Top 10 Content Marketing Tools You Must Try in 2022

It is known to all of us that content marketing tools can never replace us; however, they certainly can help us ease our tasks by making them much quicker and efficient. As per a survey, the annual rate of content marketing growth has reached $217.3 billion by the end of 2020. Many of you must be thinking about why companies are spending so much on content marketing, right? The answer to your question is very simple. It is because content marketing provides an immense amount of value that marketers cannot receive from other types of conventional forms of marketing. For instance, content marketing will require 62 percent fewer expenses when compared to conventional marketing and produces three to four times as many leads.

You will come across more than hundreds of content marketing tools online. Out of all these, some of them are free, while a few others are that of affordable prices. Not only content creation, but they also help in content advertising, promotion, and advertising on an endless number of platforms. The technology landscape of content marketing is increasing with the passing year. That being said, we now have a solution for all the problems that ever can occur to you in relation to the content. But these problems can be torturous at times, so we all start looking for the best tools that can help you promote your content across different platforms. Considering your problems, we have come up with this article, in which we will talk about the top ten content marketing tools you need to use in 2022.

List of 10 Content Marketing Tools

Your experience of content marketing techniques helps you to assess how effective you could be as a marketer. But scrolling through dozens of content marketing software can provide you with an explosion of details. Let’s get going now with the best tools!

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a program that enables advertisers to identify trends in their business. Besides, it also allows marketers to recognize the best bloggers in their area to sell their content. Some of the features which make BuzzSumo, the best ones are:

  • Research and organization of content help you classify the content shared the most within various timeframes. BuzzSumo also helps you to discover the average share of the required network, conduct comprehensive content research, figure out which types of content are performing best, and so much more;
  • The content curation feature of BuzzSumo helps the users to find content on a certain topic. You can also get notifications whenever an author updates new content. 
  • It also helps you to explore the content which is being shared or viewed by the public repetitively. This can be done easily based upon the network, domain, time, and author.
  • The question analyzer of BuzzSumo helps you to create content that can help you answer most of the questions asked by the users.


2. WordPress

When talking of the CMS, WordPress is the most commonly used by people all over the world. As per a report presented by VentureBeat, it has been stated that around 30 percent of online businesses on the internet prefer using WordPress for promoting their content. We all very well are aware of the fact that social proof can at times lead us nowhere on the right path. However, in WordPress, this is certainly not true, as it has turned out to be a very powerful tool. Be it at the beginning phase or the existing phase, WordPress has always proven itself in content marketing.

WordPress provides advertisers with the resources they really will need to build a website or an online forum. It is a very convenient-to-use content curation and creative writing platform that helps update content, user analytics, and a range of extensions to optimize your marketing method. The free plan is provided with the domain ( and three gigabytes of data.

3. HubSpot

For years now, HubSpot has been considered the all-rounder about inbound marketing, CRM suite, sales, and distribution. It helps content marketers by providing them with all the necessary tools. They might need these to develop actionable information that creates sales and drives. This content advertising solution also offers content marketers tools that focus on producing information, refining content, and ensure that it gets to the right audiences. When you have built your profile and published your content, HubSpot analyses your marketing plan regarding revenue and overall results. 

Other than the free-of-cost content marketing resources, if you want to create a successful device, then HubSpot has a top-class CMS and perhaps the most effective promotional automation platform in the business. It enables you to standardize anything to a free CRM. This ensures that HubSpot has a solution that would help you develop your content marketing plan at any stage of company development.

4. Trello

Trello is graphical cooperation and project management technique that makes planning and cooperation interesting. This platform has a panel of boards that show tasks and cards to make you aware of the completed activities. There will be many listings within the cards that classify and record the performance of each mission. With Trello, you can arrange and manage all the group files and tasks in one place. It also facilitates integration with many of the applications that the team is currently using.

In simple, we can say that Trello is basic project management software, which indicates that it could be used for several purposes. Besides, we’ve used it for lots of other stuff, such as development experiments, marketing processes, and product roadmaps.

5. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a multi-purpose social media marketing application working in the most efficient way to assess the content, manage different social media platforms, schedule new articles, evaluate performance, and cooperate with marketing teammates. The provider provides a range of features like content discovery, publishing, managing, market research, and computerization features to assist marketing companies in their work and cooperation. These would be the functions that you can use with ContentStudio:

  • Market analysis on social media
  • Exploration of content
  • Provides Efficient insights
  • centralized content planners
  • Multiple channel creator and publisher
  • Automation of content sharing.


6. Canva

What will you do when a stock image does not cut in properly? At such time, the best tool that you can use is Canva. It is one of the best designing platforms chosen by most expert designers and bloggers to create exemplarily perfect images. It is perfect for people and companies who seem to have no experience in graphic design. You can certainly pick a design from various types, including presentation, social media, Facebook message, advertisements, Instagram posts, the message header, posters, book cover, and much more. You may use social networking sites to print, download, or post your template. Some of the best features provided by Canva are:

  • Helps in creating grids and frames, cropping the images, enhancing the image quality, and straightening.
  • Provides you a drag and drop tool which helps you to edit the template.
  • Drag and drop the tool that helps you to edit templates without learning HTML;
  • You can add relevant and personalized text to the images.
  • Developing static, interactive, and dynamic placards.
  • Heatmap to figure out how people communicate with your advertising.


This platform is excellent for different types of online marketing pictures, such as social media images, blog photo covers, Twitter photo covers, etc. This is pretty best for all purposes.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly has certainly been of great help when choosing the best tool for content marketing in 2022. This platform is designed specifically for digital marketers, writers, and business people to establish reliable text data. Not only will the platform assist you in simplifying your content, but it also allows you to review vocabulary, punctuation, pronunciation, plagiarism, and much more. You can also use this as an app or as a browser plugin. Grammarly helps you proofread and edit the contents on LinkedIn, Google Docs, Messenger, MS Word, Gmail, and many other platforms. Let us tell you more about its features:

  • Checks grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation to help you correct them.
  • Restructures the incorrect sentences and makes them as short as possible.
  • Improvement of vocabulary
  • Checking the style of writing
  • Checks Plagiarism
  • Writing ideas based on the audience and priorities.


8. SEMrush

SEMrush is a content management platform that enables marketers to identify the content as per their strategic objectives. Market researchers can use this method to inspect, study, distribute and compare content efficiency. Besides, they will use the data generated to take swift steps to maximize their growth and profits. Managing different content activities helps company owners concentrate on core topics such as marketing campaigns and inventions. Here are some of the advantages required by SEMrush:

  • Research on keywords
  • Tracking of status
  • Analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Ranking of competitors
  • Crawl audit tool
  • View the promotional tool
  • Product listing of advertisement


9. Uberflip

Creating content to promote businesses itself is one thing. Doing the same in an organized fashion to meet consumer’s demands at any point of the shopping process is quite different – and that is what Uberflip strives to do. A primary component of Uberflip is the opportunity to build content platforms that are important to particular subjects and markets, which can also enable you to share content more efficiently and increase conversion rates.

With the help of Uberflip, you can track and improve the online content marketing strategy. It is because an analytics system is integrated into this platform. However, if you’re unable to gain the insights, then Uberflip provides a wide variety of helpful tips and techniques to help your advertising campaign. What’s more, the tool’s customer care staff is highly appreciated if you have any issues along the way.

10. Populr

With performance and speed at its foundation, Populr urges you to create a page for everything in five minutes.’ The system seeks to strengthen marketing and advertising teams with a framework that organizes websites with many conveniences as Powerpoint presentations, eliminating the duty to use developers. Populr provides its users with various web template alternatives to render a very professional touch without any need to take help from a designer. The automated layout engine helps users to quickly click and drag objects onto their personalized websites.

This content marketing tool also allows you to share your content with others using the share options, including social media, email, and perhaps more. The engagement trackers and analytical tools help you monitor and automate your content. Some other useful functions which Populr provides include sharing tools to enable multiple users to modify a site, personalized labeling to allow quick uploading of logos and graphics, plus password and data encryption for added security. 


Seeing the constant rise in digital marketing, you must have known to date that there are lots of things that make your online business do wonders on the web. One of the most important factors has been the content that you upload on your online site. It is a well-known fact that content is a very important part of online marketing or advertising strategy. Interesting and informative content will get you users and eventually help you make them your loyal customer base. Hence, investing in one of the best content marketing tools is what you need to certainly consider doing as soon as possible.

Purchasing the best tool out of all those mentioned in the list above will help you communicate with your target audience and achieve the goals. With these content marketing tools, you can certainly promote your online business and gain profits. However, remember that you choose the content marketing tools as per your preferences, budget and usage. Make sure that you begin working on finding the best one as soon as possible.

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