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7 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog Now

With your own blog, you can share your thoughts with the world. Even if blogging is not yet a popular activity, more and more people and companies are discovering this origin of social media. In many advice articles, you can read that a blog increases your reputation and that you demonstrate your competence. And even if you don’t have to blog for (self-) marketing reasons, it might just be fun. Millions of people worldwide share their thoughts, experiences, photos, cooking recipes, craft ideas, and much more in blogs. Facebook and Co. are basically nothing more than channelled blogs. With the difference: Your own blog on the web is yours. Suddenly nobody can change the terms of use and earn money with your content. There are now dozens of platforms, tools, apps, services that make blogging really easy.

Here are a few reasons, which shows why blogging is worth and you should start your own blog.

Earn Money from Blogging

Admittedly, a blog doesn’t really make you rich. But some people have managed to get a decent income from their blogs. The subject areas are those for which there are also advertisers: technology, travel, fashion. A large part of the income does not come from classic ads on the blog but paid contributions so that the blogger writes for money about the company that pays him. Incidentally, such contributions must always be marked.

Many subject areas are already occupied, but there are always niches. But if you only want to make money from blogs from now on, you will be disappointed. Most bloggers started on the side and worked on their blogs for many years before they could make a living.

Blogging Helps Build an Audience

Blogging can reach thousands or even millions of people. Blogging is a way to attract your audience because your blog offers valuable free content. People often have a problem or frustration that they want to solve. That’s why they search the Internet and read blog posts.

With blogging, you can spread your thoughts and knowledge. It is an opportunity to give something to others. They can even help other people to solve their specific problems and possibly change their lives.

Blogging Challenges You

We all need some challenges in our lives. Blogging always challenges you and makes you leave your comfort zone. Starting blogging is pretty easy – usually, we all have some good ideas to start writing posts. But write regularly, have new ideas, and build a community. That’s not that easy.

As with everything you want to succeed in, you have to be consistent. Blogging teaches you to be consistent and stay focused.

It’s a challenge to sit down and write accordingly. Blogging is a challenge to put all your thoughts and opinions and make everyone hear your voice. You must not be afraid. You must accept it because it makes you grow, facing your fears of rejection. What is the worst thing that could happen when blogging? Does anyone disagree with your opinion? What a thing! You can handle that. It is great that your opinion is questioned from time to time. It is a challenge that you can handle, and handling challenges can make you happy and make you grow.

It Makes You a Better Author

Writing is communication. When you write a blog, a community is built with which you communicate regularly. You can improve your writing skills through practice and thus improve your communication.

Blogging has had a huge impact on your writing skills from the start. They still may not be perfect, but you feel much more confident in your abilities and have seen a noticeable improvement. Consistent practice is a sure way to improve, and so is writing. 

Blogging is about sharing your thoughts into words with the world. You can write to them on various online platforms so that people can read them. Writing, like everything, improves with practice. Becoming a better writer will have its reflection on everything in your life, your communication, your studies, and your work, and you can take it as a career, you can write books, presentations or an article, you can also work as a freelance writer.

Blogging Makes You Learn New Things

Blogging is about sharing what you know and what you can do. How do you start if you have an idea for a blog post? You do research, don’t you? You always learn something new about your topic and your industry. They grow with every blog post.

If you keep blogging, you will keep learning as it is no less than a learning cycle. 

The writing process will force you to think more deeply, as you put your thoughts on paper, you will find yourself thinking deeply about how to organize these thoughts to get a clear idea. Blogging is a pure learning experience, blog means you need to learn, write, blog, little about design, SEO, how to deal with social media, and how to connect people. Therefore, during your blogging journey, you will learn a lot that you can improve your skills.

Blogging is the best way to have a new and interesting experience. The new experience is a great way to break the routine and make life more interesting and fun, it can be easy like having a conversation with a follower or writing a guest post in another person’s blog, or writing on a topic that needs a little research. The most important thing here is to make it fun, the more you do it, the more likely it is that you will continue blogging.

Create Your Brand Online

Blogging is the best way to create your brand online, which is very useful if you want to start a business or look for career opportunities. One of the best ways to create and control your brand is to write frequently about topics you want to be known for.

WordPress is the standard blogging software. The application is free of charge, requires no programming knowledge and the application is quickly learned. Many web hosts offer their customers WordPress installation at the push of a button so that only the webspace package has to be ordered. WordPress has an infinite number of extensions and connections to other services. There is also a large community of users worldwide who share their knowledge of WordPress in YouTube tutorials, blog posts, and bar camps. If you don’t have your own webspace or would like to test WordPress first, you can try it out for free on

Document Your Life

Each of us has own battle in life and own experience, you can blog to document your battle. Someday you will look back and remember what your battle was like, where are you today and how did you do this, it is really a good way to make sure you do things to be proud of when you take pride. Say it to the world, it is a great way to record experiences that we can look back on to learn and remember, and share with our loved ones.

How Can a Blog Benefit You?

When speaking of a blog, we mean a non-professional blog with the content of all kinds: from what you ate yesterday to the criticism of the last book you read or a memory of your childhood. A blog that you can start on a free blogger platform without having any idea where it is going to take you.

This is not incompatible with other types of blogs. If later you have a good idea for a professional blog, go ahead! What you have learned with the first and the readers you already have will be of great help.

Learn More About Yourself

Sometimes you don’t know why you are sad until you sit in front of your blog and explain that the walk in front of the sea has reminded you of your ex, Or you don’t remember why you moved to Madrid until you write about how beautiful spring is in the Retiro.

Observe What Surrounds You

Exercise your mindfulness capacity. Instead of going to the cafe in the morning, growling because you’re half asleep and thinking about your things, you will remember that you have a blog to write and take mental notes about the smell of toast or the waitress’s hairstyle.

How to Get Your First Readers?

Good content is the fundamental requirement to get readers. It is no use to achieve a traffic spike with a powerful link and taking your readers to a mediocre blog.

Once you have that content, you can use these ideas (we recognize that they are not advanced marketing strategies, but they will work):

Promote your blog on social networks. How you do it depends, of course, on whether or not you want your acquaintances to read your blog. If you don’t want to, you can always create a separate Facebook page for your readers to subscribe to, or an additional Twitter account with a pseudonym. Frequently comment on other blogs that you like and add a link to their website in your sidebar. This will encourage the author’s curiosity and reciprocity. Don’t link to your blog in your comments unless they’re relevant, and never the first time: it can be considered rude spam.

Create a mailing list that your readers can subscribe to. In this way, you will convert occasional readers into regular visitors.

Respond to the comments they leave you (and, of course, the emails they send you) to reinforce and promote interaction with your audience.

Never forget, though, that your readers are people. They are not trading cards to collect. 

Final Words

Do you have no idea about a certain topic? Then ask the readers of your blog. People usually like to help if they know the motives. There is more commenting, liking, and sharing on the Internet than in the offline world. The “crowdsourcing” of articles naturally requires a loyal readership. Anyone who has just started their blog will not receive hundreds of answers and comments to their question within a few days. Unless it is a very controversial topic or one that really appeals to many people in an online-savvy target group.

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