Digital Marketing Services

We are an India based Digital Marketing Agency offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions. We help companies on the Internet successfully sell their products and services. The big advantage in digital marketing is the measurability of advertising results. This allows you to determine at any time whether the advertising measures are expected. Only the measures that are profitable will be expanded. This allows your company to quickly generate new customers in a short time!

SEO Services

Better to be found: search engine optimization brings you through optimizations of your site and the links in search engines forward.We provide professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services under digital marketing services package, while we attach great importance to clean and transparent optimization work.Our years of experience, our KNOW HOW in the area of SEO services means for you, more effective optimization through knowledge leap.

If you choose our SEO service, you will receive the following from us:

Keyword Analysis:

We’ll find out for you which terms are searched for from their potential or existing customers on Google.


Your site is optimized for our keyword analysis so that you get a higher rank in Google Search and are also found by your customers. This is also called OnPage Optimization.


The third step is the OffPage optimization. This includes placing links to other websites, which also has a positive effect on the positioning in organic search on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Local SEO Services

Entrepreneurs and service providers, who mainly serve the regional market, should be aware of the potential sales potential of the local search on Google with the help of digital marketing. Each industry is different in terms of competition and requirements. In many industries, it is clear that the local search engine optimization by the competitors is not yet used extensively. This means that companies that are now optimizing on local results will have low monetary use and will achieve very good results. Search terms are more and more often entered into the Google search with local location reference. But also the search on smartphones and other mobile devices already uses location data, which is included in the search for better search results. This phenomenon is only logical, as the customers want to contact a craftsman or attorney directly on site in order to use the services.

Link Building Services

Getting valuable trust links from particularly trustworthy websites is often a challenge that unambitious link building strategies. Our SEO team from SEO Discovery designs strategies for link building at a high level to generate the crucial links that your competitors are missing. Whether it is individual events, professional infographics or the intelligent approach of a blogger community, we develop tailor-made, creative and intelligent link building concepts for your company.

Mobile SEO Services

Create a technology test catalog with specific mobile SEO criteria
Text that is tailored to the needs of smartphone and tablet users
Keyword search and analysis, which takes into account the search behavior of mobile users.
Testing mobile performance (loading times)
Investigate on Mobile Usability
Marketing concept for your mobile web presence
Give your SEO strategy to smartphones, tablets & more in skilled hands. The SEO agency in India is your expert in mobile search engine optimization and helps you to integrate the special requirements of the mobile web seamlessly into your existing SEO strategies.

More and more people are surfing the streets. Make your online marketing fit for mobile Internet and use the potential of mobile search.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is an inseparable part of digital marketing. When social media marketing combined with digital marketing you get quicker results. The integration of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and networks such as Xing and LinkedIn into the existing communication strategy is still a big challenge for many companies. Internal resources, time and know-how are often missing. But the importance of social media is growing steadily. Through these channels, you can directly address your target groups and information about new offers, activities, events without losing time.

Consulting and social media conception
Joint selection of suitable social media channels
Social Media Guidelines: Establish guidelines for appropriate communication
Set up and maintain corporate pages, such as LinkedIn and Xing
Posts, (re) tweets and community entries on current topics
Qualitative expansion of the followers, Friends, Likes etc.
Carry out targeted social media campaigns
Execution of sweepstakes
Creation of social media editorial plans
Social media monitoring

There are the following reasons to use social media marketing for your company:

Image care
Increased awareness
Narrative company history
Strengthening customer loyalty
Get opinions
Bring visitors to their own website
Sell products/services
Search Engine Optimization
We create a social media marketing strategy for you, optimize your social media accounts and implement the strategy.
Social Media Management
We take over Social Media Marketing and Management for the following platforms and much more …

Pay Per Click Management Services

Effective online marketing that precisely addresses your target group: We create and manage effective SEA campaigns according to your needs.

Your Google Adwords Agency

We take over the work for you so that you can focus on your core business.

What are Google Ads?

AdWords is the advertising program on Google. Whether conscious or unconscious – you’ll see Google Ads every time you use Google. These are the ads on Google, which some companies use to be found on Google.  If you run any digital marketing campaign don’t forget to include PPC as it played a vital role to bring quick traffic and leads.

Google Adwords company

Regional or global advertising

We can tailor the created ad to customers in various countries, regions, cities or even to persons who are a certain number of kilometers away from your company or store.

Attract more customers

Google AdWords can bring new traffic to your website, increase your online sales, bring potential customers to call, and much more!

Get the right people at the right time

Your company or online shop can be found with the help of Google Adwords by people exactly when they search for your service or product on Google.

There is an end to the guessing of advertising

We can provide you with reports that show you how many people have seen the created ad, visited your website, called your company thanks to our ad, etc.

Search Engine Marketing Services

With Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Co. you can immediately generate new customers. With our campaigns, you achieve a high-quality factor and your click-through prices fall in the long term!

E-mail Marketing Services

Email Marketing

For your professional online dialogue, we offer e-mail marketing services with the aim of improving the quality of customer acquisition and retention through the success factor of contact quality.

With personalized tracking, we identify interests and product affinities – as a whole as well as for each individual address – and document the contact history. Take advantage of the real-time capture of important campaign data, management reports, and our integrated CRM solution.

We design the process from generation to enriching and evaluating addresses as well as the provision of segmented target groups so that your marketing success is measurably increased.

App Store Optimization Services

On the basis of our experience, we can actively support you in App Marketing. We analyze your data and your potential customers to determine the optimal target group for your campaigns. We help you make your App Store appearance successful in order to generate a lot of downloads and a great user base. We plan to share in-app marketing with you to meet your conversion goals. Just contact us: Together we make your app successful.

Online Reputation Management Services

Do you need help with your online reputation? Are you dealing with unhappy and past clients who may be tarnishing your reputation with not so great feedback about your business? Or how about your unscrupulous competitors who may be posting negative reviews deliberately to harm your search engine rankings and reputation?

If your business is currently having an issue with its online reputation management systems, our online marketing specialists have the knowledge to make sure the negative aspects of your reputation is removed, repaired, or relegated to the back pages of the search engines with our tried and proven reputation management solutions. Our strategies include video marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and blog posts which all work together to ensure your profiles are engaging to your followers as well as safe from negative reviews on sites such as Yelp and Goyellow.

Content Writing Services

Conceptual texts or conceptual development is one of the core services of SEO Discovery. Conception texts is a very broad term. It includes the creation of content for websites, e-learning modules, copywriting, blogging, preparation of learning programs, presentation development and concept development for texts. Every piece of written information content is extremely important.

SEO Discovery has experienced design experts and experts for the development of high-quality content in any form, be it text, online, articles or blogs. Expertise and language skills complement each other. In order to provide a high-quality concept design services, SEO Discovery has design specialists who are specialized in your specialist area.


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