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Skyrocket your product sales through effective PPC marketing services. We understand evolving trends and utilize our knowledge to achieve your marketing goals. Partner with SEO Discovery to improve your brand awareness, boost sales, enhance leads, and advance your business to the next level.

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Issues bothering you?


Not getting enough leads?

For your concern about lead generation, you can expect from a PPC agency to focus on alluring visitors, target rankings and traffic, and learning about the users’ needs. We also focus on learning the behaviour of your potential leads, boosting the database of leads and keeping a record of the return.

Don’t have time to analyze?

Your brand has great potential and you’ve many other responsibilities to look after. Well, that’s why we are here to analyse your pay-per-click marketing. Connecting with your prospects is a crucial part and we can cater to you with that. Our round-the-clock availability to clear your doubts and regular reporting are other benefits you can reap.

Worried about how to beat the competitors?

With a constantly rising number of shoppers, e-commerce and marketing platforms, pay-per-click advertising can be your smart move. With remarkable, trackable, and result-driven strategies, we are the top PPC company to assist you discover your potential buyers. From high-level branding to lead submission, you can always get a step ahead of your competitors.

How Does PPC Marketing

Help to Scale up Your Business?

Hassle-Free Beginning

Irrespective of when you start, Paid marketing can deliver you quick results. It is not only easy to embark on for us, but it can speed up your journey of receiving pay per clicks to get your campaign running. Additionally, it won’t keep you restricted to your prevailing customer list and search for new prospects. Being a professional PPC company, we help businesses to evolve and get the most out of your paid advertising campaigns.

Ideal Customer Targeting

Pay-per-click marketing can connect you to the ideal customers for your business. Factors like search behaviour and online activities can serve as the base to identify the target customers. It priorities and approaches them during their purchase decision. Concurrently, it offers multi-layered targeting through elements like user’s interest, location, and age. SEO Discovery is the best paid marketing agency that knows how to determine your target audience and create a PPC marketing strategy to help you succeed now and in the future.

Faster Outcome

You can garner faster outcomes with pay-per-click marketing and reach thousands of people as well. A greater number of individuals search for local businesses online, and that's where you can approach them with an apt PPC strategy. The initial three months fall under the testing period, so you can gain valuable data and focus on overall performance. Using effective strategies, SEO Discovery can help you get the most leads under your budget in just a short time span.

Risen Conversion Rate

For your business, pay-per-click ads can encourage conversion rates. It also comes with split tests (A/B tests) which allows the creation of different ads for your brand. A/B testing also offers enhanced user engagement, quick results, and improved conversion values. This helps to demonstrate the ideal campaign to obtain the highest conversion rate possible. We offer paid marketing services including A/B Testing to improve conversion by checking the performance metrics of landing pages like conversions, clicks, and traffic analysis.

One-Time Campaign Promotions

Pay-per-click is a cost-effective approach as you just need to start campaign promotions only once with a short sales cycle. You only have to pay for your promotions when you receive a user on your website. You can also choose your bids, ad budget, and the amount of money to invest in your campaign promotions. Being the professional ppc campaign management company, we create search engine ads for one-time campaign promotions to target the leads in a particular industry to get you the best results.


For unique business concepts like yours, Pay-per-click offers customisable ad performance. You can optimize your ad performance with extensive marketing data available. Whether it is keywords, placements, audience targeting, or any particular zip codes, you can choose every aspect. Even with an active campaign, you can make small adjustments to find the best. SEO Discovery offers customized PPC management services and targeting strategies to enhance website conversions, traffic and revenue.

Easy-to-Track Data

Your business can measure and track data easily. For google ads, you can use the Google Ads tool and Google Analytics. It can take you to high-performance details such as clicks, conversions, and impressions. You can also get a clearer picture of pay-per-click campaign performance. You can quickly learn about the return on your investment. Our professional PPC services focus on driving more conversions that actually matter for you and your business.

Access to Multiple Channels

The concept of paid marketing is not limited to Google Ads and can comprise various online platforms. Pay-per-click can allow you to use many marketing channels and connect with a wider audience. Moreover, it also works hand-in-hand with other forms of marketing, including content marketing and search engine optimization. We are a PPC marketing company that uses multiple channels beyond the traditional marketing activities to help earn new leads for your business.

Industries We Provide

Our PPC Management Services



In the finance industry, getting ranked on the first page of search results is highly competitive. But you can get positive results in real time with the help of a solid PPC marketing campaign. We at SEO Discovery create and execute effective PPC strategies to strengthen the marketing of your finance business. Whether you are credit unions, banks, investment funds, or insurance providers, we can offer affordable PPC services for you.



Nowadays, patients are getting more selective than before, when it comes to picking a healthcare provider. So, your healthcare brand deserves to get frequent visits and wider exposure. Being a renowned PPC marketing agency, we can help you create and maintain a successful PPC campaign that helps to find, engage and acquire new clients & patients.



Ecommerce companies perform in a highly competitive marketplace overpowered by national wholesalers and huge sites like Amazon. So, an effective PPC campaign is a must-have for your eCommerce brand to cut through the clutter and become more visible online. We at SEO Discovery can help drive leads for your e-commerce brand and reduce cart abandonment with our effective ecommerce ppc services.



Due to the increase in digital marketing channels, educational institutions are getting more challenging and competitive. And PPC is one of the best approaches adopted by educational institutions to reach out to their potential students. SEO Discovery can be the cornerstone for the return on your investment. Our educational PPC marketing helps you set a strong online presence and enhances enrollment and awareness.



PPC can empower the brands with extra visibility, help online stores compete with large retailers, and enhance brand awareness. If you also want to connect with your buyers through PPC, We are the go-to stop for advertising your lifestyle brand through pay-per-click marketing. Our goal is to leverage the relevant ppc advertising services to contribute to your business goals and bring the best, major, notable, and positive impact on your brand.


Real estate

Your real estate website needs to get closer to your potential clients. PPC can be an ideal marketing approach you need to get the desired popularity, no matter whether you are new to this industry or a renowned company. With our paid marketing services, we can speed up the process for you. Considering the business needs, we can customise the strategies as well.

Want to Target Your Users in a Short Span through Paid Marketing?

The Ads

We Run for Your Brand

Our Approach to Create Compelling

Ads that Generate Quantifiable Results

experience SEO company
  • Audit
  • Our PPC specialists perform audits to identify areas that require attention to enhance PPC campaigns. This audit uncovers the underperforming campaigns' issues and provides actionable insight that we use to improve your account's health and overall performance. It includes assessing ad group relevancy, refining campaigns, checking the count of ads enabled per ad group, reviewing keyword match type settings, and more.
google search ranking
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • We use a blend of relevant tools and an understanding of what the audience wants to anticipate with the keywords. We do this to ensure that the right audience reaches your ads and your website gets the traffic. Our PPC experts perform keyword research and segregate them on the basis of factors like search volume, competition, and industry relevance.
SEO team
  • Paid Search optimisation
  • We strive to amplify your impression rate, click-through rate, and quality share with our paid search optimization services. Our PPC consultant tailor a customized campaign to make way for your brand to rank well on the SERPs. We achieve this by optimizing ad targeting strategies, identifying suitable keywords, building bidding strategies, and by tracking ROI.
transparent SEO reporting
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • CRO is one of the essential processes in optimizing the performance of your PPC campaign. We optimize web pages, sponsored ads, and complete website design to calculate conversion rates. Our google ads specialists make a strategy to attract as many visitors to the website to boost the conversion rate and ROI. In addition, we test landing page designs and create user-friendly lead capture forms to improve your quality Score.
SEO case study
  • Comparison of A/B testing
  • As an experienced pay per click advertising firm, we use state-of-the-art tools for performance analysis of your campaign and optimize them further. For this, we create various variations of a page element, including page layout, CTA, etc. It helps us in learning about the versions that provide the best results. These results support in optimizing the further paid search campaign and enhancing the overall PPC performance.
google search ranking
  • Google Ads Account Audit
  • With our in-depth Google ads audit, we focus on understanding the effectiveness of your account and identifying the possible problems that need attention. We optimize your PPC ads for each platform, enhance your SEM targeting, and influence site link extensions to achieve high engagement rates. All these efforts are made to bring the optimal outcome from your Google Ads Account.
SEO team
  • Nextdoor Advertising
  • We build a way for getting the brand closer to the local customers via Nextdoor advertising. Starting with claiming it, we continue crafting the customized ads and creating a dedicated landing page to divert the traffic from Nextdoor. We also record the metrics to ensure improved outcomes from your campaign.
Leverage the Power of

Paid Marketing, Choose SEO Discovery


All-inclusive PPC audit

Being a top PPC agency, we keep ourselves updated with the recent PPC trends of the industry, to which we adhere. We do not just start with the campaign, we begin with requirement analysis by learning the issues and altering the strategies to address every possible loophole. We analyse the USPs, remarketing methods, and account structure.

Customer Oriented

Customer Oriented

For every client we serve, we evaluate their marketing goals, key performance indicators, and performance of their prevailing campaign. Being the best ppc management company, we also offer data-driven recommendations based on these plans. Not just performance, but we also focus on keeping our clients updated with the outcome of our updated strategies.

Multiple locations

Multiple locations

Do you own a business that serves multiple locations with a diverse customer base? If yes, we create a multi-location PPC structure to enhance your ad spend and create custom PPC advertisements for your target demographics. We manage your PPC campaign as per location, ad group and localize your site links, callout extensions to develop personalized ad copies.

Thorough Reports

Thorough Reports

Once started working, our google ads expert will keep you updated with the progress of your campaign. This detailed reporting focuses on issues like growth rate, possible risks if any, market research and comparison with competitors. We also address elements like your reach across different channels and a track of return on your investment.

Optimize Marketing Cost

Optimize Marketing Cost

We believe that we should only work together till you are satisfied with what you receive from us. So why settle for anything less when you can get an improved outcome without spending a big buck. Our PPC ads are tracked, measured, and analyzed for improvements, thus lowering ad costs and increasing results.

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

We allocate dedicated PPC management experts to handle your PPC marketing campaigns. Every professional handles the components like design, strategy, implementation, and ad performance analysis. Despite any potential challenges, you can count on our team of dedicated project managers to manage your PPC marketing.

Post-Service Support

Post-Service Support

We extend round-the-clock availability to cater to your marketing and advertising needs. You can count on us as partners even after the process of creating, developing, and executing your pay-per-click campaign. With a vast marketing department, you can find us within easy reach for the growth of your brand.

Dedicated 1-on-1 Service

Dedicated 1-on-1 Service

At SEO Discovery, we work one-on-one with our clients to prepare, design, and implement PPC marketing strategies tailored to each business. We don't stuff our clients with predefined packages that don't fit their needs. We are not just a PPC firm but an extension for your business.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

SEO Discovery helps you determine the KPIs of your business that helps to figure out the performance of your marketing campaigns linked with your objectives. In addition, These metrics help to check the effectiveness of each campaign, which helps to make better marketing decisions.

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How long can it take for a PPC campaign to reflect results?

The quick result is one of the benefits you can reap from Pay per click marketing. Although PPC can provide results overnight, it generally takes around three months to work. The initial three months act as a training period in which you can collect the data from the ads that you can further utilise to improve the overall performance of your campaign. With thorough optimization and monitoring, we seek an understanding of the strategies working or not. Talking of lead conversion, different factors are deciding them. These are the quality and relevancy of the ads. With the expertise of our pay per click marketing company, we can provide you with the knowledge of what’s ideal and what’s not for your results. With a result-oriented approach, we provide ideal, thorough, and customised strategies.

Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

PPC advertising works for almost every business sector or industry, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Franchises
  • Heavy Equipment dealers
  • Dentists
  • Manufacturers
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Insurance Agencies
  • HVAC companies.
  • and more

A few searches linked to your services or products can demonstrate if PPC is right for your business. Even if there are no ads on searches related to your business, it does not mean that PPC is not worth your company's time. You can hire us as your pay per click management agency to manage your ad campaigns and bring results.

Why would I pay for search engine advertising?

Organic SEO efforts take much time despite having optimized content for the search engines. You would not get the results right away. In contrast, PPC ads bring instant traffic to your website from search engines. In this way, paid search advertising acts as a complementary strategy to help support your SEO efforts. You must partner with a PPC management firm due to the complexity of paid search advertising.

How do you track conversions?

There is a range of options available to measure the performance of your site that records the conversion rates. With Google Analytics integrated with Google Adwords, we review the complete analytics for your campaigns, including conversions, and ensure that your ads are effective at getting results. Not just conversions, we provide you with a clear view of your ad's performance on the search engine to get an insight into your ad campaign. To know everything in detail, talk with our paid search consultant.

Does a paid campaign also help in SEO?

For this question, you may expect a direct no or yes answer. The truth about this question is that paid campaigns do not directly help SEO; it does impact SEO indirectly. Fortunately, a paid campaign provides you with instant results. You can highlight which keywords are bringing traffic and which are less effective. It lets you optimize your SEO targeting to get better results. So, it would be best to use both these methods simultaneously to enhance the visibility of your brand.

Can I pay on performance?

No, currently, we don't provide this option. We invest a lot of effort and time to set your campaign and optimizing it to get the desired results. Our PPC marketing experts strategically place your paid ads right in front of potential customers. We will create a customized and detailed pay-per-click strategy that assures you are paying for what you want. So, when you work with us, each penny is carefully budgeted to get the best of your investment.

Why can't I see my PPC advert?

Many internal and external factors may prevent your ads from triggering on the search engines all the time. The factors include your bidding keywords might disapprove or accidentally have a paused campaign or ad group that you overlooked initially. Apart from this, if your ad is not listed, check for the following factors:

  • 1. Using incorrect search engines.
  • 2. The site or ad is disapproved.
  • 3. Outside geographic targeting
  • 4. Exhausted Campaign budget
  • 5. Low Impression Share
  • 6. Low Ad Rank
How do you optimize paid search campaigns?

Being a professional PPC service provider SEO Discovery helps you get the maximum leads by optimizing ads, landing pages, monitoring your ad performance daily, and managing it accordingly. We deeply analyze which keywords work well for your business and bring significant site traffic.

It takes around a month to optimize your ads properly. Because in the starting, we cannot know what and where the keywords are working well for your ad. In addition, we analyze your competitors who are using the same keywords for their marketing. Then, we optimize the ads in a way so that they appear on the top of search results, beating all other competitors.

How do you track conversions?

There is a range of options available to measure the performance of your site that records the conversion rates. With Google Analytics integrated with Google Adwords, we review the complete analytics for your campaigns, including conversions, and ensure that your ads are effective at getting results. Not just conversions, we provide you with a clear view of your ad's performance on the search engine to get an insight into your ad campaign. To know everything in detail, talk with our paid search consultant.

Am I tied into a contract?

At SEO Discovery, we work with our clients on a monthly basis. If the campaign has not made you money, we will be the first to pinpoint this, and you can cancel at any time. We believe in building long-term relationships, so we are completely transparent with our clients.

Where do paid advertisements appear in the search engines?

After the successful creation of your ad campaign, it must be easier to see the position of your ads on the search engine for the selected keyword. Your paid advertisement can appear on a number of platforms, including:

Google Search Network: Your ads can be displayed next to the organic search results when someone searches any term related to chosen keywords.

Google Display Network: Your ad can be placed as a display ad on a large network of sites around the internet.

Why aren't my ads in the top position?

The rank of your ad might be low in comparison to your competitor. There are two main factors that decide your ad ranks- Quality Score and Keyword Bid. If both of these factors are low, then they affect the ad rank. However, keep in mind that being on the top does not correlate to more clicks. Some ads may perform well in second or third place as users don't always click on the first ad they notice.

How can I set a budget for my PPC campaigns?

The PPC costs are calculated depending on your ad quality, targeting, and bid. A bid is known as the amount you want to spend when a user clicks on it. Targeting factors contain all aspects of your goals, from your audience's demographics to the keywords you are ranking for. The more competition, the higher the cost. If you want to know about the price estimation, discuss it with a professional PPC agency.

How will you make my ad appear on the top?

To get a top spot on Google, your ads have to reach the set bars of relevancy of Ad Rank. Your strategies need to have higher thresholds to appear in the top position. Being a leading PPC agency in India, here is what we do to ensure your ad appears on the top:

  • Ad Rank- We make sure that your ad has all relevant information regarding your business.
  • Relevancy- We look after the relevancy of your ads as per the search queries of your customers/ clients.
  • Competition- We will keep your ads high enough to get you an edge over your competition.
  • Results- We keep an eye on your campaign to ensure you get a higher return on your investment.

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