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A Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Restaurants

Own a restaurant? In this blog, I’ll discuss search engine optimization techniques for the restaurant. Quite simply, you can do a successful SEO on your own.

Can you live without the internet? – No thanks! The Internet is simply a vital part of our life today and it should be clear to everyone. The same applies to the food sector. Nowadays, most of the restaurants are offering the online view, menu, and price to the restaurants before visiting for dinner. That is why the high online visibility for restaurant owners is very important. The website is one of the best ways to attract customers to the restaurant. The overall success of a website depends on SEO optimization for search engines. SEO brings you the targeted people to your website and later to your restaurant.

SEO For Restaurants

What does SEO mean and why is it so important?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”,
The fact is that most internet users without search engines can not get along anymore. People use search engines like Google daily to explore specific topics. No matter where you are If you are hungry you will definitely search for restaurants to order the food of your choice includes Chinese, Continental, Thai, Italian or whatever you like. The gastronomical is the most searched industry on the visited by the potential customer on weekends.
Only the results appear on the first page of the search results will the get the majority of traffic.The second page of the list is only viewed by a small number of users and the third page opens almost none. 90% of people take only the first 10 results on the list

Advertising through your own web page on the Internet is the easiest and cheapest way to market your courts and services.Every restaurateur must know that web pages are not only used as advertising on the Internet for the big and famous restaurants and restaurant chains. For owners of small-scale catering establishments that do not have a high level of recognition, it is very important to have a high-quality and well-optimized website site.


The success of a website depends on several criteria. The three most important are:

1 Design:- The design of your restaurant website is the reflection of your restaurant, so it must be unique. Through good web design, you gain credibility and professionalism. A poorly designed website can easily ruin the online reputation of your restaurant. You should be careful and let creating the website for your restaurant professional web designers. Different design on individual pages, unreadable text due to poor contrast, the lack of titles and descriptions, excessive use of animations and graphics, different colors and text captions are just some elements that point to bad web design. Check your homepage! If you recognize one of these elements,

2 Content: –The content of the website is most important to your online visitors. Having a remarkable content marketing strategy should be must in the SEO campaign. The nature and style of the content can increase the success of your site. The placement on the list of search engine results and the number of visitors, or the traffic of the site, also depend on good or bad content. Good content that promises quality should encourage the guests and encourage them to visit your restaurant.

3 Navigation: – Navigation is an important element of any web page. Items like header, footer, navigation menu, content and others should have a logical division on the web page.One can say that a clear and simple navigation is very important for the success of a page. The visitor should not be confused, for example, if the visitor looking for the menu of your cuisine, as soon as the visitor does not find what the visitor is looking for, he will leave your homepage faster than you think.
The success of an Internet site depends not only on the design and content. More importantly, the information provided is the right target group.
Even if you have good design, attractive and interesting content, useful information and good offers: an internet site can not attract potential customers if they do not know that they exist.

Is SEO 100% Reliable Method for Better Assessment?

Definitely yes, but what is the best SEO method is anyone but Google. The fact is that a constant race between the programmers of the company Google and the SEO consultants runs continuously. SEO methods that brought good results in search results in a season were already invalid in the next.
In addition, the entire SEO process and online marketing can go wrong and make no sense if the texts are not good and the web page has a bad design. My advice is: Optimize your homepage for the search engines, but please be careful and do not exaggerate. Your restaurant homepage must remain natural. Remember, people will visit your site and read their content, not robots.

The guide through the SEO for restaurant

You do not have to be a genius to be able to realize the SEO – search engine optimization is of great importance when we talk about the prospects for the success of the restaurant website. The most common cause of an unsuccessful SEO campaign is a lack of niche specific strategy. If you do not have online customers in this day, despite the good restaurants and service, then you will unfortunately fail. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for the success of your website: Good SEO brings you the visitors to your website and later to the restaurant.

Define your keywords (keywords)

The first and most important step in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to find the right keywords and phrases for the optimization of the homepage. Choosing the right keywords (popular words that people often used) is not an easy task. It is pointless to be at the top of the list for certain words if your target audience does not “google” it. On the other hand, it is like shooting in dark try to optimize the website for strong keywords if you know that the competition for these search terms is too high.
Keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner can help you choose the right keywords for your restaurant website. We recommend this Google tool when planning the keywords for website optimization. First of all, all important keywords should be written on a paper that is interesting to you and describes your food restaurant business. Google Keyword Planner will suggest you the relevant keywords for your business.

On Page SEO for Restaurant

On page, optimization is carried out directly on the restaurant website so that it can achieve a better ranking in the search engines. On page means that you have optimized the content and technology on your own homepage so that search engines can analyze and evaluate the website optimally.

Once you have defined the keywords, it is important to make sure that the selected keywords are in the following parts of your home page:

Title Tag

 Typically, the <TITLE> tag is located in the upper-right corner of the browser because visitors to the site first notice this part of the site. Title tag (page title) should clearly describe the content of the website, of course with included keywords. The Title Tag is one of the three most important elements of the website. (Next to Meta description and page content). On the title tag, it is important to note that it has no more than 70 characters. The formula for a good title tag is: Main keyword – Another keyword – the name of the restaurant
(eg Order Pizza Online – Fine Dine – Food Hub)

Meta Description:

The Meta-Description is the first indicator of the content of the website in search engine results. Meta-Description is a brief description of the restaurant that should not contain more than 160 characters. Meta-Description emphasizes the content of the page, on the Google Search list. Short, high-quality meta description of your site will help Google understand what it is about your site.


The content should be original because search engines do not like duplicate content. Google prefers content that is trustworthy, interesting, original and useful. In order to get a better ranking, you need to ensure that the content of your homepage is high-quality and that the keywords that are in the content are correctly selected and set. Spelling and grammar should be impeccable, and the writing style distinctive.
The images of food are very important for a restaurant website. Attractive images on the website can increase sales by 25 to 35%. It’s very important to optimize the pictures of the decorative dishes as well. After the picture has got a title tag, you should also give it an alt text and also there a legible and brief description of the picture with the most important keywords. If you do as I said, images will rank in Google Image search as well.

Menu: The navigation menu should contain links all pages of the website. The links to the other pages have target keywords in the URL. It is important to ensure that the visitors of the site get everything they want to see through 2-3 clicks.

Blog: Writing a blog is not an easy thing, but when you consider how important a blog is for placing on Google and marketing, you should really think about running a blog. What counts is unique content. You can write about everything about your restaurant in a blog: about the offer, the competition, events, about your staff, the ambiance … Do not forget to use the right keywords here, but be careful not to overdo them. Look for spelling and style and avoid copying content. Now you only have to find enough time to run a blog.

Off page – SEO for Restaurant: – The off-page optimization is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is made outside the website to rank better in the search engines. External links, ie links from other sites, are essential for a good ranking of your website. The number and quality of links are the most important external ranking criterion. However, each of these links is evaluated differently by the search engines. It may be that a page with only a few, but high-quality or strong references, is listed higher than a page with many, but rather weak links.
The links of your web page on social networks, other web pages with similar content, in comments, blogs and forums, bookmarking, YouTube and so on, are the off page optimization.
Social Media Networks: Social Media Networks and search engines are now working together. The use of social networks has a great influence on the search engines and you should definitely optimize the active profiles in the social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and co. Keep in mind that the “About Us” section of social media is filled with important information about the restaurant, it’s timing, cuisine, seasonal dishes and related keywords. Restaurant address, website link, e-mail address, contact number and other important information about the restaurant should be in “About us” description. The content – posts (pictures, videos, offers, planned events, marketing …) that you post on social networks should also contain keywords So that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimization becomes quite successful. Always create such posts that your social media fans are eager to share these posts with their friends. The more your link is shared on the web, the more successful the web page becomes.

Google Plus, we will separate this time from the other social networks, because who likes Google Plus more than its creator? If you still do not have a restaurant profile on Google Plus, then the time has come to create one. Join Google+ Local Business and share as much information as possible about your restaurant and restaurant offer. Take advantage of the new profile: add links to your website, links to your blog or other social media networks. Share about 15 minutes a day on this social network and Google will reward you by giving you a good rank in search.

If you use social media networks every day, HootSuite will help you run them much more easily and save valuable time. With the help of HootSuite, you have a direct view of all profiles on social networks and this service also allows you to send messages at any given time during the day.

Forum : – The right forum can give you a lot of backlinks and new website visitors. You must become an active member of the right forum and gain authority and new guests in the restaurant will not be left out.

Join the local bloggers: – Ask the local bloggers who write about the hotel industry, hospitality or cooking, to write a short article about your restaurant and everything its offer. As a thank you, you can give the blogger or blogger a free dinner. An article about your restaurant on another site will improve your search engine ranking.
Submit your restaurant to Yelp, Tripadvisor, Zomato, OpenTable and other popular restaurant review sites and you will better rank on Google’s Local results list. Customer will not just search your restaurant but also check for the reviews over theses portals. Having positive reviews on your listing will send more traffic to your website means more customer to the restaurant. These specialized web portals allow visitors to evaluate their restaurant and leave comments. This can be very important for your business.

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