Effective Tips for Content Marketing

You have to be fast in content marketing. You have to immediately arouse curiosity and convince. We are so flooded with content these days that you often only have a very short amount of time to do it. That’s why your content has to be “really good”.

But what there are certain quality criteria that your content should bring. We’ll show you what these are in this tips for content marketing checklist.

Identify Target Group

Have you done long ago? Allow us to ask you: how carefully did you go about it? A target group analysis is the central and most important tips for content marketing strategy.

Back to the target group: This must be clear and clearly defined. For this it is important that you know your customers’ journey through the Internet: where are they located, when and for what purpose (Google, Facebook etc.)? Answers to this led you to the right course in your content marketing strategy.

Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy focuses on creating content in the marketing mix that effectively supports your communication and corporate goals.

You need a clear idea of ​​your target group so that you can address them with the right content: via their blog, social media channels and newsletters.

The elements of content marketing strategy should include content and operational considerations: Who creates what content and plays it where? An editorial plan is helpful here, which you can install on WordPress, for example, using a plugin such as the Editorial Calendar.

Or you use Trello, which is ideal for editorial management. Whichever content marketing tool you use, it is important that you do content marketing in a targeted, organized and focused manner on the target group.

Be Patient

Precisely because the competition is so big and the range of content is so diverse, you won’t let your website’s traffic skyrocket overnight. The gold rush in content marketing has been over for years. Which does not mean that no treasure can be found. You just have to dig deeper.

Spoken without metaphors: Expect content marketing successes after several months. Even better: after several years. After all, they would not publish a customer magazine and expect a storm of enthusiasm immediately after publication. Even a medium like a blog takes a while in the fast-paced times of the Internet before there is a constant flow of traffic.

Use Multiple Content Formats

When it comes to tips for content marketing, many publishers only think of blog articles. Associated article pictures are the highest of feelings as an addition. It’s better these days!

With a mix of content formats, for example. And this is not a gimmick, but an absolute necessity. Visual content is on the rise, so the demand for video content is increasing massively. Don’t oversleep these developments, but take care early on to produce content formats apart from classic articles.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is still underestimated in the content marketing mix. The popular image search engine is a real traffic turbo, especially in the B2C area.

Take the chance to get started with Pinterest marketing. It is efficient, fun and one of the most sustainable measures you can implement.

In one of her webinars, Pinterest expert Alexandra Polunin recently revealed that a tweet on Twitter had a half-life of 30 minutes. The half-life of a pin is 3.5 months. During this time, your pin circulates prominently in the feeds of thousands of users on Pinterest. Any questions?

Dare Originality

Many publishers copy from each other. That is the ugly truth in content marketing. These publishers look at which keywords compete and copy them.

Of course, not one to one, because the word has now got around that counterfeits are flying very quickly. So here and there the sentence structure is changed or the wording changed – the “Unique Content” is ready! Pretty sad, isn’t it?

To put an end to this grief and failure in content marketing, we recommend that you step out of line and produce original content beyond the standard price.

Expand Network

Building a network or maintaining an existing one is extremely important for your success in content marketing. Why? Because your contacts share the content you want to create and distribute. For example, via social media.

If there are multipliers in your network, a blog article or video can reach thousands of people or decision-makers that you would otherwise never reach.

Pay Attention to Quality

Content marketing is carried out from sole proprietors to small agencies and large corporations. Which means that there is a lot of mediocre content out there, but also a lot of good content.

So, in 2021 you will also be facing a tough competitive environment in which those who create even higher quality and more helpful content for their target group than the competition win.

Invest Money

Are you trying to do content marketing for free? This is completely right. This is probably the start of everyone who deals with the topic. Over time, however, you will find that your endeavours are becoming more and more professional. You see the competition and determine which high-quality videos, infographics and texts are available to the target group.

You need excellent content these days to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you just go under and your efforts have been in vain.

Save yourself years of tuition and invest right from the start. Then you can reach your goals faster in content marketing.

Focus on The User Experience

The user experience is decisive. Write this down on a post-it and stick it on the screen. Your content can be so strong: If the navigation on your website is not clear and unambiguous, if users are greeted by 404 pages or have to struggle with long loading times, then these are simply gone.

And usually don’t come back. Even worse, they are annoyed because they have had troubles with your side instead of positive user experience.

So, work closely with your content writers and web designers and developers when doing content marketing. Clarify the following questions:

  • Can the user find his way around our website quickly and easily using simple menus?
  • Is the design of the website appealing and appropriate for the target group?
  • Has the website been optimized for mobile devices?
  • Is our website loading time less than 5 seconds?
  • Does the user find exactly the information that he expects on the landing pages, in the blog and all other sub-pages as well as on the homepage?

In all clarity: in addition to the quality of the content, the user experience is decisive for the war in content marketing. Go through the structure of your website in detail and ask yourself honestly: Does the page correspond to your ideas of usability? Does it look modern and contemporary? And does it run fast?

Address Secondary Target Groups

The first point of this article dealt with the importance of a target group analysis. That is the essential tips for content marketing. If you have also completed all other points up to this point, it is time to turn to the secondary target groups.

This means people who are in the closer social environment of your customers. This can be colleagues, friends or relatives. Why should you include this in your content marketing strategy? Isn’t it enough work to produce content for a target group and distribute it?

We understand your point. However, please consider the advantages of addressing secondary target groups with separate content. To do this, we have to think a bit around the corner and be aware of the power of personal recommendations.

Imagine your best friend coming to you and raving about the new Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood. From crispy scampi, the friendly service and the delicious red wine!

What are the chances that you will pay a visit to the restaurant based on such an authentic recommendation?

Now, in our thought experiment, imagine that you, as the restaurant owner, have addressed the girlfriend of your dream customer with content marketing. For example, via a blog article in which you write about the ambience of the restaurant in Sicilian flair. Your target customers might never have been interested, but their girlfriend, who has been looking forward to their Sicily vacation for weeks and wants to get in the mood at home.

And what is more suitable than a visit to your restaurant? Now the lady will think about how to make such a visit palatable to her boyfriend. And they’re fine! So, you don’t have to do anything with this tactic other than trusting your secondary audience to create brand ambassadors that advertise on your behalf. What an elegant and effective way to do content marketing!

Provide Good Entertainment

A high bounce rate is one of the most common phenomena that we encounter in customer service. There can be several reasons for this. Very often the reason is that the content is boring. In videos, facts are rattled off monotonously, there is no interesting visual language. And the texts on the website are at best to help you fall asleep.

This can be done better! And above all, more entertaining. The importance of entertainment in content marketing is massively underestimated. But let’s be honest: what content do you like to consume most? The ones you get bored to death with? Or the ones with whom you have a lot of fun, your curiosity is awakened and you are drawn into the website with excitement?

The keyword is therefore infotainment. Entertainingly prepare high-quality content and you bind the target group to yourself.

Be There with Passion

We can promise you one thing: If you blog only half-heartedly, the result will read the same way. The more you and your employees enjoy content marketing, the better the results will be.

Therefore, do not consider content marketing as a necessary evil, but as a great opportunity to take your corporate communication forward in creative ways. At the same time, this also offers opportunities that have never existed in human history.

You are not dependent on large media companies but can build a community around your brand yourself. If you rely on high-quality content, you will gain fans over time that will stay with you for months or even years. So, it’s worth being passionate about it.

Plan enough time and effort for content marketing. 74 per cent of companies are struggling with the lack of these resources.

Give all of your content a chance. Some work seasonally or depending on social developments. Let’s say you’ve written an article on a topic that becomes hype two years later. Then you were the first mover and can score with a fantastic ranking on this topic.

A trap here is the greed for traffic. It’s not about the sum, but the quality of the clicks. It’s better to get ten clicks from potential customers than 1,000 clicks from users who have no connection to your brand. Then the traffic figures look nice, but there is no conversion or contact.

In short: measure, but interpret the data sensibly and don’t let the mere numbers tempt you to take quick shots like deleting supposedly poorly performing articles. Trust your strategy, even if the successes show up years later.

Convincing decision-makers or superiors from time to time may be a challenge. That is why it is so important to fully document your strategy from target group analysis through conceptual design to interaction with the target group and the resulting results. Continue to include studies that map the success of long-term content marketing strategies.


Content marketing is not rocket science. In above clearly defined steps, you can achieve success with your blog articles, infographics, podcasts and videos even in times of content shock. Do not overwhelm yourself, but do it one by one and bring patience. Then you will reap the fruits of your efforts, in the long run. We wish you every success!

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