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Online Video Marketing Statistics for 2024

It feels like yesterday when many marketers were thinking of whether to use videos for their marketing purposes and now, marketers are making use of videos every other day. Videos have become so much useful for staying ahead in the competition and facing the fast-digital world pace. Commonly, videos help in increasing the visibility and viability of sales and engaging more customers by driving traffic. This is the very thing that video marketing is considered to be so much necessary. But the main question is whether video marketing is here to stay or it’s going to change after some years?

Walkthrough the concept of video marketing

The recent statistics on video marketing claims that it is not going anywhere for sure. With the development of new and flourishing industries apart from social media trends, customer’s tastes have made better changes into the future with the use of video marketing. While in the year 2023, video marketing is hitting higher notes with more consumption of online use and not showing any signs of slowing down. 

The rise of online video use and consumption

Internet followers watch about 2 billion videos every hour with an increase in the number of videos per day. People are now trying to trend with the society and so, they are always looking for ways to make new videos with the social media trends taking some drastic changes in the growth of online video usage and consumption. At least 78% of the Internet users watch online videos every week and over 55% watch every single day. This is the main reason that B2B companies are also making use of videos for increasing profits of their business.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2024

 1. Video marketing for attracting customers

Video marketing has been divided into so many segments with the videos made for customers being the best and crucial ones. Dynamic videos are made grabbing the attention of the public and with the grabbing of new customers, content is the key. When people watch videos, they want the videos to be sensible and funny at the same time. Doing creative thinking in the process helps a lot.

Can videos memorably capture attention?

  • As per 85% of the customers, videos can memorably attract customers.
  • About 95% of the viewers claim that they read a message only when they are shown videos of the same. 
  • 37% of the viewers watch the video till the end increasing the TRP of the videos. 
  • The retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized rates and that is quite a great thing.  

Can video marketing help in brand awareness?

  • Video Ads are Number 1 when It comes to increasing awareness. Most people are interested in watching videos for getting awareness about a particular product or service. 
  • Reports say that 94% of the marketers replied that they could understand the needs of the product only when they saw the video of it. 
  • About 30% of mobile shoppers say that videos are a great way of looking into products and also discovering many new products.
  • About 96% of the people said that they have watched an explainer video to understand how a certain product or service works. 


Do videos help in making purchases?

  • About 93% of the brands got a new customer only because they had videos in the making process. 
  • 79% of the people were convinced to buy a software or laptop when they saw the functioning of the video. Many people buy apps in this way only. 
  • 95% of the people share user reports with other people and they love telling how videos have helped them in choosing the right direction while making purchases.


2. Channels used in distributing the video contents

After knowing that the video contents help in giving brand awareness, now the next thing is distributing the video contents. This focuses on social media platforms but also knowing all the great channels to choose from.

Are videos important in social media?

  • 58% of the people believe that many people browse social media pages only with the hope of seeing videos in it. 
  • 24% of the people are making purchases that they did last year only by seeing the ads and videos provided on the social pages.
  • 60% of the consumers found the brands that they were looking for in social media
  • The top 3 driving platforms of social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Are videos good on Instagram?

  • As you can see, 77% of the users have posted videos on IGTV
  • 41% of the marketers feel that Instagram videos have become so important to them in the last 12 months. 
  • 1 in every 4 customers is seeing stories every day increasing the demand for videos. 


Are video contents great for Twitter?

  • 93% of Twitter works on mobile and so videos are also uploaded in the same. 
  • Videos that are there on Twitter have become the longest advertising tool that you can find.
  • There are around 2 billion views on Twitter every day making its growth to 67% in the last year
  • The tweets having videos attract 10x more customers than all the tweets not having videos in them. 
  • You can find some promoted tweets as well and it saves around 50% on the cost per engagement.


Are posting videos on Facebook good?

  • Facebook is the number 1 market that marketers are planning to make in the coming year because many videos get uploaded here. 
  • 33% of the people using Facebook make use of Facebook Live as the channel for showcasing their talents and telling what they feel. 
  • 1 in every 5 people has a live broadcast on Facebook.


Using videos on YouTube

  • YouTube is known to have 1 billion users covering 1/3rd of the users on the Internet
  • About 70% of the users make use of YouTube only in their mobiles.
  • People spend a billion hours searching for videos on YouTube.
  • 83% of customers would be interested in watching videos on YouTube only all over the world.


Consumer preferences for videos

By now, you have known that videos are so much important but are consumers enjoying the engaging content in it? There are some preferences for customers as well that they have to maintain. 

Are people enjoying watching videos?

  • 78% of the users watch videos every week while 55% of the same are watching videos daily. 
  • 68% of the people are watching videos only to check out about a product or they want to learn how to use a product or service
  • 54% of the people are preferring marketers for putting out more video content than is possible.


Do you think the video format is essential?

  • 86% of the people are watching videos as desktop-based only and they don’t give preference to using mobiles
  • 82% of the people are finding it difficult in watching videos having a black bar in it 
  • About 85% of the people find it interesting in watching the videos horizontally
  • 61% of the users make use of film content horizontally
  • Millennials like making use of 1.35x larger smartphone screens than the older generations making it easier for them. 
  • 56% of the videos that were published last year were just for 2 minutes or even less than that. 


Video marketing trends


With more product videos coming out recently in the coming years, there will soon be more competition in the area of videos than ever before. The marketers are likely to become more engaged in the videos from where the industry has become saturated. With so many options coming out, video marketing trends will become so important. 

1. Videos are going to be shoppable

This is the feature of linking ads to the world of making videos. Instagram and Snapchat have a lot of these but the technique is getting sophisticated with time. You can predict how soon you can purchase products and services and there can be mobile views also including YouTube views.

2. The 360-degree video technology expansion

360 Degree videos are so much in trend today and through it, it has become easier for experiencing Broadway musicals and sports games. The style will be made in an immersive and futuristic style with the use of AR and VR in videos. And if you are ambitious enough, then you can try it easily yourself. Set all the product videos apart from the competition for captivating the customer base.

3. Continuation of 1:1 video experience

With software like Hangouts and Zoom trying to improve their video conferencing abilities, the video conferencing experience is changing for people and it is also positioned in the growing position. The ability of the persons sharing screens provides such nice technical support but that is way beyond teaching. There can be nothing greater than seeing someone on your mobile screens and talking to them like you are meeting them in life.

Content marketing and how is it useful?

Content marketing is such a vast approach by having connections with all the potential clients, building trust, and generation of leads. It helps in increasing customer loyalty and aims in engaging more audiences towards the thing. If you are tired of straight forward marketing, then video marketing has come for your rescue. Client-oriented marketing is the best because of direct communication and all surveys and analytics.

Many content formats can be used for delivering messages effectively and you will also enjoy the marketing part. The rise of digital marketing is going to get fiercer in 2024 and also beyond. Many trends face away sooner but video marketing is here to stay for long.

Benefits of video marketing


1. Helps in influencing of buying decision

About 90% of users say that video marketing helps them in making good decisions when they are planning to buy products and services. Many people are buying products only after watching videos and for this, the videos are so essential. 97% of the videos have helped the users in understanding the way of using a product.

2. Giving people what they want

When people are considering buying something, then they are eager to see it first and then moving ahead with the buying part. For this, customers can use a variety of methods like sending emails, newsletters, etc. They can also visit the company’s websites for watching the videos and looking at the reviews. Videos can be easily incorporated by giving better chances to the customers for making better use of products.

3. Ranking higher in search

Videos help in improving the SERPs and ranking them higher in Google results. When people see that some webpages are ranked higher, these always are looked forward to by customers. Videos contribute to them tremendously as said by 80% of the marketers. Websites having effective videos have the power of staying on top of the rankings making it easier for them.

4. Reaching to decision-makers

1/3rd of the workers are working towards making videos every week and 54% of the seniors are also doing the same thing. If the text and videos are available in the same manner, then people might not be interested in watching the videos again. So, the videos have to be so engaging and informative.  

5. Leaving email sends

Using video in the mail subject increases the mail reading by 19% as people are eager to open mails that are having videos in it. And the click rate boosting can go up by 300%. This is a powerful addition to the mailing part and people are seeming to love it quite. 



Video marketing is the thing in the present times and it should be accepted in whatever way possible. People should use videos as part of their marketing campaigns and the more people are making use of videos, the more customers they are getting. Take the right decision and go ahead in your business. Take up to video marketing and in this way you are taking your business to the newer heights. 


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