Hire a Top SEO Company in India and Ensure to Take All the Ranking-Affecting Factors into Consideration

What you do when you need information on something?

You will just Google it...right?

Well, that is what every person does in this era of the internet. And that’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into the role.

SEO is all about enhancing your presence on the web so that you can reach your target and potential customers. It is done by optimizing your business website to get it shown in the top rankings of search engines, especially on the Google. Once your website is listed in the top rankings, nothing can stop it to get traffic and attract more people.

So, in general, by hiring a top SEO company in India, you can expect:
  • Increased traffic to your business website
  • Increased chances of conversions
  • More customers
  • Brand recognition
  • Better ROI

That’s not the end; these are just the benefits that are counted i.e. the ones which are visible. Apart from these, SEO provides many other business advantages which are achieved indirectly. These include:

  • Pulling quality traffic
  • Increased chances of conversions
  • Increased leads and sales
  • Round the clock promotion
  • Building trust and credibility
  • More clicks than PPC
  • Increased website referrals
And a lot more...

The game on the Google is just about getting your business website ranked on the first page because organic traffic (the traffic that comes through SEO) wins more conversions. That position on the first page can be acquired only through the SEO and it is where you need to hire a reputed, trusted and reliable SEO company having its name in the top SEO companies in India.

Wait! Before you hire an SEO company, you must be aware of the basics concepts of SEO. This write-up is about the same. Keep on reading and you will have a better understanding of SEO.

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How SEO works?

When you search your query on a search engine, say Google, a number of results are displayed depending on the settings you have done for the results to be shown on the single page. These results include links to the websites that have relevant content to your query and the ones which have a solid domain authority.

So, how it happens?

The process involves three phases:

Crawling: Crawling is the process of following links for locating the most important pages. The crawlers on the search engines crawl the web to locate the best pages for the query you have searched for. The crawlers travel by following the different links.

The links serve the purpose of binding pages together in a website and binding websites across the web. Thus, these links create a route for the crawlers to reach all the existing web pages.

Indexing: It is the process of storing information about the web pages (retrieved during crawling) for later retrieval. The information is stored in search engine’s index which is a database including information of the pages crawled by the spiders and crawlers.

The index categorizes and organizes information on the basis of relevance and the nature of the content. It also keeps a map of all the pages a particular page links to.

Apart from these, the index also keeps information on where the links are located, whether the links are ads or not and all other aspects of the links.

In short, an index is a database that the search engines use to store data and retrieve it when a user searches for something.

Ranking: Before the results from the index are shown up, the algorithms are applied to rank the web pages in the particular order. And this process is known as ranking.

Before the results are displayed, the search engines:
  • Interpret the purpose of the query
  • Locate query-related pages in the index
  • Rank those pages on the basis of importance and relevance

The relevance and importance of the web pages are assigned by the search engine algorithms. And changes to these algorithms are made on a regular basis with the aim of providing best results to the users.

The ranking is one of the major parts where SEO plays its role. Effective SEO can make the particular web pages become more relevant for the related queries.

And undoubtedly, that termed as “Effective SEO” can only be done by the top SEO companies.

Factors that affect SEO

Have you ever thought about the factors which make an impact on SEO?

Has it ever hit your mind that what makes a particular website rank on the first page and the other, with the same niche, on the fourth page or even next of that?

Well, the answer is the Factors. There lies a difference in the way SEO is done for both the sites. There are a lot of factors (even more than 200) which affect the ranking of a website but a handful of them are more important. The reputed and top SEO companies in India are well aware of those factors and work accordingly to get the best results for their clients.

These factors include:

1. Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the most important factors that affect the ranking of a website. They work as a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. However, it is not only about the number of the backlinks but is also about the domains where the links come from.

The more backlinks you have from the high authority domains, greater will be the chances of ranking better for the top keywords.

In addition to increasing the number of backlinks, you also need to pay attention to your backlink creating profiles. The most recent updates, like Penguin 4.0, have filtered and cleaned the websites not having quality backlink profiles.

2. Page speed: Page speed affects SEO in a number of ways. Firstly, it is important to user experience. A page that takes longer to load has high bounce rates and low on-page time. Such pages are penalized by the search engines and impact the page ranking.

Secondly, slow page speed results in the crawling of fewer pages and this affects the indexation negatively. Hence, the ranking is again affected.

Page speed has become more important than ever with the introduction of mobile-first indexing.

3. Domain power:

There are two main aspects of domain power:

Exact match:The concept of exact-match domains is still influencing the rankings; such domains still carry a weight. For example, “seocrew.com” is more likely to rank better than “ronyblog.com” for SEO-focused keywords. Another example is when you search for “cars”, rather than getting the major car brands in the top results, you get the websites with exact match, like “cars.com”.

Domain seniority: Old is the domain, higher will be its ranking in the search results. New domains have lower domain authority and face harder time to rank for the top keywords. On the other hand, the domains with a track record are likely to get top rankings and hold them for long.

4.User experience: With the Google algorithm getting advanced, you need to focus on providing enhanced user experience. It is because there is a correlation between the UX and good placements in the search engine results. Remember, better is the user experience, more will be the visits and higher will be the rankings.

And in order to provide the best user experience, your site needs to be highly functional. A top SEO company can let you know the shortcomings of your website and can provide you a better idea to enhance its functionality.

5.Content: Content is still the king and will always remain. No matter whether it is the content on your website, its blog or the keyword based content you post for getting backlinks, all need to be ensured for quality, relevance and clarity. Here are some tips:

  • Readers prefer the content that is easy to skim.
  • Bullet points and numbering is preferred instead of long paragraphs.
  • Quality is valued more than the quality.
  • Short and concise content serve the purpose better.

6.Keywords: Picking right keywords is essential for effective SEO because most of the SEO tasks are based on the keywords only. Though the strategies vary depending on the experience of the SEO experts, a good strategy is to build low and medium competition keywords first and then targeting the highly competitive keywords.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords play an important role in improving the rankings. These are the terms which are synonyms of the target keywords.

For example, if the main keyword is “power banks”, including terms like “portable chargers”, “portable batteries” and more will be beneficial. However, including the main keyword in the title and sub-headings is still essential for effective on-page optimization.

7.URL structure: When it comes to URLs, humans and search engines responds almost the same way to understand what the post is all about.

So, make sure the URLs of your posts are easier to read and give a clear idea to the reader about the content they can find there. In short, keep the URL descriptive and to the point. Consider the below-given examples here:

It is clear that example a is better than example b.

Moreover, better it would be if you can include a keyword in the URL. Also, the shorter is better in the case of URL. This approach has already been used and tested by top SEO companies.

8. Mobile first indexing: It is exactly what it sounds like. It means that the mobile version of your website will be seen first by Google while indexing. It is an effort to enhance the experience of the mobile users. As a majority of the users use their mobile phones for browsing, Google just wants to ensure that the content is optimized for their screens.

Though this approach does not have a direct impact on ranking (because it is “mobile-first”, not “mobile-only” and the desktop version can still be included in the index if there is no mobile version), the lack of mobile-friendly experience can have a negative impact on the rankings of a site that does not have mobile version.

However, there is no doubt that the mobile-friendly content will be ranked first when the users will search for the keywords using their mobile devices.

So, as the majority of the users use their mobile devices only, having a mobile version of your website will definitely make a change in the rankings.

The Wind-Up

Organic traffic plays an important role in the success of a business; it is something that cannot be neglected. After all, it brings the real human traffic, permanent ranking, better conversion rate, long-term results and is cost effective.

And the SEO part of the digital marketing is focused on improving this traffic only. But with lots of factors affecting the search engine ranking, it is essential to implement the result-driven SEO strategies. And for that, one needs to have in-depth knowledge of the SEO and the latest Google updates.

Google is getting smarter with the time; it is getting better at understanding how the users interact and thus, is paving the way for the websites that provide real value to the users.in such a scenario, understanding the parameters mentioned above will really let you make the maximum of your SEO strategies.

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  • More leads and better ROI
  • Regular reports/updates on your project
  • Complete transparency
  • Round the clock support

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