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Free Digital Marketing Consultation

Benefits of 1-1 Digital Marketing Consultancy

Tailored Strategy

You will get access to a 1-1 digital marketing consultation. The consultant will create a customized strategy specifically tailored to your business requirements, goals, and target audience.

Personalized Attention

Rather than treating our clients like a business like other marketing companies do, we provide you with a dedicated consultant for personalized attention to your project needs. Our consultant will always be available so you can freely communicate and get a more focused approach.


Our digital marketing consultants have a high level of expertise and more than two decades of experience. They stay updated on the latest trends, tools, and strategies to bring your business the most effective solutions.


Hiring our consultant is a smart move for small and medium-sized businesses looking to save costs. In fact, it can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time in-house marketing team.


With our one-on-one consultation, decisions can be made quickly, and adjustments can be implemented promptly. It is very crucial in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Focus on Results

Our consultant is usually result-oriented. They focus on achieving measurable results and ROI for your business. Moreover, they ensure that our digital marketing efforts align with your overall business objectives.


Our consultant can quickly adapt to changes in your business environment and market conditions. They are not bound by corporate protocols or lengthy decision-making processes.

Access to a Network

We have a wide range of consultants specializing in numerous digital marketing fields, from SEO to Social Media, Amazon PPC, Paid Ads, and many others. This is beneficial for additional support or specialized services required for your digital marketing campaigns.

Complete Transparency

We are committed to assisting you in expanding your business and increasing your revenue by providing accurate and consistent reports, transparent explanations of paid advertising expenses, and regular progress updates on your project.

Quality Work

Quality is an inherent part of our identity, and over the years, it has become our unique selling proposition (USP). We work tirelessly to provide our customers worldwide with the highest quality services, and we are proud to be recognized for our dedication to quality.

We're Ready.
Are you?

We are happy to help you grow your business. A free consultation is necessary to allow our clients to learn how we can help them grow their businesses with the best services. Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

How SEO Discovery Free
Consultation Works?


Schedule a Call

Click on the link below for a free consultation call based on your availability. We'll reach out to you within 24 hours and send you a confirmation email with the meeting link and instructions on how to join.


Describe your Problem

The better you describe your business challenges/problem, the more it makes the process smoother. We always recommend that you let us know your business's current situation and where you want it to be. So we can customize the solution as per the requirements and needs.


Analyze your Business Needs

During the consultation call, we will analyze your current business & marketing efforts and identify the areas of improvement. We will ask you questions to understand your business goals, target audience, and competition. We will prepare a custom strategy for your business based on your answers.


Roadmap to Business Success

After the consultation call, we will send you the custom strategy and outline of the blueprint we suggest to achieve the goals. This implementation plan would include services breakdown, budget estimates & timeline to help you achieve the goals that you have been looking for.


Implement the Plan

No matter what digital marketing services you have opted for, our dedicated team will start implementing the strategies according to the plan/roadmap. Also, you'll get transparent reports on our digital marketing efforts regularly.


On-Going Support

If you need any assistance while our digital marketing experts work on your project, you can talk to us without any hesitation. Our consultant would be delighted to assist with anything, whether you want any modifications in the plan or something else.

Maximize your ROI by 200% - with a personalized marketing strategy.

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing Consultancy

Get the attention you deserve with our 1-1 video consultancy.

  • Individual attention and support by our experts.
  • 360-degree approach for all digital marketing channels.
  • Data-driven and result-oriented consultation.
  • Project details are kept confidential to ensure your privacy.
  • Enjoy convenient access to the consultation through video conferencing (Zoom / Google Meet).
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Consultancy Delivered


Expert Consultants

1 Hour

Upto 1 Hour of Free Consultation


Years of Experience

What Does Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

Auditing Online Presence

During the consultation, our experts will thoroughly audit your online presence, from your website to your social media accounts. By going through the audit, we can find the areas for improvement and make an actionable plan to work on them.

Choosing Right Marketing Channel

We believe that every business is different, so if the way of doing business is different, then why does the marketing channel remain the same for every business? By understanding the business model, we will guide you to the right marketing channel, from SEO to social media; we will only guide you to the one that will generate the most ROI.

Deep Competitor Analysis

By analyzing the right competitor and their strategy, we can find the path followed by them. With the help of our premium tools, we can do a SWOT analysis and find their strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that we don’t make the same mistakes and stand out from the crowd.

Improving Website UI/UX

Our digital marketing consultants will analyze your website design and interface. If the website design is easy to navigate and interact with, people will spend more time on your website, leading to better conversion rates. We will determine the scope of improvements and develop an actionable plan to implement the changes.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Our expert consultants will analyze your business goals and what brand story you want to present to your customer. We will work together to build a strong brand identity and positioning that resonates with your products, services, and target audience.

SEO Audit Report

SEO is one of the most important pillars of digital marketing. We will be auditing your website by finding any technical areas for improvement, checking for any loopholes in the content, auditing spammy backlinks, and making suggestions to improve website speed. It will help to improve not only user behavior but also the rankings on search engines.


Why choose us as Digital
Marketing Consultant?

A personalized strategy to meet your business's needs.

We protect the data of your business.

We make use of innovative tools and technologies.

Detailed analysis of your business and industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Do The Digital Marketing Consultancy With Me?

One of our digital marketing experts will do the meeting or consultancy with you. Here, they will ask you proper questions to understand your business objectives and goals. You can even share your concerns with him/her regarding your website. Based on that, they will create a roadmap and share it with you if you're interested in collaborating with our digital marketing company.

Why Is Digital Marketing Consultancy Important?

Companies can use digital marketing consultation to expand their consumer base, boost revenue, and improve interactions with current and potential clients. While traditional marketing initiatives also aim to do that, digital marketing allows businesses to target more specialized or niche audiences and makes it simpler to track outcomes.

What Does Digital Marketing Consultancy Agency Do?

A digital marketing consulting agency assists businesses in expanding their digital footprints and establishing their brands across various digital platforms. And SEO Discovery can be a great fit for you. Click here to book a call with us today.

Is The Consultation Free of Cost?

Yes, the digital marketing consultation would be free for you. We want to keep it accessible for everyone stuck in this digital world. We will analyze your business problems and provide a strategic approach to follow in your business journey.

Where Will I Get The Link For The Meeting?

You can get the link for the meeting in your email. The link could be Google Meet, Zoom, or any other video conferencing link, as per your convenience or the method that you wish to choose with us.

What Are The Methods To Enroll In The Digital Marketing Consultation?

You can join the consultation by using any of the video conferencing platforms like (Google Meet, Zoom Call, etc.), based on your convenience. Click here to book a digital marketing consultation for your business.

How Long Will The Consultation Be?

The average duration of the consultation remains at 1 hour. But our experts will extend the call duration unless you get the answers to help you grow your business.

What Can I Get From Consultancy?

Whether small or big, any business needs professional-level digital marketing consulting to strategize and ensure all of its marketing efforts align with its objectives and goals. Having a consultant means knowing what to do to achieve your short-, medium-, or long-term goals. A consulting expert’s job is to get the big picture and develop a content plan that fulfills the requirements.

Can I Bring My Team Member To The Meeting?

Yes, you can bring your team to the meeting. You can inform us in advance by replying to the confirmation email.

How Long Have You Been In The Industry?

SEO Discovery is a growing digital marketing consultancy agency in India. We have worked in this industry for over 16 years and have helped multiple businesses grow their sales and revenue by 10x. You can visit our portfolio page for more information.