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High Quality Guest Posting Services

To outrank your business from competitors, you need to spread word about it. Connecting with readers, engaging with followers, and building credibility leads to sustainable business growth. This helps to ensure that your brand comes across everyone's eyes. Guest posting is one of the easiest yet affordable ways of spreading awareness about your brand and its services. SEO Discovery has an expert guest posting team who know how to get genuine and effective results from guest posting campaigns.

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Most Popular Guest Post Package

5 Guest Posts

$250 / month

  • Domain Authority 30+
  • Real, Spam Free Blogs
  • Niche Relevant Blogs
  • Upto 2 Links Per Post
  • 500+ Words Content/Post
  • Permanent Do-Follow Links
  • 100% Google Index Links
  • White Label Reporting
  • TAT 7 DAYS
Most Popular

10 Guest Posts

$450 / month

  • Domain Authority 40+
  • Real, Spam Free Blogs
  • Niche Relevant Blogs
  • Upto 2 Links Per Post
  • 500+ Words Content/Post
  • Permanent Do-Follow Links
  • 100% Google Index Links
  • White Label Reporting
  • TAT 10 DAYS

35 Guest Posts

$1400 / month

  • Domain Authority 50+
  • Real, Spam Free Blogs
  • Niche Relevant Blogs
  • Upto 2 Links Per Post
  • 500+ Words Content/Post
  • Permanent Do-Follow Links
  • 100% Google Index Links
  • White Label Reporting
  • TAT 30 DAYS

Make your Business More Popular with
Guest Blogging

Improves Your Ranking

Improves Your Ranking

Guest posting helps you obtain backlinks from popular blogs. It makes Google recognize your authority and increase your SERP rankings. We at SEO Discovery leverage effective guest posting techniques to help you improve your website rankings and achieve your business goals.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Backlinking is one of the vital factors for increasing your domain authority. Guest post is a very effective way of getting quality backlinks from high domain authority sites. Being the best guest blog posting service provider, we selectively choose the websites to get backlinks from which ultimately result in increased domain authority.

Quality Traffic

Quality Traffic

Potential business prospects are the people most entrusted with your business products and services. People reaching your website from a guest post are highly interested in your business products and services. We at SEO Discovery provide the best guest posting service to support your business endeavors and bring quality traffic to your website.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Increasing brand visibility is essential for increasing consumer loyalty and building lifelong relations. Guest posting is the ultimate weapon for getting into your consumer's brains and achieving your business goals. Experts at SEO Discovery are highly skilled in building brand awareness by giving you more visibility and exposure.



Guest post is a good way to increase credibility and authority of your website. It helps authors reach a wider audience by getting their content in front of new readers who may not have found them otherwise. Our guest post outreach service helps you reach your target audience, increase your credibility and build lifelong relations.

Increased Conversion Rate

Increased Conversion Rate

Guest posts are also known to increase conversion rates because they help build trust with potential customers. Only the people interested in the products and services click through a guest post to your business website. With potential customers visiting your website, you naturally experience a higher conversion rate.

Who Can Benefit from Expert Guest
Blogging Services?


Guest posting is an effective way for businesses to showcase products and services to their target audience. It helps them build a strong brand identity and outrank their competitors. Organizations use guest posts to connect with their brand audience and build life-long relations. On the other hand, it is an effective way of creating quality backlinks and building a solid presence on the internet. Get your business to the next level of success through effective guest posting services provided by SEO Discovery


For website owners it is essential to increase your SERP rankings for the sustainable growth of your business and backlinking is among the essentials of off-page SEO. It is about boosting your website's visibility on the internet. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways of building authoritative backlinks and achieving higher spots on the SERP. Join hands with experts at SEO Discovery to handle this task for you so that you can focus on the other growth aspects of your website.


Guest posting is very popular among bloggers. It is a great way to get your content in front of new audiences, build authority and boost referral traffic for a blog. Professional blogger outreach services enable bloggers to keep up with their posting schedule and create quality content while an experienced individual brings in new potential prospects. At SEO Discovery, we have helped several bloggers achieve their marketing goals. Our skilled guest posting experts are always there to assist you reach digital excellence.


Guest posts are a great way for affiliate marketers to generate more traffic and increase conversion rates. However, this is only possible when the guest post is of high quality and relevant to a given audience. Professional guest post service provider understands the nature of the target audience. They help you find the best writers for your content, and then provide them with all the information they need to write a successful article. Let professionals at SEO Discovery increase your affiliate reach through effective guest post outreach.


Backlinking is among the essentials of SEO and Guest posting is a great way to get quality links for your website. Guest blogging is becoming increasingly popular among SEO agencies. They use guest blogs to post content on relevant blogs in their niche and get quality backlinks that help their clients rank higher in search engines. It comes in handy to hire a third-party guest posting agency to support your in-house team. SEO Discovery has partnered with several SEO agencies and helped them excel in their guest posting endeavors.


Guest posting is an excellent way for freelancers to increase their reach and get in front of the right audiences. However, it can be time-consuming and tedious to find the right opportunities and pitch the post. So, if you’re a freelance SEO consultant who wants to take advantage of blog posting but doesn’t want to do all the work yourself, you should consider collaborating with a blogger outreach agency. SEO Discovery helps you find relevant opportunities that match your expertise so that you can focus on other off-page tasks.

How to Onboard Us


Choosing a Package

This process starts when you choose from one of our guest blog posting services packages. Look into the perks and package details to find the one that best suits your business requirements. We also provide customized guest blogging packages for your unique business needs.


Provide Link Details

Simply send over the anchor text and URL you want to include in each post. Our professional outreach expert works with you to understand your specific business model and work to set guidelines for the guest posts. It helps maintain accuracy for each guest post.


White Label Reporting

Once the guest posts are published, we create a report specifying their whereabouts. You can consult with us anytime regarding any uncertain project queries you may have. We at SEO Discovery provide periodic reports to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Have a Glance at Our Result-Driven Guest Posting Process



Our diligent and expert guest post writing service will provide you with the complete guest posting packages. We do extensive research and have a network of more than a thousand blog owners. All those blog owners have sites with high DA, PA and traffic from different niches.

Writing and Pitch

Writing and Pitch

We will provide targeted paid guest posting services as per your specific needs. Our writers know the exact ways of writing high-pitched blogs. We ensure the content that we post matches your brand expectations. We refrain from random posting and publishing. We send the write-up to you before publishing to ensure everything seems satisfactory to you.



The publication is the last and most challenging step. We say this out of transparency. We do not make hollow promises, but surely publish your blog on relevant and reliable guest posting websites. We have achieved this art of posting relevant content timely on reliable sites.

Ready to Make Your Brand Reach Thousands of Users through Guest Posting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see or approve the article before posting it?

We emphasize specifically on client satisfaction. Once we receive client requirements for guest posting services, we work closely to set particulars for project necessities and discuss keywords.
Once requirement analysis is done, we set to create content for guest posts. However, only after your approval we send it to the editors of the guest posting websites.

How will you do guest post outreach for clients?

Guest post outreach is the process of finding the right websites to post content on and yield authoritative backlinks. We identify various websites to determine the most relevant guest posting websites. We find a list of real blogs and websites that could be potential targets based on how relevant they are.
Once a seed list is created, we double-check these potential guest post websites for quality and content guidelines. We ensure that the guest posting websites we choose have good metrics. The final step of this process is to pitch content to their editors and agree on a suitable topic.

How do you go about choosing the blogs for guest posting?

Selecting the right blog is among the essentials for achieving the desired results from guest post blogging service. There are two primary factors we consider while deciding on a guest posting blog for your business. These are relevance and authority. A relevant blog is a blog that publishes somewhat similar content to your blog. It increases consumer loyalty and helps you attain quality website traffic.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

We highly value long-term relationships. Besides guest posting, we offer other SEO services as well. Book an appointment with our project managers to discuss the amount of discount you can avail on your SEO guest posting service.

What is the average time frame for getting a guest post published?

One needs to ensure quality content and meet a guest website publishing requirements to get their post published. Guest posting editors are picky about the content they allow on their websites. In some cases, it might just take hours to get a guest post published, in others, it may require weeks. However, we strictly regard the project deadlines and ensure timely publication.

Do you filter all your blogs manually to ensure that they’re genuine?

Your business reputation is our top priority. We leverage industry-leading trends and double-check content quality to ensure the Genuity of the blog. We always check the website's social media pages, and the blog's content. These will help us determine whether it is a genuine blog or not.

What details and information do I have to give you?

After taking your guest posting service on our shoulders. We will ask you if there is something specific that you want to cover. Our team will conduct a meeting to go through your idea, the keyword you intend to use and where would you like the guest post to get published. If needed we also perform keyword research to find high traffic keywords for guest post content.

How long does it take for a Guest Post to be indexed by Google?

It depends mainly on the crawling rate of Google. Sometimes it may take a few days and sometimes weeks for your guest post to be indexed by Google. We provide reports as soon as the post is indexed so that you can track and monitor the success of your marketing campaign.

Does guest posting help to increase my website traffic?

Guest posting is among the essentials of off-page SEO. It helps you increase your business visibility on the internet. It is one of the easiest ways to earn relevant and authoritative backlinks and catch the eyes of the Google algorithm. High quality guest post service provides the easiest way to increase your website rankings and bring quality traffic to your website.

What are essential factors one must consider while opting for blog post outreach service?

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to enhance the exposure of your brand products and increase your business visibility. Businesses prefer SEO blog posting service for expert assistance on link building strategy. Here are some factors one must consider while opting for high-quality guest blogging services.

Reputation and expertise

It is essential to ensure the reputation and expertise of your service provider to maintain content quality. Your service provider must be reputed in your preferred area or demographics. It ensures that they are backed by a track record of successful projects and a result-oriented approach.

Proven track record

Professional service providers are always eager to share their success stories with their clients. Ask them for the case studies of their previously undertaken projects. Monitoring their working procedure is the easiest way to estimate their relevance to your specific guest posting requirements. A successful service provider always regards your company's reputation above anything.

Service cost

Different blogger outreach service providers offer their clients a variety of packages that range from one to multiple guest posts. The cost for these packages can vary depending on the number of posts, the length of each post, and the type of package you choose to purchase.

Is guest posting a safe way to increase SEO rankings?

The answer is yes. In today’s world of content overload, guest posting has become a popular way of getting your content seen by more people. It is one of the safest and SEO-friendly ways of creating high-quality backlinks. This strategy has been used by many bloggers and digital marketing experts as a way to get their content out there and rank higher for keywords in search engines.

Why do we create long-form content for guest posting?

One of the best ways to build your brand is through guest posting. If you are looking for longer-term exposure, then it is worth investing in long-form content for a guest post on top sites.
The more in-depth the article, the better chance you have of getting a lot of traffic. These types of posts will usually get more than just comments and shares on social media, but actual clicks to your website. Remember, while writing long-form content for guest posts strive to find a conversational tone that is easy for readers to follow and personable so that they feel like they're getting an exclusive look into your company's service or product.

Do you have a network of blogs?

No, we don't own a network of blogs. However, through years of experience, we have created strong relations with the best blogs across different niches. It helps us get a blog post published on highly authoritative blogs. We are backed by a strong blogger community which is always eager to help each other yield authoritative backlinks and facilitate collaborative growth.

Do you use any private blog network of black-hat SEO techniques?

We neither utilize nor recommend web spamming or PBN. We provide strict instructions to all our employees at SEO Discovery to stick to ethical and best guest blogging services. Our primary goal is to regard your business reputation and help you build a close connection with your potential business prospects.

Is guest blogging different from article marketing?

Yes, very much so. Article submissions/marketing is an outdated marketing technique. In this, people published low-quality spin content to article sites that would accept submissions from anyone. The links obtained are low-quality and not relevant.
Guest blogging is a modified version of article marketing. Guest blogging requires people to create content based on specific guidelines and ensure content quality. It highly regards the relevance of the guest blogging website with the website it is linking back to.
At SEO Discovery, we emphasize the quality, relevance, and blog posts that do not contain spammy links to poor-quality domains. The editors of these blogs are highly picky about the content they allow on their websites. Thus the backlink obtained from our premium guest posting service is highly relevant and authoritative.

What is Penguin 2.0, and how does it affect guest blogging?

Penguin 2.0 is an algorithm update released by Google on May 22nd. Its purpose was to punish websites with inbound links from questionable, low-quality, and irrelevant sites. Choosing the wrong websites for guest posting can lead to algorithm penalties and may result in website penalization.
It is another reason to seek a professional guest blogging agency. A professional service provider has a detailed understanding of algorithm working procedures and improvises the right websites for publishing guest posts. Here are some of the essentials to yield constructive results from guest posting.

1. Audience-specific high-quality content:-

Google's primary approach is to ensure content quality for its users. However, search engines haven’t been good at distinguishing good content from bad content. The Penguin 2.0 update helps search engines evaluate off-page signals (links) to distinguish High-quality content from the rest.

People must interact with online content for it to achieve higher SERP rankings. If the content is easy to find on relevant and authoritative third-party websites, its visibility increases naturally. On the other hand, if the content is low quality and receives tons of backlinks from unauthoritative and untrustworthy websites, it is more likely to be penalized by Penguin 2.0.

2. Advanced content:-

Advanced content goes way beyond an article or a blog post. It is usually in the form of problem-solving e-books or a complete guide on a specific topic. It provides solutions to actual consumer problems.

This kind of content is a well-researched, unique and link-worthy asset. It naturally attracts people to consume, cite, and share it if it's remarkable. At SEO Discovery, we aim to create advanced content to build a diverse set of off-page search signals.

3. Utilize social media:-

Social media is one of the most popular platforms for increasing visibility. The digital PR technique is among the easiest ways to expose advanced content from the media outlets that your target audience visits regularly. This technique is also called earned media. Professionals at SEO Discovery can help you with social media services to increase your guest post visibility.

What are essential factors to keep in mind while guest posting?

Guest blogging has evolved throughout the previous years. The rise in competition and the launch of Penguin 2.0 put forward several challenges for modern guest bloggers. There are several things one needs to keep in mind to yield optimum results from guest blogging.

1.Choosing the right host blog:-

There is no point in targeting a blog that covers a completely different topic than your specific business niche. Today most blog owners are very particular about the kind of content that can be published on their blogs and who can publish it. It is unlikely that you will see results from a blog which has no content similarities to that of your own.
A professional guest post submission service provider is familiar with all these technicalities and helps you get over these. We at SEO Discovery understand various rules and regulations and determine the best guest posting websites for your brand visibility.

2. Make contacts:-

Working on building good relationships with blog owners is essential for a strong marketing strategy. It can be beneficial for both parties, but a majority of bloggers are not willing to let anyone create content on their website. It is where an authority guest posting service comes in.
They have a network of various guest bloggers that can boost your website visibility overnight. An ideal guest post not only attracts visitors to your website but will increase traffic to the blog and boost its reputation.

3. Create attractive headlines:-

Once you have found some blogs that are ideal for guest posting and have gotten the owner's approval, it's time to start framing the right attractive headlines to grab consumer attention. Remember, once the user clicks through, they need some reason to keep reading.
Guest posting professionals understand target audience preferences and can help you frame effective headlines for your guest post titles. They also have access to expert content writers who excel at writing high-quality headlines and adding value to your guest posts.

4. Keep it simple:-

It might feel good to write heavy technical terms and look expert in a specific field. However, that is not the purpose of guest blogging. It is essential to keep it simple with the use of simple digital terms to facilitate simplicity. However, one must regard the intellectual level of the target audience.
For instance, if you are addressing industry experts, you must use high-end technical terms. However, if your target audience is your visitors, it is better to keep it simple and come to the point eloquently.

5. Always proofread:-

Failing to proofread your guest posts before submitting them to bloggers can result in rejection. Proofreading is your chance to improve the quality of your guest post content. Remember, no blogger is interested in a guest post with grammatical and spelling mistakes. So make sure you always proofread your blog posts before sending them for approval.

6. Diversity:-

It is essential to create diverse content to impress website editors. One must incorporate illustrations, videos and other elements to add value to your content. There are several ways diversity can help increase the visibility of your guest posts. It helps with search engine optimization and also grabs consumer attention.
On the other hand, diversity enhances the value of your content and helps you impress website editors and create high-quality content.

What mistakes should you avoid when doing guest posting?

Guest posting is pretty easy once you know what you’re doing. However, there are mistakes one must avoid to gain the most out of your guest blogging endeavors.

1. Don’t ignore SEO:-

SEO is among the essentials for increasing your guest post visibility. Focusing your efforts completely on content won’t take you anywhere. Your content must adhere to high-quality SEO tactics to help you gain an edge over your competitor.

2. Stay away from overpromotion:-

The consumer attention span has reduced significantly over the past few years on social media. One of the primary reasons is bloggers trying to trick them through cheap promotional tactics. Stay away from overpromotion to grab consumer attention and generate click-backs on your website.

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