Facebook Advertising & Marketing Services


Facebook has more than 900 million users. This scenario represents a great opportunity for you and your company. By using Facebook advertising services aka Facebook PPC and Ad management, you can bring new customers and people interested in your business, increase exposure of your brand or even your Page, if you have one, within Facebook. SEO Discovery’s India based social media marketing experts helps you to reach more customer with Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

There are two big fronts when we talk about a Facebook Advertising campaign. The first is to promote a Facebook Page and the second is to advertise an external URL to Facebook, that is, your site. In both cases, we focus our project on planning, execution and reporting. See more details below and ask for a quote!

Our Facebook Advertising Process

  1. Understand your business
  2. Advertising Campaign Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monthly reports
  5. Campaign Planning

1 Niche Analysis

Through Facebook itself and tools like Hitwise, our team will map out your niche market, identifying who your target audience is to create the most optimized Facebook marketing campaign possible.

2 Subject search

Through the use of tools such as the Adwords Keyword Tool, SEM Rush and Hitwise, we identify issues your target audience likes. Based on this, we’ve put together a content and an action plan so that the users mapped in the previous step might be interested in the ads.

3 Execution

Set up on Facebook

Through the Facebook ad platform, we created the facebook advertisement ad campaign. In this step our team creates and manages the entire campaign through the official platform, setting up even the daily investment of each of the campaigns.

4 Periodic re-optimization

As all the work in the field, implementations and changes take time for a more concrete result to be displayed. Thus, we make changes periodically, according to the movement of the clicks and the audience, to maximize the results obtained.

5 Targeting

Targeting users to Facebook allow our ads to reach more relevant groups of users for better results. With this targeting process, we avoid unnecessary impressions of the ads, increasing the quality of the ad next to Facebook.

6 Customization

Based on previous results, we specified the range of ads that we consider gender, age, geographical location and others, all to get the most out of your investment.

7 Conditional changes

Facebook campaigns targeted at e-commerce sites, for example, require constant updates due to the price, inventory and other requirements of this site group. Therefore, the Facebook Advertisement Campaign needs close follow up and agile changes.

8 Monthly reports

Simple report

For a quick clarification of your Facebook Campaign, the simple report displays the reach, frequency, social outreach, actions, clicks, and CTR of each ad, streamlining the understanding of your ad campaign progress.

Full analysis

To complete the simple report, the complete review brings information about reach, frequency, social outreach, actions, clicks, and the CTR, as well as other metrics and specific data on your site or Facebook Page. The complete report is split between the ad groups and the registered ads, with every detail of the campaign executed.

Conversion Analysis

Our conversion analysis allows you to understand the effectiveness of your site’s pages vis-à-vis ads and vice versa, and you can vouch for ROI. This analysis allows us to evolve in ads and pages of your site, in order to always improve the results of your investment.

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