We Are Google Penalty Recovery Expert.

Since the Panda's oldest update, our SEO team have helped companies remove the penalties.Through diligent and well thought out processes, SEO Discovery has a flawless recall history.

With our experience and knowledge, it's safe to say that if you've been penalized, we can diagnose the problem and help your site regain rank, visibility, traffic, and sales. It does not matter if it was a problem based on content or links with the Panda and Penguin algorithms or a manual action.

What Are Google's Penalties

Google has achieved its position as the world's largest search engine (89% market share) with consistently delivering the most relevant and useful search results.

The willingness to offer the best results is reflected in the constant changes of the algorithm that controls which site will rank top positions and which do not.

This algorithm is highly sophisticated, with more than 200 different factors. In recent years, algorithmic and manual penalties have been issued for sites that Google considers to be manipulators. These penalties drop the ranking of these sites in the search results, sometimes removing them from the index.

Over Optimized Site

There are a number of practices on the site that Google has highlighted as manipulative.

"Keyword stuffing" is defined as "the practice of loading a page with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site's ranking in Google's search results."

In some cases, this can be seen as creating false relevance in keyword results, which in turn makes bad the experience of users using Google to find content, products or services.


Manipulating organic search results and rank low-quality sites in top positions for the popular keyword used to be easy for webmasters adept. Many of these tactics relied on over-optimizing site content and backlinks.

Excess Link Building

Links have been seen as one of the key ranking factors for a long time, and abusive methods of link building were used and improve search positions. Traditionally, the focus is on quantity and not the quality. Many questionable techniques have come out, such as sponsored link ads, link exchanges, data scraping, link network schemes, and automation.

The result of these activities was the internet quickly becoming full of spam. It's easy to understand why Google wanted to discourage the publication of content created solely to dominate the search engines: the user experience is suffering.


There are three Google penalties that are most common in SEO, all aimed at over-optimizing and manipulating search engines results pages.

When hit by a penalty, the site is demoted in search results, often resulting in a loss of traffic, leads and sales.

There are several ways to remove penalties from Google and recover lost ratings and visibility. The process and approach for the removal or recovery of penalties depend on the type of penalty applied.

Google Penguin

The Penguin algorithm was first implemented in April 2012 and designed to detect linker patterns for manipulators.

Google Panda

In February 2011, Google introduced the Panda algorithm to detect sites with poor content or over optimization.

Manual Penalty

Apart from algorithmic (or automatic) penalties, Google's spam team is able to manually evaluate and penalize sites that do not comply with the Webmaster Guidelines. This type of penalty is known as "manual action" or "manual penalty" and is often targeted at over-optimizing backlinks.

How Can We Help You?

If your site has recently lost traffic, sales, or ranking, and you're not sure why your site may have been hit by a penalty.

SEO Discovery has developed its Penalty Checker Checklist, which will help you figure out why this happened. We offer all the information you need to understand what a Google penalty is.

We know that, at first glance, removing the penalties from Google can seem like a big challenge. Correcting mistakes can be time-consuming, and it is not always easy to know where to start.

Do not worry, if you're not sure what kind of penalty you're getting or you just do not have the resources to do the work you need to remove the penalty, SEO Discovery is here to help.