What is the value of SEO for your business?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization), everyone in the Information technology(even in non IT)  field is familiar with this term. SEO is not just about advertising your website on various search engines, but value of SEO is more than that.

To survive in today’s competitive market, value of SEO is imperative for businesses. 81% percent of customers and 94% of B2B buyers always search online before making any deal, so if your business isn’t having a strong presence online,it  will fall behind in this competition. You can get leads and conversions from Adwords, but isn’t that can be costlier to you? Sometimes we need an affordable yet reliable option. 

Here are some points which will make you go for SEO of your website if you haven’t already:

–  75% of searches have been performed on Google as compared to any other search engine, Which means people trust Google, and because of updated algorithms. Google shows the most relevant search results for any keyword. In order to improve your traffic, you need to be on Google. And that too on the first page, top position because users tend to click on the topmost website and then the second one. Clicks decrease with the position. Even if you are on the second page, you will not get clicks. You have to be on the top and for this, you need to follow the best SEO Strategy according to your website.

– SEO effects are long-lasting. Unlike PPC, the results will not vanish if you stop the SEO of your website. As long as the backlinks are being crawled, your website will be doing good. This is for the White Hat SEO, if you’re following black hat techniques, your website can be penalized after an algorithm update.

– Cheaper than Adwords. SEO is definitely more affordable than PPC. You need to spend a fixed amount of budget and with an effective SEO strategy , you will see the growth. IF you’re looking for a paid line like guest post , that would be considered extra. Otherwise, without the guest post, you can get your website on top if the website’s content is good and on-page has been accurately done.

Increased Traffic, engagement, and conversion can be achieved by SEO  and your brand could benefit immensely by following the right SEO techniques

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