SEO for Tax Consultants

It is now also common among tax consultants to have their own website as a business card, which presents the services offered. The website is an essential part of the Tax Consultants. This applies to one-man operations as well as to large-scale Business. But it alone is not enough to be found by potential clients on the Internet – even if Web design and usability are still so appealing

This means that prospective customers are coming to your site, contacting you, using your service as a tax consultant, and ultimately you are earning, your site must be optimized for search engines. An optimized site has much greater chances of landing in the top of search results of search engines like Google, the undisputed market leader, Bing or Yahoo. And that is precisely the aim of all search engine optimization measures: the best possible ranking of a website for certain keywords.



It Depends on the Right Keyword Selection

But how is your site now easier to find? So what are concrete measures to increase the visibility of a tax advisory website? It is important first to understand the search behavior of your clients or the people who want to become one. An SEO agency identifies the search terms that are most commonly entered on Google when people look for a tax consultant.

However, it should not be blindly optimized, simply because a keyword has a particularly high search volume. A professional agency also makes an assessment of how much potential highly competitive keywords have to get leads for you. What is the benefit of a page that is optimized for a keyword that has a high search volume, but it does not work? Then, the focus is on other keywords that may have fewer search volumes, but exactly match the users’ search intentions and have better ranking opportunities. Because: the better the ranking, the higher the prospect of an increased conversion rate.


Local SEO for Tax Advisors: Get to know Your City

For certain professional groups, the local search engine optimization is a fundamental part of the SEO strategy, eg for doctors , tradesmen, lawyers or tax consultants – ie for professional groups, which are mainly active locally. The local orientation of tax advisors should be included in the keyword research and the subsequent optimization of the content. Why this?

The search behavior of the users on the Internet is often oriented locally or regionally with regard to services such as the above mentioned. People are looking for a suitable offer in their area. With the tax consultant, you want to be able to discuss your tax declaration or a tax payment personally in person. And so, for example, the keyword ” Tax Services San Diego” is entered monthly on average 470 on Google. As a San Diego tax consultant, they are therefore well advised to optimize a landing page on this search term.

As the search term “tax services Coronado” with a monthly search volume of 210 inquiries shows, the optimization at district level is often worthwhile for tax offices in large cities. When search engines rank your website for a keyword, you will get a good number of new clients from the 210 queries.


Indispensable for Local Visibility: Google My Business

A local SEO strategy also includes submitted business details to Google my business, the industry book of the search engine. A complete, locally optimized business includes at least:

                                                                1. Name (can also match your keyword)

                                                                2. Address

                                                                3. Phone Number

                                                                4. Website

                                                                5. Opening Hours

                                                                6. Photos

For search queries with a local intent, Google display local businesses. Under the map section are usually three providers matching the search request including address, telephone number and possibly other information. Your location is also marked in the map section with a red dot. In this way, the exact location for the user can be seen.

This prominent placement in the local map list can only occur if your company or tax office has an in my business that is linked to Google Maps. With an optimized Google My Business Page, you can increase your chances in the Maps listing at the top of the  Local Search in Google And as already known, the top hits are most often clicked. The aim of the local search engine optimization should be, among other things, to rank in the local results for keywords in order to bring more traffic to the website.

Plus, the local Google results  also have Google Business Profile, which are maintained regularly and which have many and good reviews.


More Visibility for Tax Consultants through Relevant On-Page Content

In order to bring your firm forward in the local as well as in the wider search results, content is important onpage element. This can be in addition to content include pictures or videos, eg a How-to “make tax declaration”.

If the set of keywords for which you want to rank with your tax office, you can start to create corresponding content for the individual terms. Then use the content to fill your keyword-targeted landing pages. Since the writing of SEO content include special requirements for terms, structure and html coding and is sometimes also time-intensive, it can be useful for tax consultants when an agency for search engine optimization offer all these services them in the creation of content.

A search engine-optimized landing page consists not only of a suitable content with a special heading structure but also of an optimized URL, keyword-oriented meta titles and descriptions as well as meaningful internal links. The internal linking is a vital part of the search engine optimization, with which you can strengthen your most relevant (sub) pages.

Technical SEO: The Second Pillar of the Marketing of the Company

A comprehensive SEO strategy includes not only the content optimization but also a technical analysis and possibly optimization of your homepage. The following points are the technical part of the search engine optimization for tax consultants:-

1. Can all content be read by the search engine?

2. Is the website mobile optimized?

3. Are there URLs with duplicate content?

4. Can the loading time of the page be improved?

5. Can very large image files be compressed?

6. Are Sitemap and robots.txt created?

7. Are there any crawling errors due to invalid URLs?

8. A page that is technically clean in these matters, Google likes to reward with better rankings.


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