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Connect with us to observe, learn and adapt to an industrial environment and strengthen your skills for professional success. Our industrial training program strives to guide you into turning into highly efficient employees.
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"We take pride in transforming the businesses and assisting others in shaping their future."
Mandeep Singh, Managing Director
Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a team of digital marketers and expert trainers with years of practice nurturing the newcomers in our domain.

What We Do

What We Do

We assist our trainees in developing their skills in a smooth transition from theory to practical practices.

We Do It

Why We Do It

From developing a practical insight to providing the needed exposure, we strive to connect you to the professional world.

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About Us

We Create & Provide Exceptional Career Opportunities

SEO Discovery is an industrial training institute in Mohali known for discovering the way out for businesses in connecting and converting their target audience. Additionally, we aim to guide the aspirants to gain relevant insights and uncover a real-work environment for them. We aim to build their strength, self-confidence, and a vision to grow with and as a team.

  • Work in a professional set-up
  • Have certified trainers by your side
  • Learn in real-life scenarios
Years of Experience
Years of Experience
Our Industry

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Internship Program

Why Choose it?

SEO Discovery is where you learn, practice, and perform simultaneously. We have a training institute where you can join us as a complete newbie. We also have an industrial training program in Mohali to prepare yourself and a workspace where you can begin transforming the businesses.

  • Cultivate the confidence
  • Comprehensive learning platform
  • Developing professional skills
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Navjit Kaur

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Shilpa Raina

6 Years of Experience
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Harjeet Kaur

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certification or job security when going for this industrial training?

Upon completing your industrial training, we will provide you with a certification, which you can add to your curriculum vitae. Apart from that, we also offer placement in our organisation. For that, you will have to take part in our interviews and secure your job with us.
At SEO Discovery, we take great pride in being the platform where you can learn, earn, and secure a career. As a leading digital marketing agency, we can provide you with ample opportunities to commence on a secured tomorrow. Start it with us!

What is the scope of industrial training with you?

At SEO Discovery, we have been catering to our clients with digital marketing solutions for many years. As a training platform, we can train and assist you with practical scenarios of preparing and performing marketing strategies.
Along with the trainers, this industrial training can allow you to work with many professionals in this field. With us, you can not only learn about the concepts of digital marketing but also know how to make a promising career out of it.

How can I make a career in the digital marketing industry with you?

Digital marketing is a constantly rising industry and making a career is not difficult. At SEO Discovery, we train newbies with digital marketing concepts and guide them with practical scenarios. Our industrial training program focuses on providing a notion about making a career in digital marketing.
We have designed our industrial training programs to assist you and bring the competency to your best. We provide access to state-of-the-art tools, hands-on experience with projects, and certification after completion.
As a digital marketing agency, we serve businesses of all kinds and from around the globe. With this broad collaboration, you can expect nothing less than an enriching experience from our faculties.

What is the outcome of industrial training?

With industrial training, we focus on enriching our trainees with hands-on experience in different aspects of Digital Marketing. Being a broader field, you will become familiar with various areas. The duration of 6 months that you will spend working with us will help you gain insights about the same. Apart from our trainers, you can also have several experienced teams to guide and assist you. After completing this industrial training, you can expect a more competent version of yourself directed towards a career direction.

What are the types of industrial training?

At SEO Discovery, we have divided our industrial training into skills training, team training, and managerial training. Skill training focuses around making you perform the tasks your job profile will include. In this in-house training, we will assign a mentor to assist you.
The team training will include enhancing crucial skills like decision making, team development, and problem-solving. As you will meet and engage with different people, this training will focus on improving your communication skills, emphasising team productivity, and collaborating with them.
Effective management is a prerequisite for every job profile. We at SEO Discovery, with our Industrial training program, strive to enrich our trainees with the same. Apart from completing your internship, this training can also reward you in the future to accept new and challenging roles.
It will also keep you updated with the latest working styles, tools, and strategies.

What are the strategies you use in Industrial training?

Our industrial training comprises a set of strategies you can count on; let us provide you with a snippet of the same beforehand. We begin by knowing our trainees, which comprises focusing on their skills and strengths. As explained previously, we provide customised training, which we start by learning your fortes.
We also follow a holistic approach to training, which revolves around providing you comprehensive learning space. We analyse the performance regularly, allowing us to learn about the areas we need to emphasise more on.
Working with us is interactive and informative as we believe in providing you with the best space to learn and earn. We are the platform where learning and earning go hand in hand. We strongly recommend you not go by our words, but wait for your practical experience with us to decide. You can give us a call today!

How do you handle mistakes in industrial training?

When you join any training program and commence on something you have never done before, mistakes can come uninvited. At SEO Discovery, we see them as stepping stones to a better outcome. We have structured the learning plan in different levels, which you will progress after excelling in the previous one. Moreover, we are already aware of the areas where you can make errors, and we prepare accordingly for each of them.

Can I do industrial training without being a student?

Yes, you can! You need or need not be a student of Digital marketing to pursue Industrial training. That is because we already consider every trainee as different and train them accordingly. If you are well-versed with the theoretical knowledge of Digital marketing, it will always be a plus point. However, if you do not know much about it, we are here to guide you. Our teams comprise experienced professionals to assist you at different aspects and levels of your training.

What can I learn from this training?

At SEO Discovery, our Industrial training course focuses on making you aware of the industry norms. By entering into a professional setup in our organisation, we can assist you in adapting to a work environment. You can also develop the qualities of team collaboration, group discussions, and handling projects outside the book.
Moreover, you can also learn if the field of digital marketing is the right direction to build a thriving career. The exposure we provide through our industrial learning aims to develop valuable insights.

What is the duration of this training?

Our industrial training program is for 6 months. In the initial phase, we will guide you on the concepts of digital marketing. In this offline training, you will have to work on different projects. The offline tasks focus on enhancing your interdisciplinary knowledge and exploring digital marketing as your area of interest. In our 6 months long industrial training, we will focus on polishing your pre-existing skills and guiding you to develop further.

Are there any eligibility criteria for this industrial training?

There is no minimum requirement to enrol in our industrial training course except that you should be 18 years of age or above. However, basic communication skills or graduation in any field is an advantage.
At SEO Discovery, we create customised training programs for every trainee because everyone has a different potential. We pour our years of experience in the area of digital marketing. You can count on us for the guidance you need to get an edge in your career.
Apart from undergraduate/graduate students who want to add this training to your curriculum can apply. Additionally, people who strive to make an upward shift in their careers can also apply. The only prerequisite we seek in our students and trainees is the zeal to learn and diversify their careers. We have highly experienced trainers to train and guide you.

Is industrial training and internship the same thing?

At SEO Discovery, our industrial training program comprises theoretical and practical learning, and you can not use the term internship.
An internship is like a job but not with all the benefits that employment promises. The industry-based training focuses on equipping the students with practical applications of the theoretical concepts they have learned. Internships focus on providing the students with a job-like experience before they start with it.
With our industry training, we focus on presenting you with a blend of internship and industrial training. We believe that when provided with the right training means and job-like scenario, you can develop learning opportunities forever even when you are busy making your big bucks.

Can I include this industrial training as my work experience?

Yes, you can! Our industrial training is the professional experience that can reflect your learning ability in your curriculum vitae. Though the training will not be a work experience, it will always be advantageous to your portfolio. Moreover, the skills gained in the training session will help you in many ways.
Providing you with a snippet, these newly developed skill sets will help you set the foundation for a strong and thriving career. The initial period you will invest in will give you a glimpse of what your entire professional life will look like. Additionally, we will save the course you will use to settle down following the insights you gain here.

How do you guide your trainees?

As explained previously, our industrial training program is divided into a learning session and an internship. In the earlier phase, our trainers will instruct you about the in-depth concepts of the field. The second phase will focus on providing you nearly job-like experience, starting with minimal tasks.
We have a qualified team of instructors with proficiency in shaping the future of our students and trainees. With great pride, we act as a one-stop solution for learning, gaining perspective, and leading the way on your professional journey.

Is it necessary to go for industrial training?

No, it is not compulsory for you to undergo industrial training, but it can benefit your career path in many ways. Moreover, when you work in a professional setup and share the vision with like-minded people, you can get a vision of a thriving career in digital marketing.
There are many advantages to opting for industrial training, but whether you will avail of them or not can depend on your decision to enrol for it. At SEO Discovery, we have an extensive list of opportunities for you to avail of, and all you need is to get started.

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