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The Best Social Media Marketing Packages

Our social media marketing packages are designed to help clients across the globe create online buzz for their business and reach their audience with a dynamic social media strategy.

Package Name Social Mini Social Social Pro Social Pro+
Pricing / Month $120 $260 $520 $950
Hourly Rate $4 $5 $6 $7
Hours Dedication Per Week 12 Hours 20 Hours 25 Hours 30 Hours
Social Platforms - FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & YouTube Any 1 Any 2 Any 4 All 7
Dedicated Social Media Manager
Dedicated Relationship Manager
On boarding Call with Social Media Marketing Expert
Website Analysis from Social Media Perspective & Usability Functioning of Social Me
Website & Blog Section
Action Plan
Industrial Market Research
Requirements Analysis & Planning
Competitors Research & Analysis Report
Comprehensive Social Media Content Calendar Creation
Unique content, specifically created for your business 10 15 20 34
Customed Designed Creative 10 15 20 34
Gifs, Infographics, Videos & Banners etc ...
Graphics Flow Chart
Sending Content & Graphics for Final Review
Scheduling & Publishing

Why You Need a Social Media Management Company?

Venturing into the humongous land of social media could be intimidating for any business. There are so many things to learn. You need to understand what the Facebook algorithm is. Is there any character limit for Twitter posts? If yes, what is that? Is it possible to post anything else other than pictures on Instagram? How to use Snapchat to market your business? These are just some of the surface questions.

Each social media platform is different, and hence you can’t implement the same marketing techniques for all of them. You must understand that each of these social media networks has its own set of features and strengths and can be extremely beneficial for your company. And this is why you need to hire the top social media marketing company that can use different social media strategies for different platforms.

Since managing different social media accounts, and implementing different strategies for all of them will be time-consuming, connect with us to help you with our best social media management services. We have a proven track record of helping businesses of all kinds achieve their goals. Do you want to generate more leads, do you want to grow your audience, get more customers, and enhance your ROI? SEO Discovery is just one call away.

Beat your Competition and Drive More Sales

Do not wait for your competitors to take over the digital realm before you. Let us help you tap into the social market and find new conversion opportunities with our SMM promotion services.

Why Choose SEO Discovery

Almost every business has understood the power of social media. Make sure to hunt for an affordable social media marketing agency that provides bespoke services, which will help your brand grow. As one of the leading social media marketing agencies, our overall strategy is to help you produce more ROI.

No Surprises

You are the boss of your social media marketing campaigns. We will talk to you about the strategies we think will work and will only start working on them once you approve. We will work together seamlessly to get the best result.

Low Risks

We aim to do our work with high integrity and dedication. We always focus on earning your trust through our work and results. We have been offering the best SMO services to different businesses to yield more positive results.

Value For Money

We understand that you will be investing your hard-earned money in your social media campaign. We never ask our clients to pay more; instead, we make sure to get to know your budget first and work according to that.

Get More Value For Your Money

We understand that you will be investing your hard-earned money in your social media campaign. We never ask our clients to pay more; instead, we make sure to get to know your budget first and work accordingly.

Business Marketing

Our marketing strategy is to enhance your brand image by implementing correct marketing strategies. We focus on managing your company's image online. We work non-stop to get attention from your target audience.

Build Brand Recognition

We are dedicated to making your brand get recognized on every social media platform that you want to. You might not be an expert about the ever-changing social media trends and techniques, but we are! That's why hire us!

Get More Clientele

We aim to make your brand more accessible so that more and more customers and clients contact you. The emphasis of doing social media marketing is to capture the attention of the visitors who will turn into permanent clients.

Project Brand Values

We maintain and project your company's core value. This includes promoting all the practical, emotional, and other benefits of your brand, services, and products that you sell. We are here to maintain a positive image of your brand online.

Brand Promotion

Along with creating the right image for your company, what we also do is brand promotion. We understand that brand promotion is your topmost priority. We will promote your brand image across all the platforms.

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Our Results Speaks

Explore our social media client case studies to discover what makes us different from other social media marketing agencies.



case studies


Channels Results
Facebook 12k
Pinterest 14,260
Instagram 20k

Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent. Understanding the needsof the business is the starting point for any project.

USA based entrepreneur Rhiannon Marie contacted us regarding Social Media marketing for her Website. She has a Website with a vision of providing Unique Recipes & Travel Places. She wanted to create the social channels for organic traffic & reach. This Website was new and it Social Presence was not Optimized at all. We took this project as a challenge because we have to everything been supposed to be done from scratch.



case studies


Channels Results
Facebook 1350
Twitter 1110
Instagram 300

Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent. Understanding the needsof the business is the starting point for any project.

The USA Client who wanted to promote his business on the social channels came up with the hope to get the best results in sports industry. The products were golf equipments and professional manufacturer of custom built clubs. The project with the keen sports interest influenced us to work on it with full creativity. We had a vision to provide the best strategies that ultimately resulted in great results.

How Social Media Marketing Services Can Benefit You!

Meet Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Businesses like you can gain a fantastic competitive edge in a space that is loaded with similar businesses. By hiring the best social media marketing agency like us, we ensure to use the best practices to help you achieve your marketing goals. Not just this, we also know how to get the most bang for the buck that you have.

Think Outside-the-Box To Succeed

If you really want to take off on social media, you need to think outside-the-box. This is where we come in. To lead a social media marketing campaign, one needs to be the leader and not a follower. Hire the best social media marketing company that can provide you with an edge in robust campaign strategies and content ideas.

Get Tuned As Top-Performing Content

Social media is constantly evolving. And it is expected from every brand to keep up with what’s in. As a business, you would certainly not like to post content that won’t click with the audience. A top social media marketing agency can help you tune content that will soak up the shares and likes.

Result Driven Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is growing enormously, and more and more companies are taking advantage of social media tools to connect better with their audience. Partner with SEO Discovery to get the most conversion, connect, engage, and reach out to the most people on different social media platforms.

Our Approach to Social Media Growth

SEO Discovery social media marketing campaigns start with a purpose. To establish your business as industry leader, gain votes of confidence, drive customers, and boost brand loyalty.

  • Identify Objective
  • Our first step is to understand what you want from your social media strategy. This will help us create stories accordingly. We want the best for your brand. Once we identify your objective, we proceed with the right social media marketing strategies.
  • Social Media Audit
  • For any social media campaign to run effectively, conducting a social media audit becomes necessary. We will get to know which strategy will work the best for you through a social media audit.
  • Account Management
  • We provide a dedicated social media account manager who will personally look after your project. Our account managers are imaginative, proactive, and efficient. They become an essential link between a client and the creative team.
  • Market Analysis
  • Market analysis is extremely critical. This helps us identify what your competitors are doing, how they are branding themselves, and more. The comparison chart that we prepare helps us identify points that need to be addressed.
  • Content Plan
  • A content plan is where we do things differently. We have a team of creative, imaginative, out-of-the-box, and brilliant content writers working with us. They come with radically different, creative, and incredibly unique content.

Proven Social Media Marketing Process

We follow a systematic process that allows us to craft the perfect social media campaign strategy.
We tailor the strategy to your business needs and wants.

A Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

Once we understand your requirement and start with your social media marketing service, we assign a dedicated social media account manager. The account manager will deploy all the social media marketing strategies and will execute them. The account manager will try to understand what you need; the sole objective is to have a social media campaign, and so on. The assigned person will ensure to answer all your queries. You may contact your point of contact anytime.

Work On A Social Media Strategy Especially Catered For Your Business

Once we assign the social media account manager, our next step will be to begin working on the social media campaign. We will ensure to do adequate research and also develop strategies that will be suitable for your business. The strategy will include developing a competitive analysis, as well. We will create buyers' personal and identify the content that we need to develop. We will create a roadmap, which will help you reach your goal.

Work on Engaging Posts and Content

Upon agreeing on the social media strategies that we will follow, we will immediately start executing them. We will start creating content, which will talk about the true objective of your brand. To make sure that we maintain quality assurance, we can create a monthly content calendar for you. This way, you will get to know about the content that we are going to publish. You can approve or ask for changes whenever you want.

Daily Maintenance

We don't just work on creating attractive and engaging content for a social media campaign; we also take care of growth optimization and social media management. Our job is to monitor social media activities, which will include monitoring reviews, messages, and comments. We aim to respond to all the comments, reviews, and messages within 24-hours to enhance engagement. With paid services, we also make use of organic tactics, such as contests, following, hashtags, and more.


We understand that you would like to know everything about your social media campaigns. We will prepare monthly reports for you so that you can review them. We have reporting software, and we provide you with 24-hour access to it. You can check the real-time access of each social media campaign whenever you want within that 24-hour. You can tell us if you would like to conduct meetings regarding the same monthly, biweekly, or weekly.

Audit your Social Media Presence

Before we create a strategy for your brand to reach the desired goal, we take a quick look at your current social media presence. When auditing your social media presence, we look at which networks you are active on, are those networks optimized, which network is bringing you the most value, and compare your profile to that of your competitors. We offer a total online presence audit and then recommend the strategies that work best for you.

Did You Know?

of retail brands use two or more social media platforms.

of marketers experience social media as very effective for their business.

of consumers search products on Instagram & Facebook.

Social media referral traffic to online stores has increased.


What sort of work can I expect if I hire you?

The primary performance indicators that we pay our attention to are conversions, website traffic, engagement, and followers. These are metrics that influence sales in the long run. Once we start working for you, you will see these key metrics increasing every month. Not just this, we will also track the progress to see how our professional SMM services are working for you.

How many followers can I expect every month?

The result will vary from platform to platform. On Facebook, the growth will largely depend on the advertising and also how effectively the social marketing campaigns that we work on perform. However, on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, you should see an organic boost of at least 100-300 followers every month.

How much website traffic can I expect?

The social media marketing services that we offer will help you increase your followers and enhance customer engagement. As you start gaining new followers, you will start gaining organic website traffic as well. However, it would be better to go for our paid services if you want to see an immediate result.

How soon can I expect to see results?

By results, if you mean an increase in followers and customer engagement, then you should start seeing results in the first 30 days. This is what our clients usually notice. The result will continue to grow every month. Our recommendation is to go for at least 6-12 months of our social advertising services to see a noticeable impact on engagement, followers, and conversions. However, for those who would like to focus on conversions that will happen in a short time, we have paid social advertising services.

Setup fees and Contract
I want to know about the contracts.

The initial contract terms will be for three months. Once the first three months contract gets completed, we will start serving you on a month-to-month basis. You have every right to cancel our service once the contract gets completed, you need to submit a 30-days digital notice or written notice.

Do you charge any setup fee?

Yes, there will be a one-time setup fee. We charge you this to get you started with the campaigns. We will set you up in our analytics systems, search engine systems, and other administrative work. Not just this, necessary advertising accounts will be set up for you too.

How long will it take to get started?

If you are happy with our SMM service and want us to work on your social media marketing campaigns right away, contact us. One of our sales consultants will get in touch with you and help you identify the best plan that fits your budget. After you approve everything, you will receive a contract from us. Sign in so that we can get your campaigns started ASAP!

How will I get to know about the setup fees and contract?

Upon agreeing to work with us, we will send a confirmation email about the same. We will tell you about the setup fees and contract right before we begin working on social media campaigns. We highly recommend all our clients to go through the setup fees and contract and send us a confirmation once they agree.

Who will work on my account?

For every client and project, we assign a dedicated social media account manager. This is the person who will be your main point of contact. You will be introduced to the social media account manager. The person will share all the updates with you regarding the campaign.

Will I have to share any content?

Absolutely not. However, if you have something in your mind that you may want us to use? Please feel free to share. We will assign an experienced and skilled social media content manager who will ensure to deliver high-quality content.

How will my followers grow?

There are both paid and organic approaches. If you go for the organic approach, we will include numerous techniques, and there will be no advertising budget to worry about. If you choose the paid approach, you will have to pay for the advertising budget.

What will you post?

Depending on the platform and your company, each content strategy gets tailored to suit your business needs. We have a team of dedicated graphic designers who will create custom images for every content. The content that we will generate will be inspiring, entertaining, and informative.

How many times will you post?

We will have a word with you about the number of posts you are expecting us to post. Usually, we advise our clients to go for 1-3 posts across multiple platforms daily. Your accounts will be managed by us every day.

How will you generate content that will fit my business?

Through the questionnaire, we will get to learn a lot about your business, which will include your content preferences. The social media marketing strategy that we will develop for you will be based on the content approach, which is suitable and useful for your business. Once you approve the strategy that we have prepared, we will begin working on your social media posts and create a content calendar too. You will get the chance to review the content, and only after that, we will publish it to multiple social media profiles.

How about monitoring the reviews, messages, and comments?

As your social media marketing service provider, one person will be monitoring every review, comment, and message. In case we know the answer, we shall respond right away; if we don’t, we will notify you about the same through email.

How will you learn about my business?

We will send you a questionnaire, and we expect our clients to fill in the questionnaire with full honesty so that we get to understand them better. Once you complete the questionnaire, we will schedule an onboarding call to discuss and know about your business. After we begin our work, start doing research, and also begin a social media strategy, which will cater to your specific business needs.

Can I rely on Social Media Marketing for my business?

For any business to grow and expand, it is necessary to reach its audience. As with the way smartphones and social media presence are becoming the new essentials, you now know what you need to target. Social presence for any business is necessary to turn into a brand, you cannot leave it untouched. It can become a medium to reach and connect with the audience. It can help your business increase its visibility amongst its audience. Eventually, you can gain the trust of your present and potential customers. You can become able to generate leads for your business.

Our Company
Will my work get outsourced?

We have an in-house team of social media marketing experts who work on every project sincerely. Once you contact us, rest assured, your work will not get outsourced. We take full responsibility for every project.

What makes your company different?
  • We have a passion for helping other companies grow.
  • We have a highly professional and skilled social media marketing consultant.
  • We communicate with you continuously and believe in getting involved.
  • We share valuable advice so that your company grows.
  • We never outsource any of our work. You can count on us.
How big is your team?

Our team consists of amazing people. They are website developers, graphic designers, social media managers, and more.

How often do you communicate with your clients?

We speak to every client of ours once every two weeks. During the call, we ensure to talk about updates, strategy, and results. Apart from this, we also clear your doubts, if any.

How can you help my business?

There are many businesses that have benefited from our professional SMM services. Some of the significant benefits that you will avail from us are- website traffic, increased customers, leads, and brand awareness.

So far, how many clients have you worked with?

To date, our organization has helped more than 250 businesses, which include both big and small. We have helped them have better awareness and more sales through social media. If you have customers who are online, we can connect them to your business seamlessly. Feel free to go through our client testimonials to know more.

What kind of services do you offer?

Some of the services that we provide are- PPC management, website design, social media advertising, and social media management.

Can you increase leads for my business?

Of course, we can! We have a team of social media experts who will only find the target audience for your organization, but through our impeccable social media marketing strategies, you will drive more customers to your website as well.

Can you help me in increasing my organization's brand awareness?

Definitely, our job is to improve and enhance the social accounts of businesses similar to you and connect them with thousands and thousands of people who will like to buy from you.

In what ways social media marketing paves the way for my business?

The very first benefit of social media marketing is the increased social presence of the business. Becoming a name recognised amongst all is one of the prime goals of a business, and social media marketing can make that happen. Social presence can also bring another benefit, which is engagement among customers, from present and potential. Having a social presence is another way to gain the trust of the audience, which is what you, as a business, need to thrive.

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