Incredible Experience in SEO Discovery

06 Oct

SEO Discovery is a digital marketing Company accumulated extensive experience of 10 years by effectively helping the clients in meeting their outsourcing needs. The company provides services such as SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Reputation Management.


My experience in SEO Discovery

My experience in this company has been awesome so far. I have been able to learn a lot and got a chance to work with great people.


Some key features of the company


  • Infrastructure:

The first and impactful thing that everyone wants is the infrastructure and the company is having a very impressive and managed infrastructure. Whether we take into consideration the internet redundancy, reporting technology, sitting management or project management. Everything is perfect in its place.




  • User-friendly Environment:

Every person in the company Whether the Higher Management, HR department or co-workers, all are very co-operative. We have been given the freedom to place our thoughts whenever and where-ever required.



  • Company Culture:

Our culture is centered around an environment that promotes teamwork, creativity, commitment and fun. It specifically aims at retaining extra-ordinary talent.

Besides, All these features, there are some activities which are very helpful for one’s growth and relaxation.




  • Seminars:

There is a seminar in the company every week on different topics in which the employees can ask their queries related to the topic as well. It is very beneficial for growing our skills. The company is not just growing its strength but also focusing on increasing their employee’s knowledge.



  • Weekly Lectures:

Whether you are new joinee or an old employee, the company is playing its role very well to share the knowledge to everyone. There are weekly classes for everyone and we can share our thoughts as well as ask our queries from the lecturer without any hesitation.


  • Dance Session:

The company also thinks for our relaxation that’s why they have arranged for dance session of few minutes in our routine work. It really works as a tonic for the employees. Everyone enjoy the dance session and regain the energy to continue the work.



As per my opinion, SEO Discovery is a place where everyone can explore new innovative ideas and techniques. The company is growing very well because the employees are growing. And, I am very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family.


SimmiLalit – SEO Executive

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