You have set up a nice online store using Shopify, added wonderful products and are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. However, you aren’t getting the desired results.

You look at the number of visitors to your store and wonder what it would take for you to get more traffic to your store. If more people came to your Shopify store, it would definitely result in an increase in sales.

What is Shopify SEO?

Simply put, SEO is the most effective way to get traffic for free to your store. By optimizing your store according to Google’s guidelines, it will show in the top search results of Google. A study conducted by Wolfgang Digital shows that 43% of ecommerce site visits are from Google organic - traffic obtained after solid SEO of a Shopify store. However, it is easier said than done.

SEO for Shopify is the process of optimizing both on page and off page content of your Shopify store to display top rankings for all your best keywords. Contrary to what many people believe, SEO isn’t just about keywords.

Proper keyword research forms the basis of a good SEO strategy for your Shopify store. But it doesn’t end there.

A good e-commerce SEO strategy starts with keyword research followed by technical optimization, content optimization, relationship building and link earning.

How a Shopify SEO Expert can help you?

Our qualified Shopify e-commerce experts can become your secret weapon.
Let’s face it:

-> You require more visitors to your store.
-> You need those visitors to convert.
-> You want to be profitable.

When a potential client searches for a product on Google, Google returns the best web pages in their index based on relevance and authority. This relevance & authority is calculated as a result of proprietary, sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms are updated 500-600 times each year on an estimate.

To stay on top of the search results, Shopify store owners must continuously optimize in accordance with the latest algorithm updates.

A Shopify SEO expert is a professional whose job is to know exactly how to optimize your product pages to protect and gain Google rankings. This translates to higher traffic and more sales.

Our BOOST SEO Strategy To Skyrocket Revenue

A good SEO strategy isn’t just geared towards rankings. What actually matters is getting traffic from those rankings and converting them to customers.

Rankings are subject to keywords and the nature of queries. What will you prefer - ranking on the first page for an informational query or transactional query? I don’t even need the answer.

Our e-commerce experts have devised a step-by-step SEO strategy specially designed to increase sales and revenue, nicknamed BOOST.

Brainstorm & Track

Our Shopify marketing experts discuss with you to gain insights into your business. We find out what your expectations are from our Shopify SEO services. Someone might want brand awareness while someone requires leads.

After a thorough understanding of your business, we review existing numbers - rankings, traffic and also, attempt to uncover easy wins for your Shopify store.

Now, it is time to get our hands dirty - identifying keywords that will drive sales. This is where an understanding of your business is helpful. We recognize which keywords will result in maximum profits and which ones will drive traffic. How we do this - market research, competitor analysis and a combination of paid services.

We follow that up with a comprehensive site audit powered by a decade of industry experience. Identifying technical and content shortcomings is a must before moving further in our Shopify SEO strategy.

Finally, we undertake a detailed competitor analysis. Uncovering backlink opportunities, analyzing their most successful social media channels and understanding their traffic sources is of paramount importance.

Track - We believe in tracking and measuring our SEO efforts. We maintain and send weekly reports so that you know what we are doing to take you to the top. Only by tracking existing efforts can we undertake further expansions.

We also believe in keeping track of your competitor’s activity. Our Shopify experts analyze undergoing competitor strategies and devise further steps to overtake them in the search results.

On-page & Off-page SEO

On Page - On page SEO refers to the changes that we take on a given webpage to influence search engine rankings. This is a mix of content and technical optimizations.

We start by targeting our profit-driving keywords in the product pages. Including keywords in title tags ,meta descriptions and product descriptions are easy wins but our expert writers focus on writing copy that actually converts.

After we are satisfied with our website, we set up Google Analytics or third party analytic softwares depending upon you, to track traffic, conversions and other KPIs.

Finally, our content writers & shopify SEO experts identify content gaps and get down to creating content, specifically designed to earn backlinks & drive traffic.

Off Page - Google's Andrey Lipattsev revealed in a Q&A session that backlinks are among the top 3 ranking factors. Well, no one can dispute their importance, can they? While most companies fail at this step, we specialize at off-page SEO.

Our off page SEO tactics to earn links to your Shopify store include:
Mention tracking - We keep track of any mentions of your store and reach out to the webmaster to convert that mention to a link. We also keep a track of any sites that talk about competitor. If they talk about your competitor, they should also be talking about you.
Product Outreach - We identify and reach out to bloggers in your industry, collaborating with them to gain product reviews and organize giveaways.
Relationship Building - Building actual relationships with people result in quality links that are hard to replicate by your competitors.

Email Marketing

While SEO for Shopify stores is a definite must, we recommend in diversifying. You should have multiple sources of traffic and revenue. In such a scenario, it would be silly to ignore the potential of email marketing.

According to recent study by Direct Marketing Assocation, email has an ROI of 4300%. In another survey, 60% of people admitted to subscribing to an email list to receive special offers.

Those numbers must have convinced you of the importance of email marketing.

Our email marketing experts help you in maintaining and increasing your email subscriber list. Also, it isn’t enough just capturing a bunch of email addresses. You actually have to be active and send out a lot of emails. We help you in being active and sending out meaningful emails which actually lead to sales.

Social Media Optimization for E-commerce

Instagram has more than 150 million users. Don’t even get me started about Facebook. The average value of an order from Pinterest is $58.95. Do I need to talk more about the importance of social media for your Shopify store?

Also, it is widely agreed that social signals are a ranking factor. The more your followers interact with you on social media, the more towards the top of Google do you go.

Our social media experts optimize your profiles to have maximum recognition. We create niche relevant posts to entice people into following you on social media.

There is only so much that you can do. Let our team of social media experts handle your social media channels. Years of experience allow us to make informed decisions about which social media channels will be best for your business.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of optimizing your page and its content so that it becomes more attractive, useful and valuable to your users. It mainly involves fixing your technical performance such as page speed, improving content copy and optimizing for featured snippets.

As an e-commerce store owner, you don’t have to do it all. Optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs - Leave this to the experts and focus on sales.

Shopify Product Marketing

A major obstacle faced by most business owners is trying to promote a product when they don’t have an audience. Just finding a product and creating a Shopify store isn’t enough. You have to actively promote it.

Our Shopify marketing experts realize that your business needs traffic and sales to sustain itself. They help you in promoting your product through various channels such as email marketing, gift guides, pinterest, SEO, referal marketing, blogger outreach to name a few.

With years of experience, our Shopify experts know which channels are best suited for promoting your product.

Shopify Affiliate Marketing

Setting up a Shopify affiliate marketing program can be highly beneficial for your online store. It can drive traffic and sales for your Shopify store.

Why you should be engaging with affiliate marketing? It is cheap and cost effective. You only pay your affiliates for successful sales that actually happen. Affiliates will promote you and your products on their social media accounts, blogs, email etc.

However, setting up an affiliate marketing program can be a headache. Let our experts handle Shopify SEO services for you. From integrating and getting an affiliate program running with Shopify to recruiting and adding affiliates, our Shopify experts will take care of it all.

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