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We will manually audit both your website and your competitor's site and provide you with a detailed SEO Report that includes screenshots, explanations and recommendations.

Most people here will run an automated report and give you those results. Our reports are normally 15+ pages long and they are manually written.

Include in Our Analysis Report :

Domain Analysis, Internal Site Problems
Potential technical and code issues
META Issues (page title and description errors)
Broken Links Check
Mobile optimization
Image analysis
Site loading test
Keyword research and analysis
Backlink profile overview
10 min.First Impression Video Review!
Detailed backlink audit
Competitor Analysis

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Introducing Our Online SEO Analysis Report

Everything you need to uplift your business

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SEO does not need to be difficult

SEO Discovery provides you the best website audit report that analyzes and helps you understand your website from a search engine standpoint.

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Know when to act and improve

The free website SEO reports we provide enable you to know of any technical SEO shortcomings in your website that might be ruining your search engine rankings.

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Committed team of SEO professionals

We understand that google algorithms, penalties, and ranking factors evolve now and then making it difficult for you to keep track of. Thus, our SEO professionals help you stay updated on SEO factors.

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Easy to understand monthly audit report

We send a website audit report every month to help you know what metrics need a tweak to make the website better. The report is easy to understand with clear instructions to fix errors.

Perfect for Business Owners, Digital Agencies

Web Designers, SEO Experts, or any person looking to improve their website!
Save Valuable Time – Some SEO agencies spend hundreds of hours performing manual Website Audits, but our seo website analysis report helps you automate the task in a matter of seconds.
Present Great Looking Reports – Impress your clients and prospects with bespoke reports created with the best website audit report that looks similar to as written by hand.
Conquer More Customers – Generate more leads from your website. With our free website SEO audit and white label reports gain more consumers right from your website.

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This information is to contact you for further assistance, We do not Spam Or Sell your personal data.

What Our SEO Audit Report Calculates

Our SEO analysis report provides a glimpse of your web page’s SEO efficiency. Within a few minutes, it produces vital information to help you improve your website. Our audit report measures the following things:

How fast your website loads is an important SEO factor. The websites or web pages that load quickly and have quality relevant content rank highly on search engines and provide a much better user experience than those not optimized for speed.

Also, website ranking depending on the usability index, the higher it is, the higher your website or web page will rank. There are various things you must do to enhance this like shortening URL tags, reducing redirects, compressing files, linking to social media, and having a sitemap.

What does it mean to have an SEO-friendly website? Websites that are SEO friendly are easy for the search engines to crawl and understand the content structure. However, there are certain elements that prevent search engines and users from seeing your website. Our online website analysis report helps you look at some of the most critical aspects of your website you might not be aware of. With the online website SEO analysis, you get a clear idea of what needs to be improved to make your website user-friendly, increase organic traffic, give your brand credibility, and understand what your customers want. Also, it ensures your website passes the SSL Certificate Validity Check. There are a wide range of security rules that must be embedded within your website’s coding or the domain. It shows the search engines and the users that your website is reliable.

It is common these days for many business websites to copy each other’s content. However, if you do not do this, still your website may have pages with overlapping content. Search engines, especially Google, have a copied content penalty, wherein if your website does not have unique content, the search engine will drop your website’s ranking, and this is what no business needs.

Thus, our best SEO analysis report enables you to see which web pages have copied content as well as unique content. The report helps you reconfigure the pages so that they are not hit by the copied content penalty.

At the end, we gather all the data for you, making it easy for you to know precisely what you need to do to optimize your website. The free SEO audit report points out issues like duplicate meta tags, descriptions, missing H1 headers, content quality, page speed, SEO-friendly measures, and a lot more. All these attributes will help get you on the right track to enhance your website’s SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO Audit report?

SEO Discovery’s SEO audit helps you scan the websites and pages for SEO issues and other errors that can considerably affect your search engine rankings. You can use our SEO audit report to find a complete list of errors found on your website as well as know what areas of the website or pages need improvement.

What is an SEO score?

Your website’s SEO score is an indicator that how well the web page fulfills the search engines’ quality guidelines. If your website SEO score is more than 80%, this means that the web pages are well-optimized. However, if the SEO score is less than 80%, your website has issues that need a bit of improvement. Sometimes the SEO score can be as low as 30% and this means there are severe SEO issues and errors on your website, and they need immediate attention.

How can I improve my SEO score?

Improving your website’s SEO score is easy. You just need to fix the errors and issues that our free website SEO analysis report found. The report generated by the site shows you what SEO improvements you need to work on, and which issues are critical. Removing them will have a visible impact on your SEO performance. However, we know that you may find it overwhelming to improve your SEO score, thus you can contact our SEO experts to do that for you at a low cost. Call us to see how we can help.

Does my website need an SEO Audit?

When you are trying to improve your website's SEO ranking or need some advice on strategies you want to employ, then an SEO audit helps you do that. SEO audit points out that all the things you are doing to increase the SEO ranking are done correctly. The free SEO Audit service at SEO Discovery helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Search engine optimization tactics evolve and change so, your website’s SEO needs to adapt accordingly to stay ahead of the competition in SERPs. There are some aspects of the website that you may not be aware of, and they hamper your rankings, thus our free website SEO audit helps you know those aspects and improve them to get better search engine rankings.

What does SEO Discovery’s SEO Audit Service include?

The free website SEO Audit offered by SEO Discovery includes a complete analysis of your website. We review your website for more than 200 SEO factors and parameters that contribute to your rankings on search engines. Based on the findings, we prepare a step-by-step action plan to fix the errors and help improve your website’s SEO. You will also receive an SEO audit report with detailed findings and recommendations for your website.

How long does it take?

With our best website audit report, you can check your website and get a detailed SEO report within minutes. We want every business to grow like us, thus, we have developed this best website SEO audit report to help you analyze the issues and rectify them so that you can rank higher and stay ahead of your competitors. If you need help or have any questions, just give us a call and we will assist you.

I have a few questions about my website Analysis Report, whom should I contact?

We ensure to provide an easy-to-read and understand best website audit report. However, if you do not understand any point, just give us a call any time and our SEO experts will be present to help you with your concerns or questions. Moreover, we have integrated a commenting/feedback system with every Website Analysis report. This streamlines the conversation with one of our SEO experts regarding your specific report and gets detailed answers on what improvements need to be made.

How often should I get my website audited?

Search engines change their ranking algorithms within a few months and your competitors regularly update their SEO strategies as per the algorithms to stay ahead. So, if you do not get your website SEO audit every six months, you lag behind. You won’t be able to know what measures you need to take to up the rankings and improve your website’s SEO. Also, we recommend that you do an SEO audit both before and after any major SEO implementation on your website. This helps you measure the effectiveness of the change.

I am not able to fix the errors found by the website audit report myself. Can you help me correct them?

Yes, of course. At SEO Discovery, we have a team of SEO experts to help you improve and fix the errors found in the SEO audit. Just set up a meeting with one of our Account Managers by dialing +91-98722 06139 or email us at sales@seodiscovery.com and our experts will guide you on what services we provide to correct those issues.

What does our online SEO analysis report check?

Our online website SEO audit report checks the detailed SEO of your website across 200 data points and provides clear recommendations to take steps for improving your online presence and ranking better in search engine results. Our site checks meta-information, page structure, content quality, link structures, and various external factors that hamper your website’s ranking. SEO Discovery’s report is great for website owners, digital agencies, web designers, and others who want to improve their website performance.

Will SEO Discovery also implement the actionable recommendations listed in my SEO Audit Report?

Yes, the SEO audit report mailed to you has step-by-step actionable recommendations to help you easily fix all the SEO issues and makes your website SEO-friendly allowing it to rank higher.
If you do not understand what to do or have trouble fixing the issues, our experts are there to help you. Give us a call and we will be at your service.

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