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Google Search Tips
21 Mar

When it comes to comparison, Google is no less than a little fussy kid who only does what he wants to. There are times when even after putting the related keyword, you don’t get the desired results. And the results, what to say about them! They range from hilarious to What Exactly Are You Thinking Google range. We all have faced this issue quite a lot and the situation worsens when this happens at the workplace.
For a moment, let’s stop blaming Google and rather focus on our keywords and the way we try to search things on Google. If you are getting unwanted results, then this type go for “Smart Search”. Not known to many, there are various Google search tips and tricks that can give you the exact results while you are searching for any specific niche or topic. So let us introduce you with these hacks. You can go through them and thank us later!

#1 Use of asterisk (*) in case you are forgetting a specific word

Is there a song in your head but you are forgetting the lyrics? Or do you just remember lyrics in bits and pieces? Try this hack: put asterisk in the place of the word you are forgetting while searching. Google automatically understands you and will give you the exact result.

#2 Use of minus (-) in case you don’t want Google to give you results according to that particular word

Many a time, you are looking for information very different from the results that Google is showing you. In such scenario, use the minus sign as a prefix to the word that you want to exclude from results.

#3 Take help of the Search tools

Whenever you are searching for something specific, take the help of Google Search Tools. For example, you are looking for funny gifs, go to the search tool and click on animated. The search tools form an important part of Google search tips and tricks.

#4 Try the word “related” for similar results

If you want to find similar websites to a specific one, try this simple hack: type related: (website link) and you will get all the related websites.
Though these are simple Google search tips and tricks, but the whole game is in hands of people who have their websites optimized according to the latest SEO strategies. So if you want to rank yourself or your website on the top rank, give SEO Discovery a shot who is the master in the field of SEO and other services. Give them a call at +91-89686-24144 or drop a message at
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