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We provide free-video consultancy! Yes, we are the only SEO agency offering this globally before beginning the custom SEO campaign.
With efforts like these and result-oriented plans, we aim to take businesses a step ahead. So, do you want to be the next business we turn into a brand?

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Our Core SEO Specialisation

Local SEO

local SEO
  • Rank #1 in your city
  • Improve your Store Visit
  • Generaate Local Leads
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Review Management

Worldwide SEO

worldwide SEO
  • Worldwide Ranking
  • Generate International Leads
  • Become Global Brand
  • Longer Lasting Results
  • Dedicated Account Managers

E-Commerce SEO

ecommerce SEO
  • Boost your sale
  • Generate High Return on Investment
  • Generate Sustainable Traffic
  • Offer Brand Visibility
  • Develop Customer Trust

Our Client's Google #1 Ranking!

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SEO Results Speak for Itself.

SEO Discovery Reviews 4.9
“SEO Discovery’s team members are very serious about their jobs.”
"We’re most impressed with their keen understanding of our requirements and our users' needs."
Director, Nutriza Inc
"Their level of professionalism and quality of work is commendable."
Director, Visaa Connections
"I am impressed with their ability to meet deadlines."
Founder & Director, SaaS Company
"Their level of professionalism and overall knowledge of the industry stood out."
Owner, Karthik Tours & Travels
"I have been working with SEO Discovery experts & I can recommend them to any other person."
CEO, Aegis Services LLC

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Seo Testimonial
Seo Testimonial

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Why Choose SEO Discovery for Your Website
SEO Services?

Niche Based Seo

Niche Based SEO Team

As the best SEO agency in India, we have a 100% success rate of handling 1000+ projects in specific niches. We have designated teams that work diligently on individual sectors and that’s how we make businesses rank. From real estate SEO and healthcare SEO to education SEO and technology based SEO, we have separate teams for all types of niches. The right skills and great industry experience in their specific niches make them aware of the particular business needs that enable them to achieve excellent results.

  • Dedicated SEO team
  • Decade long expertise
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Audience specific plans

Dedicated SEO Project Manager

Our dedicated SEO project managers are the reasons we call ourselves the best SEO Company in India. They stay updated with the latest SEO tools and serve day and night shifts to ensure 24/7 support to our customers. When you join hands with us, we will provide you with a dedicated SEO project manager who will look after all the necessary aspects of your project. These SEO expert consultants will be responsible for planning, organising, and directing the completion of tasks for your business website while ensuring the projects are on time, on budget, and within scope. Moreover, our project leaders keep the clients updated with a weekly progress report to let them keep track of the results.

  • Devoted Team Members
  • Easy Communication
  • Goal-Oriented Plans
  • Crystal Clear Details
Dedicated Seo Manager
Seo Solutions

Customised SEO Solutions

Every business is unique and deserves a unique SEO strategy. With over 3,234 Google algorithm updates and 300 ranking factors, it can be tough knowing what to focus on and how to keep up with the latest trends. Our customised search engine marketing solutions are designed with new age SEO technology to meet your market's requirements, competition, and goals. We begin with knowing the ins and outs of your company, current website, digital footprint, and competitors. It helps us create customised enterprise SEO solutions for your business that can fit your unique business needs to accomplish your goals. We strive to be the solution you have been seeking to make your website reach the top of the search engine result pages. Our tailor-fit SEO solution is one of our efforts to understand your business and get results.

  • Bespoke SEO Solutions
  • Custom Strategy per your business needs.
  • Roadmap according to your customer behaviour
  • Implements a personalised approach

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What Unique SEO Strategies Make us the
World’s Top SEO Company?

SEO Discovery is a full-service digital marketing agency that delivers measurable results. With a goal to enhance your business growth, we follow an analytical approach and offer the best strategies which not just attract traffic but convert them into leads.

Video Recorded SEO Audit Report

We are the world’s first agency to provide video-recorded SEO Audit reports, yes we are!
Ever since we started with video recorded SEO audit reports, our clients have been preferring them over the traditional PDF formats. We manually audit the website, provide you with a detailed report, and look for any possible issues that prohibit your website from ranking on the search engines.
Our in-depth report includes domain analysis, explanations, recommendations, mobile-friendliness, meta issues, broken links, and other things that need attention. Our SEO audit experts gather data from premium tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs which mentions all the mistakes you should avoid while doing SEO. Our best SEO experts go through the issues in video-recorded SEO audit reports and provide relevant solutions.

Video Recorded
“Dive deeper into the details and unturn the folds of SEO with Video Recorded Audit Reports.”

Right Keyword Selection

Do you know that the right keyword selection can be the turning point for the website’s success? In fact, choosing the right keyword is equivalent to 60% of SEO done. That is why our SEO strategies prioritise choosing the right keywords and making their best use. And do you know how we begin? Our top SEO experts start by selecting hundreds of keywords, out of which we filter the ones with high search volume and low competition.
With this, we strive to build a strong foundation for your ranking on the search engine result pages.

Take a look at what we have to offer to you:

  • Informative Keywords Informative
  • Consideration Keywords Consideration
  • Transactional Keywords Transactional
  • Local Keywords Local
  • Long-tail Keywords Long-tail
“Unlock the valuable traffic and save time with custom keyword solutions”

Responsive Website

It is 2022, the era with mobiles turning into mini-computers and 70% of searches are being performed on mobile phones. Moreover, nearly 61% of users do not return to a website that is not mobile-friendly. This fact alone must be a good reason for website owners to prioritise the user web experience and opt for a responsive website design.

resposive web design

Considering that, we prioritise UI and UX to reduce the bounce rate on your website. We strive to provide you with the platform to make your website rank well on Google and improve your website sales. As the Top Indian SEO Company, our dedicated SEO consultants aim in making you the best-recognised brand in your industry.

“Enhance the user experience with responsive and lead-focused website designs.”

On Page SEO Optimization

Our On-page SEO optimization is handled by a team of geniuses having a minimum of 15 years of SEO experience. We strive to strengthen one of the foundational pillars of your website's ranking. On-page SEO strategies help search engines in learning about the website, its data, and relevancy as per the visitor's need. We assure you that your website will be according to Google algorithms.
Our Best SEO strategies allow the algorithms to find the relevant keywords and information for producing SEO results. This secures the keyword placement, meta tag placement, and optimisation. As the leading search engine optimization agency that has an effective page optimisation strategy, we focus on creating and executing result-driven and impactful strategies to bring optimal results to your website.

  • Metadata Optimization: Our team reviews the source code to optimise the metadata, including meta titles and meta descriptions. We create crisp and short tags, which can ensure finding, using, preserving, and reusing the data ahead. Meta tags serve the crawlers and are also helpful for visitors.
On Page SEO Optimization
  • Crawling and Indexing: Our SEO marketing professionals check if your website gets crawled by google bot and indexed to show in the search engine result pages. Website crawling allows the search engines to know what the page is all about and allows them to connect to the audience. Regular indexing and crawling can help the website grow and we strive to make that happen.
  • Technical SEO: We are well aware of the importance of all the technical aspects in supporting the ranking of a website. That is why our Technical SEO Experts take care of structure data, internal linking, canonical, Geo-targeting, XML sitemap, 404 pages, 301 redirects, and thin & duplicate content, and all the other technical aspects.
  • Site Tracking: We are aware of the importance of site tracking and that’s why our SEO tech experts gather the data about the activities a visitor performs on a website. We also track the performance of your website on search engines and implement strategies to fix the technical SEO issues. Along with that, we also track the performance of your website on search engines and implement strategies to fix the technical issues.
“ Grow your business and generate more leads with On-page Search Engine Optimization ”


E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is one of the buzzwords in the SEO industry over the past 2 years. It is also considered to be one of the factors that Google uses for evaluating the overall quality of a web page. Our Content team strictly follows the EAT guidelines for helping businesses get on the top.

E: Expertise
It focuses on the overall expertise and skills of the Content Creator.
Being the Top SEO Agency, every individual from our content team has 6+ years of experience as a professional content writer. They are skilled enough to frame highly engaging content that can turn the tables for any business.

A: Authoritativeness
It specifies the authoritativeness of the content creator, the content as well as the website.
Our highly skilled and dedicated content writers only take references from reliable sites and they always double-check the facts before getting them enlightened in their content pieces. Bringing actual facts into our writings is what we focus on.

T: Trustworthiness
It defines the trustworthiness of the content creator, the content as well as the website.
Building TRUST with the customers is the most important factor for the success of any business. Being a leading SEO Marketing Company, we’ve got you covered for gaining trust of your potential clients through highly relevant and engaging content.

“ Boost your content authority with EAT ”

Content Optimization

Studies have shown that over 72% of marketers reported improved engagement with well-optimised content. Undoubtedly, the right content can drive outstanding results for your business and help in the conversion of your buyers into paying customers. Being the professional search engine optimization company in India, we take pride in having an inventive team of content marketers who ensure curating the value-adding content. We also have the latest content optimisation tools, which we leverage to ensure that you can get content that is engaging, SEO friendly, unique, and ranks well on the search engines.

Here are the tools used for content optimization:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Grammarly
  • Clearscope
  • Hemmigway
  • And Many More
SEO Content Optimization

The Types of Content, We Have to Offer:

  • Landing Pages: You can count on us for creating landing page content to support your conversions, measure metrics, and enhance conversions.
  • Blog Posts: We provide you with value-added blog posts to build brand awareness and get more brand mentions from high-authority sites.
  • Case Studies: Our content writing experts audit the content and will formulate your digital content strategy into a unique case study to spotlight your accomplishments.
  • Academic Content: Here at SEO Discovery, we have the best writers to create content with great accuracy for any education industry.
  • Niches based Content: We know the real power of content and the mechanisms of writing content for different industry niches that rank well.
“ The better we share our message, the more productive results we get. ”

Voice Search Optimization

Do you know that 58% of your potential consumers choose voice search for a local business? Voice search has become the need of the hour and you can count on our expert SEO consultant for that. We optimize the content to provide sought answers, use an engaging and conversational tone, strategically select long-tail keywords, and enhance the loading time.
Our best SEO practices for voice search optimization begin with strategically designing and then implementing the next steps. That’s why, we leave no aspect behind, not even Google my business listing and responsiveness of the site.

“ Let Siri and Alexa speak about your brand! ”
voice search optimization

Increase website speed

We deliver all-inclusive SEO marketing solutions and enhanced website speed is just one part of it. That’s because the speed of a website is an important SEO factor, and so we never leave it unaddressed. We are looking forward to providing your users with a better navigating experience. It will enhance your rankings and boost the conversion rate. With effective page speed optimization strategy and web analytics, we look forward to amplifying the overall user experience!

increase website speed
“ Let’s make your website faster, friendlier, and the leading choice. ”

Traffic Analysis

SEO Discovery takes pride in our state-of-the-art tracking setup. We use relevant tools such as Google Analytics, Google tag manager, and Hotjar to evaluate the key performance indicators of your site.

These tools allow us to capture the video of the entire activities of the visitors. This can include everything from when they visit the website till they exit. This can eventually provide us with the relevant information about the areas we need to work on, which we can use for curating strategies.

With traffic analysis, we can equip you with numerous aspects of the layout of the website. As the best SEO firm in India, we strive to update you with the record.

traffic analysis
“ Let SEO Discovery offer you the best Google Analytics services that help you to make data-driven decisions ”

Weekly SEO Reporting

With weekly reporting, our search engine optimization specialist can monitor the performance of the website and its rankings while coming up with insights on how to take our strategies ahead. It includes detailed information such as the performance of keywords on the search engines, the progress of site authority against competitors, and more.

weekly SEO report

We provide you with transparent reporting and deliver you the track of the progress. With the relevant data by your side, you can have the information about the next step we will put in and increase the return on investment by your side. All in all, it can give you a picture of what and how we are working to take you to the SERPs.

“ Let’s create a way for your website to rule the SERP! ”

Data Science & AI Powering SEO Campaigns

Data science and AI technology are what you need to strengthen your SEO strategy.
And yes, we use it! We aim to get the best outcome for you!

SEO blend with Data Science

SEO is a lot more than just the meta tags or keywords or backlinks, it is also about providing users with the value they are seeking. With data science and artificial intelligence by our side, we get access to the needed information of what and how they want. Yes, you got us right! We are the world’s first SEO agency to present SEO services with data science and artificial intelligence! And by doing that, we analyse consumer behaviour and get demographic data that we will use to improve our demographic data.

“ To let you get the best results, we let the best practices be a part of our plans! ”
SEO with data science

Enhance User experience

To create and execute our performance-driven SEO strategies, we put various tools into use, such as Hotjar, InspectLet, MouseFlow, etc. They provide us with numerous features, including user interaction on the site. This can include a detailed picture of events such as the movement of the mouse. This gives us a glimpse of the user’s experience using their perception. Our experienced SEO team learns about the problems they face so that we can solve them and ensure smooth navigation for them. This will eventually benefit you in many ways and low bounce rates with improved traffic are a few of them.

“ Be the site visitors want to visit! ”
UI UX Audit

Add On Services

SEO discovery is not just limited to regular SEO, rather we also provide essential elements to enhance user experience and bring automation in your business. Our free add-ons services enable you to better engage with your customers.
  • Live Chat

    Your customers are waiting for you online, don’t keep them waiting. Increase your lead conversion proactively.

  • live chat with SEO expert
  • 24/7 Support

    Communication is key to success for any campaign. No Matter, if it is a Day or Night.

  • 24/7 support from SEO consultant
  • GDPR

    Our company is compliant to GDPR and we help our customers protect their customers' privacy and data.

  • gdpr
  • CRM Integration
  • CRM Integration & Automation

    We help you organize, track and grow your leads. Get deeper insight on every lead and monitor deals with ease.

  • push notification
  • Push Notification

    It enables you to engage more visitors which you can convert into customers.

  • 3 Months SEO Maintenance
  • 3 Months Maintenance

    We give you extended maintenance services of 3 months once your campaign is successfully delivered so do not worry, we are with you.

2023 Best SEO Company By…

We are trusted SEO Experts by Upwork

We all know Upwork as the medium to find the top-notch talent. We also know it as the platform where our certified SEO experts have served more than 1100 clients in the past 15 years. It has brought us more than 2,14,162 hours of working for all types of digital marketing services. With our comprehensive services, we strive to bring marketing solutions to every business that has the potential of turning into a brand. We extend the deep analysis and research services to strategies and ensure success for every client. Upwork awarded us Top Upwork SEO Agency India.

How to Choose the Best
SEO Management Company?

For finding the best SEO Management Company for your business, you must consider several aspects. After all, the right one can boost your sales by 10 times, and enhance your reputation and ranking on the search engines.
Nearly millions of companies have earned because of Google rankings, so don’t you want to be the next? Let us now tell you about the key considerations for selecting the leading one:
experience SEO company
  • When choosing the best SEO marketing company, you need to make sure they have 10+ years of experience in SEO management services.
  • With great pride, SEO Discovery has been serving clients globally with affordable SEO services for the past 15 years. During these times, we have worked on thousands of Small Business SEO campaigns, Startup SEO Campaigns and Enterprise campaigns to make businesses reach the top of SERPs
google search ranking
  • They must adopt new technologies to achieve the potential traffic and top SEO Keyword rankings on the search engines.
  • We are up-to-date with all the latest Google algorithms to adjust our performance-driven SEO strategies accordingly. At SEO Discovery, we strive to serve our clients with the best custom b2b SEO solutions, and our SEO plans are just one part of the entire process.
SEO team
  • A good SEO marketing firm must have diverse talents under one roof.
  • SEO Discovery is a family of 300+ SEO marketers, Social Media Specialists, Content Writers, Web Design, and PPC experts. Our goal is to provide you with an all-inclusive solution in digital marketing services. So, do you want to get started?
transparent SEO reporting
  • They should be transparent about the whole SEO management process.
  • After you join hands with us, we will keep you updated with every step we take. Talking of costs, we also stay clear about that to provide the best outcome for you and us. Transparent services are what we focus on.
SEO case study
  • They should have a track of their amazing SEO Ranking results.
  • What's a better way to learn about the authenticity of an agency than its proven record? You can look at our 1900+ case studies to learn about the organic SEO results we have been delivering to our clients in the past years.
awarded SEO company
  • They should have a collection of awards.
  • An extensive number of satisfied clients is our biggest reward. However, do you know we have been recognised by several reputed platforms? Forbes Agency Council awarded us for being a dedicated SEO expert team, and Dr Vivek Bindra recognized us as the best SEO agency in India.

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How Best SEO Agency Thinks

Deep Analysis and Research

Getting your audience's attention is becoming more of a REAL challenge. To win in the SEO race you would need a strategy that is 100% safe, ethical, and effective. We offer our valued customers deep analysis and research service ensuring every client achieves success and happiness. Our professional SEO experts collect all the data on your business to find the factors affecting your digital presence. We track your historical data patterns, competitors’ backlinks strategies, on-site technical issues, and more. Our analysis and research phase helps fill the gap between users and your website. Our targeted approach improves visibility and helps turn those hits into conversions.

  • Identify industry specific keywords
  • Website analysis and Audit report
  • Perform a competitors analysis
  • Checks Historical Traffic Patterns

Did You Know?

stats image

of Google searches click on results from the 2nd page.

stats image

of online activities start with search engines.

stats image

of users conduct research before making a purchase.

stats image

of marketers give priority on improving SEO & organic presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose SEO Discovery for top SEO Services?

Being one of the best SEO agencies in India, SEO Discovery can turn out to be your perfect Digital partner. We have a different and innovative marketing strategy that makes each and every campaign successful. Our portfolio vibrantly portrays our success story. You just have to share your business details and trust our SEO expertise which we have achieved through numerous years of experience and advanced analytics skills. You have the liberty to compare our services with others and then select SEO Discovery.

How much do you charge for the expert SEO Services?

We tailor affordable SEO Solutions depending on the business type and needs. Our team firstly audits the website and other requirements and then provides you with the exact time and cost estimate. We don’t believe in pre-plan SEO packages. Hence, the cost of our SEO packages depends on your website status and exact requirements. Usually, our performance-driven search engine optimization services range between $250 to $500 per month or $10 per hour.

What SEO strategies do you use to get the results?

Not only for SEO, but all our strategies start with learning about our clients, understanding their needs, and making all efforts to match their expectations. It also includes questions such as what, who, why, and how. Being the best SEO service provider in India, we try to find the purpose of our client's business and their target audience. Our search engine optimization consultant reviews the details to finalise SEO strategies to achieve our goals., Next, we focus on their competitors and other big names in their industry. It helps us in learning about the marketing trends in the industry and the preference of the consumers. All in all, our focus is on setting up a strong foundation before stepping forward with our plans.

What is your Keyword Selection Process?

We provides you with the relevant 50 keywords related to your business and then we finalize the best 20 keywords which have good search volume, less competition and are easy to rank. Plus, we tailor performance-driven SEO plans and assist you in how to structure those keywords across new pages and posts in your website. It helps you to set the layout of the content of the webpages, and posts along with how they link to each other internally.

Do you provide multilingual SEO services?

Yes, we work for multilingual websites and optimize their content in various languages. For instance, if your website has a few versions in multiple languages, such as French, Italian, Spanish, and English. Our SEO management team, with their strong global SEO strategies, can help your business to build an international presence that enhances organic traffic.

Which Geographical Locations do you Serve?

We are happy to offer the best SEO Services in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Central & South America.
We are headquartered in Chandigarh(India),with our team present in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney. We work in a hybrid model where our team members from multiple locations can work on your project to give you the best possible results with guaranteed satisfaction.

What kind of Backlinks will be delivered?

Backlinks, inbound links, one-way links or incoming links are the links that connect a website to a page from another website. Getting backlinks is a crucial part of the SEO services plan because they allow search engines to see the website as a trusted, recognised, and rank-worthy result. If we talk about the backlinks, we provide a plethora of them. You can count on our excellent link building expert for guest blogging backlinks, PBN, business profile backlinks, link insertion, skyscraper technique links, and a lot more.

Do you offer guest posts?

Yes, our expert link building team also offers guest blogging! These guest blogs have the power to share the message of your brand while making it thrive. They act as the medium of direct exposure to the traffic you are targeting. Apart from that, they can also grow your network and enhance the shares of your social media platforms. Guest blogging can enhance the following of your brands on respective social media platforms, and you can also strengthen the backlink profile. As guest blogging acts as the medium for generating qualified leads, it can shorten your sales cycle too. The bottom line is that it can provide you with numerous benefits.

Are your backlinks Safe?

Yes, we have been in this industry for over 13 years and know how SEO works. Following are the factors that we consider to create an effective and safe link building strategy.

  • Contextual
  • Unique
  • Link velocity
  • Indexing
  • Anchor rotation brand + keywords
  • With domain authority & organic traffic

Our SEO link building services are tailored to boost your search performance which drives more organic traffic to your website.

Do you provide a Backlinks Report?

Yes, you’ll receive professional & transparent Backlinks Reports. Our comprehensive backlinks reports contain detailed excel reports for individual links and the date of link addition. You will have access to a document that updates you throughout the month with all the key metrics from DA and PA to organic traffic. Above all, our expert SEO marketing team will provide you with a monthly report containing details of all the work we've done to maintain transparency.

Do you offer any after support?

We completely understand your business goals to implement the best SEO strategies and achieve growth. And Yes, we give three months of free support after finishing any campaign, and our SEO campaign experts are always available for long term support. So, if you find any issue, you may contact our professional SEO consultant to get it fixed.

Do you have Proof of Success?

Yes, 1900+ case study and 2700 reviews make us the most trusted and best SEO agency in the world. You can find a number of client testimonials and feedbacks on our website and know how we have helped their businesses to achieve growth. Moreover, all our clients are 100% satisfied and happy with our services. To be a part of our valuable and happy customer base, schedule an appointment with our SEO marketing consultant.

Will I get Ongoing monthly traffic reporting?

Yes, we give you access to various monthly reporting packages to provide you with a real-time report of what’s happening with your campaign, such as backlinks, keywords, traffic and more. These reports are tailored to provide you with access to additional data on the ROI and traffic of particular marketing channels.

Do you optimise core web vital?

Yes, our SEO marketing professionals also optimises core web vitals! After all, these metrics are crucial for the user experience while loading a website. They define the three initial areas of user experience. It includes ease of interaction, page loading performance, and visual stability from the user's perception.
Let's learn about the three major core metrics! The first is the Largest Contentful Paint that tells about loading performance, and the second is First Input Delay shows the interactivity of a page. The third one is Cumulative Layout Shift which is about layout shifts. You can expect a number of benefits from core web vitals including mobile-friendliness, less intrusive interstitials, safe browsing, and pages served through HTTPS.

Do you also optimize the Youtube Video?

Yes, Our video SEO specialist regularly promotes youtube videos with effective YouTube video SEO. Our YouTube Video SEO Experts help you incorporate video SEO into your digital marketing strategy so that you can get access to SEO tactics and a new audience of potential customers to beat your competition. As a fact, Approx 20 videos are trending on youtube after being optimized by our SEO discovery team.

Do you offer Wordpress SEO services ?

Yes, we have optimized around 500+ wordpress websites and assisted clients to use the plugins for WordPress SEO. We know that there is plenty of SEO strength built into WordPress, but that is insufficient to stay ahead of your competition. To actually stand out from the crowd, you need truly efficient and professional WordPress SEO services. SEO Discovery offers a unique set of WordPress SEO plans depending on the goals of delivering quality, targeted traffic by optimizing your WordPress SEO and taking it to the top in search engine rankings.

Can I offer my ideas for content planning and creation?

Definitely! We like hearing your ideas, plans and turning them into reality. After listening to your plan, we will suggest some amendments to make them work perfectly. Our goal is to provide our customers with satisfaction and the best content writing services in India. We have a professional content marketing team to deliver highly engaging and quality content.

Do you optimize CTA?

Yes, SEO Discovery’s professionals optimize CTAs because we are well aware of their importance. We want our clients to get the best of everything, and that is why we optimize the CTAs for the same. We always share the details with clients so that they can get an insight into what their advantages are. With CTA optimization, we also intend to direct the action of the readers as per their needs. It allows every piece of content to turn meaningful. You can also count on us for effective call-to-action with our content marketing services. To know more about our digital marketing services, Feel free to reach us.

How can you help me rank in my city?

Well, when it comes to ranking, it certainly doesn't need answers because the services offered by SEO Discovery can get you the desired results. Our local SEO experts are known for ranking clients' businesses on top in their cities. Being the top local SEO agency in India, we assure you that you will witness sudden growth, an increase in traffic, and a conversion rate. In the case of ranking your local business, our local SEO specialists target a specific audience to bring your local business to the top of the search engine. It can help you reduce advertising costs while making constant business growth. You can beat your competition and get more local reviews with our local SEO services.

How does Google review affect your local SEO?

In an online business, reviews really play an important role as they act as a mirror of your products or services. Client testimonials create a huge impact as they have become a major factor in achieving success online. There’s no denial of the fact that everyone checks online reviews before getting the services or purchasing products from an individual brand. It greatly affects the ranking and also the sales part. Being an SEO specialist in India, we can help you to gain reviews to enhance your local SEO.

Do you support the existing SEO Campaigns?

Yes! We do support the existing SEO Campaigns. As a matter of fact, most of our customers come to us to take our reliable SEO services with existing campaigns. We have shifted and taken over the existing SEO campaigns as well as prepared new SEO strategies for business websites. We ensure that our business plan suits your website needs.

Can I get Quick SEO Results?

Some SEO firms in India promise to offer quick results for SEO. But, you should never forget the point that SEO takes time; it is the only black hat SEO strategy (like Content Automation, Doorway Pages, Keyword Stuffing, Bad Backlinks) that will provide you with fast SEO results. And if you go for it, this procedure will affect your website in a negative manner, and there is also the possibility of Google blocking your website. Being a reputed SEO Agency, we don’t suggest Black Hat SEO.

What other digital marketing services do you offer?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency providing all the online marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Strategy, Quality Link building, Email outreach, re-targeting, Affiliate marketing, Integrated online marketing, Content generation, Influencer marketing services and a lot more.

Which SEO tools do you use?

There are various SEO tools available in the market. At SEO Discovery, we use SEMrush, Moz tools, LSI graphs, Uber suggests, keyword planner, Ahref, and more. We, being professional SEO service providers use both free and paid tools for providing excellent results to our clients.

Will SEO affect my Website Design ?

There is no certainty about it. Skillful editing to the content of your website is flawlessly done to match the voice and style of your brand. In some cases, new web pages or more user friendly and easy navigation might be suggested. Amongst this whichever is perfectly suited for the path of success for your website, your brand's image is given priority.

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    Flat1, White Heather, st Mary's Road, Springborne, Bournemouth BH14QP, United Kingdom

  • India

    C 210 A, Industrial Area Phase 8B Mohali, Punjab 160071

  • USA

    3350 SHELBY ST. SUITE 200 ONTARIO, CA 91764, USA

  • Canada

    2 Robert Speck Pkwy, Suite 750, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1H8, Canada

  • New Zealand

    12 Aero Place, Takanini, Auckland 2112, NewZealand

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