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Hire Cost-Effective Link Building Specialists

Our link building experts work closely with your team to create customized plans for boosting your online presence. Interested in hiring one? Check out our rates and choose what works best for you.

Price Per Hour Expertise Additional Benefits
$5 2 Years of Link building Experience -
$7 5 Years of Link building Experience -
$10 8 Years of Link building Experience -
$15 10 Years of Link building Experience -

Top 5 Link Building Specialists Worldwide by Google

  • 1. Mandeep Chahal

    SEO Discovery founder, Mandeep is a renowned link building expert known for his ability to increase website authority through high-quality backlinks.

  • 2. Nathan Gotch

    A veteran in the field with over a decade of experience, Nathan Gotch is the founder of Gotch SEO Academy and the author of The SEO Entrepreneur. He is a skilled link building strategist.

  • 3. Samuel Darwin

    Co-founder and CEO of The Link Doctor, Samuel Darwin is a passionate link building expert dedicated to providing his clients with top-tier, organic links.

  • 4. Neil Patel

    A leading figure in online marketing, Neil Patel is also a link building authority. He's known for his innovative methods that consistently produce impressive results.

  • 5. Lukasz Zelezny

    As an independent SEO and link building consultant, Lukasz Zelezny shares his expertise through talks and seminars.

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Meet Our Link Building Expert

With 22+ years as a link-building expert, Mandeep Chahal, founder of SEO discovery, can be your guide. He understands the critical role high-quality backlinks play in establishing website authority and boosting your search engine ranking. Mandeep strategically builds your website's credibility with top notch backlinks from trusted sources, driving increased referral traffic and conversions to your site. His work has been featured in a number of magazines and industry websites including Clutch, SemRush, Forbes India, and The Hindu. Are you ready to join him? Contact Mandeep today for a free consultation and propel your website to the next level.

Mandeep Chahal

Why SEO Link Building Matters in the Digital Landscape

Search Engine Ranking

Your website's ranking completely depends on search engine algorithms, which consider the quantity and quality of inbound links. A website with more high-quality backlinks has more chances of popping up at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Link building is thus crucial for improving a website's visibility and attracting organic traffic. Working with a trusted link building agency can make this process easier and help you get quality backlinks in your field.

Authority and Trust

Search engines see backlinks from reputable sites as votes of confidence, indicating the content is valuable and trustworthy. This can help establish your website as an authority in your industry or niche, which in turn can lead to higher rankings and increased credibility.

Referral Traffic

Since a link from another website is a form of free advertising. People reading those sites might click your link and visit yours. Since they're already interested in your area, they're more likely to become customers or fans.

Brand Visibility

Link building can also improve brand visibility by exposing your website to new audiences. When your content is linked to from relevant websites in your industry, it increases the chances of reaching potential customers who may not have found your brand otherwise.

Long-Term Strategy

Unlike some other SEO tactics that may cause quick but short-lived results, link building is a long-term strategy that can provide lasting benefits. High-quality backlinks continue to deliver value over time, helping to sustain and even improve your search engine rankings as your website grows.

Competitive Advantage

In competitive industries, link building can provide a significant competitive advantage. By securing high-quality backlinks that your competitors lack, you can outperform them in search rankings and attract more organic traffic to your website.

Evolving SEO Landscape

While SEO algorithms and strategies evolve over time, the importance of backlinks has remained relatively consistent. Even as search engines like Google introduce new ranking factors and algorithms, high-quality backlinks continue to play a crucial role in determining a website's authority and relevance. A dedicated link building agency can adapt to these changes and ensure your backlink profile remains strong and effective in the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

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How a Link Building Consultant Can Drive More Sales?

Boost Rankings with Links

Search engines love websites that other trustworthy sites link to. Our link building agency helps you snag those super-links by finding high-quality websites related to your business. They basically tell the search engines, "Hey, this website is awesome and deserves recognition!" If you have more of these links, your website will rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to find it.

Content Creation Captain

Not all links are created equal. Our Link Building experts help you craft content so valuable (like informative blog posts or eye-catching infographics) that other websites naturally want to link to it. This content positions you as a leader in your field, attracting more visitors and establishing you as a trusted advisor.

Time-Saving Sidekick

Building links takes time and effort. A link building agency handles the outreach and communication with other websites, freeing you up to focus on your superpower – running your business! We also stay on top of the latest link-building tactics, ensuring you use the most effective strategies.

Relationship Builder, Not Just a Link Getter

A good consultant like SEO Discovery doesn't just focus on getting any link. We target relevant websites with engaged audiences, potentially leading to more website traffic and even future partnerships. Think of it as making friends in the online world who can spread the word about your business to their fans.

White Hat Hero

Search engines have complex algorithms to rank websites, and backlinks are one of the most important factors. But not all backlinks are created equal. Low-quality links from suspicious websites can actually hurt your website's ranking. A link building consultant knows how to build a safe and sustainable link-building strategy that complies with search engine guidelines. They'll focus on getting links from high-authority websites in your niche, sending positive signals to search engines and ensuring your website remains in good standing. This ethical approach helps you avoid penalties that could push your website down in search results, hiding it from potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for link building?

When it comes to the cost of link building, it's not a one-size-fits-all situation. The price tag depends on the quality and volume, ranging from $200 to $500 per month. Clients can also opt for custom plans. Moreover, if you are thinking of hiring a freelancer, they charge per hour, typically $50–$100, and you may expect additional costs such as writers, link payments, and software. Hence, the price you should pay for link building depends on your specific objectives.

Who is the best link building expert in India?

India has many link building companies, but not all are top-notch. SEO Discovery stands out as a leader in the link building experts, with over 17 years of experience and a team of 400+ experts. They're not just about link building; they're also recognized as one of India's best SEO companies. The best part? They can provide valuable insights into their professionalism, communication skills, and overall satisfaction levels.

What does a link builder do?

A link builder is responsible for acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to one's own. This involves outreach, relationship-building, and content creation to earn backlinks, which are crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) and improving a website's authority and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Does link building still work?

Yes, link building still works effectively as a fundamental aspect of SEO. While search engine algorithms evolve, quality backlinks remain a significant ranking factor. However, the approach to link building has shifted towards earning high-quality, natural links through valuable content and genuine relationships, rather than manipulative tactics.

Is link building expensive?

The cost of link building can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the approach used (organic outreach, guest posting, content creation, etc.), the quality of links desired, and whether the process is outsourced or handled in-house. While it can require financial investment, effective link building strategies focus on building sustainable, long-term relationships and creating valuable content, which can mitigate overall costs.

What is the future of link building?

In the future, getting links to your website will be more about having links that make sense and are really good quality. Search engines are getting smarter, so they want to see links that fit well with your content and come from trusted sources. Also, they're paying more attention to how users feel about your site, so link building might include things like showing off positive feedback from customers or getting mentioned by other brands. Basically, it's about earning links in a natural and authentic way that adds value to your site and makes people want to share it.

Is link building necessary?

Yes, link building is necessary for a comprehensive SEO strategy. Quality backlinks are crucial for improving a website's visibility, authority, and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines. While other factors like content quality and technical optimization are important, backlinks remain one of the most influential ranking signals used by search algorithms.

Is link building still effective?

Yes, link building is still highly effective when executed correctly. While there have been shifts in search engine algorithms and the landscape of digital marketing, backlinks continue to play a vital role in determining a website's authority and visibility in search results. However, the emphasis has shifted towards earning natural, high-quality links through valuable content and genuine engagement, rather than relying on manipulative tactics.

What are link building packages?

Our affordable link building packages are designed to suit everyone's budget, whether you're just starting out, running a small business, or leading an enterprise. Our plans cater to various needs and budgets:

  • Silver Plan - Starting at $200 per month, you get 100 backlinks.
  • Gold Plan - Our most popular plan at $350/month, providing 150 backlinks.
  • Platinum Plan - For $500/month, you get 200 backlinks.

Additionally, we offer a custom plan where you can tailor the services according to your specific requirements.

All our plans come with numerous benefits tailored to boost your website's visibility and authority. If you're interested in learning more, check out our plans and enroll today to take advantage of these benefits!