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Our Promise to Real Estate Businesses

Delivering strategic Real Estate SEO solutions since 2007





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Take Real Estate Business to an ultimate level with Our SEO Services -

Take Real Estate Business to an ultimate level with Our SEO Services - Well, building new palaces, houses, hotels, garages, or other real Estate is not enough! You have to increase your sales as well. So if you have a Real Estate website and can't understand how to increase your online visibility, we got your back. Our SEO for real estate company use a variety of new SEO strategies in making websites search engine friendly, producing engaging content, and constructing reliable backlinks from high DA (Domain Authority) websites. It gives you opportunities for more web visibility, better brand recognition, and a consistent stream of new customers when you work with us. Get in touch with us right away to get assistance in improving your Real Estate website search rankings

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While most other SEO agencies promise results,

we show dozens of case studies to verify them.

On an average basis, our Team of real estate SEO experts makes our clients gain a780% return on investment.

The crucial part is that one time we assisted one of our clients reach 63,000 clicks per day from 11,000 clicks per day.

Want to see? Take a look -

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Check How Our Real Estate Business Clients Achieve Their Ultimate Goal

Upgraded Online Visibility

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Our strategic real estate SEO services help your business get more web visibility. We use several latest SEO methods, including content optimization, internal linking, placing relevant keywords in the Meta tags, Title tags, Meta descriptions, Headings, and others known as on-page optimization. At the same time, our link-building from high domain authority websites known as off-page optimization can easily enhance the visibility of your online presence. Therefore, these advanced SEO methods increase the search visibility of your Real Estate business, driving more traffic.

Search Ranking Growth

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Our real estate SEO company has an expert team that is providing a sharp increase in your Real Estate businesses throughout the major search engines. We begin our SEO operation by adding relevant keywords to the content and making sure of a smooth user experience. Once we optimize the complete website and its technical structure, we start building backlinks from reputable websites to rank your Real Estate business on the first page of Google. Furthermore, we create engaging and instructive content that enhances the site's authority. Together, these steps help your Real Estate business website's search rank grow to a better position.

Higher Qualified Leads

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Our SEO specialists focus on improving your Real Estate website's authority as well as the overall search rank. Hence, more users searching on the web to get their dream home or other Real Estate properties will visit your website. Automatically, you will end up generating higher-quality leads who will become your potential customers.

Revenue Growth

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Hiring the best real estate SEO agency like SEO Discovery who can increase the sales of your Real Estate properties. Our impactful SEO methodologies will help grow your web presence far better among your competitors and assist in generating a higher conversion rate, more rent in places and bookings, or whatever services you provide to your customers. Finally, you will start growing your revenue to a great extent.

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We drive traffic to your Real Estate site the right way, You get better leads.

People mostly turn to Google to look for their dream Real Estate Properties. So, if your website places higher on the Google Search Engine Results Pages, the chances of getting noticed and contacted by your targeted audiences increase.

We offer SEO for estate agents to gain those top positions and become leading Real Estate property dealers in their region. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your SEO journey with us today!

The SEO Discovery Difference

We use the latest Whitehat SEO techniques approved by search engines to provide every client with their target user base. Outrank your competitors through our effective search engine optimization methods in order to rank your Real Estate website in the top spots of Google SERPs


Our Real Estate SEO agency focuses only to serve our clients to their expectations and requirements. This way, we develop enduring relationships with them.

Long-Lasting Relationships

We believe that building long-term relationships with our clients is essential for continuous success. We achieve this by delivering superior services, staying in touch with regular communication, and sharing timely reports in order to foster trust and loyalty.

Fully Transparent

Another great service we offer to our clients is our SEO for real estate website services, which offer complete transparency. Every Real Estate agency, being our client, will get complete clarity about business operations, final decision-making, and customer interactions. This is how we build relationships, strengthen trust, establish a reputation, and implement moral standards.

Algorithmic Expertise

Algorithmic expertise is what makes us better than our competitors. Our real estate SEO experts use the latest machine-learning techniques to provide customized solutions and improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making.

Reach! Engage! Sell! Repeat!

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    digital marketing company chandigarhBrand Awareness Make your Business a winner
    in your Industry!

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    Digital marketing services chandigarhTraffic and
    Deliver quality traffic to fall in love with your Real Estate properties.

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    Digital marketing services chandigarhAdvertise and RetargertOur evolving SEO methods and reliability help build professional relationships.

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    digital marketing company chandigarhRetentionOur ROI-driven results make our clients work with us again!

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    Digital marketing services chandigarhConsistent
    Business Growth
    Continuous growth for your Real Estate Business.

We have an average rating of 5/5 across platforms


Our separate dedicated team to different projects makes us the most unique Real Estate SEO service-provider agency in the world.

Our expert SEO team members work day and night to deliver world-class real estate SEO services for businesses. Every client receives equal priority.

Enhanced search rankings make your Real Estate company grow at a fast rate as well as give you improved competitive benefits.

Our Golden Rule: One Project Per Team

Every client deserves our equal and undivided attention while we work with them. That's why our SEO for real estate company has built a diverse range of SEO teams. Each of them has a master skill set on different aspects of SEO. So, whenever a client wants to partner with us, we create a team of specialized SEO persons, only dedicated to their project for the contractual period. No interference. Just You, Your Team, and Your Project.

Curious about these results? Well, these are based on a clear-cut data-driven process.

Sadly, there is no such thing as SEO magic! But this four-step approach can transform your online presence in a continuous process.

Analyze your niche

Firstly, we research your niche and categorize your Real Estate website into 50-100 keyword groups. Next, our SEO Services in Real Estate aim at more than 300 factors to come up with a higher traffic-generating and ROI-focused technique.

Setting up a Specialized Group

Depending on the objectives and requirements of the client, different expert SEO persons are selected with a diverse skill set to ensure the client’s website reaches the top spot on Google.

Create a game plan

Later, our SEO services in Real Estate make customized SEO strategies that we follow during the contract period to meet the goals of our Real Estate business client.

Review and Growth

Finally, it's time to go! We will implement all the SEO techniques that we have planned and prepare timely reports. Once a week, we'll get on a sprint call to discuss how the process is going and make changes as required.

Why Us? Because We know How to Make Your Real Estate Business Succeed

We focus specifically on your ROI, not only on Driving Traffic

There is no point in getting traffic if you don't get sales!

Check it yourself if we are the best seo companies for real estate to maximize your ROI for your business. Book our free consultation right now!

Increase Real Estate Sales
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for SaaS niche project

Increase Real Estate Sales

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Our Comprehensive Real Estate SEO Video Audit Does The Job

Be a dominant player among your competitors.

Being a real estate business owner, you may not have known all the SEO strategies that have changed over the past two decades. This is where SEO Discovery comes into the game. You focus on making beautiful real estate property for people wanting to live in amazing buildings, palaces, etc., and our SEO for real estate agents service will take care of your business's success. The days of using PPT and PDF for a presentation are long gone! In order to pass the test of time and make ourselves more fun and engaging to our clients, we have created a video audit where we analyzed your real estate business website. This video contains a complete analysis of your website's content, usage of relevant keywords, backlink profile, user experience, competitors, and other technical factors. We are offering our real estate clients a Free SEO video audit. Only a few slots left. Don't miss it.

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Increase Real Estate Sales

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Increase Real Estate Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is an organic way of optimizing a real estate website to boost online visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Its primary focus is to achieve people's engagement in a respective website and increase the chances of potential customers. It's completely non-paid. So, you don't need to pay any bucks to some advertising agency and still get quality traffic.

Why is SEO important for Real Estate Business?

Like every online business, Real Estate requires strategic SEO techniques to obtain a higher position in search engine results. Basically, SEO means optimizing your website with relevant keywords, increasing the site's authority, and building improved backlinks - resulting in building a reputation in the real estate sector. Hence, you will get targeted visitors looking to purchase Real Estate properties.

How long does it take to get results with real estate SEO?

Taking your site to the top of Google's ranking is an ongoing process, and it depends on various factors, such as your competitors, the quality of the strategies, the domain authority of your website, and other technical aspects. So, in order to get superior search engine rankings and organic traffic may take several months. But implementing the right techniques timely may get you better results sooner.

How can on-page optimization enhance the visibility of my real estate website?

There are many effective ways to increase the online visibility of your real estate website through on-page optimization. Here are a few ones mentioned below -

  • 1. Perform keyword research and include relevant keywords in your content.
  • 2. Use informative content related to real estate.
  • 3. Optimize the meta descriptions and title tags.
  • 4. URLs should be clear and search engine friendly.
  • 5. Create precise internal linkings
  • 6. Make your website mobile responsive.
  • 7. Ensure faster page loading speed.
  • 8. Create quality backlinks.
Do I need to hire a professional real estate SEO service?

If you have a good understanding of the latest SEO techniques, you can do it yourself. But in case you lack the best SEO practices, it's always better to do it by hiring a professional real estate SEO agency. Their expertise in implementing effective SEO practices will gain you enhanced results sooner than sticking to traditional methods by yourself. They can also keep you updated with the recent and trending algorithm updates.

How much do I have to pay for availing real estate SEO services?

The pricing point depends on your project, competitor's levels, and the real estate service provider you choose. It's better to consult the SEO agency with your objectives and the needs of the project. Get in touch with us through our "contact us" page and avail the benefits of partnering with a leading real estate SEO agency worldwide. You will get a free one-to-one video consultation where we'll discuss your goals, pain points, and affordable pricing structure. Hurry Up

Can I optimize my real estate website for multiple locations?

Yes, you can optimize your real estate website in multiple locations or regions. By adhering to advanced SEO techniques, you can do it. In addition, you have to implement a few specific strategies, mentioned below -

  • 1. Separate Landing Pages for Specific Locations - Create different landing pages for every location or area you want to target. Add location-specific keywords, appropriate information, and distinctive property listings to these pages for every region. It will help the search engines crawl your website and present the landing page to users who are searching for real estate properties in that geographical area.
  • 2. Local Business Listings - Make sure your real estate website is listed on local business directories, like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, etc. Update accurate informative content, location details, contact information, and website URL.
How can social media boost real estate SEO efforts?

  • 1. Sharing relevant content - Share informative and real estate-related content to gain followers and drive them to your website
  • 2. Using appropriate hashtags - Use specific hashtags in your social media posts to increase discoverability.
  • 3. Targeting in the local area - Utilize the targeting features of social media to reach out to your local users looking to buy properties.
  • 4. Link building - Generate backlinks to enhance your SEO by sharing blog posts, insights, or other content from your website.
  • 5. Social Sharing & Reviews - Encourage users to share your website content on their social platforms as well as give positive reviews.