10 Proven Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rates

18 Aug

The bigger the budget for advertising is, the larger the revenue should be.

Many shop operators, however, make the mistake of relying on it alone.

The pure switching of elaborate online campaigns brings new users to your site, the conversion to buyers or consumers, however, too often.

I  have listed 10 typical problems here, which often turn out to be real “conversion killers”.

1. The Landing Page

The rule should be applied sticky! Landing page and the advertising medium must be the same, otherwise, there is the risk of the direct loss of the prospective buyer.

The reason: Irrelevant customer pages result in high exit rates!

2. The Theme of the Website

When a page is loaded, its content and benefits should be directly visible. An unclear theme of the website leads to an increased bounce rate and hence can reduce the conversion rate.

3. The Search

Does your site have an adequate, fault-tolerant search function?

If this is not the case, many customers will be lost because the product or item you are looking for can not be found within a reasonable time.

4. The Filter Options

This point is followed directly by the previous tip. Only with sufficient, as far as possible sophisticated filter possibilities can the majority of the customers be convinced!

If this is not achieved, the conversion rate fails at the proverbial “agony of choice”.

Users rarely have the time and leisure to look at everything.

5. The Presentation & User Guidance

A shop page can still be so lovingly designed, but if the design is not based on the preferences and needs of the users, it is useless.

Website must be designed in a proper fashion with good navigation preferences to allow a user to browse with ease. This affects the conversion rate of the website to very much extent as the poorly designed website may result in loss of user’s interest.

6. The Call for Action

The call for action, the so-called call-to-action, is the key element of every campaign.

If these elements are not placed in the direct view of the user, the users will not take action as planned.

7. Monitoring / Controlling

In the most traffic-rich segments, the greatest potential is slumbering to reduce the break-off rate and to achieve more traffic for the next step in the conversion funnel.

Oftentimes, aiming at all the set screws is aimed at, instead of concentrating on the areas with the greatest potential.

8. Customer confidence

Nothing is about the confidence in you! A lost trust cannot be made up by anything. Even with attractive prices or special campaigns, it becomes enormously difficult to move the customer to a purchase again.

That’s why: Full transparency at prices and shipping costs!

9. Information & Support

Even if the ordering process is relatively simple and short, mistakes or problems can occur during correct filling.

Therefore, you should provide your order forms with sufficient information and information so that your users do not feel left alone.

10. The performance

Last but not least …

A decisive criterion is the speed and efficiency of the website and your server. If the loading times are too long, many visitors exit and move to another website.



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