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Link-Building Strategies for a Business Website

The sudden impact of the covid 19 pandemic has made businesses realize the importance of digital marketing. It is the process of promoting your businesses on online platforms. One of the essentials for increasing your business visibility on online platforms is link-building strategies. It is the primary component of off-page SEO

It is essential for establishing your website authority to achieve high-quality organic backlinks. Organic backlinks are most effective for increasing your business’s visibility on the online platform. Here are some of the most common and effective link-building strategies to help your website get desired rank.

1. Guest post:-

It is one of the best ways of building quality backlinks for your website. It is the process of writing high-quality content on authoritative websites. You can link those articles to your website and establish a supplementary traffic source. 

The benefits of guest posting do not end there. If your readers are fascinated by your guest post, they share it with their brand audience, making up backlinks for your business.

2. Focus on the content:-

Content is the crux of digital marketing, and SEO provides exposure to it. Focusing on backlinking is non-essential without creating quality content. Even if you manage to pull traffic on generic content through effective SEO techniques, it will fade away soon, sending you back to page 1. 

Creating quality content is in itself a creative link-building strategy. People in your niche are amazed by the content you produce and aspire to share it with their audience as well. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to create content that automatically yields backlinks for your business website.

  • Write detailed content:- 

Detailed content is shared most on the internet. It is the preferred choice of the search engine algorithms on SERP. Choose a few topics to write elaborate content and frame unique content with natural keyword optimization to lure webmasters into linking to your article. Detailed articles have positive link juice that attracts a lot of bloggers and businesses in your niche. It is one of the easiest ways to generate high-quality competitor backlinks. 

  • Improvise on illustrative:- 

Illustrative is one of the easiest ways to increase the quality of content. They appeal to the visitors. You can create comprehensive graphics depicting information. It is one of the easiest ways to deliver data in a fun way. It increases consumer engagement and appeals directly to your competitors. It provides a dynamic ambiance to your content. It amazes content marketers and lures them into sharing your content with their visitors.

3. Replicating your competitor's link building strategy:-

One of the plus points of the covid19 pandemic is a lot of free time in your hand. You can utilize it to study the link-building strategies of your competitors. Do not confuse link-building strategies with competitive analysis. A competitive analysis focuses on analyzing the complete marketing strategy of your competitor, whereas replicating a competitor backlink strategy is limited to identifying the websites linking to them. 

One of the easiest ways to scrap out competitor backlinks is to utilize SEO tools to list out websites linking to their website. Once you have found the website linking to your competitors, pitch them to link to your website as well. One of the easiest ways to contact potential websites is to make comprehensive email templates. Make sure to keep it precise and get to the point eloquently.

4. Use the broken link-building strategies:-

Broken links are the links from other websites to your website that were originally linking to one of your web pages, but due to technical errors, they show a 404 error when clicked. You must find these broken backlinks and inform their parent website to provide one-to-one a relevant page on your website. It will help you establish previous traffic sources and catch the eye of the search engine bots

5. Create and distribute high-quality infographics:-

During covid-19 when many businesses activities are at a halt, one of the best ways to generate backlinks is to create and distribute high-quality infographics for free. Webmasters are always on the look for comprehensive infographics that add to the quality of their content. 


Source: Hubspot

With so much spare time during the pandemic, you must invest it in creating high-quality infographics and use them as a part of your marketing strategy. If a website uses them in their content, they will have to provide a backlink to the parent article, earning you a quality backlink. 

6. Frame themed content:-

It is essential to focus primarily on your core business activities. Besides, it is essential to consider the severity of the situation. People easily recognize the content themed around trendy themes. People relate better to it and are more likely to share it. 

However, it is essential to stay true to your brand voice on social media. It is the preferred choice of your target audience. The content you produce must fit well with your brand voice and add to the ambiance of your social media handles. Besides, give extra emphasis to the message the content would convey. It must not hurt anyone’s feelings or violate the empathetic approach essential to value the sentiments. 

It frames a positive brand image of your business in your visitor’s minds. It conveys your values and empathy to the severity of the situation. 

7. Establish resource links:-

Many authoritative websites have the resource tab. It is a compilation of high-quality resources from trustworthy websites. Think of it as a complete guide or a course for a specific purpose. It can be a valuable resource to a company for creating skilled employees. Look for the resources articles from the authoritative websites in your niche and create an even more detailed resource guide. 

Email the resource to its parent websites. It is known as email outreach. It tends to work better than a broken link, as you link to their articles before asking for backlinks. It is a gesture of you appreciating their work. It is among the easiest tactics to obtain high-quality backlinks and increase organic traffic.

8. Leverage consistent blogging:-

You must understand the importance of consistent blogging. A blog is the face of your business when you are not there. It is the resource your business prospects may use to understand your business model and core business activities. 

However, what makes you stand out is consistency. You generate more traffic on your websites by being consistent with your posting schedule. Consistent blogging provides value to your brand and ensures its chronic growth. If your business does not have a blog, now is the correct time to frame a schedule and begin blogging. 

Being consistent with your blogging schedule helps increase your brand authority. You will soon notice several authoritative websites linking to your website. Your blogs will start receiving backlinks soon after the post.

9. Improvise networking:-

Networking is a way to build long-lasting relationships with your competitors. Don’t be selfish by asking for backlinks all the time. You must also be willing to give them away. Building long-lasting relations and growing together are among the principal tactics for generating quality backlinks. 

It also initiates collaborations, which can give rise to innovative inventions. It can be helpful to the target audience and the whole industry. One of the examples of networking-initiated incentives is the discovery of accelerated mobile pages. It was a result of a collaboration between Twitter and Google. Usually, competitors share a similar target audience. Collaborations increase your brand awareness and the possibility of generating backlinks from authoritative websites.

10. Document case studies and interviews:-

The uncertain raid of the covid-19 pandemic has put forward several questions. People in your industry would like to learn about what intellectuals have to say about the alterations in business activities. It is the best time to interview them to discuss the future of business. Document this interview and publish it on your website. It is one of the easiest ways to catch the eye of your competitors. They are amazed by your content and are more prone to share it with their target audience. 

Similarly, if you see a business making a constructive change during the covid19 pandemic, you must cover their creative approach through a case study. It enables networking with your competitors and generates high-quality backlinks. This kind of content will become widely popular and are sure to earn you dozens of quality backlinks.


Building high-quality backlinks are among the essentials for the growth of your business website. Look for creative ways to generate high-quality backlinks for your website. Keep looking for opportunities and grab them as they come your way.

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