinks. To get the better ranking you will have to make your content more catchy, innovative like make some humorous content like memes, emotional content that is shareworthy, educational content etc. Your content should be relevant to your target audience, adding more relevant value that will convince the users to dedicate the correct time to watch your video, build a trustworthy and interesting relationship between you and to your audience. Create your video like a professional.

#9: Make your Content Shareable

It’s not just about creating an interactive and innovative video, it’s about producing content that your viewer will appreciate.Shareable content should be unique, creative and adds value for its target audience as we told in point 8. This makes sharing easier and reaches bigger. Also, share your video on social media don’t afraid to promote your content as much as possible to all the relevant platforms because this is the best way to reach the right audience.
This may lead to more viewers, new links and more traffic which is good. Always feel free to reach the right audience that may find your content more interesting, or to use your network to promote it, paid promotion is useful if you think that this can contribute in completing your goals.

#10: Improve Search with a Video Sitemap

Sitemaps are formidable or intimidating in concept but simple in practice. For this, your staff has a strong grasp of HTML when developing your video. Adding a sitemap is like adding an alternate language to an instruction guide which is easy to understand by search bots.
Sitemaps include all the details that comprise your video like expiration date, content location, country restrictions, description, duration and title of the video. With the help of a sitemap, search engines get a clear idea about the content and it provides the necessary details about the content.

#11: Create a Short and Concise Title of the Video

Your video should contain all the necessary details to help search engines index it. The title, the description and the thumbnail are the most important pieces of information according to Google. It offers more details about the video title and description, the length of the video and its file name also.
Video title has to be short and concise, while the description gives more details. Also, keywords play an important role in boosting the ranking of your content.

#12: Recreating or Extending the Video into different things for Repurposing

There are numerous ways to use an existing video and recreate into a new video.For example, you may create a 5minutes video on your site, offering tips about new fashion or something. Instead of promoting the particular page, you may upload a preview of this video to your social page. You can create infographic, a slideshow, document and it will lead to the main source of content.

#13: Always Enjoying making Videos and View it as an Audience

Search rank is an important part of digital marketing. Having fun, enjoying and keeping content relevant and true to your brand is just as important as SEO. Always combine these tips with a message and keep the customer at the front of your mind for video success. Always view video as a part of an audience it will help you to make changes in video and make it a success.
At last but not least always create high-quality content which is relevant to the video that makes a clear understanding for both users and search engines.