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What is the utility of a random color picker?

Colors are an indispensable part of your life. From painting our residence to developing a website and from choosing a color palette for a landscape to artistic inspiration, we need to come up with creative color combinations. A random color picker is a software that helps you generate various colors and bring creativity to your thoughts. It provides essential information about color, including hex code, color name, and the RGB color code.

It generates one random color by default. It requires a user to click the space bar to go to the next color. In this way, one can come up with several unique color ideas within seconds. There are several reasons people look for a random color generator. The most common of them include:

Website color theme:-

One of the most common uses of a random color picker is to help formulate a unique color branding strategy for a website. Sometimes web designers need to stand out and find unique color ideas for a website theme.

Numerous strategies have proved the importance of color branding for consumer retention and higher conversion rates.

Color branding:-

Color branding is among the essentials of a brand’s visual identity. Colors create a strong brand image in the consumer's mind. It helps them recognize it whenever they see its logo or any other intellectual property on the internet. A random color picker gives unique ideas to the consumers, enabling them to think out of the box.

Businesses must use similar colors on various marketing platforms to further strengthen their brand recognition.

Artistic inspiration:-

Colors are among the essential elements of art. Sometimes artists feel monotonous using the same colors in multiple art pieces. They need inspiration for unique colors and bring creativity to their art. A random color generator is a perfect way to give your mind some air and the advantage of a fresh perspective. Since the color provided by a random color generator is also random, there are multiple directions your mind can wander.

Whether you need to put some color to the canvas or paint a residential or commercial property, a random color picker is a perfect way to get inspiration.

Omnichannel marketing:-

Omnichannel marketing is a way digital marketers use to theme their marketing strategy across different platforms. It is about maintaining consistency across several platforms to increase brand recognition. The primary marketing platforms of an omnichannel marketing strategy include social media platforms and search engines. Color is among the essential elements of the omnichannel marketing strategy. It enables marketers to determine the right color combinations for various display elements.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Businesses must stand out and incorporate consumer preferences in their omnichannel marketing strategy. A random color picker is a perfect way to create unique colors for the omnichannel marketing strategy.


Looking at random colors is the easiest way to relax your mind. People use it before bed to get rid of their daily problems. Staring at colors for a few minutes helps secret serotonin in the consumer's mind. Don’t believe us to experience it for yourself. Use a random color picker for five minutes and experience its relaxing effects.

What is the range of a random color picker?

Color is simply a visible light at a specific frequency. Theoretically, there is an unlimited number of colors, which one can obtain by adjusting the frequency. Human eyes can distinguish between 10 million colors. However, the current standards monitor screens are compatible with 16 million colors, approximately. Hence, this is the range of most random color pickers as well.

What do we mean by following terms HEX, RGB, and HSL in color representation?

With the unlimited number of colors on the frequency scale, there arises an urgent necessity to distinguish them from each other by a unique identity. One can identify a unique color he found in a random color picker through one of these methods and save it for later usage. The most common methods for providing identity to random colors include HEX, RGB, and HSL.


It is one of the most common representations used by web designers. It is a group of 6 hexadecimal digits provided to each color. For example, the HEX code for the color black is #000000.


This system of color combination is named after three primary colors Red, Green, and Blue. This color is mostly used for digital displays, computer monitors, television screens, etc. Each color in the RGB system of color representation has three numbers, each representing three numbers specifying the quantity of each color light that provides the output of the desired color.


HSL stands for “Hue, Saturation, and Lightness”. It is an alternative to the RGB model. It represents how colors appear under the light. Hue refers to a part of the light spectrum (0-360), saturation to its intensity (0-1,0-100%), and lightness to its brightness (0-1,0-100%).


Colors are an essential part of our day-to-day life. They bring variety to our life and provide us with the freedom of choice. They are of special importance in certain professions. It includes web designing, graphic designing, and painting. Professionals sometimes get stuck in the middle of a venture looking for artistic inspiration. It is where a random color picker comes into play. It enables them to randomly pick a color from among 16 million colors and provides extra space for imagination.