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Let the social world know about the brand you are going to be!

Take the presence of your business on cloud 9 with the apt social media marketing services. Join hands with our team of social media professionals to lay a strong foundation for your business among your audience. We are a bunch of innovators and creators that strive to turn your business into one of the leading brands.

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Brand Recognised
I am Willing to get a Brand Recognised

Gaining an edge over the competition is one of the major reasons you need to emphasise for recognition of your brand, which you can

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I am Seeking to Engage with My Users

You can facilitate two-way dialogues between you and your potential consumers and make your brand a requisite for them. You must

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Consumer's Loyalty!
I am Going to Appreciate My Consumer's Loyalty!

Irrespective of your industry, you have to keep up with existing clients and allure new ones for your brand's growth. For that, you can…

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 Website Traffic!
I am Focusing on Increasing My Website Traffic!

Inspiring your audience with evergreen content promoted on the right platforms can set the stage to increase website traffic. You can..

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Set a Strong Brand Presence with

Social Media Marketing!

Ready to Increase Followers in Your Social Channels?

Rule the Socially-Inclined World with

Our SMM Services

The presence of more than 2.93 billion users makes Facebook an opportunity for your business. At SEO Discovery, we can make most of this social media platform for you. We are well-versed with the minutiae of Facebook Marketing and can leverage it to target the right demographic. Being the best social media marketing company, our team of social maniacs can expand the reach of your business with minimal costs. With our Facebook marketing services, we strive to build connections with the audience that matters. Do connect with us if you want the same too.

Being a platform that connects many users with new products and services, marketing with Instagram can do wonders for your brand. With our team of innovators and thinkers, we can make the smart move to connect your brand with over a billion people out there. With our thoroughly framed Instagram marketing services, we can build you a strong space among your potential customers. We start with crafting compelling content, engaging with the audience, and creating opportunities for your brand to gain the attention of the right audience.

With its users publishing about different topics, Twitter has become an influential social media platform. As a brand, you can leverage it as a medium for customer channels. That's because Twitter has witnessed an extensive number of social customer service requests. Additionally, we all know Twitter as a trend settler platform! There are a few steps to doing so, which can promise you a multitude of benefits also. From the use of a built-in audience to unique hashtags, our twitter marketing agency knows when and how to make the smart move for your business.

Do you know Pinterest has a worldwide presence of more than 200 million? People look for and share inspiring ideas on this medium. This platform can provide you with substantial growth for your business. You can expect the audience for food, fashion, auto, travel, and interior industry. Coming to conversions, more than 90% of users plan purchases using Pinterest. And when it comes to connecting to a good amount of potential customers for your business, we have the apt strategies for that. We perform thorough industry-based research, build pins, and fasten the steps to conversions, allowing users to reach your site.

Along with connecting to business buyers, Linkedin can also serve you with a reach of other professionals. Being a Business to the Business platform, it can promise you a multitude of benefits among online communities. As a LinkedIn Marketing agency, we can take charge of every step from creating a strategy to analysing the campaign. We plan a step forward to stretch opportunities for your brand to appear in front of your target audience with a blend of efficiency, excellence, and expertise.

Our Approach to

Establish Grounds for Your Business

experience SEO company
  • Market Analysis
  • We gather the relevant data from different social media channels to bring practical conclusions. We see it as a source of information to help us get the most out of our social media marketing campaign. With market analysis, we strive to make a strong foundation for your social media marketing strategy.
google search ranking
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Creating and maintaining a presence on social media platforms is necessary to survive in the social world. It allows you to keep your presence and is essential to allure potential customers to drive more attention. We are a social media marketing firm that stays prepared to regularly maintain your social media handles accordingly.
SEO team
  • Customised Strategies
  • We see every business as a different one and expect it to have unique needs. Additionally, everyone among you has a distinctive audience, products, services, and goals that we need to provide attention to. That is why we prioritise creating tailored strategies to enhance your branding on different social media platforms.
transparent SEO reporting
  • Regular Audit
  • Creating and publishing relevant content on different social media platforms is necessary, and so is the part of tracking the performances. Our social media marketing experts regularly make sure to check the progress of our work. We also perform content audits to learn about further advancements.
SEO case study
  • Content Strategies
  • Even on social media platforms, content matters! From engaging captions on Instagram to relevant hashtags on Twitter, the right words can make the difference. Like other marketing efforts, they can facilitate brand recognition, audience engagement, and most importantly, lead generation; we focus on each of them.
We Set the launchpad for

Your Social Presence!


Because we strive to bring you an extensive return on your investment. We are prepared with our consumer-focused and oriented plans.


Because we have access to the dedicated resources comprising a team of individuals and the leading Social Media Tools.


Because we follow an inventive approach, which is a blend of innovative thinkers and a practical perspective.


Because we are known for building brands. Many professionals have counted on us as their brand-building partners.


Because we thoroughly understand your brand. We use our voice and strategies to convey your business values.


Because we create smart strategies before embarking on a social media marketing plan to drive return on investment.


Because we have built many brands and worked as the best social media management company for more than a decade.


Because we see your business as our brand and are approachable as well. We work diligently and seriously with every client.

That’s How We Transform

The Social Image of a Brand!

  • Learn

    As the best SMM agency, we begin by learning about the business of our clients. When working with us, you can expect us to identify your key selling points, your target audience, their preferences, your competitors, customer acquisition and other aspects.

  • Strategise

    Once aware of your business and its needs, we prepare a result-oriented strategy that would suit best for your business. We start by performing a social media audit, setting your business accounts, enhancing profiles, and creating a post calendar.

  • Execute

    Once planned, we are all set to embark on your social media marketing campaign. While doing it, we look after your accounts and create and publish quality content regularly. We stay updated with the trends and present you as an authority as well.

  • Check

    We also track our strategies and plans, which allows us to leverage, modify, and update our strategies. Our goal is to look for the best practices to take your business’s popularity to the top of the social media world. Don’t you want the same?

  • Update

    We believe in keeping you posted on how far your business has reached in spreading its awareness. That's the reason our social media experts share regular reports and updates on how we are working, and this transparency allows us to gain better results.

The Best

SMM Packages

SMM Packages
Channels: Any 1


  • Profile Optimization
  • 12 FB Timeline Status Posting
  • Cover Image Creative (1)
  • Like/Followers - upto 500


  • Profile Optimization
  • 12 Tweets Posting
  • Twitter Followers Increase
  • #Hashtag Trend Research


  • Profile Optimization
  • 12 Instagram Image Sharing
  • Online brand reputation
  • Strategies and suggestions
  • Comments & Likes Management


  • Profile Optimization
  • 12 LinkedIn Post Sharing
  • Targeted Linkedin Connection
  • Company Page Creation
  • Relevant Group Joining
SMM Packages
Channels: Any 2


  • Everything included in Basic package
  • 16 FB Timeline Status Posting
  • Cover Image Creative (2)
  • 1 Monthly Video


  • Everything included in Basic package
  • 16 Tweets Posting
  • Regular Analysis Measuring
  • Engaging in trenidng topics
  • 1 Monthly Video


  • Everything included in Basic package
  • 16 Instagram Image Sharing
  • 1 Monthly Video
  • Create Highlights & its covers


  • Everything included in Basic package
  • 16 LinkedIn Post Sharing
  • Competitors audience posts likes.
  • 1 Monthly Video
SMM Packages
Channels: Any 3


  • Everything included in Advanced Package
  • 20 FB Timeline Status Posting
  • Cover Image Creative (3)
  • Automatic messaging settings
  • 2 Monthly Videos


  • Everything included in Advanced Package
  • 20 Tweets Posting
  • Updated with twitter trends
  • Schedule Tweets If Required
  • Twitter Analytics Monitoring
  • 2 Monthly Videos


  • Everything included in Advanced Package
  • 20 Instagram Image Sharing
  • 2 Monthly Videos
  • Influencer outreach


  • Everything included in Advanced Package
  • 20 LinkedIn Post Sharing
  • Cross-Promote Your Posts on Other Social Media Platforms
  • 2 Monthly Videos
  • Creating professional-looking outreaching content Quotes
SMM Packages
Channels: Any 4


  • Everything included in Professional Package
  • Cover Image Creative (5)
  • 30 FB Timeline Status Posting
  • Community Create
  • 3 Monthly Videos
  • Facebook Insight Monitoring


  • Everything included in Professional Package
  • 30 Tweets Posting
  • Run a Twitter poll
  • Make a content calendar
  • 3 Monthly Videos


  • Everything included in Professional Package
  • 30 Instagram Image Sharing
  • 3 Monthly Videos
  • Online brand reputation
  • IG Analytics Monitoring


  • Everything included in Professional Package
  • 30 LinkedIn Post Sharing
  • 3 Monthly Videos
  • Event Creation and Promotion
  • Sending direct messages for brand awareness

Did You Know?


of retail brands use two or more social media platforms.


of marketers experience social media as very effective for their business.


of consumers search products on Instagram & Facebook.


Social media referral traffic to online stores has increased.


What sort of work can I expect if I hire you?

Being a social media marketing consultant, we strive to work for an increase in followers, engagement, conversion rate and traffic. These can measure and impact sales in the longer term. By regularly updating your social media handles, we will focus on increasing each of them.
Working with us can be a smart move for your business. You can leverage our expertise to avail of each of these goals. Both organic and paid campaigns can assist you with what's best for you.

How many followers can I expect every month?

An increase in followers can depend on the social media platform. Social marketing campaigns and advertising can be the deciding factors for a rise on Facebook. To ensure the relevant and constant increase in your follower list, we would apply steps and also track your progress.
On Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, you can increase upto 100-300 followers in a month. Talking of organic reach, we emphasise making an identity, engaging with followers, and publishing relevant content with a strategic calendar. Our selection and publishing of relevant hashtags can also lay the foundation for making strong followers. Our goal as a social advertising agency is to assist you in building your strong base for your business.

How much website traffic can I expect?

Our social media consultant crafts the strategies to allure the audience toward your brand. Apart from your social media handles, they can also find their way to your website. We focus on customer engagement, boosting followers, and building brand recognition- all to direct your users toward your site. We perform traffic analysis and offer both organic and paid services for social media marketing. Consistent efforts on them can influence your presence on social media platforms and search engines. As your social media marketing partners, we are here to take care of all of them.

How soon can I expect to see results?

If you want to measure the results through a rise in followers or engagement with your customers, you can have the initial traces in a month. However, you can also witness constant growth in your results every month. On a longer term, which can be upto 6 to 12 months, you can see a noticeable change in followers, engagement, and conversions.

Setup fees and Contract
I want to know about the contracts.

Once you start a social media marketing campaign with us, we will serve you for three months with your initial contract terms. After that, we can continue our social media consulting services with you every month. When working with us monthly, you have the full right to discontinue the contract with us. However, we would expect you to inform us 30 days prior. It would be nothing different than a written or digital notice.
During this whole period of availing of our social media marketing services, we can assist you in setting up your social presence. You can also expect us to keep you posted with every result we make. Our regular reporting is our way of doing that.

Do you charge any setup fee?

Yes, you need to pay us a setup fee initially. The reason why we are charging it is that your organisation can start with the campaigns. You can also count on our best SMO services for administrative work, including search engine systems and analytics systems. Along with these, you can also expect us to set up the essential advertising accounts. As your top SMO agency, you can expect us to create and implement effective plans focused on bringing a return on your investment.

How long will it take to get started?

It depends on when you approach us for our social media management services. You can begin with us straight away after the moment you reach us. After submitting your details on our website, one of our sales team members will approach you. In the conversation, you can expect them to understand your goals and assist you in unveiling the best plan. We will also ensure that it suits your budget and brings the most ROI. Once you approve those, we will share a contract with you, and signing in those will get you started with your campaigns soon.

How will I get to know about the setup fees and contract?

When you agree to work with our social media agency, you can expect us to share our confirmation through an email related to the same. We will take care of updating you about the contract and setup charges before commencing any of the campaigns. While working with us, we would suggest you look through the contract and setup fees. You can update us with the confirmation, and we will begin with the work.
After establishing things properly, we can start working towards your brand's social success. Your interest and our expertise can go hand in hand with your success in social media marketing.

Who will work on my account?

At SEO Discovery, we treat every project as a responsibility. You can expect us to assign you a dedicated social media manager. Our experienced SMM experts will look after your social media handles and stay in touch with you. Apart from our sales consultant, our social media manager will keep you posted about all the updates from our campaigns. At SEO Discovery, our SMM managers do not just look after the social media marketing platforms they will also take care of building your business as a brand.

Will I have to share any content?

Our dedicated SMM professionals will look after every bit of social media marketing, including creating relevant content. At the same time, if you have some prolific ideas you want us to implement, we are all ears. At SEO Discovery, we are an all-inclusive stop for digital marketing. We have a team of creative writers who can bring out-of-the-box ideas for you to implement.

How will my followers grow?

When it comes to increasing the number of followers, there are two approaches to do the same- Organic and paid. The organic approach will include regular content publishing through graphics and engaging copies. They can focus on the ongoing trends in your industry, while on the other side, the paid approach includes paid campaigns. These can require you to pay a fee, and the social media platform will show your message or product to your target audience. As an affordable social media management company, we are well-versed with both concepts and can assist you in making the smart move accordingly. As your SMM partners, we aim to stay by your side in the hustle of becoming a brand in the world of social media.

What will you post?

At SEO Discovery, you can count on our social media marketing managers to craft the customised strategy according to your business. We work by learning the nitty-gritty of your business. We take a grasp of your target audience, learn and understand what they want to see, and then begin with the content creation. Our goal is to create inspiring, informative, and entertaining content. We are an all-inclusive solution for social media marketing with a team of content writers, graphic designers, video designers, and social media marketing managers to assist you.

How many times will you post?

It all depends on you! On embarking on a social media marketing strategy, we will discuss the frequency of posts you want to publish. Generally, we suggest publishing posts one to two times a day. It can eventually help boost and keep up with your engagement. However, at SEO Discovery, our goal is to emphasise quality over quantity. It means we will focus on publishing as much content as possible while keeping your audience engaged with what's published. We strive to assist you in the whole journey of turning your business into a recognisable brand. Delivering quality content at the right time will be one of our efforts for the same.

How will you generate content that will fit my business?

The content creation in our agency begins with several steps. First and foremost is to learn about your organisation, its unique selling propositions, its audience, and the ideal way to present in front of the audience. At the same time, we will focus on the industry trends and the competitors. While considering all of these elements, we will create a social media marketing strategy. We won't commence on that without your approval. After the content creation for the posts, we will wait for your point before we click on the publish button.

How about monitoring the reviews, messages, and comments?

Keeping a record of our efforts is one of the essential steps of our social media marketing strategies. Our top social media marketing services include monitoring the audience's response to your social media marketing strategy. This will also help keep up the engagement with the audience. Talking of messages, we will also take care of responding to them, considering we are aware of the answer. You can expect our team members to contact you via email for the answer.

How will you learn about my business?

Nobody can tell us about your business better than you do. Before working with us, you can expect us to share a questionnaire that would comprise all the necessary details we need from you. You can also get a call from our top social media marketing agency with the intent to discuss and learn more about your USPs. Along with these, we will also market research your industries. As the best social media firm, we strive to present your values in front of your target audience.

Can I rely on Social Media Marketing for my business?

As a business owner, you must be aware of the role of advertising in connecting with your potential clients. The methods of marketing have greatly changed in the past years. With how social media and technology are advancing, we can count your presence on social media platforms as an asset. You can connect with your audience, increase visibility, and allow your potential clients to trust you. With the right social media strategies, you can boost your awareness and pave the way to connect to you. All of this can be essential to reaching your potential customers, and we will stay by your side in this.

Our Company
Will my work get outsourced?

At SEO Discovery, we offer a comprehensive solution for which we have a team of experienced professionals in social media marketing. These marketing and content experts can assist you in becoming a brand. Our in-house team will take care of every step of the process. When working with our social media management agency, you can be sure of the quality of work for your brand.

What makes your company different?

Here is the list of what we call the unique selling propositions of our best social media services:

  • A blend of flair and knack for turning businesses into brands.
  • A team of experienced and zealous professionals in social media marketing and related fields.
  • An in-house team that brings on efficient social media strategies to the table.
  • An assurance to stay all ears to hear your point of you and share the progress.
  • An attitude of growing together as a brand.
How big is your team?

At SEO Discovery, we are an extensive team delivering comprehensive solutions for digital marketing. If we include our website developers, content writers, social media marketing managers, and others, we are a corporate family of 200+. Everyone in the company works hand in hand to assist our clients in their online growth.

How often do you communicate with your clients?

Effective communication is one of the key benefits you can expect when you join hands with us for our best SMM services. As scheduled, we connect with our clients bi-weekly. This conversation intends to include the track of the social media marketing strategy we have been following for your brand. We will also keep you posted about the updates and results. After all, it is necessary to know about the status of your brand. You can also expect the call to have the solutions for the queries. At SEO Discovery, we do not see ourselves as another social media marketing agency. We are a team of social maniacs that wants you to launch you as a recognised brand.

How can you help my business?

Social media marketing can bring noticeable benefits to your business. With both organic and paid marketing tactics, you can expect a heightened brand awareness. This recognition can be helpful and set up the base for more website traffic, a rise in customers, and lead generation. Every business needs to connect to its audience, and since you can find most of them in the social world, our best social media marketing services can lay the foundation for your presence. We are an all-inclusive digital agency where you can find all the solutions for marketing services.

So far, how many clients have you worked with?

Ever since its establishment, we have served over thousands of businesses of different sizes. Apart from both small and large-sized organisations, we have worked in different kinds of niches. We have teams dedicated to every niche that focuses on connecting you to your brand. Considering the fact that almost every business can find its audience online, you can connect with yours using the right marketing strategies. If you want to know more, you can have a look at the clients we have served now. We have also published the testimonials for you to get a clearer picture.

What kind of services do you offer?

At SEO Discovery, we are a lot more than a social media marketing company! We take pride in calling ourselves a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs inclined towards this digitalisation. We offer social media management, social media advertising, and PPC management services. You can also contact us for SEO services, Local SEO services, reputation management services, influencer marketing services, website designing, and content marketing. We work with a vision to provide all the services for your existence and growth in the digital world.

Can you increase leads for my business?

You can completely count on us for that! At SEO Discovery, we prepare and implement social media marketing strategies for targeting your potential audience. With a tailor-made plan of action, we strive to drive your potential audience to your website. With our dedicated social media advertising services, our goal is to emphasise your social media marketing growth.

Can you help me in increasing my organization's brand awareness?

Yes, we definitely can! With our social media marketing strategies, we strive to uplift and improve the brand's presence on social media platforms. Our action plans focus on connecting you with an end number of people who can be your potential audience. Our strategies focus on making your brand highly recognised. Apart from brand recognition, you can expect numerous other benefits from our social media marketing strategies. With this cost-effective method, you can expect improved brand loyalty, better customer satisfaction, rising rates of conversion, and many other benefits.

In what ways does social media marketing pave the way for my business?

Social media marketing has various promising benefits for you to turn into a recognisable brand. You can get the increased presence of your business. With increased awareness, you can expect a boost in user engagement, including the present and future. You can also see your business grow in terms of traffic, conversion rate, and brand loyalty.

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