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How Web Analytics Can Help Enhance Your Campaign Performance?

Implementing web analytics is extremely crucial for businesses who want their business, as well as marketing activities to become more effective and efficient. With the help of analytic tools one can improve and check the performance of their website, which helps businesses understand how well the website is working. Through web analytic services one can know what works and what doesn’t, and how to improve the website’s performance.
Now a website can be a massive e-commerce portal, or a simple lead generation tool, in both the cases, it becomes necessary to check the performance of the website apart from all the marketing activities that a company might be doing. In today’s business world, website measurement has become extremely crucial. And being No. 1 website analytics agency, we can offer bespoke analytics service because we are masters in this domain.
The sheer amount of information that you will receive after doing analytics will certainly overwhelm you. However, these exhaustive reports and information will help you make better decisions for your company. A website, which is backed by a robust web analytics setup, is bound to do better from those who don’t have it. If you want to know how your website is performing, and whether there are scopes of improvement or not, get in touch with SEO Discovery today.

How Do We Implement Web Analytics?

Analytics Consulting

Whether you have already implemented website analytics, but not receiving proper results, or you are someone new who is still confused about why you should invest in professional website analytics services, we can help you. SEO Discovery has a team of professional and experienced web analytics experts who will audit your website properly. Our analytics team will try to understand your current analytical practices, and also understand the goals of your business. We believe in setting the right foundation.

strategy analytics


Once we do an analytical audit and receive all the information, we do some research in order to discover opportunities, along with implementing new strategies that will work to gather data, which are relevant to your business. Our topmost priority is to prepare a robust strategy, which will work. We understand that you as a businessman want the best for your business, and we want the same too! That’s why we follow a robust strategy.


In the implementation stage, we will set up a track code for the website along with setting goals, custom dimensions, and set parameters. Once you hire us, we ensure to make you understand the strategies that we follow so that you get to know why we do our job in a specific way. SEO Discovery as the best web analytics company in India always wants its clients to be educated about the things that we are doing and also what is happening in their business website.



We follow a continuous process of data and digital analysis, which leads to actions that are optimized and analysed. The reports that will be generated from the analytical tool will be studied frequently and regularly to ensure that the data that has been captured are relative and clean, and matches with your business goal. After that, we will share the same website analytical data with you to make good business decisions.

Why Prefer SEO Discovery?

Our Experience

SEO Discovery has worked with more than 250 clients from all over the world. Our rich experience and bespoke web analytics team make us one of the best web analytics service providers not just in India, but across the globe. Throughout our years of working, we have assisted all kinds of companies, call us today to get started.

Our Specialization

SEO Discovery specializes in enhancing the ROI. The marketing strategy that we work on will make sure that your business generates more revenue, and stand apart from the ocean full of competitors. With our specialization, rest assured that your company will be skyrocketing effectively and efficiently. We make things happen.

Unique Methodology

The methodology that we follow is unique to us, and that’s what helps us become one of the top google analytics consultants in the market. We have a secret recipe that will allow you to grow at a faster rate, and gain a steady pace in the market. SEO Discovery always assists companies to stay one-step ahead.

Fantastic Tools

SEO Discovery ensures to work with intelligent tools that work like a catalyst. This in return helps businesses generate more revenues and also know how to operate efficiently digitally. We have a data centralization tool, and we use it to integrate sales data and marketing sales so that you can map your journey seamlessly.

Professional and Hardworking Team

SEO Discovery has a professional and extremely hardworking team who make sure to be there for every client right from the beginning to the finish of a project. Once you hire SEO Discovery, you get to work with an efficient team who know how to make things better. If you are planning to get started with Web Analytics, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What Do You Need Analytics for?

SEO Discovery’s google analytics expert delivers the right website tracking service to create robust and actionable insights from the data that is already ready and available to you. We work with Google Analytics and take every bit of advantages that it has to offer. With the help of web analytics, our team makes sure to confront business challenges and let you make the right decisions.

Analytics Drives Business Success

SEO Discovery is a trusted and bespoke marketing analytics firm. We understand that to grow web analytics play a critical role. Analytics being the most powerful tool, we use our data-driven web analytics services, which allow you to get a thorough picture of every marketing investment that you do.

Everyone knows that Google Analytics is a potent digital marketing tool. The insight value Google Analytics provides is the best. Choosing one of the best google analytics agency like SEO Discovery, ensure that you are investing on the right company who will monitor how your business is doing, along with tracking website analytics, like the following:

  • Each campaign's results are measured in real-time.
  • We contrast and also compare data across time.
  • We do customer engagement measurement.
  • We keep track of every conversation.

Another vital element of our google analytics services is campaign tracking. Campaign tracking allows us to understand how efficient marketing efforts are and whether they are working or not. Through this, we will know whether a company is spending too little or too much money, and likewise offer recommendations if needed. Campaign tracking can help you save time and money.

  • Campaign tracking will let you know how much traffic your campaigns are driving.
  • Get quality scores.
  • Check campaign, keywords, and landing page performance.
  • Get to know about the conversions you have achieved so far.
  • How much revenue your campaigns are producing.

A/B Testing works like an experiment. It helps us understand which variation of the online experience is performing the best. These variations will be introduced to the users randomly. After that, the results will be thoroughly analysed. The reason why A/B Testing is necessary is that it lets you identify potential data-driven changes, which can be determined before you implement them.

  • Through A/B Testing, you can provide better user engagement.
  • You will have better and enhanced content.
  • There will be lower bounce rates.
  • There will be improved and better conversion rates.

SEO Discovery has a dedicated website analytics consulting company who prepared three cross-channel dashboards for our client’s site. This will reflect content effectiveness, acquisition paths, and experience. The dashboards that we will provide you with will let you identify all the functionality of the present strategy that you are following, letting you make improvements.

  • Tells you about the tactics you are following and how well they are performing.
  • How this tactic is affecting conversion and engagement.
  • Get to know what needs improvement.

Our Process and Implementation

web anlytics

Google Analytics (GA)

  • DashboardsDashboards
  • ReportingReporting
  • Ecommerce TrackingEcommerce Tracking
  • Data AnalysisData Analysis
web anlytics

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  • Tag ManagementTag Management
  • Event TrackingEvent Tracking
  • Enhanced PerformanceEnhanced Performance
  • Added FlexibilityAdded Flexibility
web anlytics

Google Search Console (GSC)

  • Setup & ConfigurationSetup & Configuration
  • On-Page Error FixingOn-Page Error Fixing
  • Data AnalysisData Analysis
  • ReportingReporting

We visualize data with the help of these

  • analytic-brand
  • analytic-brand
  • analytic-brand
  • analytic-brand
  • analytic-brand


web analytics result


How much is the cost of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is entirely free and will cost you nothing. If you are aware of how to do analytics, you can easily create an account for your website and then begin. But, if you are new to this, the reports and the data will overwhelm you. Which is why it is recommendable to go with a dedicated web analytics company that can do everything for you and share suggestions, which will assist your website in performing better.

What is the difference between using Default and Custom Google Analytics in Luminate Online?

The Luminate Online execution will allow you to insert the Google analytics tracking code into the page wrapper on its own, but, when it comes to the custom execution, this is not possible at all. If you are accessing custom execution, then it is accessed with Urchin style Google Analytics code or you can also use custom JavaScript as an alternative.

Will code be added to the older template style page wrapper? Or is it a wrapper based on editing page wrappers only?

When it comes to code, it will always be included in each and every standard page Wrapper templates. This will also incorporate the older style pre-page wrapper editors.

Will the Google Analytics Code be added to the CMS page Wrappers automatically?

No, as of now, the CMS page wrappers will require code which has to be included manually. To do this, one has to task the assistance of “Wrappers” in CMS “Reports and Tools.” The new Google Analytics placements on CMS needs entering physically in the page wrappers JavaScript that records the correct referrer in the CONVIO.referrer variable. If the references are to be followed efficiently in Google analytics, over the norm: pageTracker._trackPageview(); declaration, insert this special Google Analytics command: if (CONVIO.referrer.length>0) {page Tracker._setReferrerOverride(CONVIO.referrer);}

Can you inform me about the version of Google Analytics tracking code that accesses this feature?

At this moment, there are two tracking code versions accessed by Google in Google Analytics. One is a new Tracking code, which is ga.js. and the other one is Legacy tracking code, which is urchin.js. Our suggestion to you is to use the New Tracking code, which is ga.js.

How do we assist?

Our web analytics experts offer an intuitive way to acknowledge the behavior of the visitor of your website, attain insights on the performance of your website and uncover the areas of problem to increase your conversions.

Can web analytics help me in learning about the conversions of competitors?

As the term describes itself, web analytics is related to examining the visitor's behaviour towards a website. It can comprise different processes that are needed to measure web activity. To learn where your business stands and the trends into existence, discovering the same facts about your competition is also necessary. For this, you need to start by setting up goals, identifying competition, performing usability investigations, comparing their value proportions, and learning from their customers. You can also run an analysis for design, and after that, you can make a quantitative competitive investigation. There are different tools for that.

What are the advantages of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics can be the major point for your activities of internet advertising, which provides little knowledge of which channels are working, which one of them are not working, it estimates the execution markers of your online presence and allows you to know about all the important activities and revenue that is being designed on the web. Google Analytics can similarly assist you in improving your website and income by analyzing where your clients are investing the major portion of their energy, the most popular territories of your website and the drop in the measures of your sale and your online channels.

Why do I require Google Analytics?

If utilized correctly, Google analytics can follow all your web-based multi channel advertising activities, inclusive of some offline activities too. If you observe, acknowledge and take actions that are accurate based on this information, you will begin attaining more revenue and your website will also become extra visible.

Will Google Analytics help me in saving money?

If you use it appropriately then yes you can save plenty of money as this will make you stay informed about the types of marketing channels that are working for you, which ones should be eliminated and which ones require enhancement.

Will Google Analytics make my website look good?

If you are thinking about whether information can make your website look better or not, then the brief answer to this is yes. Does not matter which form of digital marketing campaign you are working on, the main motive is to receive returns. It becomes quite necessary for every company to keep a record of their campaign to see if the activities are providing good results or not.

While trying to include a secondary dimension to the report, I get almost all zeroes in the report. Can you tell me something about it?

The reason behind this can be the reports that you are working with, they have a varied scope of dimensions and this the reason behind all of them being different. For instance, rate of conversion, landing page, etc., all these are session-level dimensions, but they are said to be product level dimensions when the topic reaches to eCommerce dimensions. You should know that these are two various dimension scopes and these both can be used by you together in the same report. If you do so, the results and the confusion both will be nullified.

I Can not see information from Search Console reports for yesterday and today, why?

You don’t have to worry about it. The search console will not display the two most recent days' information. It is quite an easy answer, but we face this question numerous times.

Can I capture email, phone, and name in Google Analytics?

No, unfortunately, name, phone and email are considered to be personal recognition information. And Google Analytics consists of strict private policies, which clearly means that this data cannot be collected anywhere.

Which Analytics do you prefer the most?

Learning about the website is necessary for improving the digital presence, and that is what Web analytics can do. Web analytics consist of collection, reporting, and examining the website data. It is done with the purpose of gaining insights and other details for creating an enhanced user experience for the visitors. The important analytics are traffic sources, leading pages, demographics, and bounce rate or average session time. The list also includes page views, exit views, new and returning visitors, and site content. We also focus on the landing pages, conversion rates, unique visitors or users, the average duration of the session.

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